The MacBook Pro 16-inch is the one you’ve been waiting for

– I want to tell you a little story about the year 2019. In June at WWDC, Apple announced iPadOS which, feature for feature, addressed a bunch of
complaints that we had, like USB drives and web browsing. And Apple also announced the new Mac Pro, which finally replaced the old trash can and was designed for the
way pros actually need to use their computers –
they just made it big again. And then in September,
Apple released the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, and it fixed
the things that people care the most about – camera
quality and battery life. Apple also just made it
a little bit thicker. Finally, Apple put a
smart keyboard connector on the base of iPad, and
then a little bit later, released the AirPods
Pro, which actually stay in my ears, and they also
happen to do noise canceling. It has been a year of
Apple doing obvious things. Not the flashiest things, not
the, “This changes everything” things, just the things
that we wanted Apple to do. And so now we have this,
the new 16″ MacBook Pro. In a parallel universe,
we wouldn’t review this on a video at all,
because it would just be a minor spec bump. Instead, it is a laptop full
of Apple fixing the things that is has done wrong
on the MacBook for years. It’s a pretty good way to cap off 2019. (relaxed synth music) Let’s just start by catching
you up on the basics of what’s new with this laptop, even though by now you’re
probably already familiar. So, the screen is half an
inch or so bigger than before, so it’s 16 inches now. The keyboard has been switched
to the new scissor switch, a more traditional kind of switch, along with a real escape key. The laptop has also been made
just a little bit thicker and it’s a little bit
better at dissipating heat than before. The speakers are all
new and they’re amazing, and the graphics cards are
the most interesting part of all the spec bumps here. But if you want, you can get a ton of RAM or storage, if you need to get those. I asked a bunch of you
what you wanted me to test on this computer on YouTube,
and on my email newsletter and on Twitter, and I
got a ton of responses but they all break down into some pretty predictable categories. And at the tippy top of
that list is the keyboard, so let’s do this. (keys tapping) The keyboard is absolutely good. In some ways it’s leap ahead
of other modern keyboards, it has good key travel,
and the backlight doesn’t bleed out all over the place. In terms of key feel, it’s firm
and not really that springy, at least compared to
the old 2015 MacBooks, but I like it. It has a satisfying
and fairly quiet thunk. (keys striking) It really is a massive upgrade
over those butterfly keys, and iFixit says that the key caps are easy to replace too. And yes, there is now an escape key again, and the arrow keys are way easier to hit because they have this inverted T shape. All the keys are spaced a
little bit further apart because the key caps are
just a little bit smaller, and it’s much less likely
that you’re going to accidentally tap on the touch bar. Oh yeah, the touch bar. I personally don’t know
anybody who really loves it. You can use third party
tools like BetterTouchTool or Pock to change it up, but it’s not going anywhere
and so you might as well get used to it. Got a bunch of questions
about battery life, especially since there’s
a 100-watt hour battery, the FA limit, inside this thing, and it seems good. I am getting through a full day of work up to the eight-hour range just doing my basic web,
Twitter, YouTube office stuff that I do. I mean it certainly should,
it has that giant battery inside this chonk. It weighs 4.3lbs and it’s
just a little bit bigger than the other 15″ MacBooks, but unless your 15″ laptop
was already tight in your bag, this one should probably
fit in there just fine. Oh, by the way, I also had people ask if the battery drains
even when it’s plugged in and you’ve got it under heavy load, and so far that hasn’t
happened to me at all. Next up, a lot of people
asked about performance and specifically thermal throttling, so we need to talk
about that for a minute. Basically Apple had a big
problem on it’s hands last year with the last MacBook Pro, which was all kinds of unpredictable when it came to slowing down the
processor because of heat. Apple released some software
updates which helped, but the bottom line is that that laptop couldn’t run as hot as other laptops. This year, Apple increased
the size of the heatsink, made the fans blow more air, and even added a little bit of thickness to help with airflow, and it worked. There can be any number of
things off with this benchmark that you’re looking at
on your screen right now. Unless you’re really carefully testing it in like lab conditions, all
sorts of random variables are going to change your result. But what I see here is a
processor that can hit it’s turbo and then settles into
an entirely predictable, stable, and respectable speed over time, and that is not what we saw last year. So, you know, bravo. But more important than
benchmarks is results, and a lot of you asked me to
run your particular software and tools and y’all,
I just gotta tell you, I’m not going to be able to
test everybody’s workflow. I just can’t afford to buy
that much software too. But what I can tell is
that for our video team, the improvements here
in Adobe Premiere Pro over last year’s model are pretty modest. Compared to a fairly comparable
machine from a year ago, this 16″ was like 3-5% faster on a half-hour export. That’s not much, but then
again Adobe isn’t great at utilizing the GPU. Now, Jonathan Morrison
runs Final Cut Pro 10 and I’ll link to the video
where he tested this below, and he saw much more improvement. I also saw some GPU improvements myself. Here is “Rise of the Tomb Raider” it’s running with all the
default graphics settings on a 2018 6-core i9 with
a Radeon Pro Vega 20 and then this new 2019
16″ with an 8-core i9 and the Radeon Pro 5500M. The old MacBook got
29.99 frames per second, and this 16″ was around 52. Here’s where I land on performance. It is better year over year,
just like you’d expect, especially on graphics, but it’s not a huge change
unless your software really uses the GPU. It’s also pretty great that
you can get as much storage or RAM as you want, so long as
you’re willing to pay for it. The base model starts
at $2,399 but there are a ton of options, and so you can get it
all the way up to $6,099 if you need to. Now, I only got a couple of questions about the new speakers and
the new studio microphones which is kind of a bummer, because these are
actually my favorite parts of this computer, especially the speakers which do this really clever thing where the two woofers on each side cancel out each other’s vibrations which allows for more bass. We set up a bunch of
laptops and audio gear back in our New York studio last week, and we just tried it all out. All right, so we’re here in the studio and Andrew has set up a
bunch of cool audio gear. We’ve got binaural audio
recording microphones with ears on them and a Blue microphone, but what you’re listening to right now is the studio three-mic array
from the MacBook Pro itself, and we’re going to compare this microphone to a few other things, and I’m going to read the
same thing across all of them because then we’ll have an equal test. So, four-score and seven years ago, our fathers brought
forth onto this continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the
proposition that all men are created equal. All right, we’re back on
the 2019 16″ MacBook Pro and since these are
studio-quality microphones we should probably listen to
some actual music on them, so let’s do that. (cheerful acoustic strumming) The really impressive thing
with this laptop though is the speakers. Apple has a six-speaker
array, three on each side, and two of them on each
side are these woofers that are designed to cancel
out each other’s vibrations. And you really have to hear
it in person to hear it, but what you’re listening to right now is me talking into the
ear-shaped microphones on this binaural audio set-up, and so we’ll do our best so
that you can try and hear a little bit of it, but you really need to wear headphones to catch the differences
here, if it works. (high-intensity synth music) So the microphone, it’s pretty good but it’s maybe not quite studio quality. The speakers though, they are
the best that I’ve ever heard on a laptop. Here is what I think
of the 16″ MacBook Pro. The speakers and the
microphone are huge upgrades, the screen is a small upgrade, and the performance is a decent upgrade depending on whether or not
your software needs a good GPU. And then there’s the keyboard, which is a massive upgrade if you compare it to the butterfly keys, and a medium upgrade if you compare it to literally any other keyboard. The 16″ MacBook Pro is the
first MacBook Pro in years that doesn’t come with any major caveats. If you’ve been holding out on buying one, this is the one that
you’ve been waiting for. All of which leads me
to the other question, maybe the most-asked question that I got. What about the 13″ MacBook Pro? What about the MacBook Air? Are they going to get the
new or the old, the keyboard? Are they going to get the keyboard? Well, I wish I knew. But if 2020 is anything like 2019 and Apple just keeps
doing the obvious things, I’m optimistic. Hey everybody, thank you
so much for watching. Let me know down in the comments, is this the laptop that
you’ve been waiting for? Also it’s LA Auto week, and
there is a ton of stuff. We saw the Mustang Mach-E
SUV electric thing from Ford, and Elon Musk has tweeted
that the Cybertruck is coming tonight, so keep it locked to the Verge.

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