This week in Bitcoin- 4-27-2018- BTC & boomers, education, crypto-lawsuits?

Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
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April the 27th 2018 strong hand bitcoin
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we’re a little late to start but that
has just got you all enticed and ready
for this show it is 9:00 p.m. in London
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Chris black coming in from the East
Coast Russell coming in Russell Spears
coming in from the East Coast and Brian
Wallace is making his debut on the show
he is coming in from England London
probably yes jolly old England so we
have had a it’s been a week of where a
lot of people are talking about the
price and you know how I know that one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin and of course
if you want to know more about these
dudes check out the links below I link
to each one of them below or at least I
should have a high was in a rush to
prepare the show anyway
but let’s list so since people liked it
we’ll get it out of the way about bear
market bull markets what’s going on
Russell what is going on just tell us
what’s going on I mean whatever you want
to say well look I think the big Queen
has consolidated at a certain price I
think there’s enough people wanting to
maintain a support there but look you
know I’m like you you know to me I see
long term I think you know right now
whatever it is people are misjudging
this technology drastically but I think
mainstream media is starting to
appreciate some of its basic ideas there
it’s not so much medium of exchange in
my opinion it’s store value and I keep
hearing this all right what do you have
to say about that Chris yeah I agree I I
still think that we are getting you know
we know that what what drove the price
up was people who didn’t really know
that much about Bitcoin they couldn’t
understand it they just knew that the
price was going up and they wanted to
jump on it as it was going up and then
when it crashed it was those people
and I think now we’re getting to a point
where we need to as the you know people
that know what’s going on we need to
start thinking about how can we educate
people in the field once again because
the next will the next wave is going to
come in you know and we’re going to
shoot up the twenty thirty thousand and
we’re going to be in the same situation
where we’re going to go off a cliff and
we’re going to go back down to six seven
eight ten thousand dollars so we need to
start thinking now about what do we do
when we reach twenty thirty thousand and
we have all these movies in the field
that need education we need to be better
prepared next time oh I tell you what we
should do we should make sure that as
strong hands we should be prepared to
pull out a little bit and put a little
belt back into discipline it you know
look if they’re gonna put money in our
pockets go ahead and let them do it
you know what do you mean by that
exactly well I know that you advocate
holding but I think there’s a strategy
with this you know I do actually live
off my Bitcoin and uh yeah yeah so to me
it’s just I’ll pull some out I’m gonna
do one time at the top and if it goes
you know if it continues to go up I’m
fine I’m just gonna use that money for
the next year but if it goes down I’m
gonna be ready to discipline and take
that Bitcoin back that’s no way looking
at it that’s not really what I meant
that what I meant was we as the
community that understands Bitcoin when
we go up to twenty thirty forty thousand
dollars next time that growth is going
to be driven by people who don’t know
anything about it so the chance that we
have the opportunity that we have to
keep them is going to be during that
time after they bought in but before
they panic sell right now we need
platforms we need websites we need blogs
we need materials videos out there
starting now because we know that’s
going to happen it’s inevitable it’s
inevitably going to happen how long do
you think it took you to understand and
appreciate Bitcoin the way you do right
now I mean I’m still learning every
single day you know it was a one day
process as far as the switch flipping in
my head so once that switch flipped
you’re down the rabbit hole and just
lets these people it hasn’t happened yet
and this is a very good segue into Brian
because he
is relative relatively new to Bitcoin
compared to us and he is all about
educating the newbies and he has gone
through the process of self education so
Brian why don’t you say a little bit
about you know I mean the present state
a Bitcoin but also about your journey to
Bitcoin and what you’re trying to do
okay put me video on so hopefully it’ll
work and if it doesn’t let me know nope
okay um well briefly if I may for the
for the new people looking at this a bit
like me twelve months ago I was happily
going about my life had never heard a
Bitcoin and I got a phone call from a
business colleague of mine it said I’m
gonna say one word to you I’m gonna say
no more I need you to love it I need you
to go and research Bitcoin and of course
I said what is that and he said I’ll
send you two or three links and honestly
and I mean this as soon as I saw it I
got it as soon as I saw it I knew it was
right for me I knew it was the future
yeah I looked at a lot of the old videos
with king of the trolls and everything
else on it and you know saw all of that
and took all of it in and thought there
is nothing that can stop this there is
absolutely nothing that can stop this
and I literally have watched every
single video of yours haven’t I haven’t
missed one and I have watched as many as
I can from Andy Hoffman world crypto
Network I’m I’ve literally literally
just started my own channel this week
the first video went out Monday the
second one went out yesterday and my
goal is just to educate new people in
the space that like me didn’t know where
the start and didn’t have a clue when I
first joined you know Mike my colleague
told me to go and do a paper wallet so I
went and did that and then when I got my
Tresor I realized what an absolute
nightmare I’ve got myself into you know
on paper wallets so for me I’m going to
be I want my job is you guys you can do
the techy stuff you guys are brain of
this I listen to you raw so I’ve heard
you before Chris I’ve heard you all and
you guys are fantastic at the techie
stuff but I’m not I don’t under I got a
basic understanding the blockchain you
know how we’re going to build stuff on
top of it and what I want to do is just
talk to brand-new people that go help
what am I supposed to do you know that
that’s my job that’s all I want to do in
this space you know I don’t understand
charts I don’t want to I’ve looked and
they did my head in I just know that if
I hold onto my Bitcoin and I am mr.
Hodler really you know there is actually
not one element of me that wants to get
rid of Bitcoin worries about it I was
hoping the price would go back down to
two thousand so I’m gonna buy a whole
lot more to be honest with you so you
know I am a maximalist I know bitcoins
the future I know bitcoins gonna give me
my pension I’ve got a couple of my
daughter’s in there third is that are on
there what watching this so when I say
it’s going to be in the will for them
don’t knock me off too soon guys but
that’s why I’m involved in it because
you know from what I’ve learned I just
can’t see anything stopping it now
speaking of long-term thinking here
first of all everyone found that like
button I forgot to say that but Brian
you come from you’ve got a unique
perspective on this year not six you’re
not 60 years old yet but we’ve got
people here that are I mean they’re 40
years younger than you and stuff so they
see that they see the 2028 having or I
tell those dudes about the 2028 having
I’m like dude you’re 18 years old or
whatever yo you should just save up
until then use it as a total savings and
count until 2028 you’re gonna be on your
way to turning almost 70 by the year
2028 what what are your plans for a
Bitcoin over the next 10 years okay um
well for me it’s buy and hold and
accumulate whatever I can obviously you
know you’ve all got to live you’ve got
to pay your mortgage and everything else
so you can only do that when
circumstances allow you to do that I’m
drumming it into my my kids and even my
ex-wife blesser
to set up summit where you’re buying a
little bit every month and and building
a savings account for yourself because
you know that 100 quid you know they’re
a lot younger than me remember that 100
quid in maybe 15 20 years could be
something pretty special for them so I’m
trying to get them to do that and bless
them they pay me a bit of lip service
but you know that’s what kids do and I
was a kid once so I’m trying to do that
but for me I’ve got a battle
sit between the fact that I’m sixty next
year and the fact that you know I want
Bitcoin to give me a good retirement and
see the world a bit and maybe a new car
or something whatever it might be so
what for me I personally think I’ve lost
my dad at 73 bless him and so that that
place on the mind so for me at 2024 is
probably going to be at the point where
I’m going to have to look at saying
right of a max whatever math how am I
going to live the rest of my life now
for me it might be depending on what
Bitcoin does a chunk out and maybe a
holiday home or something and then money
so that we can live off Bitcoin and
enjoy the rest of our life on Bitcoin
that is my absolute plan I keep drumming
it into might might my lady are
absolutely serious if we keep a messy
what we can when we can I mean I’ve got
several Bitcoin already not bits of you
know full bitcoins so if I can amass
where I can I I believe passionately in
my heart that 2020 24 is probably for me
when I got to look at where I’m at and
then decide which real Isis so you would
say now to people that are going to be
70 in the next decade and the later part
of the next decade that you know what
it’s still early to get into Bitcoin and
you can create a 2024 post having
retirement plan almost I mean you should
have a show about that maybe I don’t
know yeah let’s see where it all goes um
yes but definitely it isn’t too late you
know the challenge we’ve got and
remember I am older than you guys the
challenge we’ve got and I think I’m one
in a million you know I’m thinking like
you guys I’m thinking like the twenty
and thirty year olds that’s my head’s
there but most of the people around me
including you know family members
extended family and mates and things you
know they were like well I talked about
Bitcoin with enthusiasm they go yeah I
might have to look into that ring des
come on come on bangs look into it and
I’ll probably get over to them the price
is down right now we did 20 grand
December the 17th is coming back now is
the time if you can do to get a little
bit sorry I wonder I want
say so people just because you’re 55 or
over that’s no excuse there I hope this
serves as an inspiration for that crowd
get on in it there’s a lot of potential
then and you can learn if you’re
teaching it you’re teaching it to any
age but I think you’re definitely
inspiration and you’re showing a
different demographic of Bitcoin that we
don’t usually see in these videos and
stuff so thank you for joining us here
today I want to say Chris you’ve been
going around you were just at a big
event we’re talking about education here
with Russ we’re talking about education
here with Brian but you were like I had
a really one-on-one type of education
event in Chicago tell us what that was
all about and what that really means for
the space and some of the odd that kind
of went around other events that were
talked of you know there’s drama
concerning how much you pay for an event
bass yeah and before I do it I just have
a comment about what Brian said which is
fantastic and I love the story about how
you got involved in Bitcoin and it
sounds like the number one thing to take
away is you did not get involved with
Bitcoin because of the price you got
involved with Bitcoin because you
started to understand the core
principles am i right and you started to
appreciate the technology behind it and
the price there’s a whole separate
factor but it sounds like you got into
it because of the technology aspect even
though you don’t fully understand it
right you’re dead right Chris but
there’s something else as well and that
is you know I’ve listened to when Adams
had the Venezuelan people on and I’ve
listened to what’s happening in other
countries right you know and I’m I’m a
guy that’s got a policy of first do no
harm if I can do some good somewhere you
know for me I just think if we can get
this message out to the world and the
faster we can get out of the world we
can help some of those countries that
don’t have access to banks and
everything else so there’s the
libertarian bit as well don’t get me
wrong I’m in this throw my own reasons
financially but you know it’s the whole
thing I didn’t get into Bitcoin because
I saw pound notes and and Lambos don’t
really interest me and I got into
Bitcoin for all of the reasons you know
and you know I’m never going to
understand chart and talk like you and
that does on Twitter but I can do my bit
because the way I see it 90 odd percent
of people that are joining us are going
to be newbies that don’t understand this
and I think what we’ve got to do is yes
we’re going to have the institutions
coming in and the banks and everything
but surely with seven billion people on
the planet the masses are going to be
ordinary folk that want to get in and
get a bit of a savings plan you know
I’ve got one of my videos just coming up
I mean I come on do what Adams doing
live so I’m sort of recording him and
it’s talking about you know you put a
thousand quid in a savings account in
England and at the end of the year you
might get thirty quid put your sets out
and quit in Bitcoin and at the end of
the year that might just double so do
you want there yeah I just want to throw
that right there because it sounded I
was thinking the retirement plan works
for you because you get it right and the
retirement plan wouldn’t work for
who’s close to sixty because they don’t
get it and they don’t understand the way
the price is going to fluctuate and
things like that so that’s it get in
there if you can and you understand it
but if you don’t take the time to
understand it before you before you do
and they didn’t mean to derail the other
conversation we just wanted that to kind
of grow that I think I think what you
said it really is what I was trying to
say myself is that we we can’t help the
information is really out there I think
he’s a great example of just getting out
there and having an open mind
look there’s a small percentage of
penetration right now in terms of the
people who are wanting it or actually
holding it and it’s still early but I
don’t see this taking such a long time I
just don’t know if people once they get
it that they’re not gonna put two
percent behind it I think the I think
that youth will get it and that leads to
a question from the audience or a
comment from the arts before we get to
Chris I wanted to add one of the say
something to Brian Brian there is a guy
in the chat right now who I know who is
over 50 and he is saying that you are
one in a million basically and that
people your age are very resistant to
I mean what do you do you see people
your age
jumping in illness or do you agree with
this guy that you’re one of them
him and that people your age are
generally resistant to change okay
firstly if I can do you know something I
may be 58 but I feel 30 okay so I don’t
feel like an old person and I have to
say that the guy that introduced me is
the same age as me you know see there’s
another one but I think you’re right
most people that are around my sort of
age is sort of resistant to it they
think it’s going to be one of those
things it’s going to fall flat on its
face it’s going to be the bubble I’ve
heard about all this sort of thing
before and you know you spend I spend so
much energy trying to get people to
listen my brother being a case in point
it keeps saying I must get some I must
get some get some you know sort of
things so I think most people my age
close quotes they are resistant to
changing I do that’s a good segue
actually which is a smart station
because I was at an event two days ago
in Chicago that was run by Andres
Antonopoulos who I’m sure everybody
knows is one of the most eloquent
speakers on Bitcoin and his podcast
let’s talk Bitcoin they had their fifth
anniversary they decided to do it a live
episode on stage in the Music Box
Theatre in Chicago in front of 700
people which was fantastic
they sold 700 tickets at $40 a piece in
three days and 700 people who absolutely
loved Bitcoin not because of the price
not because of what they can trade it
for not because the Lambos and moonshots
but because of the principle behind it
because of the possibility that exists
with it and very much like you Brian not
everybody there was a fully technical
you know but once you understand the
principles behind it you get that
enthusiasm that you just want to be part
of the community and there were I talked
to at least three people there who were
50-plus and who were in the same boat
and I don’t think that no offense you’re
probably a fantastic guy but I don’t
think you’re one in a million
I think there’s a lot of people out
there who are capable of understanding
the basic possibility and opportunity
that comes with this technology and as
soon as you get there it doesn’t you
don’t have to fully understand how
consensus works and how hash rate works
and how block chains even work you
really just have to understand the
possibility the opportunity and the
security and once you get those things
down you start to see okay this is the
digital gold you know better but better
than golden and that’s when you really
start to want to be a part of it well I
thought no not so much about
understanding it’s about appreciating
the moment appreciating this technology
not only for what it could do or how you
understand it’s gonna work but I mean
look fun des mentally we have new money
now it’s free market money and it’s
gonna open up a lot of opportunities
where it didn’t exist before
right now this we’re seeing examples of
decentralization and money but I’m also
saying that this is also going to fund
it’s gonna put capital and people like
mine in at my hand I don’t I’m not
worried about Lambos I won’t worry about
a bunch of junk to me what I want to do
is I want to decentralize work with that
I want to take that same notion and I
want to apply it to work and I want to
support democratically run worker
cooperatives I know this is just a new
and as an idea and it’s confronted by
you know hegemony and this traditional
notions but it’s going to support a lot
of things there’s a lot of projects a
lot of open platforms I love to see this
capital in the hands of disruptors smart
intelligent disruptors if it passes the
average guy by I don’t think that will
make a big difference
it may up the you know vacation you know
stocks and it may up you know you know
some luxury items but I think that if
this capital can flow in a disruptive
way and in a creative way like honestly
I have at least three ideas myself I’m
going to push and I can imagine that
there’s gonna be thousands of people
like myself hundreds of thousands of
people people that are quite competent
in coding – so the
smart competent early adopters in this
space it’s that’s to me the most
profound and exciting part but the logic
of this I think is still working itself
out and some people aren’t appreciating
Bitcoin for what it is and to the
narrative of like medium of exchange I
think that’s dead I think they should
die should pass away because it’s almost
a smoke screen it makes people think
that all these all coins have a value
and they don’t they don’t it there’s
store of value there’s a global
permanent record ledger of agreement
that we’ll use for other things but I’m
telling you everything that Bitcoin is
is already what it is it’s gonna be
built on top of it now I’m not a coder
and I know vortex had like corrected me
that you know no lightning is a part of
Bitcoin but you know I kind of do
imagine it as a second layer technology
I could be wrong in that but I think
conceptually it’s fine to do so and
imagine that you have these other layers
for smart contracts and things like that
all of it built around Bitcoin core in
you know your judge is gonna see all the
innovation happening around Bitcoin
itself I’m what I wanted I would say
that you know we’re talking about how
easy it is to if you’re stubborn when
you’re older can you learn in the in the
chat all of a sudden all these people
did start to say hey I’m over 50 I’m
over 50 I’m I’m into this I understand
it so yeah there are guys that have
gotten into this and I’m glad I’m glad
to see all ages out there and I’m you
know if you’re non tactical or technical
it you’re in for a heck of a ride here
now rush you brought up something about
decentralization actually and here’s a
little I I’m gonna bring up a topic you
guys can address it if you want to if
any of you have anything else to say
about what we’ve been saying say that
also but lately there have been people
that have been kind of perturbed at be
cash and in aetherium or who knows what
and they’re talking about lawsuits and
getting the government involved that
kind of seems like what the opposite of
the direction we should be going in with
that seems to be like green
this new awesome cryptocurrency thing
back to centralization have you guys
been hearing about this stuff and what
do you think about it or you can talk
Chris or you might have something else
to say I’m not interrupting you but take
it away no no well on that topic I
assume you’re talking I don’t know what
lawsuits you’re talking about I’m
feeling it’s just because of like that
bad trademark infringement stupid stuff
like that was Bitcoin like I don’t know
I know it’s it’s it’s surrounding fraud
possibilities of thought the people over
there on the beat cash side of this
equation are trying to sell beat cash as
Bitcoin and you see when they download
their wallet that it defaults to this
even though it’s saying Russell what do
you think of that do you think that they
should be sued or just it could be a
double-edged sword honestly I mean who
knows if this goes through you know make
people less likely to try to take on
Bitcoin as an open brand you know I mean
I agree with that buddy
it’s open source it is open source but
that still leaves open the question of
fraud I mean I could really sad I just
want it so sad that we can’t nobody on
nobody on the Bitcoin logo it’s crazy
it’s suing BTEC they’re talking about
suing be cast suing Bitcoin calm right
they’re stealing the Bitcoin identity
right yeah I’m not a fan of a lot of the
tactics that the Bitcoin cash guys use
and stuff like that well one thing that
I know for sure is that you know you
cannot sue somebody for the way that
they use the word Bitcoin you can’t sue
somebody for the way they use the word
email or FTP or gopher or telnet or any
other internet program if you order ten
tons of bananas and I send you two ton
or ten tons of apples I think there’s a
possibility of lawsuit well that’s a
different situation because if they’re
buying something and you know if they’re
buying one thing and they’re getting
another and there’s a company involved
in that transaction then that’s a whole
different situation
yeah but I believe they represent
themselves as a company so it’ll be
interesting to see how this pain
I agree with you like I don’t know how
this would happen but it’s an
interesting tactic and it’s just read
you know adds to the nuance than the
texture of the space that people don’t
appreciate I don’t like bringing lawyers
into this thing I think we can all work
it out we can make it as a community
make it clear Bitcoin calm is not about
the real Bitcoin I mean and you know if
you’re gonna start buying stuff you’re
gonna learn a hard lesson if you really
think you’re buying Bitcoin and you’re
getting be cash I mean that’s that’s the
way you learn a lesson here I don’t and
I forgot now what they’re talking about
with the theory amande Oh make you know
people are pushing to make a theory get
the government involved and say it’s a
security making the securities to hurt a
few why should we care what I mean I
doubt come see Roger hearing that
grouped and what they’re doing really
honestly is there building the template
seemed to me the whole issue of be cash
in my opinion Bitcoin cash for those who
don’t know hey it’s either it’s either
going to destroy the idea it’s that one
at one possible attack that could just
destroy the notion of storing value in
any of these block chains because if
like tonbei says if they win he’s out
where I’m I’d be out because it won’t
store value there some other big bank
will come in behind Roger and then
you’re on and all them guys and just
come in and just do the same thing we
can win from a decentralized type of
attacks not trying to bring the
government in or not trying to bring
lawyers and I’ll put it that way wait
Brian has been quiet here I want Brian
to chime in you had something to say
about all this and everyone in the chat
really likes you they like your style so
take it away um well you know coming
from a non techie background I can I can
see what’s going on I didn’t you know
what studying Twitter and you know I
know what’s going on and you know it is
a double-edged sword I agree with you
Adam that you know lawsuits you know it
would just it would do damage to spikes
but equally you know running this use
his name I will and
he got out you know he’s got money and
there’s a lot of and I am slightly
concerned that you know there’s more
Ethan as Russell said you know things
start coming in behind them you know
that could start swinging it the other
way I mean that’s just coming from a
complete novice in terms of
understanding the technology I’ve always
felt that you know if you knock your if
you knock another company you knock your
own industry that’s that in my other
business don’t knock another company
because you knock your own industry you
know and so I don’t want to knock be
cash because I’ve got freebie cash but I
just don’t like what they’re doing I
don’t see why they have to be the way
they are that’s just me I really like
that approach don’t knock another
company because you’re knocking your own
industry i i i i i like that i like your
experiences coming you have wisdom there
that I really like Chris what do you
have to I mean just just one more thing
about the the tribalism and what’s going
on here you know I think we all need to
keep in mind is you know like that that
whole comment just now about don’t knock
another company because you’re knocking
your industry in this case there are no
companies there are no CEOs there’s
nobody owning any of this right there’s
no knowledge that was just a man
understand but it’s important to keep
this in mind because a lot of followers
of these different crypto brands are
treating them like they are companies
and some of them are – you have a
company and we have grades of that
centrally some of them are if you want
if you want a cryptocurrency whose name
is protected and trademarks then please
go invest in you know what some of these
centralized things I don’t know so you
know but in the case of Bitcoin and in
the case of Bitcoin cash and in the case
of the other 925 bitcoins that are out
there we need to keep in mind the only
thing that’s protecting the Bitcoin name
is decisions that are made by wallet
developers and exchanges for the most
part right exchanges are the ones that
are saying
this is Bitcoin and this is Bitcoin cash
you know if they could roger ailes to
check to an exchange and they say you
know what now this is Bitcoin we use
called Bitcoin cash is now the big one
what stopping that from happening we
need to not pride ourselves on the name
we need to pride ourselves on the bigger
community and the bigger movement that’s
happening here well I mean I believe
that marketing has great insights on a
lot of things look you could take away
you know the McDonald’s brand away from
a building and you just have a crappy
building and crappy food you know the
brand matters and the the deal is is
that yeah I agree like this is the space
we’re in but if somebody feels as though
they’ve been uh I guess you know
offended I guess legally they and they
feel as though they have recourse I say
have at it you know I wouldn’t encourage
it I wouldn’t encourage prostitution but
you know I would encourage people to
hire a lawyer and try to try to get
resolved if they feel like a company a
legal entity you know has somehow pulled
the wool over their eyes and pulled them
into buying one product when they
thought they were buying something else
that’s absolutely something that you
should use the law for and there’s no
reason that we shouldn’t bring the law
into situations like that you know where
there’s a company a legal entity that’s
screwing you over you know at but when
it comes to the bigger picture you know
and looking at I’m twenty years a
marketing guy and I fully agree with you
as far as the importance of the brand
but we all have to be realistic here
and we all need to remember that the
name of it is is in the ether it’s in
the cloud right it’s not really it
doesn’t really exist all that exists is
the blockchain you know all it exists is
the community around it and that’s what
we really need to protect more than the
brand itself well I think that Bitcoin
cash is a as a real existential threat
on a Brian Brian what are you gonna say
now I was just gonna say Adam it’s it’s
an argument that will rage on and and
really the markets will decide time will
decide you know there’s an argument for
both sides in there really I’m
I suppose you know I’m not I’m not
you guys really are talking stuff that
goes right over my head really and I
just there’s actually bad you talk about
market you’re also talking about bad
actors people act in bad faith as well
yeah you know go ahead now though I was
going to keep going with that keep going
that no hey look there’s there’s just
gonna be bad actors on both sides no
doubt about it on both other companies
and people but the one thing that cannot
be bad and cannot be a bad actor is
quote right and at the end of the day
all Bitcoin cash is is quote and at the
end of the day all Bitcoin is is code
you know there’s nothing inherently bad
about Bitcoin cash the problem is
everybody’s assigning human attributes
to it because of the way that certain
people are trying to promote it and try
to so we got to keep in mind too many
people are assigning human
characteristics to a short bit of code
that’s happens to be called you know
Bitcoin cash by a certain group of
people and this tribalism is doing
nothing nothing except for hurting us
and tearing us apart and slowing us down
and slowing down innovation so I just
want you know it met goes for every
other of the 2000 crypto currencies out
there there’s no reason we can’t sit
like i sat with 700 people in a theater
two days ago and have productive
conversations about the benefits of this
or that or the other cryptocurrency you
know as opposed to name-calling and
assigning human attributes to code and
just all this nonsense that’s all it’s
doing it slowing it down I really like
your point about assigning human
attributes to code lets people got to
think about that morphism yeah all right
I want to say thanks for the fight
thanks for the $5 super chat Robert see
Robert sees was talking about Brian and
it was very complimentary he reminds me
of my grandpa and notes all right and
his grandpa has been buying Bitcoin for
three years regularly definitely seen a
lot in his life and has all the
confidence in Bitcoin and his grandpa is
actually 85 now that’s not that’s it he
you’re a confident dude that’s that’s
what do you know that they one wouldn’t
expect to be buying loads of Bitcoin but
if Robert sees grandfather’s doing it
you’re doing it hey there’s a there is
no age limit on that and there’s no age
limit to pounding that like freaking
like button subscribing this channel and
checking out the links section below
Brian you know there’s one thing you
know you said a couple times that this
is going over your head and that you
don’t fully get it all but I’ll tell you
this and you already know this you get
this up more than 99.9% marginal people
over 50 but of people period okay so
yeah you need to embrace your role not
just as somebody who’s new walking into
this and just listening to us but now
people want to listen to you and you
have a lot to say not just to people
over 50 but to everyone to everyone of
every age because I can’t I was on a
flight to Chicago a few days ago I sat
next to a guy who was in his 30s not
only had he never heard you know didn’t
know about Bitcoin but he’d never heard
the word Bitcoin before he had never
heard the word cryptocurrency he had no
idea what I was talking about and I was
able in 10 minutes to explain it to him
to the point where he got excited about
it and you’re fully capable of doing
that so don’t downplay your your ability
to influence people well I think part of
it is that there’s no experts there is
man you just really got a you know like
even with this discussion we have about
what we’re on what the real Bitcoin is
and anthropomorphisms all this stuff
look at the end of the day this is gonna
play out and if you’re smart you’ll
attend you’ll listen your watch you’ll
see how this plays out and it’ll just be
another example of how things become
very nuanced our initial impressions I
don’t see that they really operate too
well but we’ve seen this play out this
whole you know issue between two camps
here it’s not so much tribalism but it’s
it’s saying hey this is the perspective
I’m taking this is the perspective
you’re taking and you should be willing
to defend that out there publicly too
because there’s reasons why I don’t like
be cash well I think it’s you know I
think it’s great that people can succeed
if they want to
we Bitcoin seceded from the financial
system now other if people don’t like
the way
bitcoiners they can secede do their own
coin Brian you were gonna reply to Chris
I was just going to say there’s the
reason I mean I started watching you
Adam and a few others but you were the
one that sort of I don’t know that this
I feel an alignment with your with you I
mean you could literally and that’s not
to blow smoke up your ear that is
genuine that there’s an alignment with
my thought processes and your thought
processes I’m completely in the utterly
strong hand long-term thinking 2020
buy-and-hold and all that stuff I get
all of that
I even Drive my wife mad because she
thinks I’m Adam Meister walking around
the house because I can recite you so
let’s just keep that in mind okay and
I’ll listen to the other guys and but
for me you know I watched Chris and I’ve
watched russ and andy hoffman and all
the others and it made me think we’re
not when i took a step back I saw
possibly you know eight to ten
commentators right that I really feel
that I can connect with and listen to
and study okay tone base is great but
it’s all charts and stuff and it’s over
my head I do like listening to trace may
have stuff I find that really
interesting but I felt that there was a
market for for people that you know a
looking at it in going well
what is it what am I supposed to do with
it you know how is it gonna work and
should I buy this cheaper coin and and I
can get that stuff and I know that I can
educate people on the ups and the downs
of why they shouldn’t shouldn’t with all
coins and Bitcoin and everything else so
I felt there was a place guys I stepped
into it I I like I said I don’t have the
technical know-how but I feel I’ve got
something to offer well if you thank you
very much for all those compliments and
you are showing the world out there
because there’s certain people in our
community who bashed the boomers do not
bash the boomers they they can do it too
they can play and they can play with the
big boys also this isn’t just Murray
bone this is not just a young man’s game
all right
no no it’s not and it’s not just a man’s
game although it is like 95% man there
so women compliment big boy
if you wanna I mean it it’s a
free-for-all Chris come back I want to
tie back into your what you saw at the
conference this weekend and people also
what’s been going on with metallic it
was not pleased about the price of well
who knows why he was not pleased with
the coin desk event in might but he
brought up the price and then a lot of
people start talking about talk about
the difference between these ICO events
and your type of event that you were at
yeah I mean there’s two very distinct
type of events that are going on in
crypto right and there’s on the far end
on this side is the conference with you
know a thousand plus people booths set
up for icos and tokens and and girls in
bikinis shilling something or other
that’s on the one end on the other end
is the meetup that’s going on in a local
community ranging from super technical
to more just sort of enthusiast meetups
that are going on and well the events
that I went to was sort of at the upper
end of that side right it was like as
big as you can get but still be an
organic and homegrown event and it was
700 people and was sponsored by the
local Chicago Bitcoin open blockchain
meetup group and Andres Antonopoulos is
hugely popular if you haven’t checked
him out please watch every single video
he’s got because he’s fantastic
explainer of this stuff and he was there
and it was a really really organic group
Vitalik I guess he was engaged to show
up at the consensus conference in New
York which is happening in May and his
issue one of his issues was that and and
it’s been an issue of mine too cuz I
live right across the river from New
York City and blockchain Week is coming
up in May and there’s ethereal which is
an aetherium conference there’s
consensus which is a Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency conference and consensus
for me to attend would be I believe
to attend this conference so you know
look coin desk runs consensus and
they’re entitled to charge whatever they
want this is a free market capitalism
great the issue is my
this is what vitalik was getting at when
he said I’m not going because the price
is too high I think his point is look
you’re charging $2,400 for people to get
in you have sponsors out the wazoo coin
desk is profiting from this a lot the
audience the side effect is the audience
inside of that conference is going to be
wealthy people it’s going to be
businesspeople it’s going to be people
in the 1% that can actually afford to go
Bitcoin aetherium these open blockchain
technologies are about community they’re
about the people it’s about it supposed
to be a people powered movement and more
and more we’re seeing this
centralization occurring not just with
mining power and not just on the
technical side but with thought power
and when you have these conferences that
are limited to just this small group of
people that can afford to go you’re
creating a thought leadership that we
really don’t need you know I think
that’s what he was getting at it
contributes that what was it information
asymmetry trace usually talks about you
know exactly exactly
and I thought it was a great distinction
between that sort of event and the one I
went to which Nilla with 700 people $40
a ticket you know all the proceeds went
to benefit the local meetup group and
that to meet epitomizes what we should
be striving for usually I would say
usually you can tell the difference the
events that call themselves blockchain
and avoid the name Bitcoin you should be
leery of the ones that say hey this is a
Bitcoin meetup we have some special
guests those are the oh geez those are
the hardcore people hey decide on your
own people though but there are a lot of
big talkers out there a lot of guys who
put who want to be on pedestals who want
to sell your icos and you know Chris you
said it who’s got the bikini girl if
you’re in an event with bikini girls
you’re probably it’s I think it’s a
waste of most people’s time I mean if
you if you really value education for me
going to events is about learning and
meeting people and and being in motion
not like getting pitched so my CEO and
and and and feeling special because I
paid twenty four hundred dollars a
ticket and not having your your
forebrain or high brain hijacked
look you know it really is an open space
but again that’s an ideological
perspective you know I you know there
you’re gonna find that the wealth you’re
gonna move into a space that they feel
as though they can take control of and
again this is gets back to that whole
difference between where you stand you
can’t be neutral on a moving train as
one of the things charm you know Chomsky
talked about and that’s very true in
this space you cannot be neutral hey I
say if people want to blow a lot of
money in this space they come into the
space because they will start buying
things that we get for free they’ll buy
our crypto dividends and boosting
they’ll boost the price of Bitcoin hey I
mean there’s there’s a positive side to
the coin also about and you know and let
that let the market judge who’s sincere
and who’s not sincere in terms of where
you get your information from but I mean
if you know if a lot of blind spenders
want to come in there’s always going to
be more 80 percenters than 20 percenters
that’s the nature of the game so if they
want to pump up everything and create
enough because the next bubble there
will be another bubble and it will and
we’ll see all the nonsense that we saw
in December again so yeah it’s like a
clear cycle and it’s institutions get
into this they’re gonna take that 10%
moves and they’re gonna run away with
whatever it can they’re gonna reduce it
to at least a 2% half a percent here as
a money in and out but it really does I
think in in terms of strategies this is
why I liked Adams perspective about
strong hands you know literally they can
put money into that I wanted to put
money into my pocket cuz I’m gonna do
something with it yeah exactly Menem
public Chris yes Christmas
yeah and just you know on the I mean I’m
a big believer in in keeping Bitcoin
powered by people and having people in
charge and not having things like the
New York Agreement happening where a
bunch of companies can get in a room and
make decisions about things and one of
my goals in the next hopefully in that
six to twelve months is to start
organizing bigger events more accessible
to everybody I would love to see 10,000
people 10,000 bitcoins
show up in one place whether it’s a
field or a stadium or something and make
it super cheap just enough to cover cost
what size up behind are your speakers
you know yeah I’m here to ban we got a
meet-up well I would love to look if you
would love to see 10,000 people meet up
in a field and we organize something
where it’s organic and awesome and not
have things like consensus taking over
the thought leadership then shoot me a
tweet because I want to organize like a
little committee and actually make this
so I’m big on this idea filled with
10,000 people though I don’t know
Woodstock up in there but I think guy
who put on my loss and the Los Angeles
event I just spoke at Anders I don’t
know if he’s watching I gotta get you
hooked up with Anders on the west coast
cuz he’s got the same mentality that you
he’s on the same page as you
this is great look people are in motion
networking on this very show you’re
seeing it live people pound that
freaking light button alright well
that’s what we’re getting toward the end
of the show here and I’m glad we’re all
talking about our individual interest
here Brian
is there anything thank you very much
for being on the show first of all Brian
you made a great debut anything that we
left off from that happened this week in
Bitcoin that you want to talk about
anything that you want to promote
anything that you want to reply to do
that you didn’t get a chance to say
before no I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being
on thank you for having me I’ll
certainly love to come on again and what
I want to say is of course you know you
guys are over in the good old US of A
and I’m ho over here in tiny little
Blighty so if there’s anybody out there
on in the South of England I would love
to get together get some kind of meet up
going somehow so that we can talk
Bitcoin that’s all I really want to say
I just want to connect with people that
are in the South of England and see what
we can do our end you know that is
really important this is great here’s
his Twitter information is below I know
plenty of people from England watch this
show let’s get there’s probably
something that exists already who knows
maybe there isn’t where you’re at
everyone contact Brian that is that’s
awesome yak meat happen Christian just
one thing yes one thing I’ve already
connected with nope
who you have on the show a car weeks ago
ah literally probably left them less
than 25 miles from me which is magic so
we’re starting where are you guys near
Bristol or Island I’m very near Bristol
yeah you know what’s-his-face uh
renegade investor I think is in he’s
been on my show before he’s a big name
he’s in Bristol I think but yeah Bristol
people come together right now oh yeah
alright uh Russell what did you what has
been left off what do you have to say
what do you have to promote you go look
I just think again we just gotta have
our head right where it’s you know this
is a historical moment in my opinion it
really truly is and you know a lot of
people are just not gonna get it they’re
gonna get it maybe another 10 years
another five years uh the smart ones
hopefully are the ones that end up with
this I honestly I see them doing more
with it but I I think there is a deeper
humanitarian issue that can be addressed
with this once we have money that’s
decentralized we can work towards other
things and decentralize more of our
lives especially where we spend eight
hours of our lives in these jobs right
so I’m interested in seeing what this
can actually do in terms of social
justice but um I think it’s still
interesting as much as the issue of
brand came up right we don’t know how
this will play out throw it if some guy
can throw a wrench have at it
I want to see what happens I want to see
what happens in the course in terms of
you know where it stands and how it’s
gonna act from this that might be an
interesting thing but again it could be
a double-edged sword so yeah I think
poking and prodding a bit coin testing
it giving you challenges is great yeah
well the test it just becomes stronger
and stronger so that’s what I welcome
people abusing the Bitcoin name I don’t
I think I think then then we can
everyone in the Bitcoin community clears
it up I mean there was a tweet the other
day saying how amazing this community is
all these smart and now somewhat wealthy
people scattered all over the world just
bonded over this one it’s a community
community that nothing like this has
ever existed before Isis what a time
what it’s no I can definitely agree that
it represents a unique attack so you
know it will be interesting to see how
it works because hey Andrea said it best
you know bitcoins gonna continue to
remain in the sewers and it’s gonna be
the best sewer right out there I knew
you’re not under I’m you’re gonna bring
that when you say I knew you’re gonna
bring up the sewer rat one that was a
great that was a great talk it’s a
genius conversation that’s why if I had
somebody new I would recommend Andreas
Antonopoulos each and every time even
though that guy has me blocked on
Twitter you know Andreas blocks me I
deserved it yeah you’re you’re outspoken
you’re you can be very outspoken Andreas
is kind of picky he blocks yeah he’s a
I don’t block anyone on Twitter by the
way and I let all the trolls go wild in
my chat I mean people were like who are
these madman I’m like I don’t care I
just don’t I mean I don’t I don’t censor
because they they prove how foolish they
are anyway Chris Chris tired oh wait a
second hang on before you get the Chris
someone just sent something in the super
chat check your six and five bucks
Bitcoin can gain traction faster if it
captures the 55 and older crowd that has
the real money to invest they are the
ones being scammed by king of the trolls
I’m not gonna say who he said very
interesting point check your six yeah of
course but it’s hard to get the 55 year
an older crowd it’s not impossible but
yeah we really got them in there they do
now the point I’m going he’s trying
trying man and so is Bill Martin over in
the chat now – he’s good with that – all
right Chris a lot has been said the
floor is yours you feel you can talk and
talk for as long as you want to know
what I think you know one of the most
important things that was said here was
you know that everybody has to start
somewhere with with learning you know I
put it I had a tweet the other day it
was like a Kanye level like Trump level
like I think I was in the bathroom and
typed it just pound and I got like 600
likes it was it
it was every Bitcoin supporters started
out as a skeptic you know and I think
that at least for me and you know for a
lot of people that I know and for us
apparently you know every Bitcoin
supporter starts out as a person who
looks at it and says that’ll never work
you know and of course I got a bunch of
replies saying you know fu you know I
wasn’t a skeptic but whatever that’s not
the point the point is when you’re now
somebody who understands it and you’re
no longer skeptic and you’re talking to
somebody who doesn’t get it yet you
gotta expect them to be as skeptic and
you need to figure out your tactics
ahead of time on how to deal with that
and you need to be patient with them and
you need to walk them through the
process that you went through in order
to get to the point where you are no
longer a skeptic so expect resistance be
patient with people when you’re talking
with them and just understand that it is
a journey that you need to take that
they haven’t taken yet but you already
have and they will get there eventually
if you’re patient with them and if you
just keep on explaining it yes when it
comes to education people be patient
with the newbies hey chapter six thank
you I didn’t say thank you for that
thank you for all the people in the chat
and they gave you the super chat and
everything I really appreciate it all
right we’re gonna sign off girls too but
didn’t have you have anything else to
say yeah I want to actually say
something in terms of you know getting
Bitcoin I think is a moving target like
the minute you think you got it this
thing is evolving so quick like that’s
that’s why I always talk about that
Bitcoin Hydra to me there’s a final
concept in place here you know it’s just
gonna be layer multi token that could be
a totally different thing to understand
and Bitcoin now dude your apps that’s
great point to tie it all awful and
actually Russell because it is kind of
once you think you’ve got it then
something new cryptic we thought we
understood it at the beginning of 2017
all of a sudden they come up the crypto
dividends and and it’s totally different
and you know it’s a total new like way
of looking at it what is next
that is the excitement what is next in
the evolution of Bitcoin and crypto in
Hydra is next man I keep telling people
dude whatever is next is gone I am
looking wrong
looking forward to it and no matter what
your age this thing changes fast and
you’d be a hundred years old you’ll
still be alive you’ll be a hundred one
next year and you’ll get to see amazing
things so one thing that hopefully never
changes is decentralization you know and
I think that’s the hardest part I think
even more harder than Bitcoin to get is
the idea of decentralization and I think
that’s the one thing we need to cling to
oh yeah most people that get involved
with all coins have no clue about what
decentralization is even I’d say most
people in cryptocurrency don’t
understand the decentralized aspect of
it at all there’s so many aspects to
Bitcoin as it evolves that becomes very
important and central to it working I
mean we have this thing where we say it
it’s got to be an open decentralized
permissionless censorship resistance I
would add you know resistant to being
prosecuted legally I mean there’s
there’s tons of things that as it
evolves it’s just adding these new
things like wow this is important and
bitcoins the one that is embodying all
these and to me all these all coins are
examples of failures and these failures
of knows why that black chains important
bitcoin is the next Bitcoin all right
that is the way we’re gonna we’re gonna
end it all Matt guys so thank you guess
thank you people every one pound that
like button remember to subscribe this
channel like to share this video check
out the notes section below because all
these guys are you could check all these
guys out I know you’re very interested
in learning about these dudes and
everything remember this week in Bitcoin
is every Friday and then every Saturday
is the beyond Bitcoin show where I talk
about other subjects beyond Bitcoin add
some cryptocurrency stuff and then every
other day of the week I posted at least
one new show here every single day you
get some unique stuff unique guests here
everybody I will see you later thank you

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