This week in Bitcoin – Nov 4th, 2019

Hi, I’m Nate Martin from
and here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin.
Bitcoin futures exchange, BitMEX
accidentally compromised user privacy,
when it sent out a mass email to clients revealing all their email addresses to each another.
Shortly after BitMEX warned its users
about the email leak,
hackers briefly took over
its Twitter account too.
The exchange claims, that although its Twitter
account was hacked, all user funds are safe.
If you’re a BitMEX client and received the email, you should be especially cautious
regarding any messages you receive in the future,
especially at your leaked email address.
As Argentina’s fiat currency struggles,
the country’s central bank banned
the purchase of Bitcoin or
other cryptos via credit cards.
The central bank says the only legal
method of purchase is via bank transfer.
Argentinians were also recently restricted
to purchasing a maximum of $200 US Dollars
fiat currency per month.
Venezuela’s lack of reliable power and even internet access has spurred the invention of the
“Locha Mesh” project, a system for
using Bitcoin over a radio network
which can connect to a Blockstream
satellite if no internet node is reachable.
These devices allow Bitcoin transactions
using the Lightning network
even during a blackout period.
France’s Education Ministry will introduce cryptocurrency into the curriculum
of high school students in the new year.
France will become the first nation to teach
about crypto in its public schools.
And finally, Bitcoin’s whitepaper was published
11 years ago this week on October 31st.
That’s what happened this week in Bitcoin.
See you next week.


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