The Future Price of Dash (DASH)? | Token Metrics

okay with DASH being number three on your
metrics what do you think the future price of DASH will be with their expansion
in Latin America and Dashplatform Dashpay etcetera unfortunately we can’t really
give a future price the only thing we can do is have our machine learning
give its 30 day prediction but that’s the furthest out we go we can’t really
predict down the road but you can bet that if if we have DASH or rather if the
system has DASH as a good cryptocurrency look at this so fundamentals good
technology good technicals that are just not there right now but trading
indicators showing in is bullish so overall though grade-wise we think it’s
third-best currency to have in a portfolio based on based off of this
now this is definitely a conservative system with a long-term outlook not for
day traders or flippers so don’t just it does not mean buy DASH looking for a
quick flip no but for something that because the idea is to filter out all
the scams because 2019 2018 people have gotten REKT from altcoins so you
definitely want to vote out the scams you want to find projects that have real
value and DASH is one of those it was a early fork of Bitcoin added faster
transactions and and privacy it’s actually maybe let’s pull this up
here formerly known as darkcoin private privacy centric digital currency with
instant transactions okay if we go to price predictions I mean it’s not so good December our
outlook is not so good in general so I mean that’s kind of aligned with

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