This Smart Pillow costs $300 Dollars!?!

Technology ends up in some very weird places. Today we’re going to review a very expensive
pillow and this mattress for a high-tech 21st century bedroom. Let’s get started. [Intro] So this pillow right here caught my attention
on Amazon at a very expensive 300 dollars, which might change in the future since technology
appreciates and depreciates. I’ll leave a link in the video description
so you can check the current pricing. It’s been featured at CES, started on Kickstarter,
and has been reviewed by quite a few different people. This smart pillow has a two week battery life. I never thought I’d be plugging in my pillow
before. I think it’s time to review this from the
inside. There are some speakers, there’s a vibration
motor, and it can also keep you from snoring which is pretty interesting. So inside the box we have a plastic cover
and then a pretty firm pillow inside. It definitely has some weight to it which
is a good thing. It’s got a free pillowcase and it has some
more foam so you can adjust it and add more if you need to I guess. It has the wall charger, with a bunch of adapters
for different countries. So here’s the 300 dollar pillow itself. Looks like we have a wire here on the edge
and you can also plug it in right here. I’ll take off this outer shell. That’s probably so you can wash it without
actually having to wash the actual pillow. There’s another zipper right here. Let’s open it. Oooo check it out. This is a bunch of the purple foam that comes
inside of the pillow. I have a feeling this is going to get rather
messy in here. I fully expected that I would have to rip
this pillow to shreds to find the electronics, and I still might. I don’t feel any of the electronics in this
pocket so we’ll just close that back up. Looks like there is another zipper on this
side. Still no electronics on this side, just a
bunch more of this foam stuff. We might actually have to rip it open still. The good thing is that you can’t really
tell where the electronics are inside of it because of all the padding on both sides. So I mean sleeping on it, you probably won’t
be able to tell that it’s electric. Ooo I found one more zipper deep inside of
it. Ooo check this out, I think I got it. Glad we don’t have to slice things open. Here are the brains of the operation. Here’s where it might get a little destructive. Yeah, so it’s got a little bit of adhesive
here on this kind of memory foam stuff. Yeah, this definitely isn’t made to be serviced. Looks like we have several speakers: one,
two, three, four. And we have a flexible ribbon between each
of these little modules. I’m going to grab a screwdriver and see
if we can take these things apart. I don’t think I’ve ever done a tear down
on top of a mattress before, but we have four screws in each of these little modules. There’s also a gyroscope in here similar
to what your cellphone has that can track your sleep motion and wake you up at the opportune
time depending on your REM cycle. So now that we have the 16 screws removed,
we can see all the internal components. And so each of these little things right here
are a little tiny speaker. So there are 4 on the top and there are also
4 on the bottom part of it. And I’m seeing two vibration motors on the
two exterior modules right here and right here. I assume these go with the anti-snoring and
with the alarm. You know, if you start snoring like this little
microphone picks up, it’ll vibrate a little bit waking you up just enough to stop to stop
snoring and lets you fall back to sleep again without actually waking you up all the way. Inside of these little extenders are the wires. These rubber parts just help keep the wires
together. Then we have the massive 5,000 milliamp battery
right here in the center. Pretty interesting, I never thought I would
actually be tearing down a pillow on this channel, but there’s a first time for everything. So with that snore alarm, apparently when
you’re snoring gets past a certain decibel level, that’s when the vibration motors
kick on. And you can set that vibration level depending
on how loud you snore and when you want it to kick on. Overall I think it’s a pretty fun idea. I’m sure how many people want to spend 300
dollars on a pillow, but if you’re into like the high-tech environment, it might be
fun. It might just make a better gift for the person
who has everything because I guarantee they don’t have this. Let me know what you think. Would you spend 300 dollars on a pillow even
if it does do all the crazy things this one does? Let me know down in the comments. Now let’s talk about this mattress I’ve
been sitting on. This queen-size mattress was shipped to me
in the mail inside a relatively small cardboard box. This is intriguing for multiple reasons. Because it was shipped to me, it’s actually
cheaper than a normal old-fashioned store bought mattress because those physical store
locations have to pay rent, utilities, and multiple locations and commission for their
employees. So this thing just got shipped to me and it’s
completely flat. It’s vacuum sealed right now, so I’m going
to cut it open, let air inside of the plastic and watch it expand. Casper, on the other hand, can cut those costs
out of the equation by vacuum sealing their mattresses for tight storage and can pass
the savings along to their customers, so that’s pretty cool…with free shipping. Things are pretty much always cheaper on the
internet. This mattress was made here in the USA and
it’s really nice of Casper to sponsor this video and support my channel. I hope they don’t mind too much if I show
what’s inside of their mattress. Zippers seem to be the theme of this video. So obviously we have a top layer up here that
everyone can see. Then we have some layers underneath that not
everyone can see. Looks like we have a layer of normal foam
up here, and then this layer here is more of a memory foam. You can see it takes a second to replenish
itself after I poke it…while the rest of the foam doesn’t. We have a transition layer here with the green
foam; it has slightly larger air pockets inside of it. And then on the very bottom we have the support
foam. This is probably the heaviest and the firmest
layer. This 10 inch sandwich of foams is what makes
the mattress so comfortable. Pulling all of the air out from inside the
foam is what compresses it and makes it easy to ship in this modern, internet world. Casper said that anyone using the code “JERRYRIG”
can get a 50 dollar discount on mattress. Another perk of a modern mattress is that
with Casper you get a 100 night free trial. If you don’t like the mattress during those
100 days, you can ship it back to Casper with that free shipping. I’ll put a link in the video description. With an average of 4.8 stars on both Amazon
and Google reviews, the mattress pretty much speaks for itself; you don’t have to take
my word for it. Sometimes I think random technology is the
most interesting kind of technology so if you liked this video, hit that subscribe button,
and thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.


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