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Facebook’s ambitious and proposed cryptocurrency
Project Libra is now facing more troubles. The G7
wealthy nations stated
that such stable coin projects should not be allowed to launch
until the international risks that they
pose are addressed. In the report published on 17 October
the group want that digital currency such as Libra that
reached to global scale could undermine competition in international market
as well as threaten financial stability and monetary policy
Bruno Le Marie, the Economy minister of France further told reporters
that it’s a matter of democracy not just a simple economic question
and Libra could undermine Sovereign Nations control
over their exchange rates.
The G7 warning also come as Facebook faces a multitude of
antitrust investigation. Both from the European Union and
the United States. Malaysia has now opened a new Blockchain
village called Medini or BVAM. The blockchain village is an official
initiative by the government of Malaysia with i2M ventures
Medini or BVAM is said to aid
the growth of blockchain system in the country. The European Central
Bank has called for highest regulatory standards on all stablecoins
European Central Bank or ECB’s Executive Board member Benoît
Cœuré, who also leads G7’s task force on Stable coins
said that even though there was certainly no judgment that
stable coin shouldn’t exist.
They will have to meet the highest regulatory standards and
and adhere to broader policy goals. That’s it from team CryptoNewsZ today. Stay tuned
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