The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 96- White Obama, The 2%! Tom Steyer money, Zero hedge, Coronavirus

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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is February the 8th 2020 strong hand what do you think they’re gonna say five
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responsibilities new counterculture deferral of gratification golden age
we’re gonna talk about that relentless ok people avoid mediocrity principles
over practicality oh yeah hello my elite friends remember this is
the beyond bitcoin show i will mention that we entered the five digit realm
again we’ll talk more about that on sunday you really shouldn’t be going
that crazy because we were already in that five digit realm state of mind okay
we weren’t we’ve we’ve been here before you just got to get used to it we might
go back to the four digit for a while but we’re really already in the five
digit round state of mind now we’re in the reality yeah maybe the having hype
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about a little bit today but friday show this week in bitcoin uh ties n was on
and lewis in the philippines and leo in hong kong and they gave who they talked
about what’s going on in Asia in terms of the virus and check it out I’m gonna
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confiscated will hope to see you there all right bro McHugh says don’t FOMO on
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one also the day of the today or a day like today you
you see I freeze I’d even know the price until quite recent I mean I was had to
walk the synagogue today and do all that stuff so but you
know me I got I’m not a price checker I my state of mind is a big point for me
if you’re gonna ask me Fiat value oh it’s already $20,000 of course if it hit
it already it’s one day closer to returning to that all-time high baby so
I don’t you know I don’t really care if it’s pen or nying or whatever
having hight baby so let us talk about let’s go beyond Bitcoin now enough
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so I often talk about when you’re on YouTube that a lot of people just
blindly go where YouTube tells you to wear the outdoor wood algorithm does
some recommended videos and that’s it you don’t check out the links underneath
the video you don’t talk you don’t check out the people that are guests on the
shows same thing with Twitter you might like to tweet and they talk about
someone you want you would check if you weren’t check it out but that’s and
that’s like the 80 percenter way you can’t be a slave to the algorithm and
I’m not us and I often talk about on the show Hawks show how I’m not a slave to
the algorithm so the great you’re on Brook had his show on the other day and
I link to it below everything I talk about miss videos links below about any
talk about a guy named or in Hoffman and I was like ooh whose are in Hoffman so
you’re on broke doesn’t even bother to link to the dude so I do my own research
I look up are in Hoffman on Twitter uh he did he did us say the maybe he
blinked I don’t think you link to him he talked about the URL his blog URL which
is summation neck so okay that long long short of the deal is I check out are in
Hoffman and this is a dude I linked to him below
you gotta check him out but it’s gonna expand your mind okay he brings up this
concept the elite with no savings toons te wns
and I’ve kind of eluded the people like this before
they’re the fuel they they that they’re keeping up with the Joneses okay these
people like in the top two percent of income in United States not the top
percent but the top the percent right below that okay they are envious of all
the people around them they have to keep up with everyone around them they’re
living in San Francisco New York Seattle the most expensive areas with freaking
billionaires with one percenters so they do everything they freakin can they
spend every last penny they make okay try to keep up with the Jones it’s the
1% of sewer a lot richer than them and by the way these two percenters then
there’s our rich they’re making 300k a year another the wife and then the
husband they both work but these are the people that because they spend this
keeps the dollar going dudes okay this is the fuel they’re keeping up with the
Joneses and for all you people at all the dollars gonna go away these people
value their wealth and dollars okay and they got a lot of dollars they keep
circulating those dollars they’re into debt up there to the yin-yang
their elite incomes but they have no savings whatsoever they’re living day to
day here it is a weird it’s a weird thing they’re living like poor people
well in one sense they they’ve got a lot of stuff but if something horrible if
they get a big bill they’re in trouble they’re in trouble like someone that’s
broke okay so yeah lots of irrational decisions and
that’s what keeps the welfare dollar alive anyway the people spend spend span
all about irrational decisions so these guys these toons
they got the big houses they pay the high taxes they could suck and and
they’re going crazy in their heads they’re willing to vote for Bernie
Sanders they think people like that are gonna solve their problems when
that day could solve their own problems all they have to do is move oh the arrow
or just stop keeping up with the Joneses I mean it costs a lot to live in the San
Francisco Bay Area all right and it cost as some of these people
could get high-paying jobs they can move to Austin they could move the Denver
wherever and you Ron talks about this in his show and this this Erin Hoffman also
talks about this and I’ve talked about this before also but I I like they’ve
got they’ve kind of made it more concrete here just saying you know you
got the top 1% than the 1% below them and in that second percentile man some
of those dudes have are the broke they’re broke they spend every penny
they get right at the second they get it they spend it together and I think
there’s a chart that goes over you know there’s a typical year you know what
they they the spending on the private school but the same kind of being taxed
for the public school so also in this the video where I learned about are in
and we’ll get back to our it in a second you’re on Brooke also interviews i I
think he’s talking about he talks to the virus sky in in this one well at least
he talks he talks about the corona virus and how it’s just
yeah I don’t he doesn’t interview the I don’t think he doesn’t interview the
Johns Hopkins guidance he talks about the just how many conspiracy theorists
and Umar’s are obsessed with the virus and how they’re not experts in it and
that that’s just just the state of the world in Iran’s eyes today there’s just
so many dimmers and conspiracy theorists that just worry about everything instead
of just getting on with their lives and being productive individuals everything
is a conspiracy he says this there’s some people out there that think and I
agree I agree wholeheartedly with that I’m and I’ve talked about this all the
time these do and we will talk about Zero Hedge in a second but these people
just waste their time at least worrying about every little thing and that you’re
trying to go down these rabbit holes yeah-yo go waste your money go go waste
your time you’ll make no money and you’ll live down in a little rabbit
you’ll literally live in a hole okay going back to uh so it was a good video
from Iran Brooke you talking about doers and introducing me to a guy who is the
opposite of a tumor this are endued if you if you go to his Twitter link to
below go to his uh summation dotnet and and I just linked to specific blog post
link to below you’ll learn a lot the top 2% of income
okay yeah I talked about that the name of the article is financially drowning
on three hundred thousand dollars a year Oh God amazing amazing amazing time we
live in they spend every penny they have so he
and something this era orange says ahran ahran Hoffman not to be confused and
they often down that like button avoid balance seek greatness at one or two
skills to get society’s rewards all people have very obvious flaws not only
from what society’s rewards would be to be financially rewarded all people have
very obvious flaws instead of spending massive amounts of energy
on those flaws for the sake of balance they should be doubling down on the
things they are already very good at oh I like that a lot dude because there are
a lot of people that work nine to five jobs they got these bosses to say well
you got to be good in this I want you doing well on this you’ve got to be
balanced you got to be know what they should be doing first of all you should
be working for yourself find out your your best two skills and run with them
you know don’t worry about the other things don’t try to be good at things
you’re not good at be at the stuff you’re good at just get better I’m
better than I’m better at that and you’ll love it you’ll be happier because
for your own business so he’s right on with that this bad balance balance makes
a person mediocre and a lot of things instead of great at only a few what
happens when you work on a bad skill it becomes a mediocre skill others already
have competitive advantage and you are not likely to catch up culturally we are
pressure to improve the areas of deficiency in the pursuit of an
imaginary balance there’s no one out there screaming at us to get better at
what we are are any good at that I am now I’m screaming at you to do that get
better at what you’re harder to do that even customary employee prefer
performance reviews revolve around identifying areas of weaknesses in
employee with the subsequent goal to improve in those areas god I’m glad I
don’t work for anyone but myself big point overlay baby after all the hard
work to improve a skill what are you left with a mediocre skill and the best
improvement strategy is to focus not just on your strengths but on just one
or two strengths focus focus focus on making your strongest traits even
stronger especially once you are over 30 and you have more of a clear assessment
of your skills and ability that’s a good that’s a good addendum there all right
so that’s enough of this dude I’m gonna read more about Aaron Hoffman he’s got I
opened my mind a little bit there and again I only have found
about him because I go to a video I don’t is I don’t know where that video
tells me to go to next I don’t know what you to tells me to go to next I actually
listen to the video I understand what the man is saying I hear what he’s
talking about and then I go to the recommended person he’s talking about so
again I make it easier than then you’re on broke does I give you all the links
to go to so there’s no excuse to not check out the length of things that I’m
talking about now I mean okay so but a lot of you will just go to like the next
video that’s recommended like all cooling genius says manere to a million
you’ll click on that because of the fancy sesang graphics and the click date
I mean that’s a shame that’s a shame there people like that but those are
that’s the difference between the long term thinker and just an 80% or just
clicks on click baton doesn’t want to learn it has no plan has no no system at
all it just go impulsively decide who I’m gonna buy this today I’m gonna do
this today we’re always this today you know who I prefer baby found out like my
long term thinking baby alright so let’s talk about being in motion a lot I’ve
seen these empty malls pop up for years now if the empty mall thing is a huge
trend them and then they knock them down all these Mills Mall was the most
glorious mall in Baltimore County once right and now I thought they knock it
down because it became a ghost mall well during em whatever you want to call it
well there’s an article at Yahoo and I’ve I’ve thought to myself I’m like
what can people do with these empty malls I mean this is something for the
Golden Age and here’s something beautiful from Yahoo News of all places
ghost kitchens are opening in these malls and what a good what is a ghost
kitchen it’s like it’s a kitchen that serves a delivery establishment okay if
you’re just running a delivery business I mean who cares where your kitchen is
you make you’ll make it you’ll put your kitchen the lowest cost of uh to do
business type of location and activist abandon balls they’ve got all sorts of
you know the food court used to hang out or whatever they stuck
the well the kitchens are still in the food court at the frickin chicken place
you could just make it into your where you do where your deliveries are based
from no I don’t bot I don’t believe in but by having food delivered to you but
all in these hipster trendy cities and everything all these lazy hipsters they
can’t make their own foods they need these trendy delivery services that to
make food for them well this makes it cheaper at least if they put them in
these walls and they’re putting these ghost kitchens in these malls so for me
I can’t wait to see what else they do with these uh malls but besides not
gonna figure I’m not mostly not come down but there’s it might be cheaper to
do things like this I know who knows I it’s a golden age but maybe particularly
mining facilities them something to do with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in these
abandoned lost I don’t know I can’t come up with it I tried to think of things
when I’m running sometimes so that’s inspirational Golden Age baby I love it
I love being in Detroit poins I love being frickin alive baby alright so and
going back to that uh are endued he says you know focus focus focus on your
skills on your cop to skills just focus in general people just focus in general
and there’s so many distract you in in Bitcoin in Bitcoin you that’s one of
your skills right people if you’re here you love Bitcoin release focus don’t get
distracted by the noise I mean the I mean and some of the other day just say
yeah what did you think about what uh what the fake toast she said the other
day there’s no she said you if you care if you actually I don’t know what he
said okay if you know what he said yeah baby you’re not focused on Bitcoin okay
all right we got cast fate in me a cat says Golden Age did you think there will
eventually be some defy airdrops to big coin holders read it will be some type
of gimmick with defy and Bitcoin and etherium that will involve some sort of
coin either being given away on a theory I’m
a Bitcoin air-dropped fourth who knows they there’s so many trendy words that
are trendy buzzwords that you can lift out of defy you know I’ll defy really is
by the way is just well one huge aspect of it right now it’s just someone with
an aetherium smart contract you give them a theory you buy aetherium you let
them hold aetherium and they give you interest on okay and they say it’s not
going to go anywhere and it’s going to do all these magical things because of
ethereal that’s really what defy is it’s decent it’s it’s decentralized finance
it’s not no one really holds it although someone created it
whatever but so yeah I think someone will come up with some d5 related crypto
dividend it’s and it really won’t be defied just like defy really isn’t defy
at the same time I have no problem with the etherium defy people though with
what you know I I think two videos again ago it was on Thursday I mentioned Chris Chris in New Jersey what’s Chris’s last
name wheezing he’s in Jersey City and he he’s in Hoboken it overlooks Manhattan
wherever it Chris’s and he was actually he’s an ethereal fan now and he was
pointing out the problems with the defy that these uh they you have to trust the
people who are putting these defy projects together they can run away with
the etherium and he would like it to become more decentralized what’s Chris’s
last name she’s always anyway he’s linked to below enough of that what
there you go you got a little bit of be on big form and we got good aetherium
let’s get out of be on let’s get the I cryptocurrency you guys are here to hear
about pure politics you know it’s three about wasting your time but there is I
noticed on Twitter before I went live now I haven’t watched this TV show
literally in decades I was like not in this
not in the last decade maybe in the 2000s like maybe that I watched it maybe
in the 90s I don’t know when I was a kid I don’t know but Sarah alive
there’s a white Obama they talked about tonight they’re talking about Pete Budaj
edge mayor Pete who is now like it seems like the mainstream part of the
Democratic Party might might get behind him and so this whole white Obama
hashtag is kind of a joke but at the same time I think he should run with it
to tell you the truth because he is trying to be the white Obama he’s good
way he speaks he’s different he’s new Obama one to be the first black
president Funes must be the first gay president he’s young he’s muck he’s much
younger than a bomb much younger than the bomb
Pete Buddha jazz was born in freaking 1982 I believe that would make him the
youngest president ever if he no no no I don’t know who it was
how old was Teddy Roosevelt when he became president I don’t I don’t I don’t
know but people it purchased because President United States if he’s born in
1982 he will be in his 30 he’s late thirds which is ridiculously young for a
president whatever with him in law is you got to be over 35 so he’d be barely
barely legal attorney president but yeah he’s he’s definitely trying to become
the way Obama so why not why not just bring the joke out in the open and just
to say yeah call him Coleman you’re trying to be the white Obama but in fact
saying white Obama probably will help you because apparently no black people
are voting for mayor Pete and so somebody like you oh he’s a white IBAMA
do you feel I feel close to it no not again if you’re a such a large group as
a african-americans it should be dying there are a lot of different opinions
there there are a lot of different opinions there I don’t want to say they
all don’t bite mayor Pete but there is a Jeff there’s there’s something about me
repeat that a lot of people don’t think anyway his his preference some people
think that doesn’t mesh well with some religious african-americans which would
be yeah but that’s not that that wouldn’t shock me but but indeed come on
make make your decisions as individuals although to tell you the truth all you
individuals out there who you pick for president really doesn’t matter
make better individual financial decisions alright so speaking about
individual financial decisions that actually deal with black people and
running for president Tom Steyer is one of the billionaire’s
running for president and he has spent an incredible amount of money in South
Carolina all over the place he’s doing pretty well in South Carolina which has
a very large black population and the Democratic Party is I don’t know so
first of all I want to say about Tom Styer buying votes in South Carolina
basically as we is doing because there is an article here and I give these
people a lot of credit for publishing this article it is a what Saucony or
South Carolina lawmaker gets paid thousands from 20 20 presidential
hopeful so there’s a guy there’s a guy who’s already gotten off this I don’t
know what he is in the House of Delegates in South Carolina a black guy
and he’s taken like fifty thousand dollars from Tom stires campaign for
various things he owns a business you know wait you know what it is Tom Steyer
is buying the guy the guy has a lot of influence he’s finding the guy’s
influence okay whatever that’s the way it works in
politics it’s I have no problem with a billionaire freely giving out money okay
and buying votes what’s the problem what’s up what’s what’s wrong with that
it’s better than me being taxed okay and me being forced to give my money to
other people through welfare and all that stuff okay he’s giving free welfare
out to people if let me tell you if you had South Carolina get in touch with the
campaign get in touch with the campaign don’t get hill clothed you don’t give
your shirts if you don’t give you’ll paint your car I don’t know what I’ll do
okay I actually linked to two people that work for his campaign that I found
just by Tom Steyer doesn’t have many people following them on Twitter and
like Twitter it showed it turns it one thing that
Twitter can do it shows you related accounts sometimes and it showed me two
people at his campaign well there we go then
so I mean contact him but you can contact them if you’re a black person in
South Carolina and you know who’s a black person in South Carolina it’s
hilarious I’m pretty sure it was itself is a bit connect guy I’m not going to
say his name but he said he’s a black guy in South
Carolina he’s a guy who would do this in a second so we should tell him to go
work for the Tom Steyer campaign i I think honest I would like a guy like
that he’s got a lot of rich doesn’t he people people bulk I mean people believe
the guy to buy big connect and that was just blowing all their money you know
voting for Tom started blowing nothing it’s just voting I mean what’s the big
deal so people are not trying to deliver top
stars evil Uzis until ya know so I think the problem with Tom Styer but you
billionaire at all do I believe in any politics no no no no no but I’m just
telling you out there because politics is a complete joke and so if you’re in
South Carolina I think you can get some money from not Tom Steyer he’ll buy your
vote what’s wrong with mine I don’t I don’t see the whole thing when there’s
nothing within the democratic and especially in the Democratic primary
like it’s a primary they could pick whoever they want to it doesn’t he might
get the most votes or he might say well no you didn’t really win and this is
who’s gonna win at the convention okay you’re South Carolina’s delegates are
going in this person so what the heck why not let him try what why don’t let
him blow billions and again it’s better than me being forced to pay through my
taxes through the programs that Tom Styer wants to implement he’s not
winning don’t worry maybe he’ll win South Carolina I think
that would be funny I think that would make all these people panic a lot it’s
hilarious it’s to me it’s all a big game just this politics stuff there’s no
there’s so many more important things in life where again no you shouldn’t sell
out for your core beliefs in you know when you do what you stand for but your
vote in a primary that might not even count and hey you you might not even
have to vote for the guy you could just stop do advertisements on your channel
or whatever what what’s wrong with selling advertisements on whatever you
do at your business putting up a sign for him if he pays you to vote for if he
pays you for the sign and then great you’re not the boat again he’s not I
don’t think he’s evil dude he’s a billionaire and I I think billionaire
should get that what why should billionaires be silenced if this is the
way they speak through money let them speak that way all right
Ceramics you said if i wanted to prepare for a future where there is a wealth tax
that includes bitcoin well for any first of all okay what do you think about
acquiring an affordable second Passport today well no you what you could do you
wouldn’t even need that at this point that that would be something to avoid it
but I’ve thought about it there was a wealth pack first of all they’re gonna
have to tell you how much wealth you have do they do you think they know how
many big point you have really do you think they know that all your Bitcoin
look I believe a wealth tax on my Bitcoin when I see it okay
when first so if one day in the future you know Elizabeth was her face becomes
president Warren becomes president and all they say we’re implementing this
wealth tax well they’re gonna have to tell me how much wealth I had and then
they’re gonna send me the bill and then I’ll say to myself wait a second if I
don’t like it which I probably won’t I’ll be just like bye I’m going to
Israel I’m never coming back yeah that’s it I don’t need a second Passport
or I’ll go wherever is really your abuela and I’m never contact and then
though they’ll say oh well we’ll take all your assets now because you always
have no assets United States cuz remember I don’t own a house and I
don’t own up all this other nonsense and I know won’t hat I’ll clear out the bank
account I don’t have much in the bank account anyway my wealth is a big point
so I just started new in wherever country Israel beat your way beat South
Africa where ever I want to go or most others keep doing what I’m doing
never go back to United States that’s it so will I need a second Passport
not with money well with maybe I’ll buy one I don’t know but with money you
could go for place the place B uh and you know you talked to a government
official among these countries and you make a little deal with them nobody
depending on how you know just there’s a lot of different ways you can go with it
but when you got money there’s never really no limit there’s nothing to
really worry about so yeah I do not think we’re gonna get to that point I’m
think we’re gonna get to a wealth tax I think we’re gonna have to a wealth tax
and you know it’s funny I meant to bring this up a few times and I’ve sort of
touched on this a lot of people out there who think the government controls
everything the government is so knowledgeable the government has these
conspiracies the government’s gonna do X Y and C know you know what the
government is if you want to see the government and this is not okay you can
imagine what it’s like or you can go down to the DMV and see how the
government works and see who works for the government
huge obese women who had diabetes who are living off of the who got government
health plans who keep eating at the DMV the Dunkin Donuts and everything that’s
the people you’re scared of do you think those be and that’s the majority of
government do you think they’re gonna be able to accurately be able to do a
wealth tax even to do that and I’m not too worried about hmm not too worried
that I’m not you worried about the government and those of you who are
older government knows maybe they plan on 9/11 yeah yeah sure that’s the
government pieces you see you can have reality on the breath and go to other
government offices it’s worse it’s similar
whatever they don’t do anything they don’t do anymore
they couldn’t conspire if they if they couldn’t dream of a conspiracy or
anything like that alright so si says African Americans are not monolithic no
they’re not just as White’s like different counties blacks like different
candidates – yes I I agree would make more more since you saying
Eve Angelico’s might not like P yeah well
evangelicals do not like probably do not like but there is you know sometimes in
voting there’s a lot okay let me tell you African Americans are not monolithic
african-american voters are more monolithic than African Americans just
like it’s just the voting class tend to make decisions based on group think okay
and there have been times in major elections in New York City in the United
States even where they’re just tremendous amounts of the percentages of
the black population will go through the black candidate not a hundred percent
but it’s not it’s not a hundred percent not nothing is 100% you’re a monolithic
is is is good and I I’ve made this same complain about Jewish people liberal
Jewish people will always vote for a Democrat
it may be horrible it’s horrible but it’s not Jewish people in general it’s
I’m if you look at the numbers Jewish people it’s like 70 percent of Jewish
peer seventy-five percent of Jewish people voted for Obama or something like
that but all those I mean like there were no
conservative and Jewish people that voted for a few it’s that and I I’m
Jewish obviously so I’m willing to point it out
in my own people that you know or be though the ethnic group that I am
classifies vegan that they make some stupid decision it’s just blind decision
why do all liberal Jewish people vote for uh they wouldn’t vote for Ilhan OMA
they would vote for Omar that that’s why I like that’s why politics is such a
joke that’s why it’s such a joke because people do the voting class is bad and
the voting mentality is bad the voting the whole voting mentality is sickening
let’s see Benson says Roma Q if you want to target a comment to someone use the @
symbol like this at homicide sorry for the first alarm okay yeah thank you
didn’t want to get my attention II was just actually giving you advice there
but it but it turned colors man he took up to the next level there all right so
I linked to that table spire thing and you could just check it out so by the
way if you really are like in love with Donald Trump and you you really want him
to win and you want to waste some time in your life on social media and this is
what I advise you to do this is kind of funny be a fake Bernie bro online just
spreading disinformation just saying birdies awesome oh we’re gonna do X Y &
Z because that will like break apart the Democratic Party and then they will have
no chance like Bernie would run as a third party candidate and that would be
it if Bernie Sanders because some of these people are so fanatical like they
are it’s Bernie or bust which is really sad and scary in in a sense because when
he stands for is is communism but they’re people that you know they
wouldn’t easy solution to their problems and so yeah I noticed some concern
conservatives out there are taking this approach in social media too they’re
doing it kind of not up not in your face like that Jack + o Vick dude who I do
not watch but I saw one thing of his he’s like yeah corporate Pete corporate
Pete stole from Bernie corporate Pete where he kisses a corporate family
nothing wrong with corporations okay there’s nothing but what he’s doing
there is he’s making all the Bernie people angry he’s getting them he’s he’s
basically pretending that he’s not pertaining to be a burning for some
buddies he’s rallying riling them all up to to
get him angry a big split etc etc so one last political thing to show you how
crazy you can get out there in the the president of the City Council of
Baltimore is running for mayor there’s a lot of people running from there his
name’s Brandon Scott well there an article below where he’s about to go
to a debate and a person who said the person who works for the Sheila Dixon
campaign comes up and punches him tries to start a fight with this was Baltimore
people that the end so he was calm about it he didn’t file charges until after
the debate you know what caused the scene before him and I’ll give Sheila
Dixon credit who you know she was mayor once but she got kicked out from being
there because she was a criminal and well she fired the guy from her campaign
who punched the city council president that was good she said the right stuff
what wild stuff in Baltimore but I will say this if you are interested in
Baltimore politics one of the interesting thing is like you can
actually meet Brandon Scott like you can go and like email him and find out where
he’s gonna be in then just talk to him and he’ll talk to you same thing with
Sheila Dixon who’s a famous criminal and former mayor she’ll talk to you she’s
not as nice but what’s your fake it like yes all right count out like button I
want to talk about the coronavirus real quick one thing that Leo brought up on
my show on Friday in jazz it’s Fred’s in China I don’t think it’s gonna spread
the United States I believe with Karl I believe with Karl Jeff damager said that
it’s being spread mostly through fecal matter for people being filthy and fecal
matter I don’t think it’s that airborne I think here United States were very
clean we could all go in the toilet we all have toilet paper it’s there in
China there are some beautifully modern cities but they’re a billion people on
our country and some people live in complete squalor and that’s part of the
reason it is spreading it might disrupt India – it might some other countries
but your ties n hasn’t seen it in Vietnam and Lewis hasn’t seen the
Philippines and those can be kind of third-world – I mean there definitely
are so I don’t know how what exact have this is gonna get in Asia I do know in I
am pretty confident you knighted States we’re not gonna have any problems
nothing major but supply chain disruption supply chain disruption
because they are shutting down cities in China people aren’t able to go to work
anymore so we’re not gonna get all the stuff we usually get at Walmart as fast
this could cause uh some economic issues it’s good probably good for big point it
will be good for Bitcoin and Friday’s show he leo is a smart dude in Hong Kong
he by the way he said in Hong Kong they’re like very few kick cases but
everyone is wearing masks out on the street he says a hundred percent people
wearing masks out of the street of Hong Kong but he he’s he’s got some grand
analysis of the you know how it might affect Bitcoin so I wouldn’t be you know
we just went back to Bitcoin supposed to be on Bitcoin show but I’m talking
coronavirus so guys don’t forget about coronavirus if you’re in America don’t
freak out if it does come here those first three
okay then we’re gonna worry we’re gonna take it we’re men here we can handle it
we will be clean we shall see play by ear don’t go crazy yet but you might not
get your stuff at Walmart as fast and you might go up in price your nose China
might have to print more currency that might be good for uh for the perfect
coin also let me all right eventually said pick one Meister supply
disruption yeast you’re starting to sound like a prepper no I’m not so I
don’t like a prepper at all Adam come on Adam joined on the deuce no never no I’m
not I’m saying Walmart might not have stuff how is that prepping I don’t need
a thing from Walmart if Walmart doesn’t have a $5 bucket you’ll just get the one
from Europe that’s six dollars or what I mean it’s like it’s no problem it’s but
in some people just it’s gonna affect China is what I’m saying
they never lose money they’re not I’m not gonna be able to sell it and it’s
just I don’t know why I probably even worried about not not getting something
Walmart you don’t mean you know some of the people on their scooters at Walmart
yeah they’re gonna be angry but supply-chain dude it’s like
the supply chain is being disrupted there are supplies that we do not need
okay there there we go that that’s that’s the best way of saying so a
prepper is is paranoid about not having food that there’s no food is delivered
anymore Oh luckily I got a stash in the years food here haha I’ve been preparing
for this for so long oh thank god I’m so happy that things are going wrong look I
get to use my camp yeah that’s no that’s not happening
yeah the food food supply United States of America yep not being affected that
supply chain isn’t being affected all right so let’s go to hey having having
some extra canned food on hand it doesn’t hurt anyone but being your
lifelong dream for to be able to use your stash that you’ve had for so long
because something catastrophic has happened that’s sickening it’s just it’s
just sickening so but there are a lot of people like that a lot of numerous they
like Zero Hedge we’ll get to that in a second so be careful about what you some
guys like Scott Adams make things appear like so obviously he’ll talk about
something and he’ll talk a really big game about it that’s part of this
persuasion thing he’ll talk really strong language and like this is the
greatest of all time and how could you disagree it’s so obvious now with Scott
Adams one thing that we talked about here with him he hates China with a
passion to a point where he has little hissy fits where he starts cursing about
it it’s it’s kind of embarrassing when he does that now the reason he hates
China is because he is a scary stepson who unfortunately died from an overdose
of fetanyl and so he blames China you know and again this was not his own son
he married a woman who already had a son now he’s divorced from that woman and
now he’s about to marry another woman who has children also who is the same
age as I think the woman his previous woman
when he married that woman like a woman in her early 30s he’s a man in his
sixties and he you know he always been divorced and had a horrible thing
happened with a stepchild that’s completely affected his life and now
he’s gonna go through the same thing again so you know became for who you but
but he does have some good ideas out there but I want to say this so about
shine so keep in mind that he hates China and he likes to say outrageous
things about China so you hate China also so he says that they don’t do all
of you by now have heard in that province they built this hospital like
in two weeks a gigantic Hospital really fast they built it real fast to treat
this disease okay to put everybody in this hospital state-of-the-art Hospital
and he says obviously they didn’t just build it for this they’re not just going
to let it rot afterwards they’re gonna use it on the we Gers to use their take
their body parts out and sell them now I wanna make this clear what China has
been accused of doing with some of their people killing people to take body parts
because they’re minorities that is horrible that is the worst the worst
type of thing to do so I do not support that at all now do I think China would
build a hospital to treat this disease now to take care of this situation
because they got a situation there with this disease this is a filthy disease is
a filthy country and they they gotta take care of it and then they don’t they
they’re not thinking what they’re gonna use is for the future i I think not only
write what Scott Adams said there’s no way that they they just they built it
just for this they just won’t let it rot you know what came to my mind right away
mm and in late summer olympics in China I link to the article below it’s ten
years since China hosted the 2008 Summer Olympic Games a decade later
many of the celebrated Beijing venues and structures views for the competition
are abandoned many were purpose-built for the games
infamously residents were rehouse and buildings were built up bulldoze to make
room for the structures photographer Greg Baker
capture the eerie relics in a series of recent photographs now this story is
from 2018 but still I think you got my point yes China does build things for
one-off reasons they actually kick people off their land to build these
things and then they use it once and they let it run for ten years and you
can see the pictures below so Scott I understand you’re angry about what
happened and no but people be careful what you believe to be obvious when
someone tells you something’s very obvious fourth China want to just build
a hospital to just house the people and then let it rot they built the whole
freakin Olympic stadiums that you can see below and they’ve rotted for ten
years a government like that freedom dude with we’ve got freedom you gotta
take into consider things logically they don’t do things logically logic to them
and it is logical take care of this disease now we’re worried about the
building later okay all right so zero heads got banned from
got banned from Twitter now I think Zero Hedge is ridiculous and I’m gonna read
you some tweets about Zero Hedge real fast do I think they should have got
banned from Twitter now why I mean there’s a lot of people saying
ridiculous things making up doom stories and stuff well I mean people should be
grownups and be able to tell what’s real and what’s not
if they want to be addicted to doom then they can be addicted to do but the other
side of thing is Twitter is a private company something abandon if they want
to so but if I was if I was in charge over there just let whatever I would I
would have no problem with them if I believed but it seems like they’re
picking on Zero Hedge they probably are okay whatever they’ll but Zero Hedge II
still despite severe head just being picked on by Twitter they’re being made
an example of at the same time there’s still zero head just ludicrous stuff
back in the day and saw pointed this out in a comment section I was reading it
seems like zero has had a change of ownership at one time because they
didn’t it used to be as insane as they are now I mean it’s just click date now
so I’m gonna read you what and I’ve retweeted this i retweeted both these I
think this is from Arjun who’s been on my show before Zero Hedge once hosted
well-reasoned heterodox views but eventually devolved into conspiracy into
conspiratorial blog spam that is such a good term for what that stuff is
conspiratorial blog spam the rabid defense from readers is incredible
dissidents you have to wonder how many missed the rally of a lifetime after
ddossing their brain with a cop with apocalypse porn but he really uh I
couldn’t say yeah they have DDoS people’s brains with Apocalypse porn and
because of that all these people have missed out Bitcoin they missed out on
all sorts of things just waiting for the end waiting for the apocalypse must
prepare zero head said this people who sends your edge articles although I
didn’t click on their articles it slows down my computer so much I got some
advertised weird advertisement thing that messes with my computer it’s so
it’s drivel so here Nick Carter said Real Talk Zero Hedge was drivel most of
the time but I much rather stomach their occasional nonsense then allowed Twitter
to install BuzzFeed as the gatekeeper of discourse so I agree with that I don’t
think they should they should go in that direction where they they’re basically
they’re not literally doing this but BuzzFeed as the gatekeeper of discourse
no I don’t want BuzzFeed telling me what’s true what’s not true
what would should be seen which should not be seen what let that let the
dimmers at Zero Hedge have their say and let the public I mean if people want to
waste their time on that noise good for them
it gives people who are focused and who have long-term thinking more opportunity
there’s less competition compete don’t complain those
for complaining worrying about Zero Hedge worry about you know what’s what’s
the next do lie articles your head comes out with and meanwhile I’m buying BIC
one so uh yeah they’re not driving off the price of Bitcoin well I’m not bought
her well I’m getting Bitcoin but you know I don’t buy Bitcoin I just get the
crypt of dividends turned into Bitcoin so I I bought Bitcoin for years and
years back in 2016 when they were all worrying about whatever whatever Zero
Hedge was lying about Bitcoin then or whatever that some people old ozera had
just brain with Bitcoin that’s out sometimes and you say good things about
Bitcoin sometimes they say absolutely ridiculous things about Bitcoin so if
you’re a big zero head believer and you what’s good it’s bad it’s good what
should I do good bad but you’re gonna do nothing
you’re paralyzed you’re ddosed with your brain is ddos with apocalypse form okay
so you’re on Brooke is talks people ask often ask about try to compare different
political systems what’s the political system of Sweden and Norway versus the
United States versus Germany how socialist are they which one’s better
and then we have people that say let’s bring socialism to America because it’s
so great Sweden well how do you judge how great a system is because the system
in America is not pure capitalism at all there’s socialism involved in America
too so a lot of people Iran Brooke points out and I link to this video
below this video just came out ahead and watched the whole thing because it was
just live today before I went live he points out that a lot of people try to
say when you judge the system on the poorest of the people dad in Sweden
there are it’s not the same as the streets of LA or the streets of San
Francisco that you don’t that the poor are a better off thing and he says
that’s not how you judge a system you judge it by how well a person who wants
to succeed can do a hearth eat a healthy hard-working individual ambitious person
and he says middle-class but I don’t like
in Oakland and he says by far it the United States is the best if you if you
want to be successful and you’re a hard-working ambitious individual you’re
gonna be able to do better in the United States economic system then in the
German then in the Swedish that is Norway then in Canada then a lot of play
doesn’t mean those are just some of the ones they don’t forget in Canada but I
believe it’s okay so that’s how you judge how good a system is now some
people say uh well if you’re hard-working ambitious healthy
individual you do better in Singapore you’ll do better in Singapore the United
States that might be bad that might be true maybe their system is better I
don’t know but I will say this you’re gonna do better as an ambitious person
in the United States than in Sweden and then in Norway in Norway I know
a Norwegian he’s watching right now probably for a bad they get taxed so if
they have a real wealth tax fair they’ve got all sorts of taxes so you think
you’re doing well you’re not doing well you lose it all and it’s very
demoralizing they’re not so company’s leads or not as many opportunities and
he moved to a country outside of Europe and he’s doing great and it’s hard for
competition where he’s at also alright so don’t let people fool you and say
well there’s a look at how the poor are treated in Sweden is as opposed to an
annoying and supposed to be nice that’s how you so the system is better so let’s
bring the system to the United States Dana who cares how how the people who
are not trying or the the people that are not able body how they’re doing okay
that’s not how you judge the system’s a holy judge the system by the people who
are trying and then that are healthy that are ambitious so I like that
unlike approach via your on Brook there and what is this there are speaking of
Canada which we just mentioned Canada how long has it sho been going home by
the way let me check something out here I see someone’s got a quick roaming
queue says something Oh 51 minutes I gotta wrap this thing up soon man
alright let’s let’s go bro matru says have you ever had a be on Bitcoin guest
on the show yeah the Bitcoin rabbi if not would you
ever consider having a guest on the Saturday
show yes but of course I had he’s been on it twice big pointy rabbis been going
twice and it feels like I might did I do something else another time but
yeah I’ve thought about having some one-on-one before actually I’m gonna
tell you right now who I thought about having on and who I might be able to get
on let me see if you guys like you know how I just mentioned that guy Brandon
Scott who’s the city council president the Baltimore City who got punched
before a debate I thought about inviting him on the show on a saturday show not
because a lot of people from Baltimore are watching I think he well he could
use that he could use the video for promotional materials every vote counts
there and every penny counts and I think I want to be a mayor a mayor or
candidate Baltimore would come on just because they think oh this Bitcoin guy
maybe I’ll be able to raise some money on his show or something I don’t say
yeah I thought about having guests on that are just I think he’d be a fun guy
I I met Brandon he knows who I am and everything he follows me on Twitter yeah
he’s a is a young guy he’s the city council president he’s what he’s born in
1984 so what’s that make him he’s 35 years old and he’s been I mean he’s been
ill the City Council says he’s been his 20s but let’s not put people on a
pedestal or whatever but I thought I’d bring some Baltimore politics to the
world here just to show how black would think and that was before he got punched
I was thinking about him being on the show I haven’t written down right here I
bet he’s also says he’s a young guy I was gonna ask him about how he could
bring big coin into Baltimore into Baltimore City that was what my main
thing was gonna be I don’t know if he’s prepared for such a question all right
but an interesting question there Roman cubit is definitely uh definitely
something I thought of Ayano do you guys want me to bring you on a candidate for
mayor for the mayor I mean Baltimore is a major city United States where it was
it’s a major metropolitan area United States how about that and because now
like El Paso Texas which is a pretty boring place by the way but whatever
they’re cool the city of El Paso has more people than the city of Baltimore
but that the metropolitan region of Baltimore is much
larger than metro region of El Paso and I’m pretty sure the city of El Paso has
more value someone might say oh well according to this census Baltimore has
more eventually if it hasn’t happened yeah I’m pretty sure he has something
city of El Paso has more people to see a Baltimore but and if you’re and you’re
mayor of Baltimore they’re only in charge of the city of Baltimore not the
whole metro region the metro region of Baltimore is is quite large compared to
perhaps so compared to there’s many many cities United States I don’t know where
Baltimore ranks in metro area its top 20 I think it’s top 20 but in city in
Savion in city population know if it’s still top 30 so uh Trudeau in Canada we
we proposed this he’s now backtracked if you are a
distributor of content in Canada you need a license how can anyone be taken
at all seriously if they do not realize what a terrible idea this is free speech
works this will be proposed by a serious politician in the u.s. within a year
okay so what exactly are they talking about the Trudeau Liberals would have
forced news websites to obtain government licenses to operate in Canada
now though how that exactly enforce that but I agree with the between that some
of the United States is gonna suggest something that ridiculous soon you need
a license in order to have a news site in the United States or it was proposed
and again I’m glad Trudeau backed off it’s ridiculous I don’t know how they
would have enforced it but that is dude that you’re cruising for that you could
never afford you can never enforce it but it is
ridiculous like you need to be an officially government sanction voice of
news what is this China baby all right
Talbot found that Lightman Muromets done I found out about a company called Astra
speaking about the Golden Age they made small rockets and they actually the
article is from Bloomberg is linked to below
this is exciting stuff companies making small Rockets launching them private
Rockets launching them for me Kodiak Alaska spaceport I never heard of the
Pacific spaceport before maybe it’s gonna get a lot more action Kodiak
Alaska shoutouts to you you don’t get in the news much I think it’s so awesome
that we’re already at a point in time here and it’s just 2020 where they’re
making smaller private rockets to do whatever with satellites I don’t know
that they do with that stuff but more power to those people and so yeah this
is my last Saturday in El Paso I’ll leave it here I’m leaving here on
Tuesday so I’ll be in LA starting Wednesday
I’m excited to get back to LA I do I do love being in LA it’s wild decentralized
place and if you’re not in that mindless movie industry entertainment industry
it’s fun to kind of observe observe it and there is just a there’s definitely a
free mentality a free vibe that you can feel they’re kind of kind of can get
crazy and dirty sometimes and that’s why being from Baltimore helps because you
don’t get freaked out by some things that you see out there and no I I don’t
like the homelessness that I see out there at all that is that is sad that is
something that you have to deal with but there’s all sorts of wildness out there
and there’s cool people that I know out there that are bitcoiners and there are
people of all sorts of political persuasions some of them are or quieter
out there you run into all sorts of free thinkers and interesting people out
there again if you’re in the entertainment industry like so many
people are it can be a very very lonely place but for me if you’re in motion
you’re meeting Orthodox Jewish people you’re meeting big going people I mean
it’s a big awesome unique beast show I was gonna say freak show but there are a
lot of unique beasts in LA how about that so and it’s safer than Baltimore
and Baltimore there’s some interesting unique beast too but they’re not in
and they don’t strive for greatness and I think there are some there’s a vibe in
LA a unique Beast live in LA to strive for greatness not everyone there are
some people that are just like total donors and paranoid and just blaming
Trump for all their plot problems etc etc but there is an undercurrent there a
very interesting undercurrent and you you get glimpses of it from like the Ben
Shapiro people Dave Rubin you get you know you see some of the people that are
making original content that’s not like mindless liberal stuff out there on
YouTube they’re in LA they’re in LA so there’s their stuff
going on and so I will be I’ll be speaking in Long Beach
what am i speaking in Long Beach February 20th so that’s real soon but
I’m happy to be back in LA now Paso is a really relaxing place there’s not a lot
going on here it’s really low cost of living so if you’re broke and you’re
living an expensive city move here get a job here or there jobs here or if you’re
traveling around you want a new place to see you want to see the border you want
to see you learn things and I met the great people at the Habad in El Paso
they’re really friendly they’re doing great things
bye to them bye to all the people in El Paso it’s been fun and uh on to LA baby
on to the big city my favorite big city in the United States you know you can
only pick one up to three Chicago LA or New York I’d pick or again okay Houston
for I I would pick pick LA baby la that’s the kind of guy I am I’m in LA
I know those four I’m in LA dude from Baltimore but of course if you’re if
you’re in LA dude you got to be from somewhere else originally but you’re
always traveling around the world and I’m picking my favorite cities I love LA
Tel Aviv and then oh somewhere in Australia stand the I love going miss to
these cities in Australia too so there are there some travel tips for you
people but la is expensive people so is a sidious expensive Tel Aviv is
expensive but I’ve you know I’ve saved so and I
can do cheaper than most people I can do it
cheaper I get how I get in LA I’m taking a $19 bus from El Paso and it’s good to
explore these it the thing I’ve recommended on the show before if you’re
into it if you want to do this Airbnb lifestyle that I’m doing moving from
place to place not having a house anymore check out the third level cities
like El Paso and Boise and they’re in second level cities in cheaper countries
you get this five it’s fine you never know where you’re gonna run into all
right that’s it i rambled on a little bit at the end there I hope I didn’t
skip anything that was part of the reason I’m rambling a brahmic you said
have you noticed any California transplants in El Paso no not in El Paso
but I know they’re all over Austin and Houston and Alex I’ve heard a lot of
come here you know Paso the only licensed place I see or Texas New Mexico
and there’s some stay in Mexico I see Mexican plates occasionally from
the state that’s right south of here someone said Atlanta question mark I’ve
only been in Atlanta one slide roved I’ve been in Athens Georgia more than
Atlanta and that was the reason I was named Lance out to go to Athens and I
don’t know much about Atlanta I know I don’t have a desire to go to Atlanta at
all really but Noah I’m sure Liv is fine it’s got its issues and everything but I
really okay if someone gives me a reason you know says hey we’ll pay you to speak
at this conference or we’ll pay you to go there
now check it out and everything but you can tell I’m starting to spend more and
more time in certain cities again I’m gonna be three months in Tel Aviv’s
three months of Tel Aviv starting April 30th yeah April 30th July 27th in Tel
Aviv for those of you interested in it but again I still go into other places
too I’m still seeing other places but I’m not selling down anytime soon don’t
worry about it but it is easier on you to like stay at a place for three months
instead of three weeks or three days god forbid
like that time I like I went to like like three different continents like two
weeks or less than that I went from Darwin to South Africa to Argentina
Darwin Australia us Oh God that wasn’t good old me
all right kind of like mine everybody i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister i remember subscribe as gel like this video shares would you
check out all the links below bang that bail bond okay you fiat freaks what’s up
i’m gonna check out i hope your fiat freaks are happy i will talk about that
on tomorrow’s show you get a new show here every day
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be a mindless slave to the algorithm like so many people are no fancy sets or
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