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What is currently happening Programs, welcome
to the Grid VR. Where I’ll be bringing you this weeks news
in Virtual Reality. Its Saturday the 28th of December 2019 and
all I can say this week is: All the classics, all the time. We’ve got Bigscreen Cinema bringing the flicks,
Lonn VR cyberpunk physics, Twin Peaks unraveling the twists, Halo Master Cheif Collection,
VR Karts galore, X-wings soar and much more. Today I�m going to cover off the main events
to keep you in the loop. So stay locked, enjoy, and welcome, to the
Grid VR. Before we start I’d like to welcome all the
newcomers to VR this Christmas who found a headset or voucher under the tree. And for everyone that’s been tuning in here
for the last couple of years who have picked up a few things, please make sure you jump
on the forums and the comments here and help answer their newb questions as we were all
there and a little goes a long way. Merry Christmas, all the best for 2020, thank
you, and now, on with the debacle. The team at Bigscreen have teamed up with
Paramount pictures to bring Blockbuster badness as close to your eyes as you can possibly
get it. Watch 2D and 3D movies from the Paramount
roster with friends in VR, including classics and new releases you know, and the absolutely
excellent Ghost in the Shell and Transformer movies, jokes, just watch these 2 twice. 4 new movies premiere every Friday, screen
for around a week, and tickets start from $3.99 for 2D and $4.99 for 3D movies with
showtimes kicking off every 30 minutes. Hangout with movie fans from 10 countries
around the world in epic environments including the classics, a modern or retro cinema, or
see movies like Interstellar and Star Trek screen in custom space station environments
with special visual effects only visible to movie attendees. Which if you’re a trek fan is approaching
a rad level of around.. mmm… levels are approaching 10,000 rads
A hell of a collaboration showing that VR movie experiences are serious even after IMAX
closed down a few of it’s in house VR experiences last year, more about that in this episode
of The Grid VR, and so it seems that home is where the heart is and Bigscreen VR has
the key through the virtual gateway. Bigscreen VR is free, works with all major
PC VR headsets, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, and will be coming to PSVR early in 2020, and
if you like what you see you can watch trailers from the movies before getting in on a screening
and of course all the links are in the description. Showtime, Collider games, and David Lynch,
have re-envisioned the American murder mystery horror drama, Twin Peaks, in an escape room
style, VR experience that revisits the shows eerie visual style and surreal tale of innocence
vs interdimensional arrogance. Visit familiar environments from the original
series in 1990 and 91 as well as the Twin Peaks reboot in 2017. Step in to Glastonbury Grove and witness the
revelation of the while horse in the infamous Red Room, walk the Sheriff’s Department, see
the Glass Box Observation and more while collecting Easter Eggs from the show and assisting Agent
Dale Coopers search for the damn finest cup and the interdimensional pain and sorrow swallowing
BOB. Released on Friday the 13th of December, Twin
Peaks VR is out now for all major PC VR headsets on Steam for $10, and will be coming to Oculus
Quest and PSVR soon after. Lonn is a first person VR, physics based story
driven action adventure title from SixSense studios. Not to be confused with the failed SixSense
STEM controllers that I’m so sorry I just reminded everyone of. This cyberpunk stunner has a Half Life Alyx
vibe that comes complete with the ability to use gloves with gravity gun slash Vader
Immortal force like capabilities that appear to strike a balance between what Boneworks
is and what it would have been better off not doing. Deflect enemy blasts with a neon edged blade,
decease enemies with a stab to the neck, pick up pills, deflect bullets, journey to neon
beats, and smash box in a laid back dystopian style that’s easy on the eyes and rife with
potential. Lonn will be released in 2020 on the usual
PC VR headset suspects and you can check the links in the description below for more vital
info. And briefly, The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners
has a new official gameplay trailer up and this does look like it’s shaping up to be
the Walking Dead title that will quite fittingly bring back the Walking Dead series from the
dead. First person fuck your way through the zombie
menace using fire and will power, and craft supplies to survive in this fully rotting
fleshed out VR expose of gore galore courtesy of Skybound and Skydance Interactive. Out on all major PC VR headsets and Vive’s
fairly average Cosmos on Jan 23rd 2020, with a PSVR release coming in Q1 2020, link to
the full trailer is in the description below. Five Nights at Freddy’s, the pant shitting
bed wetting animatronic terror fest now has a free to play Augmented Reality app on Android
and iOS. Not too disimilar from Pokemon GO in that
you see a real-time map of your location and battle unsettled enemies, but disimilar from
Pokemon GO in that the only red and white balls you’ll be collecting are your own testicles
or ovary pairs on a platter as the partially furry mechanimals come at you like a hundred
vicious ducks in a bangarang gone wrong. sorry, too far? Try it. You’ll see. Nostos VR, the cross platform multiplayer
open world VR MMO I covered in this episode of The Grid VR in 2018 is out now and while
it looked epic as hell in the trailers, it has turned out to be quite shit, with broken
VR mechanics, rubbish performance and all the trademarks of a dog trying to walk through
a door with a stick in it’s mouth. I’m really hoping NetEase come to the party
with updates to fix the game as the Breathe of the Wild stylings really do appeal and
the ideals behind the title are solid, though what we have right now is liquid. But you know what they say, you can flog a
dead horse but a roo with a tin of Fosters in it’s hand is worth getting to know
On a more sensible note, Ilysia is a room scale, online multiplayer VR RPG that will
feature hundreds of hours of questing across massive kingdoms where you can explore, collect,
and generally just Quest on Quest. Face off against Gaurdians, which are essentially
Kingdom bosses that stand hundreds of stories tall and contain dungeons and exploration
zones which are actually mildy optional in that you can choose to confront, or continue
to quest. There is a planned Player vs Player mode,
which I would absolutely hope to see for a game of this type especially given that the
daily and holiday themed quests will surely be better with frenemies. In fact there’s a lot of ‘planned’ labelling
going on here so it will be interesting to see if Team 21 can meet the ambitious Spring
2020 release date on PCVR, Oculus Quest, and PSVR. Neat Corporation have teamed up with Fast
Travel Games to bring us Budget cuts 2, the stealth follow up to the now widely accepted
Budget Cuts 1, which is on sale on Steam now for under $10 FYI. The first title received initially mixed reviews
but came good with a string of solid updates and the combined studios have created a more
punchy title with more focus on combat vs the traditional stealth tactics of the first
title. Fight your way through the robotic enemies
as you portal your way through TransCorp and to put a stop to their vicious budget cuts
right now on all major PC VR headsets. Dash Dash world is a VR kart racing title
that features a Pro racing mode and guilds, immersive controls, drifting and drafting,
weapons, social coms, a motion sickness prevention system and what looks to be a handful of super
fun VR kart circuits. Dash Dash: World is coming in Q1 2020 on PCVR
headsets and PSVR, though you can play the beta right now if you have a Rift of Quest
and the link for that is in the description below. Also on the VR kart front, Touring Karts VR
is a quirkier, cross platform track tackler from Ivanovich games. Basically you get what you see, this is playable
on PC VR headsets, PSVR, and PC, which mean PC VR players can race against PSVR players,
and with a release planned for Nintendos Switch and a mobile gaming platform near you, there
should be plenty of people to play, in fact up to 8 other players online across 3 game
modes, a story based mode, 22 tracks and 30 customisable cars. All racing wheel and pedal compatible, links
are in the description below if you want to give it a spin. Shadow Legend VR the very excellent single
player action RPG from Vitrivius VR is making the jump from PC to PSVR on Jan 21st 2020
for $25. This has been designed from the ground up
for VR and puts you in the heavy boots of the Knights Templar Grand Master, as you fight
to save your kingdom from destruction at the hands of Lord Adaroth. The PSVR release will have 2 new levels, polished
mechanics, combat, boss fights, smooth and teleport locomotion, snap and smooth turning
with speed and degree options, the ability to turn FOV blinders off/on, left & right
handed options and a Crouch Button for easily picking up items closer to the ground. I highly recommend this title for RPG fans
and you can see the 1st hour of gameplay in this video here and you’ll also find links
in the description below to get you gaming. Facebook are planning 2 sets of AR glasses,
one for release in 2020 which will co-incide with Apples AR glasses projected release and
include it’s own OS, and another cheaper pair in partnership with Luxottica who own Ray-Ban
and Oakley, that come off more like Snapchat Spectacles that add novelty filters over the
real world that you see. Facebook has made 2 other interesting moves,
one of which is purchasing Beat Studios who of course made Beat Saber, the VR light saber
trainer which you can see my full in depth review of in this video here. This should be a good thing, though I’m not
sure what Facebook can do that Beat Studios haven’t already? oh yeah, maybe that. The other move being the requirement to use
a Facebook account to use social features like joining parties, adding friends, and
visiting other people�s Homes when using the Oculus ecosystem. And the crowd goes if I can know it. If you don’t use these features though then
you will be all but unaffected. But if you think that’s kinda dirty but not
that bad then read this. It’s an admission by Facebook that even if
you choose to turn your location services off, Facebook still tracks your location in
a round about way. Now I don’t care if Facebook know’s I’m taking
a shit at home alone, but let’s keep up the noise because it’s a worthy right to own your
data against Big Tech and their big data. In the mean time
Azad Balabanian a.k.a Az the Wizard and friends have created a free Inception like VR experience
for SteamVR compatible headsets. The team have used photogrammetry and camera
drones to take photorealistic shots of M�usebunker, a brutalist animal labratory built in the
70’s and located in Berlin. The short experience bends the scene inception
style and if you’ve watched this show for a while you’ll know that Az has featured a
few times here because of his exceptional work that combines VR and photogrammetry,
which is the process of taking multiple high resolution images of an environment and mapping
them to a VR space so you can stand right inside them and view objects with perceivable
depth. This is one worth checking out and there’s
a free download link in the description below. The Homestead is another visually stunning
recreation of a real world environment using photogrammetry, this time an art gallery located
in Auckland, New Zealand, which for the record is my home country where people walk on their
hands and hamburgers eat people. Published by reality virtual, the experience
isn’t brand new, but is now free and so if you want to see for real what it looks like
to live upside down in New Zealand then check the link in the description below for free
access. Project Stardust is a free Star Wars X-Wing
VR experience developed by Dylan Stout and Daxton Wilson for SteamVR compatible headsets. The duo have dedicated over 400 hours of work
for a VR related motion sickness study at the University of Utah that’s resulted in
a remake of the 1983 ATARI Star Wars arcade/coin-op game, presented in full HD and featuring fully
custom 4K texturing. Destroy the Death Star via the Death Star
trench and soak up all the sounds you’d expect. Be warned, you’ll need some serious VR legs
for this one and it can at times hit some bugs, but overall it’s worth a roll and you
can pick up the Project Star Dust free download link in the description below. Also, Resident Evil 7 on PSVR has soared over
1 million users which is an even more astounding number when you consider it aint on fucking
PC. Boneworks is out and I didn’t really like
it, I mean, I LOVED the potential that the physics showed were possible but functionally
speaking it’s all kind of frustrating. There’s a lot of tight environments that everything
loves to get stuck on and your hands are always contorted at the wrists. While it is cool, and it did sell 200,000
copies in the first 3 days, I haven’t played much of it due to it’s mechanical learning
curve though your milage may vary. Nibre, the super dev behind the Mother VR
Alien Isolation mod, which you can see more of in this video here, is working on a new
mod called ReclaimerVR, which is, you guessed it, the Halo Master Chief Collection in VR,
stay locked here for updates on that one. Hand tracking has arrived on Oculus Quest
which provides the same surreal level of immersion as the Leap Motion technology I covered in
this video here. Oculus has said that there is currently no
plans to roll this out to the Rift S as yet, but hand tracked fingers crossed that does
become a thing. And the official Oculus link cable that let’s
you play PC Oculus VR games on your Oculus Quest is available for sale now at $79 US
and it works really really well. And if you want to find out more about that
one, or any of the other topics I’ve covered today, as always, all the links are in the
description. And finally, Microsoft have said that while
their Flight Simulator is a VR priority, the next Xbox won’t be supporting VR and Sony
execs are like yeah, VR enthusiast Xbox owners like cat aaaah pic, regilar Xbox gamers like
heh?, PC VR owners like meh, DOOM guy like metal, chillers like cats like sheeeeet dogs
like far Capcom like and I’m here all like Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years everyone,
thanks for tuning in through 2019 now if you’ll excuse me
And that�s this week on the Grid VR. You can help support this channel by grabbing
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