Tokoin News Episode 7

Hi! Welcome back to Tokoin News.
Today’s episode will be so exciting.
We had a meetup with Tomochain, visited
Banjarmasin for a national roadshow,
participated in KuCoin Week, had TOKO
token passed ShuttleOne wallet testing,
and expanded our social media accounts.
Last week, Tokoin had the chance to meet
one of our partners, TomoChain,
and their Chief Growth Officer, Kyn Chaturvedi.
It was in Singapore on September 11-12,
during Invest: Asia 2019.
The event gathered prominent blockchain projects from multiple countries, including Tokoin and Tomochain,
to explore how Asian crypto markets function
and impact the world at large.
This meetup strengthens the partnership
of Tokoin and Tomochain
for further possible integration between the two.
As you might already know, Tokoin has been doing a national roadshow in partnership with Kemenperin,
or the Ministry of Industry.
This helps to digitalize MSMEs, aligning with the government’s agenda to support Industrialization 4.0.
And we just visited another city last week.
On the 13th of September, we visited Banjarmasin.
Besides educating the public about the importance
of business profile for MSMEs,
Tokoin also managed to show the preview
of the upcoming super App
and received feedback directly from the MSMEs there.
On September 12, KuCoin celebrated
its second anniversary.
On KuCoin’s anniversary week, Tokoin
takes part in the celebration
by giving away a total worth of
one hundred thousand TOKO token.
This is also to appreciate your contribution!
There will be several activities
during the giveaway programs,
from Red Envelopes, TOKO trading competition,
to Exclusive Airdrops for KCS Holders.
TOKO token has recently been added to ShuttleOne Wallet and has passed the wallet testing phase.
ShuttleOne Wallet is a feature of Tokoin’s
strategic partner, ShuttleOne,
a blockchain-based tech company
that works to smoothen the friction
between digital assets and local currencies.
The addition of TOKO to ShuttleOne Wallet
enables users, including MSMEs,
to liquidate tokens into cash or local currencies.
This also benefits ShuttleOne as it opens
the lucrative Indonesian market to them.
Tokoin community has expanded globally, and knowing that, we’re expanding our social media channels too.
Now, we’re separating our social media accounts
for our global and Indonesian communities.
TokoinGlobal will be the global page, and
TokoinIndonesia will be the Indonesian page.
That’s a wrap!
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