Tonight in Bitcoin- Bgold is #5! BTC pumps, Bdiamond & other crypto-dividend thoughts, Decred

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to tonight in bitcoin today
still is November the 25th 2017 buy and
hold strong hand alright those shirts
this shirt another news shirt from
what’s-his-name crypto huddle I’ll say
his name later I haven’t written down I
always mess it up his link to is it’s
below he’s linked to below always check
out the notes section below
you can watch yesterday’s this week in
Bitcoin that’s linked to below also I
actually have a it was it was an
interesting one Laureen Gama off was on
and I have a quote that he said after
the show if you stick your head above
the trench you’re going to get shot at
you know I like that I like that I know
that well I know that well I mean if
you’re gonna speak up if you’re gonna
put yourself out there yeah you’re gonna
get you’re gonna get hit people are
going to take hits at you and that’s
something you have to realize when
you’re in the your your creating content
or at least if you’re creating valuable
content people they’re gonna be people
trying to take you out and you know that
that quote again if you stick your head
above the trench you’re going to get
shot at I got a tell tone BAE’s that
he’s got to read that one a lot of times
I know sometimes he doesn’t
I mean he talks a lot about how he gets
shot at you shouldn’t even talk about it
so I’m gonna be in South Korea starting
Monday I leave Baltimore Monday it’s now
Saturday night so I’m probably not gonna
sleep at all Sunday night I still have
so much to do I’m sorry if I haven’t
gotten to your emails I’m behind on
everything this South Korean trip is
going to be very exciting I did get
eight hours of sleep last night that’s
always a good idea I hadn’t gotten a
good eight hours for a while now with
all this traveling so I recommend
everybody it’s a good eight hours of
sleep then there was a night I
I don’t know what night it was a couple
nice cries up all night catch trying to
catch up and I got caught I got close to
being caught up on the news at least and
I have some reports from that night
actually I’m going to talk about in a
second so also if you check out the
links section below
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super chat and I will notice you in chat
I can see Paula’s in the chat at the
corner I he’s been on the show before
he’s great Paul capistan e alright who I
know from Baltimore so 80 a Bitcoin is
around what eighty nine hundred dollars
now you know is just trying to get up to
that trying to get up to that nine
thousand mark
so what’s it at all-time high I’m pretty
calm about the whole thing we
experienced all-time highs all the time
here you have to have a strong hand you
can’t get tempted to sell now and I will
share some stories below about how
people did sell and they regret so have
a strong hand just enjoy if you’re with
your family now for Thanksgiving your
tap use this opportunity to say hey I
bought this when it was a thousand now
it’s almost ninety thousand maybe you
should get into this now this is what
bitcoins about use it for that you know
don’t get too excited because they’re
gonna be days that it drops there’s
gonna be days that it drops you know
$600 again so just be ready have your
strong hand it’s a good day we can’t you
know I’m gonna you know what I get when
I guess for 10,000 I will uh celebrate I
I mean they’re you know that’s a big big
huge round number but you know eighty
nine hundred all-time high every day I
don’t go too crazy about it anymore I
want to keep everyone even but ten
thousand yeah we should we should be
happy so here is a cool that before
would oh yeah I’ll be in Korea Bay is
going to eat South Korea a busan mostly
within Seoul on the 4th of December and
that is I’m going to be meeting with
some Bitcoin people there and if you’re
if you’re in South Korea I’ll be able to
meet with you that day I want to stress
to everyone this be diamond crypto
dividend the e diamond crypto dividend
there’s been confusing confusion once
you’re able to get it it is live you’re
gonna get ten B diamonds for every
Bitcoin you have so when you see the
price listed a B diamond as point as
point eight percent of a Bitcoin or 0.7
percent of a Bitcoin you have to
multiply that by ten so it’s they’re
listing it people are paying seven
percent of a Bitcoin for this and
despite what some people have said
people I respect and that people I
respect do not cover this as closely as
I do and that’s you know that’s their
business but people listen to them I
just want to clarify this B diamond is
listed on multiple exchanges in multiple
countries in in China and in Korea it’s
not just one place it’s a few places you
can look at it at a coin market Capcom
and because of futures markets still
there which isn’t true but it lists the
number of exchanges that’s on so
hopefully some exchanges that we’re a
little bit more familiar with in North
America and in the Western world will
list the diamond let’s put some pressure
over on Twitter on these dudes to to
list B diamond and let’s make sure it’s
safe first of all okay that I’m not sure
about yet don’t get into any scams or
people or say they’re gonna split their
B diamond off for you but I have tweet
retweeted some things out there that
encourage people liked reservoir and
ledger Nano and all them to to get into
this and people are like oh don’t waste
their time with that no okay well okay
they don’t have to waste their time with
it but I’m telling you the probe that
the company that wastes their time with
it is gonna be the winner because there
is a demand where people where there’s
free money involved where there’s free
coins involved people want an easy way
so I I feel then you know let let the
market decide okay you can say this is a
pain for certain companies to do but
where there’s pain there is gain
financial gain and I think a wise
company will be able to make this very
easy pound that like
but people pound that like but we have
it’s late at night and we have like 100
live viewers now so that’s I like that I
like it I appreciate everybody that’s
out there late at night here on the East
Coast or if you’re in the West Coast
this little earlier you’re still
recovering from your tie and have any
turkey I don’t know i would eat turkey I
didn’t have any turkey no I just had my
I don’t have this I don’t have a special
Thanksgiving no just you what I usually
eat avocados fish I had some chicken or
chicken all right so uh here’s a quote
well dude I never felt like I’ve missed
out on something more than with Bitcoin
I had to sell everything I had to get
through school and watching it steadily
skyrocket has been tough I had for
Bitcoin at one point and I really tried
to hold it it would have been my wisest
financial decision but man I said stupid
bills to pay it almost makes me sick to
think about it
I’ll probably never own a whole Bitcoin
again ugh
alright you know I I encouraged this guy
I told him you know don’t worry about it
you got your education now you’re gonna
be able to make a lot more money and
just start saving right away and just
just put your mind to it think not only
20/20 having for you personally but
20/20 for having this guy has a kid
maybe I mean I think he should he should
store for a longer he’s just saved for
definitely longer than 20/20 but at the
very least he’s had trouble holding
before so I shared this with all you
showing that everyone goes through
trials and tribulations and regret there
is regret so you don’t want to end up
regretting like this guy hold have a
strong hand as as much as you can here
also now I have a big old address listed
below so for all you big stalkers out
there who said be gold was worthless now
you can send me your be gold and my
address is listed below so if you wanna
anyway I have a lot of cryptocurrency
addresses listed below but now be gold
is one of my main ones listed below I
won’t be gold to do well speaking about
it coin market cap finally list it and
amazingly it is the number five
cryptocurrency on the planet
earth by market cap just popped out of
the blue like that once people see that
it might start pumping again I don’t
know I can’t predict I wanted to pump
because I have a lot of free be gold I
don’t I don’t want to buy it a lot of
you are being told to buy it by various
gurus out there you should have gotten
it for free because you should have had
Bitcoin to begin with and not played all
these games you know you bought some
steam you listened to the Guru and you
bought some steam instead of with your
Bitcoin and now I need to get any crypto
dividends ouch Oh God
now you’re listening to them to buy be
gold oh and you’re gonna be buying B
diamond soon too when you should be
getting free but B diamond a lot of it
like I am but hey what am I gonna say
what can I say you didn’t listen maybe
you’re part of the 80% and by the way I
really do believe there there’s movement
between the 20% to 80% you can make
yourself a 24 Center I’m not trying to
be mean here but I’m just I’m just
speaking the truth to 80% make some bad
decisions you want to make good
decisions and usually they’re just you
gotta think down the road some and then
usually not too complex they’re usually
not glamorous whatsoever holding doesn’t
seem very glamorous at first until you
start getting all these free cryptic
dividends and then you start getting
distracted by the people saying all of
these Forks are terrible and then you’re
like oh maybe I shouldn’t be holding my
Bitcoin no you should be they’re not
terrible they’re good trust me it helps
it’s really nice to have these things
sitting around and then you look because
I split my beagle the other day by the
way I’m just gonna be reading the most
random things I have written here these
are just notes from last few days it’s
gonna be jumping all over the place but
I want to get this all out there now so
yeah I just flip my be gold on my Tresor
and it was pretty nice to see it only on
one part of my trizol right there’s
different sections of it and everything
but it was really cool all of a sudden
you see whoa and you see that like the
the numerical the dollar value of it
you’re not supposed to value your wealth
and dollars of course but it’s just
sudden to see like you know see what a
guy makes in a year like all of a sudden
you have that that much in be gold
I mean it’s it’s really um and then
they’re people saying oh it’s worthless
yeah it’s worthless all right I mean
some of the people who might be saying
it’s worthless
I might have well I do have more be gold
than they make in a year in dollars I I
do I know that so I mean whatever if you
keep saying it’s worth us I’ll keep
telling people to have a freaking strong
hand baby with your Bitcoin now remember
I can’t tell you what to do with your be
gold with your crypto dividends you know
Wayne to sell people weren’t really you
should be trying to get as much Bitcoin
as possible okay I can’t predict the
market I will tell you this though
logically speaking here every cryptid
dividend you get if you sell some of it
that means you get more Bitcoin so the
next time you’ll get even more crypto
dividends so you know prepare a little
bit for the next one they’re gonna be a
lot of these things okay they’re gonna
be a lot of these things right they’re
new they’re rumors about some of them
even exist and we’re gonna get into that
in a second but I mean we’ve already
seen there’s gonna be a phenomena I mean
in Asia that they’re doing they’re a
whole new line of them from this super
BTC to be diamonds or possibly to em
anyway we’ll get into that a second so
yeah put pressure on your changes in
your Wallis through Twitter to help you
help us out with these things and just
speed up the process and yep email me at
Adam at trades or help calm if you
legitimately know of a new one that I
have not mentioned yet and that is not
mentioned on that crypto dividend site
that I usually link to that we might not
be linked to below but Allah mention it
a little later on all right yeah I was
it was Friday night I was up really oh
yeah what I learned in the middle of the
night I never if you were on Twitter and
following me at Tech ball te CH B alt
you would have seen when B gold was
pumping to like 5% that it was because
of big thumb listing it there was some
bit thumb effect over there so you know
Korea is doing
some magical things to various altcoins
because remember be gold is nothing but
an altcoin it is a crypto dividend but
it is an altcoin just like be cash isn’t
all coin and I’m gonna see the South
Korean thing first hand man I hopefully
I’ll be giving you guys some really
interesting insight because there
definitely is a big language barrier I
will say this we do not have a lot of
South Koreans washing our shows over
here in America they watch their own
shows and I think I’m gonna meet someone
that does a show over there my contact I
know you’re watching I’m gonna I’m gonna
email you back soon I’m sorry I’m very
behind I’ll tell you about the train
situation and everything um so I’m gonna
read that one later that’s for another
all right and this form would I say yeah
I next a big old milestone a big one
that you should look forward to is
whenever it’s gonna be on Polonia ax
I thought the rumors of Polonia axe were
pumping it I was wrong it was it was the
the bit thumb thing I can’t be right all
the time but I correct myself I say when
I’m wrong yeah and and you know it will
be funny to see it bike B Diamond goes
through the exact same process that
beagle did it’s talked about its hyped
about it’s fun and about then it’s
finally listed on a bit thumb or and it
gets pumped
then it gets finally listed on coin
market cap I mean we’re gonna have to
get it if it goes through that we’re
gonna have to get used to this whole
cycle of crypto dividends
how about happy and then super BTC
you’ll probably go through the same
thing the same process it’s very
interesting cuz it’s maybe it’ll speed
up too and then finally the the storage
devices will cover it and then finally
you’ll be able to split it
I mean Beagle told us a lot about that
about the process we’ll see if the
diamond repeats the process again the
interesting thing about be diamond is
that you’re getting ten for every one
big coin you have so that’s going to
confuse people I’m gonna have to I’m
gonna have to tell people that like 80
times I’m sure alright yeah I’ll get
with the super BTC potential is
huge by the way Andy Hoffman mentioned
that too in a recent uh check out his
alright he’s got lots of awesome
articles I got he’ll help me back on the
show soon uh yeah
oh yeah it is it is amazing how the out
in Asia that they’ve boosted this be
diamond to seven percent and just the
word Bitcoin is that magical that that
that they can do they’ve got it will do
that and maybe it’s partially Asian
pride also that you know they know that
be diamond is maybe an Asian Bitcoin
maybe that’s what they feel it is and
they’re just throwing money into it
we’ll see with super BTC how that turns
out they’re super busy seems based out
there too
all right Vinnie lingham has a tweet out
there yeah yeah I’m given Vinnie lingham
we got it we got it he’s a player out
there I know people got opinions of him
but let’s let this interesting tweet how
many and I I’ll link to it below I think
I forgot to sorry you can you can go to
his feed and check it out yourself for
now how many Bitcoin Forks in total will
we have by the end of 2018 and he says
less than ten more than between 10 and
20 over 20 I think by the end of 2018
it’ll be between 10 and 20 and then
that’s good for like one every month I
mean that’s pretty darn good
maybe it’ll be more I’ll be happy if
it’s more I don’t know I don’t think
it’s gonna get too played out like
people think because we have maybe the
you know Asia hasn’t jumped into this
thing yet we’re about to see Asia really
jump into it but then maybe there’ll be
another maybe Eastern Europe will start
doing them it’ll be just regions that
it’d be a whole cycle it’s it’s hard to
predict these things although remember
and you better remember this this
channel was the first one to predict
this back in August I came up with the
crypto dividend term I broke the story
of be gold and then all you all those
people go the scam its escape what a
scam you call that a scam dude man it is
the number five printed see on earth and
the people who got it for free wanted to
be number two because hey man it’s
and it’s just it’s it’s not curtain the
brand at all and the brand is Bitcoin
there is no doubt more than ever that
there’s only one Bitcoin the Mork little
clones little children you want to call
them good Forks bad fork friendly Forks
crypto dividends whatever you want to
say the more of them the more we all
know there’s only one baby you got the
right one baby
all right so D cred I’m just messin D
cred because so many of the D cred fans
out there are gonna go crazy because I
just said the word D cred maybe that’s
the only thing I should say about
Dietrich and then just like walk away no
it did pump I notice and there’s a
reddit thread that that says the
Lightning Network is gonna be activated
on the 27th of November but then people
correct and say that it’s just the first
step in on November 27th I don’t know it
pumped I’m mentioning it it’s noticeable
and I did hear a rumor and I didn’t
write this down I’m glad I remember that
it might be a bit thumb sooner or on a
Korean exchange soon so maybe that’s why
it’s pumping I don’t know just hope buy
and hold Bitcoin but I am missing D cred
because those people they are like
fanatical about their D cred and right
now some of them are punching holes in
the wall because I said the word D cred
the only thing that could make them
happier is if tone BAE’s got a deep red
tattoo on his chest
all right pound that like button if you
can envision that you can envision it
whatever I mean a lot of you just like
to look at us for some reason Adams hair
tones hair I can’t see it clear enough I
need to see their hair I need to see
them why why 95% of your men why why do
you need to see us all right I by the
way no I’m not gonna give it apparently
I have to get a better camera for
another project of mine so somebody
you’re gonna be going crazy when I get a
better camera
and be like yes we convinced you have a
but no you didn’t convince me I have a
better camera I need it for this project
apparently and and to the prime the
person who wants me to buy the camera
I’m gonna do it don’t worry I still had
time to read your email yet I’m so far
behind what everything obviously I’m
gonna have to order the camera within
the next 24 hours if everything is gonna
go according to plan so and that person
rocks a very educational person out
there let me tell you why oh here’s a
note to myself but I didn’t do that’s
awesome and I’m great uh yeah what is
here’s something I wrote let’s see I
don’t even know what this is Bitcoin
crypto dividends teach us that some
people were born to focus on the
negative the diamond is a friendly fork
of Bitcoin that you have heard of now
worth 8% of a Bitcoin and there are
people complaining it rewards holders it
hurts no brand all right yeah I that was
a tweet of mine and I just wanted to
read that out
it’s a rare I don’t know if it’s right
it’s around 7% of the Bitcoin yeah if
people still complete the too many Forks
why another four get so horrible okay
it doesn’t no one’s even heard of this
big diamond thing now a lot more many
more people have now since the story
broke but again remember we’ve been
talking about be diamond here for like a
week I mean but again now where the 82%
starts talking about it and start saying
you should buy it that’s what you’re
really hear about it but again come to
this cam come to this channel and learn
about the important things before anyone
else talks about it because here there’s
I break the news baby
I’ve researched the stuff this is I mean
this is where the 20% come okay this is
where the 20% go in the world a Bitcoin
I’m proud of that I like to surround
myself with 20 percenters but yo you
gotta be aware of what the 80% is doing
to and they’re usually doing it so you
don’t do it
alright so buy-and-hold pound that like
button all sorts of atomizer slogans
flying out of my mouth tonight yes I
must be Adam Meister
uh all right oh yeah here here’s a nice
speaking of slogans don’t copy other
people make them copy you now I’ve said
that in the past do you see how that
applies to crypto dividends don’t copy
other people make them copy you
Bitcoin made the other people copied
them copy Bitcoin okay
Bitcoin doesn’t copy anyone all the
crypto dividends all the all points
copied Bitcoin and that should be a
reminder that’s what you should strive
for it to be the Bitcoin of the world to
be the Bitcoin of humanity make them
copy you
I don’t copy other people they copy me
be it and that’s and that’s and that
will just show you how strong big point
is that they’re that these cryptic
dividends are nothing but cuff
complements they’re copying because the
you were the one you want to be copying
like you don’t wanna be the copier
anyway uh so my slogans aren’t your
slogans you you couldn’t apply them the
real life they’re like you can wrote
apply in the Bitcoin crimp of dividends
if you think about them don’t think
about them too much you know move on
with your own life have to have a you
know do your thing let them guide you a
little bit uh go your own way though I
will say that and I think I’ve
definitely gone my own way in life so if
you want to use me as an example as a
person who’s gone their own way and I’m
gonna get into this when I was writing
today I I was developing my philosophy
even more and it’s like anti peer
pressure ism you know you know you’re on
the right track when you can totally
deflect all the peer pressure in the
world where has no effect on you it’s
the peer pressure that keeps you in
slave that keeps you scared of going
your own way of going your own path okay
we’ll get into that into another show on
another show though all right I don’t
want to distract too much there but but
just think about that um okay
okay so I already covered what I’m just
reading in my head now yeah okay yeah
it is not worth right now with this B
diamond do not split it on your own at
this point it is not worth anything B
diamond could be worth it’s not worth
your be diamond could be worth 50% of a
Bitcoin do not split it yet because
there’s nothing legitimate out there yet
you’re gonna get robbed of your Bitcoin
be very careful with this B diamond
thing now until you until there’s a
legitimate splitter out there until
there’s a legitimate diamonds there’s
still a chance this thing is like who
knows what it is okay so be careful with
the B diamond I’m obviously I’m excited
like you are when I see it’s 7% or 8% I
want it to be legitimate and I want
after our respect to third parties to
confirm it being legitimate but do not
get too deep into it yet where you’re
putting your Bitcoin on the line because
that is definitely definitely definitely
not worth it again
people keep met I don’t understand why
people keep mentioning this Bitcoin
silver thing alright
it was a joke thread on reddit and there
is an aetherium token called Bitcoin
silver or beasts whatever you want to
call it there’s not there’s not going to
at this point based on that reddit
thread and based on what already exists
there’s no Bitcoin fork friendly fork
crypto dividend of called be silver
Bitcoin silver it’s just not there so if
you hear people talking about it say
show me the site show me the Twitter
show me wearing it because it’s just
people repeating the same thing and
getting confused with this aetherium
token called Bitcoin silver two
different things they’re getting
confused with that aren’t the real thing
there is no Bitcoin again we have a real
B gold we have real plans for a super
Bitcoin and there’s the beat classic a
beat ash and again we’re gonna get into
another rumor in a sec hang on
so value your wealth and Bitcoin I just
want to remind everyone of that
and yet its huddle huddle crip be like
all holds crypto hot old Threadless calm
that’s where you can get these shirts
and it’s linked to below and it’s funny
here here’s something okay I had written
down a few days ago in theory what do
you think would happen if bit thumb
listed be it be gold and we saw what
happen so that that’s kind of cool
sometimes news happens faster out here
okay um alright I keep I haven’t written
down I must have been really annoyed
that I stayed up so late the other night
I’m like tell people how late you stayed
up bad yeah I was upside like didn’t
sleep I just didn’t sleep I was in next
thing I know it’s 7:00 the morning I had
to go running I took a nap in another
day uh again and it finally last I got
my eight hours asleep that was great
all right uh all right III talked about
the fried fruit all right so there is a
warning on a big old site you gotta
check it out if you just check out the
beagle it’s like there was some issue go
to it it’s a technical thing if you were
involved I don’t even know what I I
don’t worry about it because I only did
everything on the trays or and
everything but if you were involved with
the Beagle just go to big old site if
you’re some technical dude if you
downloaded there wall later I don’t even
know I didn’t I just I have barely read
the thing so just go to that I don’t
want to spread fudge go to their site
alright sorry bits not being yeah here
stop being impulsive if you’re rush to
judgment people the people who just like
to say everything’s a scam right away
just be patient
don’t call something a scam before it’s
a scam but also don’t jump into
something before you are very confident
so there’s a there’s a medium you know
don’t go to one extreme or the other be
patient be patient and think long term
you have plenty of time to play with
your free crypto dividends don’t rush
them you can always you can claim them
you can claim them in the year 2024 you
can claim in the year 2028 just you
don’t have to if you rush into these
the chance of you being scanned go up a
lot so be patient long-term thinking hey
it’s it’s it’s what I preach around here
and you can apply it to these crypto
dividends there is a medium article
saying that who will be a Chinese
exchange is going to list be diamond
okay that’s cool I linked to that the
ledger wallet people say ledger will
support but it has many doubts now about
B diamond so if B diamonds going to
prove itself before ledger will support
but that’s awesome it’s the stories of
Isis are going to make like every Asian
fork of Bitcoin easy that that would be
awesome and I was not sure that they
were would even address be diamond I’m
gonna tell you that this this is moving
faster than I really thought it would
with with some of these crypto dividends
I did not think I didn’t think treasurer
would make B gold is easy at first I
really didn’t think treasurer was gonna
go do what they did with the exact same
thing they did with B cash they did with
B gold which is commendable
which is the right thing to do which is
because it’s a friendly fork I really
give him all the credit in the world so
that that happened faster than I thought
and that they’re even talking about B
diamond is is going at a pace faster
than I thought so too
I hope for 2018 we’re gonna get people
to get these things really easy really
easy and yeah if these B diamond numbers
hold up 7% 5% I mean it’s amazing
amazing alright yeah I said that I have
a big old address already I probably
said that three times now III be told
that B Gold requires ten confirmations
on certain exchanges whoa so if you’re
thinking of selling your be gold yeah it
might take you a little while to get it
over there I don’t know plan ahead think
about that
all right I noticed that the 80% they
pumped steam back dollars again over a
dollar like to a dollar 29 it’s it’s
supposed to be a dollar and meanwhile
steam didn’t go up but I mean I don’t
know why this happens I don’t know why I
don’t know why people buy if they’re
super confused how steamed back dollars
can go above a dollar but trust me I
took advantage of the situation
immediately because I get it for free
people buy it too they buy steam back
dollars make it over a dollar and it
just give me free give my steam back
dollars more value so I can get more
Bitcoin for free thank you very much
pound that like button never buy
anything that you can get for free
people you know in the world of
cryptocurrency I see no reason to do
something that insane you should only be
buying and holding Bitcoin anyway yet
they’re people who have bought steam
back dollars I had I don’t know I’m not
even gonna pay and the steam at platform
is great gets me a lot of free bit it
gets not a lot
it gets me free Bitcoin I have no
complaints I have no complaints about
this I encourage everyone to go on the
steam to steam it platform and to post
their content there and try to get steam
to immediately turn into Bitcoin and you
know they might be doing some
interesting things over there
Mitchell is a good guy the marking guy
he’s been on this weekend Bitcoin before
remember they’ll always come back here
every Friday for this weekend Bitcoin I
try to bring you the best guest in the
space in fact I do bring you the best
gate guests in the space here a vortex
is a great job also of bringing the get
very very good great guest of the other
space too these are the world Krypton
Network hey so am i you maybe you’re
listening to the podcast right now
you’re not seeing my face you’re happy
you’re like I I don’t want to see you
Adam why do I want to see Adam I likes
listened Adam he says things that I
learn about I learned from him I can’t
even talk right now I’m gonna go to
but yeah so you should be learning
all right and thank you podcasters Thank
You world Krypton Network thank you Andy
Hoffman Thank You Thomas everybody out
there Happy Thanksgiving
yeah all right what else do we have here
no I’ll share that next time oh here
the the B cash plus crypto dividend
that’s been rumored that oh and I’ll
link to this below
it was just a Twitter account okay
that’s all it has been and I have not
gotten too excited they hadn’t updated
it for a while but they have one update
now so here it is B cash plus test net
launch date is December 12th that’s all
it says so let’s see on December 12 that
they really do this and then I’ll be a
little bit more enthusiastic about this
maybe being a legitimate crypto dividend
because right now I’m still leaning
toward the joke side of things but let’s
see they got it they’ve got a Twitter
which means nothing but they J that’s
better than a big coin silver joke I
mean these people keep falling for that
uh December 12th let’s see let’s see if
there’s actually a test that launched if
there’s a test net on December 12th and
yeah let’s get bring it on baby give us
some more free coins baby um and you
know another thing that is hilarious do
you guys remember back around the be
cash pump and maybe around the 2x pump
also I’m not it’s cheesy creation not
pump the be cash fork the be gold for
the to ax fork that never happened
people were asking me they’re like Adam
you know I’m worried about the price of
Bitcoin during this so I’m gonna put all
my funds into litecoin or aetherium or
some other all coin okay and then what
do you think happened to those people
didn’t get the crypto dean hands god
they must be regretting it right now
that was such a and I tell I tell people
it’s just another reason to hold why do
you want to complicate things in life
why do you want to you
about an event that’s about to happen in
Bitcoin and you’re like well I shouldn’t
be holding Bitcoin during this event or
before this event and during this event
it makes no sense you gotta be a long
term thing it’s just one event you have
to be thinking twenty twenty people at
least 2020 and again just for the
newbies out there we have a Bitcoin
having coming up to 2020 I’m not telling
you to sell in 2020 I’m not saying I’m
selling in 2020 because I’m not but if
you must sell at some point at least
wait until 2020 the Bitcoin having and
just have it as a long-term goal so you
don’t panic beforehand like all these
other people that I’ve talked about that
have these weird techniques where they
think they’re doing something smart when
in the long run the regret is real bad
that I mean that they you can say what
you want about be cash but all those
people who didn’t get their freebie cash
because they were holding like coin at
the time dude that was a mistake and a
half to say the least
oh my god alright so uh what else do we
have here people switch tell all okay
okay there we go
yeah right so i yeah i split my be goal
entrees or i guess you can out to I did
it so if something’s wrong with it I’m
gonna lose it all no I trust them
obviously if I did all right I see a lot
of people over in the achat I can’t see
anything anyone saying over there so if
you do want me to notice you you can do
the super chat I think I’ve been talking
over a half hour now I really liked when
these things were like ten minutes
you know then fifteen minutes was
alright 20 minutes okay now these things
are ridiculously long I never listen I
never I never watched these things
afterwards the only time I know I’m
hearing my voice now it’s the only time
I I don’t like listening to myself at
all and I’ve got I got better things I
mean I put the show out I gotta do
something else there’s no time to listen
to this stuff there’s no time to even do
anything to the videos I add the closed
captions that’s the only thing I ever do
to these things after
and this probably if I had more time
there probably are some things I should
do like add links in the middle of them
I can I just and I like to keep numbers
pure I like to see how many people are
really watching him I don’t even I don’t
like to add my one click to it I know I
don’t ever want I don’t even want that
I’m at
that’s how anal I am about this stuff
this is kind of funny note oh yeah
bitcoin did not pump leading up to the B
diamond fork so not that many people
knew about it and and maybe the the
people who did know about it out there
in Asia don’t understand that uh you
know it’s a you know get get the if you
want this fork for free you own Bitcoin
so uh maybe that when we went into the
beef hash and 2x and B gold Forks a
Bitcoin did pump going into them but
before this bead I’m kidding everything
before the bead diamond fork it did not
pump now it’s pumping for whatever
what’s it at right now people I don’t
know hope maybe tonight that maybe he
went to nine thousand during this show
that would be cool man who cares it’s a
I’m saying it’s around eighty nine
hundred now I don’t have the price in
front of me I don’t check the price that
much my mother told me the price today
that today that was that was nice she
obviously knows obviously I’m interested
in it my mother does uh he’s got a good
idea how many Bitcoin I have my mom and
dad are the basically the only people on
the planet that uh have a pretty good
idea of what I would have what my net
worth is now so yeah you got to tell
your parents see they got to be proud of
you and everything
haha god it’s so surreal dudes so
surreal to tell your parents that and
I’m proud of it you know when I tell my
parents it I’m proud it’s good man it’s
good you know they raised a good kid
the successful kid I hope yeah I know
that I know they love it I know they
love it
alright alright what else do we have
here more okay I mentioned I already
told you guys that one all right if me
guys enjoy if B dive adjoins be gold in
the top let’s say eight top five top six
whatever again and then maybe super BTC
to eventually I mean it’s just going to
show the world what bitcoin dominance
truly is even though the official
bitcoin dominance will drop when these
coins when these all coins are added to
the total market cap of cryptocurrency I
mean those of us who have held Bitcoin
through it all are gonna be so very
happy to see that day yeah when there’s
like five want to be bitcoins up there
with Bitcoin and maybe the Bitcoin
dominance will only be like 40% but we
will have stock in the other ones
automatically for free so I mean when
you add up the totals the Bitcoin
dominance is going to be quite high and
again just the word Bitcoin is that
powerful that is putting these things
these alt coins in the top you know top
ten and it’s just going to encourage
more people in more regions to create
their own forks of Bitcoin and hey you
learned it here first
back in August I predicted it all I
predicted there be third parties making
it easier also that there’d be just a
hole this would be a whole new branch of
cryptocurrency I think I thought I
talked about how in law you have
different forms of law you can’t be a
specialist in every you can’t you can’t
be a master of every form of law there’s
people that are marriage law the Supreme
Court law whatever I’m not a lawyer
ambulance-chasing law you specialize in
one so in creating in the world a
Bitcoin they’re gonna be different
specialties also and obviously over here
one of our specialties is crypto
that was gonna be a specialty and dude
is it not something that you you mean
you’re coming here is you want to learn
about these things because most people
are behind the curve on these things
they don’t know about them they’re
confused about them but you come here
you learn about up you know about it
before anyone else ‘i’m talks about
alright what else do we have right here
that i just want to get off of the sheet
here’s a quote of the day when you look
at the average doctor they are they
aren’t themselves the mirror of health
so how can you trust this professional
quack yeah that’s true dudes be careful
with your doctors if they’re out of
shape how can you trust them for any
medical advice and this is referring to
a video I recently did if by the way
guys if you’re if you just are here for
Bitcoin I guess tune out now pound that
like button though Thomas Seyfried is
the correct name of the great doctor who
talks about fasting and cancer I’d link
to his link below a link of his below
where you can learn about um you know
three day to five day fast and and
cancer and yeah you know when I when I
left Israel I picked the head this at
the airport well this trigger saw you
guys out there if you’re if you’re on
the podcast it says a hundred twenty
years of Zionism Zionism is an infinite
ideal it’s a good book I like this book
man it’s got a nice pictures in it look
at it look at Israel baby look at that
success look this nice book pick it up
at the airport in Tel Aviv Zionism yeah
now for those of you who know with
scientism his it’s just you know Jews
have a homeland in the Land of Israel
you should probably laughing your butt
off but there’s all these people think
Zionism is like the things they think it
is unbelievable but hey if you want to
live in your 80% world we you’re not
educated we get you think about crazy
conspiracies that hey you know waste
your time
with that stuff myself I’m in the real
world I get to travel around all the
world and pick up nice little free books
like this at various airports around the
world all right and I will be in the
Seoul Airport soon enough maybe I’ll
pick up some Korean literature that I
can share with all of you and maybe
trigger some of you guys because I know
there’s some of you who think oh it’s
all lies what they say about that guy in
North Korea it’s all lies he’s he’s not
that bad yeah all right so they’re not
suffering up there in North Korea no no
that’s just propaganda from you you
people who you know you believe the
mainstream news you you don’t have the
secret knowledge all right what else do
we have here no that’s it telnet like
button people stay healthy oh no wait a
second I’ve been painting a lot of oh my
god I’m going back in the Bitcoin again
for those people who tuned out a lot of
fake phishing emails lately from
blockchain DUP people pretending to be
blocking info also a coin base one that
says coin base and Bitcoin gold that’s
the title okay it is not really from
coinbase though don’t don’t get confused
people you’re gonna get some B diamond
ones probably eventually to just if your
email address is known you’re gonna get
these phishing emails tricking you you
know having a familiar name that you
just gonna interest you it’s gonna say
it’s from coinbase you know I have a
coin base account no it’s not really
from coin base be careful be careful
a fake blotching that info and fake coin
base accounts all right I did I did want
to say that and yeah crypto Mon Co /
Bitcoin / forks that’s the fork link
I’ll link to that below that lists all
the all the crypto dividends that are
out there okay I’ll read this other one
another day found that like
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
disrupt meister remember subscribe this
channel like this video share this video
do check out the notes section below I
will talk to you later bye


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