Hey everybody
Its cheeto finger good to have you
Appreciate you guys coming in. I know sometimes other people like why we do plants vs. Zombies. No, today’s a very very special day
It’s gonna be very very exciting. Very exciting
We’re getting ready to take first look
very first look
At a beta of a game that is called the gods
Now, I’ve always been told that you don’t mess with the gods. I agree
But it’s just a card game. Maybe I’ll ask him. I think he’s gonna be okay with it, right? Whatever one you choose, right?
So we are gonna take first. Look at this game Wow
And like I said, it is indeed called the gods unchain. All right, so
Unchained excuse me, so you’re probably gonna cheat. Oh, what is this thing right here?
What is this? Right well before we talk about that. I’m gonna put it over here
I’m I hate the way they say that in corporate. Well, it will put a pin in it
Okay, let’s put a pin in it. All right, I’m gonna bring it back here in just a minute. So
Let’s talk about what we’re getting ready to get into
This is the first time I’ve ever played this as matter of fact as I mention to you guys in a previous stream. I
actually became aware of it and I have I’ve been thinking about
You know working and playing a new game as many of you know
So I wanted to make sure that that it was gonna be fun and I know some of you guys know, you know
I play hearthstone. I play plants vs. Zombies. I love games. I play, you know many many different bit different types of games
This one is as I said, it’s called the Gods Unchained now
Here’s why it interests me as much as it did right and I know you guys are like man cheat
Oh, it’s kind of rare kind of rare for you to take on a new game
It is it’s very rare for me to it for me actually to take on or or in or challenge a new game
But I wanted to on this one for a couple reasons one. It looks very very interesting
Okay from from a strategy and a complexity standpoint
if you will so, you know, so that’s one of the things that really interested in interest about is the ability to
Its you know to play cards advance, you know, make things bigger craft things
Etc, etc. So it is in the actual beta
Test but here’s the interesting thing about it. Of course, you know, there’s a lot of games out there at least as I am aware
Cheadle finger, that’s me right there at least as I am aware where cheeto finger is is the first one of its kind
And and here’s what I mean by that
It’s it’s really truly interlaced with with what we call
Cryptocurrency right and I know I have a lot of friends that play clash and clash of clans and plants vs. Zombies
If you don’t know what cryptocurrency is, I’ll give you just a you know
Thirty second or a one minute crash course on on what cryptocurrency is a lot of people have heard of what’s called Bitcoin
Right. I think if you open up the news, yeah, I got a Bitcoin Bitcoin. So basically what bitcoin is is?
It’s a type of digital currency
Is is really what it is now, the gods unchanged are chained
Excuse me
The gods Unchained basically what it is is it’s a combination of the two of those not only is it a game?
But it also from at least from what I’ve read and from what I can tell
centers around what we call
Or I call a thorium right? Some people call it a theory. Um, I call it a theory on its prior wrong, right?
But let’s take a look at that. That’s what this symbol is right there at the real right now a thorium
Is a type of currency kind of like a Bitcoin, right?
So it’s very similar to a Bitcoin so it kind of works the same way. So that’s what an authorial is right
You might be going whoa Chito
Where do I get in a thorium?
Well one you got to be of age depending on where you live and I don’t know the rules globally. So just check into that
Flat I can say this. I personally buy Myung on an open exchange right here here in the United States
So so it is a type of currency called a thorium. Some people know it as blockchain technology
Or blockchain so so we just kind of went down that row, right?
We had to go down a little bit of a rabbit hole, though
Otherwise as we continue to go you guys may not know what’s going on. Heck. I may not know what’s going on
Right, but we are gonna check it out. So so at least to my knowledge, it’s the very first game of its kind that
Does what it does, right? So it’s my understanding that if I want to maybe buy a cool card or something
I might have to get some aetherium right or or
Maybe maybe maybe somebody wants to wants to trade me a card, right?
I may need some I may need some a thorium at that point, right? Hey Josie, how you doing? Josie’s like hey
Hey who dis new phone Josie were in a beta hanging around?
It’s a beta test you what happened was we did our clash of clans early
All right, so we did our clash of cleanser early. That’s fine oddly
All right. So Josie, we’re taking a look at it at a new game
We’re in beta by the way speaking of beta the link is in the comments or I’ll put it right here, right? So
That’s a secret link
That you gotta use if you want to get in on the beta, right?
So that’s kind of what I was telling you guys this brand new game. It’s called the gods Unchained
It’s powered by a thorium or I don’t know powered
But because at the rims, it’s own thing
But from what I can understand aetherium is gonna be important to this game, right?
Which once again as I told you guys that’s why it interests me for a myriad of reasons. Yes. I’m old I get it
much older than many of my fans or friends or anybody else for that matter, but when you look at it, I
Personally and I’ll share it on cam
I am of the belief that within the next 20 years digital currency will be taking over if not sooner
I really believe that there’s just too many flaws with our currency system, right?
So if this is a game that indeed it does we’ve that type of currency system into it. I’m interested in it
I want it. I want to learn I want to see how it works, right, you know
So there therein lies the lake right? So let’s just make sure that that this looks good. That should work for you
I just clicked it too. So yeah, it is free. That’s what I found out. So it is a free game
Of course if you want to like any other game if you want to buy stuff you can that’s how games work, right?
That’s how they make money. So let’s get down to some business. Let me move my aetherium. I’ll put it over here for now
Just in case I need it
Case I need some at the rim
So let’s take a look at the grand screen here as you can see
I chose a very unique name that you may never heard of its called. Mr. Cheeto finger
Yeah, so I’m mr. Cheeto finger and we’re gonna jump in. I’m just gonna go over here top. Right, right
So up there in the top, right?
Way far over there? It says cheeto finger
Mr. Cheeto finger, that’s me. Novice. You guys see that it’s very top right of your screen
Mr. Cheeto fingered novice and I wanted to make sure that I open this up in front of you guys right as a beta
Test who knows what’s gonna happen? I don’t know
Let’s get in. Let’s get in the mix, right?
so kind of like any other beta test that I’ve been in normally what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna walk around and
I’m gonna try to break it, right
Here’s the thing if it’s broken, then it shouldn’t be broken right now. I’m just kidding. I’m not gonna try to break it
I’m gonna try to play it right but in order to play it I should probably go through and
understand a couple of things right so
I was looking online and I saw a couple of the heroes, right?
So we’ll take a look at that in just a minute
But if you look at that so over on the on the top right novice, mr. Cheeto finger, there is an icon there
It doesn’t appear that I can click it
maybe that’s an avatar of some type right maybe when I get super good cuz right now it appears that uh
He looks kind of like God that Panda movie with Jack Black is the as the voice. So right now mr
Cheeto finger is a novice
level zero
You got to start somewhere, right?
and if we’re gonna be filming a guide
Let’s get it on right I put the link to the beta in there for you now. I’m just looking for something here
Let me let me just grab it here just real quick
Well, I found a picture of some of some of what I call the heroes or whatever they are. Hang on
There there there they’re probably cards. I don’t know you guys are gonna have to learn with me. Hang on
screenshot coming in bang
Goddess of nature. No, man may tame the wild
Oros god of war lead from the front
Ferial I hope I said that right it’s kind of like Ariel but ferial, I guess
Take a leap of faith. Oh
I kind of like Oh Rose right lead from the front not cuz he’s all muscly either
I don’t know if I’m gonna have to choose. I don’t know. So let me get that out there
I have no idea if I’m gonna have to choose. Okay, I don’t because I got no idea what’s going on, but that’s alright
That’s pretty typical for Tito. Alright, let’s see
So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna walk through it’s a good beta we’re gonna beta test it
We’re gonna find out what’s going on in here. I think you guys might like this
Maybe your join up and you’ll be like I’m gonna go whoop cheetah finger and I’ll be like, oh, I need more ethereum
Ethereum, whatever. Alright top right cheeto finger top left emblem arena temple
inventory workshop store
Raffle Cheetos always down with a raffle. Alright quick sealed
Play a deck built from 50 cards
Please open packs ranked constructed. Alright and then over here the Genesis raffle more new player guide
Yes, please clicky clicky
All right. It looks like it just opened it up in another window. Alright, hang on. Hang on. Hang on
Let me see. I could probably bring it in. Let’s see, June 14, June 4th
3 minute read 3 minute read. All right. All right. Hang on
We’d have to gonna have to make a change on the fly. Didn’t have that window. Hang on. Hang on
I want you to guys be able to see it. So let me go here. This should work
Let’s see here this one and I’m gonna go
Here we go. Alright, so we should have a window that encompasses the new player guide. Let’s take a look
Look good thing. I learned computers. All right, welcome to God’s Unchained
And welcome to card games God’s Unchained is a 1v1
Turn-based card game which can be summed up as easy to learn but hard to master
Aren’t they all?
This post covers the fundamentals of the game to get you started it should be considered a working document
Which means you might want to come back to this before a game?
You can begin a game of God’s Unchained you’ll be prompted to select a good deck or a god deck
No, I got a select two. God. Okay, I’m mmm
I got a good idea home and B. If there’s only three maybe they’ll have more gods later
Maybe I could come up with my own god. I’ll be like he’s got to have fire and lightning
Okay, lots of it maybe a hammer. All right, each deck contains 30 cards. We got neutral cards
I’m seeing that you can have up to two copies of the same card in your deck
Unless it’s a legendary card. Then you’re only allowed to have one
So everybody makes sure you remember that if it’s legendary one all others – got it. It’s easier than sorry
It’s pretty a lot more complicated. All right, there are pre-built starter decks for noobs like cheeto finger. Oh, I’m sorry
I just thought that was I was reading in my head game start. You may begin a game by selecting a god power
Just pick your god power. I wonder if that’s on the youtubes will find it. God powers are unique abilities
that are
Attached. Let’s see unique capabilities, right so unique capabilities and you can be used once every turn
So only wants every turn after you’ve chosen a god power you’re gonna be presented with cards from your deck
Hmm. Well little pvz string in there right got a build a deck
It’s called a mulligan kind of like golf for my golfers, right? So maybe we got a mulligan there that could happen
Alright, hang out standby one. I can’t see the chat window. I’ll be just I’ll be back in a minute. Okay?
I can’t see the chat
both players start with 30 health and a bag of tricks
The player who goes first gets a small bag of tricks
It’s kind of like I don’t know I don’t like it no, I’m kidding I’m kidding. I love it. I love it. Alright
Alright, let’s see here
The player who goes first gets a small bag of tricks and the player who gets second gets a large bag of tricks
See this is because it’s generally considered to be advantageous to go first. So if you’re going first small back
second big bag
Large bag, I’m gonna call it my big bag of tricks. I’m allowed to do that. I’m cheeto
Alright, this is because it’s generous it cuz I can chess right the same thing your turn
That means go don’t don’t hang out I got it at the beginning of each turn
You’re gonna draw one card. You can have a maximum of nine cards in your hand blah blah blah blah blah
What is manna I read it in the Bible. It’s a book
A lot of people had to read manna is the primary resource in God’s Unchained
Okay got it makes sense and it’s required to play cards or God powers. Okay
Every turn players have a certain amount of mana
Which can be spent so it’s kind of like points I guess so I got some mana no mana and then and then you move
On alright combat. Oh now we’re getting into the good stuff
I didn’t mean to have you guys read through all this but it’s a beta test. I don’t even know
And maybe in five weeks or something. Somebody will stumped it stumble into this and they’ll go thank god. She’s all cheat
Oh, thank you for doing this early. All right, or they’ll go. I’m never watching his channel again
He’s retarded that could happen to I shouldn’t say that I shouldn’t say that. He’s not very smart. Let’s go with that. All right
You can tell it’s live
so now for the fun part
At any point on your turn if you have a creature on the board
You can choose to attack it with it attack with I love attacking with creatures notice in there
Looks like on the left side. We’ve got some some cards there might be our deck. I already don’t like his
he looks like a king and I’m
Like some kind of fire imp, I don’t know. All right, here we go
Each player can have a maximum of six creatures on the board at any time. You can’t play them all
The creature will deal damage based on its attack value
tack left gold health right green I
Like that, it’s easy for for me. I’m old the void
I don’t even have to read it. I’m guessing this is where you get cards from
Each flower has void which is where any spell you play or creature that dies will end up, okay
I was close if your opponent ever plays a card and you miss what was played
That happens me a lot you guys know that a handy tip is unless I’m in combat or a tournament then it’s on
If your opponent ever plays a card that you don’t know what’s going on. You can look in the void
It’s like this card I guess. All right there sometimes creatures can be brought back from the void of what I
Can think of some creatures I want to send to the void and not have come back
Maybe we need a mitt. There you go
Maybe we come up with the sim back to the void card. So it’d be kind of fun
It comes out and the other player is like ha ha ha and you’re like no back in the void
It’s kind of like a Panzerfaust in battlefield. Once you send into the void, they’re not coming back. All right winning the game
To win a game of gods unchanged which is gonna be quite challenging
For old cheeto. You must simply get the health of your opponent’s to God
To zero, I just gotta be you can also win the game if your opponent runs a bit. We got heal cards
I bet we are all kinds of stuff. Oh, well, that’s too much. That’s too much. But that that looks like a king
God, I guess all right. Let’s jump over here
Good night today. Good night
Bang. All right. That was fun. Cool. So we read the manual. We got a good start on what’s going on
That’s what it wanted us to click first. Okay, so that is what it’s what I’m I can see the screen now, okay
Let me just put it in here
Alright so so that’s kind of dope that’s simple enough, right?
So let me jump back over here to the big screen and or the other screen so that that’s kind of where we started
So we did that we got the guy the guy didn’t now here’s the cool thing. I’m guessing
I’m guessing that if I wanted to
Learn more then that’s where I would go. Right? So I’m gonna do that later. We won’t do that during the live stream
I just kind of wanted to get some idea up top as to as what was going on silent. I sent you an Instagram
Now’s not the time to talk about that. My question was what happen to your channel. We’re getting back
So Miss a so here, we have quick sealed packs, and we also have ranked constructed packs
But before I want to do that, I want to go over go by the top stand by one check your in stuff
Yes, I do check I do right back alright so arena I’m guessing that that is what this is
Let’s go to the temple. Let’s try the temple and see what happens. Oh
This might be where I fight. I don’t know. I’m probably not ready for this
There’s packs three packs remaining. Okay. I don’t know what’s going on
Okay, let’s see
Inventory. All right. So this is what I have my cards
Okay, I can’t really hollowing light
Let’s see
Hollowing light feral sheep shifter illuminated warrior
Minotaur phalanx, that’s hard to spell okay. I like it. It’s hardest man. I’m gonna have to learn how to spell stuff
Here’s a workshop. I’m guessing that’s where we craft stuff
Let’s see
group by death
group by deception
Deceptive cards. I like cards that are deceptive
Group by light so you can do that magic
Nature. Oh, I’m gonna turn them off. Oh, I can sort I like that
Store popped in another window. I’ll show it to you later
Yeah, it’s where you go by go by cards. Apparently, it’s a pop pop into a new window there and then lastly
Don’t raffle is the genisis raffle
Hmm up for grabs and you can yeah
You guys can share your link to so once you get in share your link right now
Hey, look, if you do it you share your link with five friends, right? Then you can win rare prizes. That’s good
That means we’re getting in at the top. We are getting in at the top. So there’s the link again
Alright, and it is also in the description
Of the script so I got a coin spinning here. I think really the the
Probably the arena. Let’s do what it says here. It says a
quick sealed
Please open packs. So just took me to the temple. Alright, so basically this ain’t cheat
Oh, man, you can’t do anything and tell you until you play a pack right now. I can’t hear it
Okay, so I’m sure there’s cool audio. I just can’t hear it because we’re on a live broadcast. Alright, let’s see. What happened to
Getting some cards baby that’s what I’m talking about getting some cards. Alright
Signal Scouts
Top left. It doesn’t look like health or anything. Maybe I don’t know draw a card for each injured creature
Hey that could come in handy, right?
You know and your creatures start drawing some cards out right for those of you just joining brand-new game
We’re in beta test the links in the description it out in a minute on the chat
Arek mage. I think I’m saying that right
Backline leach roar and ability deal one damage to all creatures brand new game. I love new cards
Let’s do it and it’s cryptocurrency. If I did mention that I do I still have a thorium up here. Yeah, it’s right here
That’s a thorium it we call it ether
Right. Do you got any thir?
Don’t trade some ether I’ll pay you ten either for that, you know stuff like that. That’s how we do it
Alright, maybe you got some Bitcoin you want to trade off. Alright, let’s jump over here. What’s the deal on this one?
The anti magic Ward’s that looks like something lieutenant darkest in use maybe crispy, I don’t know at a
Mana walk to your opponent’s mana gems. I
like it
Crippling that’s the way to do it, right?
All right. Well now here’s the thing man of gems
I’ve never played and I’m getting the idea that it’s probably gonna say I’m gonna need some of these gems
Somewhere. I don’t know but maybe a manage em gives off mana kind of like, you know other stuff
Hey Logan, Logan. You were not here before
We’re in a beta test on a new game
You’re gonna like it hang out
So I got the anti magic Ward’s that’s new. I have no idea what’s going on there
Mercenary troop, by the way, Logan the links in the description
It’s the first time anybody’s seen it Logan it’s in beta test my mods late really hmm
Just kidding Logan. All right, so
Mercenary troop add three randomized warriors to your hand. I like that. That’s gonna come in handy. I’m all about the RAM
Yeah, it’s brand new Logan. It just came out. It’s in beta. I
I don’t think you can play mobile though. I think it has to be on a PC or our machine
It downloaded fine on my Mac. I’m where I’m rockin it
Apparently right I’m sorry. I’m old. Sometimes we forget things. All right mercenary truth and then over here a
Reckoning card add a
Random relic from your deck to your hand
So after we learn a little bit, I’m gonna take my first round out and see how how fast I get clobbered
It’s only been out since June. Let’s been out for like it’s a beta for like a month. I
Don’t know. I’m probably gonna give looked hard
I’ll fight though. You guys know I will you guys know
All right, especially late at night with battle feel a little riled up here comes another pack
It’s kind of like in pvz when you get to rip packs open, man. I love that
I might have certain pack openings for God’s Unchained
All right. These are all green and they all came out of the same pack
I’m wondering if it’s telling me I’m gonna be a hunter or something
That’s fine. I can do it
tainted treant
It’s a regen one
At the end of your turn add a random nature card to your hand. I got at nature
All right. I kind of want it to be more. I don’t know space and we’ll see
Nefarious another great word that nobody can spell it’s an amazing word nefarious briar
region, one roar remove Ford herb durability from your opponent
I love that look at that two on the Left attack four on the right
Now this is very
Magic the Gathering
You guys picking up on that?
Mm-hmm. Yeah, I am too
here’s why you
guys know the term collab
Right, you guys know what a collab is they did a collab and here’s who it was from what I read. I hope it’s right
Somebody who is very high up like the president of Magic the Gathering I think is what it was MTG magic together
as part of this makes sense and also the collab if you’re wondering on the other side is
Between them and a company called coinbase
Coinbase is in exchange where you can buy a thorium
Or a Bitcoin or other things cryptocurrency. Just thought I’d throw that in there for you right case you’re going well
How do I get a new card you’re gonna need some math ether? I think I don’t know the hunt deal six damage
Randomly, I love that. That’s a pvz card
Refresh five, mana gems. Okay, I like that and then a regen I’m gonna call that health. That’s gonna be my health card
It’s a region. It’s probably gonna come out later. I’m gonna put in here it looks super fun
Looks super fun and I’ll keep streaming it if it is of course. Alright, so looks like we’ve got one more pack. Hey look
83 it went up from 75 when I first started out. I was just a lowly
775 look at that in less than 19 minutes. I’ve been able to make it up like 14 points or whatever. That number is
It’s less than that 13
deal damage etc next pack
Let’s see what we got
Love a good pack opening don’t you guys alright?
Last pack. Oh, this is an arena. That’s it. It’s telling me to go to the arena. I’m not ready. I haven’t crafted
I haven’t done anything, but I’ll try okay. I wish I could hear it. That’s just an internet thing
So I’m old that’s what they told me blade fly. I can already tell we’re gonna be friends blade
confused roar
summon two blade flies
Overgrown rhino confused
5:3 I don’t I know a lot of people I’d like to play that card on all
right the Amazon conscript
Well, if you’re gonna take a battle hammer, you might as well take an Amazonian roar
Remove confused from a friendly creature. So
Let’s say somebody comes out with a overgrown. Rhino. You just smack them down with a conscript. That’s what you do
Fire line sounds delicious for some reason
Give all your creatures attack +2 and overkill or if that’s like overshoot
That’s even a word. I think it is what it is here. So in God’s Unchained we’re gonna be doing some revivification
For those of you that watched me play battlefield last night. My squad was doing a lot of revivification
On me but I’m an LMG or I just run out with a light machine gun
Alright looks like all of our cards are open. Oh, yeah, I could turn them over
I don’t know why I’d want to but let’s click what it says because we already looked at the tabs
It may be telling me I’m ready. I love your new logo silent. I love it. It’s very nice
I will into you in a bit. All right, here we go
And we’re in a beta silent so let’s uh, let’s pay attention to the beta
Quick sealed play with a deck built from 50 cards. Okay ranked
Constructed I think I can actually make a deck there. Let’s find out here
So start a draft. Okay choose a god. I was right. I was gonna have to choose one. So this is serious
This is gonna be serious. Yeah, I love the new logo silent. I like it Hey
Sup, we should do it
Logan to make sure I know we’ll do it. Yeah, of course, of course we will
We might even do it tonight
Well, forget it done. Alright, I need your help if you’re here
And I know I know a lot of you guys like this is brand new. We don’t want to watch this
I want to watch it. Maybe you can help me. I’m leaning towards thereally
Not just because that’s where it’s at
But I’m kind of thinking
There’s gonna be a lot of people a lot of people that are gonna go I want to be the king the god of light
Would you guys think that I would a onna?
I’m perfectly fine with my gender. I you know, I just I
Don’t I’m not sure if I want to play a girl in the in the in the game
I mean I could I have no issue with that at all. Her powers look pretty wicked
That’s what I’m gonna say. Her powers look wicked. And/or lastly Oros the God of War now. It doesn’t say here
Each deck must be aligned to a god choose one, which you’d like to build around
So this doesn’t appear to be permanent, which is good. It doesn’t appear to be permanent
so I’m getting I’m getting the feeling that I can change it later, right if I if I want to so, uh
What do you guys think? I’m kind of leaning towards Aros
Um, we’re almost there Logan. We’re almost there not me buddy to our channel
Everybody who comes in we all helped build it. I’m just the one that sits here and drinks coffee. That’s it. Alright
I’m gonna give you guys just a couple couple seconds. Tell me which one
I’m leaning towards Oros, but don’t let it don’t let it disturb you
I’m kind of I want to see what my lieutenant Logan says may be silent would win
Now there I gave you guys the link in the chat it’s a it’s free if you want to get it but here’s the thing
It’s beta so I don’t know how long that links gonna last Aros. That’s kind of what I’m thinking Logan
Logan’s, right, so
Yeah, so I think we’re gonna do that
Let’s go with Aros and then I would probably bat believe it or not. My second choice would probably
Probably be a onna right
Everybody in there brother’s gonna be like, I’m gonna be cereal. I just know it I
Played so many of these you guys know what I’m talking so let’s do it
I’m gonna be Aros
Woo more stuff. Hmm. I
Have to move the yellow key over I
Put it in. Here we go
He does look tough. He’s pretty ripped. He could Logan he could probably pick me up like this
Right, cuz I’m so I’m so buff. You know Sun’s up guns up. No, I’m just kidding. Oh
Okay, what do we do? Okay, let’s find out build a deck of 30 cards
I’m just gonna look around. Alright now we’ve done enough of these to know that normally mana card local
I’m gonna I’m gonna get some of them in there that are low and it looks like they go low to high, right?
What is this? That looks mean you’re going in?
That’s a level eight
I’m just gonna look around I’m gonna look around and I know this isn’t the most exciting stream ever
But it’s gonna be recorded and hopefully it might help somebody right you guys. I’ve never seen this game at all
I saw today and somebody was like you really based on wheat how we know you or whatever it was?
They said you should try this because they knew I loved they could tell I like cryptocurrency and I do alright
Arek rush pick one deal one damage. Yes, please. I’ll take that
Blitz, anything that says blitz has to go in your deck. I’m gonna step it up to the two first
Summon a 1:1 battle thrall. Yeah, it’s kind of cute too. I’ll be honest
Aging veteran that’s me going in the deck right away. All I had to do is read the name aging veteran boom. I’m in
Cuz I am one and I like them
Any time I see them with their hats on I say thank you. Cuz they’re that man many of whom fought very hard
Not just my country others dwarf added land. This one’s blank
But it’s a dune cavalry. I think it’s just a good soldier. It’s just a just a battle soldier
Alright, let’s go. Let’s go pick a uh,
Let’s get a man of seven
Cyclops I’m gonna have to find out what this whole frontline thing is wasn’t that a TV show?
Whoa, whoa. Okay. There you go
Maybe I can only take certain ones. I don’t know. Let’s get a six let’s get a six in here
All right storm stris
Roar deal one damage to all enemy creatures six. Mana
Let’s stop. Let’s jump down into the five
Mana, cuz you as you can see I’m kind of lining this up like a craps table. No
I’m gonna take your money. Alright, let’s see
Roar put an enemy to sleep. I need one of those in real life. I’m coming across a lot of cards
I can really use the Guardian which is s be quiet
The where did I put my aging veteran I’d like that card here’s a jungle princess a little steep at five
Mana, though and I what’s funny is I have no idea what I’m saying cuz it’s a brand new game
I’m all yeah, that’s a little steep
Nobody even knows except that the super betas and those are probably the people that are gonna take me out the second I go in
Hit the like button just like just saw just so I’m okay
Hopefully I make it through this. I’m gonna play I’m gonna play I’m gonna be good. Oh, I like this a Viking blood guard
I’ll take you. Yeah, okay
Hmm I think I need some more little cards I’m gonna little cardem to death now
Remember we learned in the rule book, you’re allowed to have two of any card except for legendary
You can only have one of those I don’t think I have two of any card. Anyway, alright, there we go
Tribals spirit give a friendly creature one health. Yeah, heal. Oh, man
Rampart. Hey, that’s a map in battlefield taking it. I
Hope you’re gonna do a better job picking your cards when you first you won’t, you know, you won’t know unless you watch Tito
All right. I’m taking the I’m taking some Battle Damage for you. Here we go. The portable fortress only to seems like a bargain
Frontline can’t attack at the end of each turn
That looks pretty gnarly that looks mean Skelly’s gotta have it
Here’s this spark basilic I don’t even know what that is. But yeah strix hunter twin strike. That’s a PVC double strike right there
if anybody doesn’t play plants vs. Zombies, like what are you just saying it hits twice a
Feral shapeshifter. Hmm
It hides
It’s good to have what do we got? All right, twelve more
And once we get the initial built, we’re just gonna wreck shop. That’s what we’re gonna do
By the way, if you’re just joined and we’re playing
Where is it? It’s up there
We’re playing
God’s Unchained for the very first time ever. It’s right there. Oh
This over here is a thorium just in case you wondered it’s gonna be important in the game. I think
All right. Here we go a
Shadow paladin. Mm-hmm
Anything named paladin is cool. I think I might have
Why is he choking him out? No, no, okay. I’m sorry. He’s rescuing him. It looked for a minute. Like he was joking him out
Hey, there’s yep. I think that’s a
Thanks. Yep
Stewey yes, I get it quite often that I get Adam Sandler occasionally. It just depends good to have you
Yep, very good to have you. Hey, yep
We’re just checking out a brand new game if you’re new to my channel welcome
We play a lot of clash of clans here battlefield, but I was really interested in this so welcome
Well, I’m just building my deck right now
Thanks, Logan. Logan’s got my back. I was a laser-focused
All right. I think we’re almost there draw card for an injured creature. That’s probably gonna come in handy for me
I get I’m probably gonna get just worked now here I could filter by it once I’m good
I could go show me all the ones that are attack cards show me all the ones that are by tribe
I don’t even know what tribe I’m in. So now we’re in the tri batido finger, right? That’s where we are
But we’re getting ready to enter to the tribe of gods Unchained. That’s why I put chains all over the picture. They left I
Don’t know who let him out
Ambitious adventure
Roar and draw card. I like it
Alright, let’s get a couple a little bit more a beast a beast fury shaman
That’s came from the Amazon. Did you see that down there at the bottom?
Now I’m gonna take a combat medic but it does look like he’s choking him out
I’m just saying and when I first look like he’s taking him down. No he’s healing him
He’s helping him with his cranium. If something happened. He probably got hit by a town Guardian
Nope. Nope, he would have gotten hit by a car theg. Arian Marine
Karthik did mean it
Carthaginian marine
I’ve never even heard that cool name though. Alright, let’s uh, I think we’re almost there. We need five more
Let’s take a blade caster. Yeah, always that’s kind of like a Valcke. Yeah, it’s like my Phalke. I’m gonna put my ether over here
Just so it’s not there we go. Yeah a battle bard. That’s a one I
Can hide something for one, I think that might be a tomb or an Amazon spear soul
Should we take a really really super card like a really tough one
Mmm a
cyclops marksman
Alright, I think I think that’s thirty cards. We built our first deck
That wasn’t that hard at all and I’m cold. So hey if you’re if you’re old like I am your priority done
Yeah, I uh built a cool deck now. I have no idea what this deck is gonna do. It’s a brand new game
I’m liking it though, and I’m not I don’t mean to keep bringing it up cuz I’ve played several times hearthstone
It seems very similar, but I do like the etherium angle. Oh
He’s breaking it. Did you see that Logan? Yeah, he’s choking him out right down here Arius. Yeah. Oh, yeah
Yeah, he’s going down
But I could kind I get the combat Matic when you get up close and you look at it
He’s he’s not choking him out. He’s going
I’m here to help guy looks a little panic though. We’ll see how the card works. Alright, here we go
Quick sealed. Oh, I
Think I’m probably gonna play against the computer cuz the next one says ranked
constructed compete with your best deck
There’s only one problem with that right now. I don’t have a best deck. I
Have a deck now here is something that says unlock and then this stuff down here
I think it’s uh gods Unchained way of saying let’s go novice
That’s me right there. Yeah, I my pointers down but above there. It says cheeto finger. You’re a novice
That’s whatever
You can hurt my feelings
I’ll be a novice as long as it takes to whoop everybody
That’s the way I roll, you know, cuz it’s like The Tortoise and the hare that’s ridiculous. The tortoise never should have won that
Never the hare. Should I didn’t even get it as a kid. I was like, you know, what will happen to the hare
Do you break his legs was he late?
All right, we’re going in
Hold the cancel, I’m in queue. I’m in the queue
Okay, which means I’m probably waiting for a much higher higher level super power player to come kill me
Right now they’re probably nobody playing cuz nobody knows how to play
I’m gonna learn I’m gonna learn I’ll stay in here as long as it takes. Let’s see what happens. So
While we’re waiting
Over here. It looks like I have new game modes
new rotation and ranked modes more the Genesis set
Deck-building strategy the balancing beta so update version
0.1 at the beginning which is awesome. So we’ll have to see how long this queue thing takes the $62,000 card
Now the future of gaming down here on the right
It says it impacts the blockchain
For those of you that don’t know what the blockchain is. The blockchain is is like digital currency. So for example
Quick seal build a deck. Let’s try it. I’m gonna click here too while we’re waiting
so we haven’t created a deck yet so we could
So I’m going to close that. Let’s see if let’s see if this keeps going. Alright, I don’t know how long it’s gonna take
I guess it might just depend on other players click the link go build a deck. You’re gonna be a zero like like cheat
Oh, then you can come in and we can beat me
Yep, there’s loganing. Okay. I just make sure I got that so we’ll see how long it takes
I don’t think it should take that long. Let’s see what we got down here
Rusted bronze purified bronze, okay
It says start I’ll hit the all right. So let’s what we’re waiting over there. What we’ll create it will create a ranked deck
I guess that that’s what this is play with a deck built from 50 cards. So it says MQ will stay there and
If I come back, okay, if I come back it’s still it’s still there. Alright, so I well we’re waiting
I’m gonna build another deck choose a god. Oh, no
more gods I
Think that’s ranked. Alright, well, it still says in queue. So let’s go over here
Okay, goddess of deception
Are you playing attention?
Good deception players don’t always move first, but they should always be one step
Oh, oh, look at this. I think we’re going in ha ha. Here we go
Let’s see what just happened
Hopefully that hopefully it carried over to your screen. I don’t know we’re in beta. Okay, let’s see if it works
Nope, I’m gonna have to change up standby. Yeah, we’ll just make sure
Oh I exit full-screen. Yeah, I don’t want fullscreen
Hopefully that hopefully that goes over to you guys give me just a minute it popped in a different window, give me just a second
Well, not enough players, please try restarting your client or computer, okay, so I’m gonna do this give me a minute
I do have to resize this cuz it came in wrong
Like I said, we’re just doing this brand new so not fullscreen, there we go
Excuse a god I’m gonna go over here. I’ll back over here start
Okay, hopefully it doesn’t pop fullscreen again because remember we’re just learning we’ll try and figure it out there it is there’s the screen pop
So no that looks like we do have to have some screen pops now it’s gonna it looks like it’s gonna start the game
So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna bring that in another window for you guys
That way you guys know where it is cuz hang on one second, okay?
All right, pick pick my god power is where it’s at I’m hoping it’ll slide in just very very fast for you
Hang on one second
Didn’t didn’t see this one coming, but we got it. Okay. It wants me to pick a god power
So with any luck, here we go
Nope not that one
There we go, so now we now we have the deck
That’s what that’s what this is so that so it looks like we’re coming into the game. I’m gonna pick my god power
I’m gonna go within rage
Confirm let’s go. Let’s rage
All right, so I’m pulling that in sorry. Sorry. It’s over my head. I’ll fix it. Whoop
It’s an internet thing
Yep. There you go. Perfect
alright now I get to select any number of cards in my hand to replace I
Don’t wanna replace any of those. So one at while here, let’s get rid of this viking away. Whatever
Alright I’m up against somebody who am I up against where does it say? Mr. Cheeto finger? Does it say anywhere I
Don’t know what to do
Mana, alright, you guys are seeing what I’m seeing
So let’s go. Okay. These are my cards
So do I play first? I think I’m gonna play first. Maybe I got a little bag
All right battle summon 2 2 1 1 battle thralls. Let’s do it
Not enough, mana. Oh I need one. Ok, I get it
Alright so I got a what is that a rampart frontline can’t attack at the end of each turn set that creatures attack to
Zero, I don’t think I can do anything else. Well, maybe where’s my man? I got zero
All right. So what does it tell me to do? Oh, there you go
Which button am I supposed to hit oh ok there I think they did reckoning
Let’s see what happens they have 0 mana I have zero. Mana, I don’t see anything telling me to go. There we go
Alright looks like it’s my turn now. I got 2. Mana I got to man a deuce. I got dosis Manus
All right. Let’s see. I think I don’t have anything to play that oh this here. What’s this? That’s enrage?
Give a creature +2 and burn even if it is an enemy creature. Let’s do that
Boom, can I do that?
well, let me
Know I can’t all right doesn’t look like it works. Here’s a small bag of tricks though. Here we go
I’m gonna play the small bag of tricks Oh, nope. I don’t want you
Okay, no, no, no, no, I’m not you
All right
Here we go. Small bag of tricks
Came out looks good looks good. We got small bag of tricks. Look let G but not too bad
And I think this this here that turns it to the other side
There we go bang so it’s like over over right? So you flip it over
So it’s their turn whoever they are
Beta down here. Okay. Got it. So we’re we are in beta. We’ll see what happens
Now then I don’t think this is ranked. I think this is uh, just computerized play. Alright
Still pointed at them
What did I get a Viking war Maiden whoa, okay, so let’s let’s get her out there
That’s a – I got three. Mana though. What do we got here? Summon one a spiritual beast. Yeah
Look at that thing. Ooh
Bang now. I think I can attack. What’s this guy? Frontline? Can’t attack? Okay good. He’s sleeping and he’s sleeping
So I don’t think I could do anything
Let’s look. Nope. I’m out of mana. Here you go
Let’s see what happens this is fun. This is fun. I’ll probably go maybe another 30 minutes, right?
Just so you guys know I want to make sure hey smelly. It’s the new game. Did you see it?
we thought
Logan our Logan was here. He said that one of the met hell, he’ll cards looks like the guys getting choked out, which is cool
All right still their turn
Thirty thirty what’s gonna happen? I don’t know. It’s brand new. It’s a brand new game
Now if you didn’t understand how the game works we started we’ve been at it for
49 minutes to get after it go watch the replay that way, you know how to play and here’s the link
Use mine, and then if you refer your friends you get free shoes
There you go
It’s my turn. What do I got? I got four minute
Those are managed in looks like the most you can have is a lot. I don’t know eight
Who knows? Let’s see what happens. So thirty over here. What’s their special power?
intense training I
Got four. Mana, I think I’m gonna do this. I want to I want to hit this thing bang Oh,
What oh
That’s for mine my bad if his enemy creature give him an additional burn +2 I
Didn’t want to do that. I thought it was kill. I thought so my first mistake. I hope you don’t make it
Alright. No. I hope you don’t make the mistake. I hope you make it in the game. So I’m in a 1:1 battle thrall
Now remember when we were looking at the rules, we can only have six on the book on the board at any given time
That’s it. That’s the most
There’s my one one battle for all
Right there. Alright now, I think I can attack I can boom
Okay, so that card is dead. What do we got here?
sleeping because it’s already been used and then
Roar effect triggers when they are played from the hand. This means a creature with roar can’t target itself
Summon a 1/1 beast nice. I
Might have timed out. I don’t know
Why did they get a small bag of tricks
And a blade of sticks no, it’s ridiculous. No kidding you guys watch I’m gonna be in 29
2014 7 I’ll be like 112. I just made that number up. I’ll be the best God’s Unchained player
There is an odd more a thorium than anybody I’ll be all
Check out my a thorium. I’m telling you you guys should play this that the rooms gonna be big. It’s one
It’s one I’m pegging. I’m serious. All right, here we go
Has to do with the way it works in the backend
All right. I got 5 mana. Let’s get let’s get down on it. Do I have any injured creatures? I don’t think so
So I’m gonna save that. I don’t know
Remove one durability from my opponents relic. I don’t even know what their relic is, but I think it’s over here
Yeah, I just removed some durability get out of here you take your durability elsewhere I don’t want it yeah that’s like a special power
That’s a lot like art stone it is. I like it, but har stone doesn’t have ether
All right
In rage, I’m gonna I’m gonna enrage one of my creatures. Oh, I only have one mana left. Oh, I can’t do anything
Oh I can
Boom by
And there’s a I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m gonna learn there’s a 1/1, okay
That’s it mean card and I think I made it worse
All right. Well, here we go
It’s their turn. I have no mana I didn’t have any onesies I no mana onesies
All right, if you’re just joining it we’re playing God’s Unchained first time
Look at they hit me for 27 for 3. You don’t hit fan or whatever. His name is Aros
Come on lady or its Aros its Aros versus our ropes
He’s just fruit and injured my best card
All right, that’s fine I got five mana, what do I got I’m gonna do a three 100 he oh my god
Hopefully Logan’s still here Logan. I’m gonna choke him out. I’m healing my god
29 how do you like that other god, whatever your name is Oh
Novice its I’m playing against sever’s – he’s a level zero just like I am when nobody knows what’s gonna happen
Look, this is mr. Cheeto finger. That’s me. I’m
Mr. Cheeto finger and I’m a level zero
Give a friendly Viking attack +2. Yep
All right, and
These are sleeping draw a card for each injured creature
I still don’t think there are any are there already but afterlife I’m guessing that’s when he dies
The Viking blood guard. He’s gonna summon to
1:1 battle thralls
Yep, you’re going down Virge. Get out not enough. Mana. Give me a break. I got one. Oh, okay
All right, I get it. Here you go – your turn
It’s kind of fun. I
Choked him out. Did you see that Logan? I was like, ah, yeah, I’m gonna heal you but
not really kind of
This I can see this game being very addictive
Mmm still your turn submerge
See it the championships
Bow no, not my medic, bro
Don’t you understand that I’m gonna have a Viking blood guard on the table here in a minute
Get out of here
Why did you keep hitting my hero, bro
Alright, okay, I see why you wanted to say that scared me too. It does it does
There’s a 1/1, it’s my turn six mana, huh
Yeah, we’re getting you out after life
Where’s the heal people
Deal one damage to all creatures are due to two damage to one
Now it’s kind of like the other game where you have to Oh, what do we got here cleaver slam
Did that come up?
Well, I’m gonna what just to make sure
I’m gonna thirty seconds on the live standby one standby one. Hey while you’re waiting if you want to right. I’m I’m cheeto finger
That’s me right there
Alright looks good
Deal one damage to all creatures deal to I want to slam
Reminds me of a song from the 90s called slam bionics. It’s good sign. All right, what do we got going here?
Is this my slam? Oh
I get I’m gonna slam you bang get out of here
Back to the pile back to the void. Remember we learn now. We learned it to the void. That’s where they go
Lisa’s not annoying. All right, here we go. Still my turn attack what I want to attack
What I don’t have oh, I got a what what what skeleton heavy? I like that. That’d be a cool name for a band
That’s his turn Oh
What is that what on God’s earth is that ok the storm stris I have that remember we put it in the deck
You’re not gonna take me
Submerge, he’s prior dev. He’s probably coming to toast this guy. Alright
Draw a card for each injured creature. Yes, please
Give me cards there’s one. Ah, yeah
Yeah, storm stris level six six mana needed dune cavalry. Yep, get that out there
Alright now I think I’m out of mana. I am but I think I can do that. Yeah bang
Now he’s dead
Well, there it is. Mm-hmm. I did we call it. We knew we knew what was gonna happen because we knew when he died
He’s got afterlife and he’s gonna summon double battle thralls, which are awesome because they’re Vikings
That’s all I have to say on that subject
I’m out of mana and I don’t think I can play anything now that you see what they should do is this should start flashing
Devs that way the people who are new like me we know we’re done. I can’t do anything make that flash. Okay
Or if I still have a plane, let me know
Help a brother out
Did did they just intense training this card?
No, no get out of here. I’ve got he’ll come and brother you what you better watch out. Mmm-hmm. What do I got here?
Burn give a creature two plus two plus two and and burn plus two
You know
Look at that huh, and it’s got some burn on it. I don’t even know what burn does
It’s a beta. What do you want? I’m learning
Bro, I’m gonna be like, I’m gonna burn you. Alright, here we go. I love it. Love it guys
Are you doing a great job? Here we go. Let’s drop some skeleton heavy out-
Roar I can I can I do that twice? No, you only get one shot
One shot at it. Alright am fit Oh
Amphibious adventure. It’s a roar draw card. Yes, please. I
Got trial spirit
And I got three mana left I can do a two three now kids
How many cards are we allowed to have on the table? That’s right only six, but this is called cheeto fingers snap card stacking you
Give a friendly creature something. All right. There you go have some of that looks good. Hey, whoa
Alright, it’s his turn now. He’s gonna have to fight
Alright, if you’re just joining us a new game gods unchain, I’m unchaining him you guys whoa, whoa settle that down
Slow your roll
sir submerge
Now down here I’m cheeto I’m mr. Cheadle finger, I’m gonna beat you all so go ahead and sign up now
Hey Logan offense is neither Logan. Hey, Logan Logan. Remember Logan. I was talking to one Logan yesterday
I thought I was talking to the other Logan. Here’s what’s going on. I know you’re like worst classic lands plants vs. Zombies battlefield
It’s a brand new game Logan. It’s called God’s unchain it here you go. I put the link in there for you
It’s free for now
So get it quick
There’s the link and it’s also in the descript now. You should use my link. Why yes, I get credit – I don’t know
It’s brand-new. You got my get free stuff. I have no idea. I don’t know just use mine
All right, and make sure it make sure you’re gonna use the name that I’ll know cuz I used mine look cheat
Oh, oh, sorry. He’s probably would you play deal? Okay, you want to play storm’s storm stress. We know how to do that pow
Watch this boom
Don’t try that again submerge. Oh, I should probably start attacking
his uh
Give a friendly creature one health. Yes me
I’m allowed to do that
Yes, no
Me him
It’s a little tricky I said, okay. I think it worked
Okay, what’s this a dune cavalry?
Okay, let’s see. Can I play that? No
What about this one? Can I play this? No, how about this one? No, no can’t do anything. I’m stuck
He’s gonna he’s gonna hurt me
Or if he can save mana he’s thinking about it, I don’t want to lose my first game I’m gonna try hard
There’s Logan, I was just making sure he knows I saw him
Yeah, well he doesn’t know what I’ve got coming clearly submerge
Get off I see what you’re doing you’re one of those people that likes to hit the hero that’s weak. Oh
I need a garden. I need a garden. Okay. All right. I got it
It’s kind of like the other ones I play any time any time you can hit the hero you got it
twin strike
That’s going out I don’t think I can play it now no you got to wait it
Well, you got to wait give a friendly creature plus one health
No, not that one my hero my hero guy
Does it work? Nope plus one health. There you go a
Feral shapeshifter but one two, three five I can do it
No, I can’t I don’t have enough but I can do this I can burn
Just kidding. Ah, let’s go here
Look at that. That’s a tough card now for seven. I’m gonna flip it over. I don’t have any. Mana
Make that. All right. What you hear?
Get your shotgun
Level D. I’m level d or is that a zero?
This doesn’t look good, let’s see what the gear shift does look
Resume, sorry
You get your dune cavalry up yeah up see mm. I knew it I see
Yeah, you got this is one of those ones where you gotta hit the hero anytime you can. All right, I got you
What’s that lightning what is this? Oh
My god, you’re gonna have to leave comments if you know cuz I don’t we’re gonna have to do it together
Leech I
Know some of those eight
feral shifter hidden for one turn
He doesn’t know it’s there no idea
What it what what I put here
All right, what what
Go there. Oh, I think it’s hidden for a turn a minute. Ah, there you go. That’s pretty cool
Let’s go here the portable fortress. Oh, wait what? I think that’s a black front line. Can’t attack. Yeah. Yeah
I love that. Okay, that’s the card I need. Okay. Let’s go ahead and battle let’s do this. Mmm-hmm bang
He already did his work bang
Bang and a bang
Now I think do I have mana yeah, I can’t use it though
I can’t because all the cards are out boards full see that. Alright, I’m flipping over. I’m gonna play again. This is fun
And I’m learning. Hopefully you guys are learning to ah, whatever. I’m I got the next one
Hang on I got a screencap that sorry
What I didn’t concede he can I got defeated
Alright, let’s see what happens now. Oh
Yeah level to reward her and hopefully that jumps over there for you guys it should be in the same window, let’s see here
Yeah, it’s right there good I wanted to make sure it was in the same window for you guys cuz it’s a new game
I don’t know. Let’s see. Let’s make sure
They’re just all right, so mr. Cheeto fingers now level one
Close to level two
Yeah. All right. Here we go. I got a magic pack
Me that? Oh, I’m not a level two yet
Yes, they got to work harder, huh? All right, let’s do it
Let’s do one more one more for the beta and then we’re gonna play again tomorrow
I already planned it at a thousand subs were given away the base that it’s good our little base at five hundred
I’m giving away twenty five hundred gems
That’s gonna be fun in clash of clans
Who knows maybe I love this game and I might give something way in here like a thorium that could happen Logan
I don’t know it get some ether in. Well, you can at 3m. I don’t know I never say it, right
That was kind of fun
So let’s do this. Let’s
Do quick sealed again?
What’s this one loss zero wins
It looks like I got I don’t know if you guys are seeing what I’m seeing
In the Internet’s but look at where it says quick sealed and on the Left. It’s a zero wins and one loss
That’s not good let’s click start again
So the poll I put up was how did it really just change the window again
Okay, hopefully it’ll come in let’s see
There it is. Oh, that’s whoa
all big now stand by
Likes to pop open new windows, that’s fine. That’s how it once a roll
What do we have a new player coming in? What what’s going on here? Oh
I get to choose my thing. All right, here we go. Hang on. Let me move this
You guys can see that which is good. That’s good. Yeah, it’s a based on the software
I’m using it’s a little different because I normally have everything already and whatnot. So, let me go move this over here. Hang on
Alright, so we’re gonna go last time we went within rage
Let’s give a friendly creature blitz. That’ll be our power. That’s our God power for this one
All right little bit of lag, but I think we’re okay
Where’d my window go?
All right, let’s see what happens
Where’s my window there it is
After life that looks like a fun card getting some some lag should go away here in just a minute
There’s a lot of lag
So we’ve got auric rush let’s go with that
Standby one team looks like it’s catching up a little bit of lag. I don’t like lag like makes me mad
Alright so there we go. I’m gonna make that so I get the large bag of tricks cuz I get to go first, right?
So, let’s move you. There we go
Hopefully that’s gonna work for you guys
Since this is the first time we’re in beta I’ll have this all nailed down for you guys on the next one my apology there
We go. Alright, so looks like he played so let’s see what we can do here
Okay, so we’re gonna do that over here so I’ve got an aging veteran that’s gonna come in handy, right
Who wouldn’t love to have an aging veteran? Here we go. I got my power
I got that’s one mana, but I don’t have anything friendly so I’m gonna have to use my large bag of tricks
Right, so I’ll use that my large bag of tricks
Mmm-hmm. What’s he gonna do?
All right, hmm it’s my turn oh I gotta flip the thing again, but cuz I can’t do anything right can I
I’ve got to mana. Okay, I get it. I get it
Aging veteran. Let’s get him out there
So we got an aging veteran out there we’re out of mana, there we go. Sorry, the lag is going away now, it looks like
He’s got way he’s got that three thing whatever that is
It’s his turn still so that’s good OOP
Man I got to move that
Yeah, it’s a little
Popped in the new window. So give me just a minute here. I think we’re okay. Yeah, you guys can see it now
Let’s move this
It’s kind of hard to move with all these windows
I’m gonna get rid of this one here
Pull this one open. Sorry about that team to look a little different with the way it’s set up
It’s not gonna take long though. Let me get rid of this one
Too many windows coming in right now. So it’s it’s kind of lagging down. There we go. All right
So let me swipe this in and we’ll be in good shape. So it looks like it’s my turn and
One second. Oh
No wonder is trying to do that fullscreen thing
Give me give me just a second team. I’m almost done
Sorry for the tech difficulty. I hate that there we go. There’s that one. Okay, so we’re gonna make sure that you guys have
this one
Niggas that’s the window you want
Perfect so now we can finish plan. Yeah, we can finish. I got it down now now I know which windows they’re using
Let me shut the other ones over. All right, so you’re coming over here
Alright, let’s see, let’s see so I’m gonna use this one on this
Okay, I think I’m allowed to do that if not let’s try this let’s get the blade caster out there
One we can play that’ll be fun
Why did it move again?
There it is
Whoa, I got big
And I’ll get with the people and the beta and let him know that it’s not necessarily working
So awesome with the broadcast software, but that’s okay. We’ll get it down here goes
Alright so that he’s got that medic out there. Let’s see what happens now, let’s see what happens with the medic
I’m gonna bring my my window back up over here
Okay, so he’s playing he’s playing let’s see what happens there my turn blade caster I’m gonna play that
And I’ve still got two mana so I’m gonna I this this this one here, I think I can do blitz on this one. Yeah
So blitz, I believe means I can use it right away. Yep, and
Then this one here ara crush pick one – deal one damage
Right so I can do that
due to damage to a creature I’m gonna take that and I’m hoping I’m hoping that that’s actually gonna hit the
That I can hit the hero with that. Probably not though. Let’s see. Nope doesn’t look like I can so let’s hit here
Boom got it
Got it
Still looking good there
My turn so let’s go. It looks like we get a large bag of tricks. That’s gonna come in handy, right?
nice large bag of tricks
We have again we’re getting some heavy heavy lag, I don’t know why
Got it
Let’s see what happens over here. See why we’re lagging now. So let’s do this again
Hope you can’t use blitz again because we already used it. So let’s go with it still his turn
So we’re gonna play the town guardian coming up next
Over here
Still his turn so we’ll see what happens here
Okay should be my turn here in just a minute we’ll see what happens
Looks like everything’s good. Well little lag don’t like that. I don’t like lag
2,800 kilobytes though. All right
Back to my turn. Let’s see. What happens here
Summon to 1:1 battle thralls. Yeah
All right, let’s do that
All right, let’s see so it’s my turn let’s see what happens here my turn
Hmm what do I want to play here, I think I want to play am I gonna play
Let’s play this one
Way that’s got some lag, doesn’t it?
I’m gonna have to dial back the settings on the game for you guys, but I think we should still be good
We’re gonna finish this one here. So let’s get this card out
No target and we’re gonna flip that now that means that should mean he can’t attack me right now I think is what that means
I think that’s what that means
Back over here
Whoa, look at that
That was cool
Whatever that was. Oh it did make this little again. Why did it do that?
All right. We’ll get this over here. Perfect
Let’s see what happens here blitz
Then this one here that’s gonna be a fun one
Mmm-hmm. Let’s get this one out of here when we can when we can let’s get that one out there
So we’re it’s almost our turn so we’ll see what happens
Hmmm it’s kind of interesting want to see what happens here
OOP there goes
And I think it’s hard to move
It’s a problem with these computer games. They’re a little bit more difficult than iPads, but we’ll get it
The game is fun so far though. I like it. Okay, so I just want to make sure I set that for us
Okay over here
Yeah, we’ll see what happens roar
Go roar
All right
Town Guardian, let’s go up here
Hope I don’t think we can do that give a friendly creature. Okay. There we go. We’ll give a friendly creature plus one
That’ll be good
And we’ve only got one mana left so let’s go ahead and do this one here
Give a friendly creature ad. Yep. There we go. So then we’ll flip that. So we’ll flip that over there
Move this gear here settings
It’s gonna change your screen or should
There we go, hopefully that’s gonna fix that for you guys
Yep, looks good. Now I do believe so Mac
That should correct the lag also
Yep. Looks like we’re good was just hogging down a little bit
Sorry about that delay there looks like we got to figure it out though
Okay, still my turn boom he hit me no
All right, let’s see, what’s he gonna do here
He’s clobbering me pretty good, but I think I got it ready
So now I can just pop that one open we can play another game now that I have everything
Again, my apology that’s part of beta though. This down here is ethereum
Ether as we like to call it, it’s a currency of types if you will, right? So F thorium. I’m gonna lose
I think that’s my turn. Let’s see if we can fight out he oh my god for two. Yes
All right, so I’m healing my god
Unlock manna
all right a
Small bag of tricks. Oh, I’ll take that. I’ll take a small bag of tricks all day long, right?
Let’s move this unchain back over here. Yeah, that’s good
Yeah, you guys know how I’m about stuff. I want everything perfect for you. All right
We’re in the thick. We’re in the thick. It’s my turn
Sweet basilic remove one durability, okay
Not enough mana. All right. Well if we’re out of mana we’re gonna flip over I probably could have attacked I think
Yeah, I could have
I’m opening it in the in the in the more advanced version that they actually
Do that for you kind of cool let you know if you still have a plague, you know
Maybe turn it green around the outside or something. That might be kind of cool
All right
And yes Logan we will see surgeon sir again, we will very soon actually alright looks like it’s still his turn
Yep, he’s got me
Let’s see what level he’s a level one laris has already made us probably one of you guys
I’m gonna die
Yep there it was defeat boo
boo, boo boo boo boo
Well, I like it. I really do. I actually really like the game. It’s a lot of fun at the end
Just so the devs know it says the opponent conceded they won
so so my first look at
God’s Unchained is it’s it’s it’s amazing. I love the way the gameplay works
I love the graphics the as you could tell the graphics are pretty advanced. They were hogging my machine down
And I I don’t I don’t have a bad machine. I’ve actually got it got a pretty good machine
So so with that being said, I do like it
I really hope that you enjoyed it the music that you’re gonna hear on the way out is actually called
Well bits by group called Eastern Odyssey. Did I listen to quite a bit on?
Soundcloud I think you guys will like it so hopefully you enjoyed this episode of God God’s unchained I’m gonna continue playing it
Now that I have the setup ready I should be able to flip between screens really easy for you guys in it
It should look great
but we’ll continue it and see what happens but lots and lots of fun and I really really like the twist of
Having a thorium as part of the game. It’s it’s literally the first game
I’ve seen that at some level and we didn’t get to learn it yet
Is gonna intertwine cryptocurrency into the game, which I think it’s really cool
Especially if you have a little bit of crypto
that you can spend so
Cheat oh, that’s me. You can reach me an app. Mr. Cheeto finger on the Twitter. My insta is miss dot
Cheeto finger apparently somebody else thought they were cheeto fingers. They’re not I am
God’s unchained I love it. I’m gonna give it a thumbs up. I’m gonna keep playing
All right, and hopefully you guys follow along with me
We’ll see how far we can get old cheeto finger into the game, right?
Maybe I’ll be like a level two or something or a level three right? That’d be kind of cool
So thank you guys for hanging out with cheeto again. I’ll see you tomorrow night
Make sure you check my page all I’ll do an alert so you know what? I’m coming on All Right
See you guys soon Eastern Odyssey. The song’s called sanctuary. You can find it on soundcloud

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