Tonight in Bitcoin- More friendly fork crypto-dividends- Super BTC & Bdiamond! Dash, Tether

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to late night in bitcoin today
is November the 18th 2017 at least it
still is in Chicago for a minute and of
course in Denver and Los Angeles and all
those other Western places in my native
United States it still is the 18th of
November by at old golden hold what a
crazy schedule I’ve had these last few
weeks in Israel I like I have two
different sleeps at night I have to get
up in the middle of the night the middle
of the morning to do one of these shows
it has been an adventure but I like
doing late-night shows for you guys or
early morning shows here in Israel I
always got to get the news out the big
share the big coin information and I
look forward to coming back for
Thanksgiving I’ll be back home in a few
days so we’ll be back at some normal
times to spread the word speaking of
normal times we did have on Friday it
was this week in Bitcoin we had some
great guests on please check that out in
the notes section below I always link to
the permanent links that deal with visa
with these shows and I cannot and yes
and so the guests were and we didn’t end
up with much of a fun Friday did we
the guests were Juan Gault BGC Benny and
crypto Medici the great Twitter dude and
we did talk about some interesting
things – came up I’m gonna bring up –
again Juan Galt’s a big – fan and we
were talking about – versus be cash in
terms of they might be competing because
they both want to serve the small
transaction buying coffee type of
markets so that’s interesting we talked
about how to X that it failed and that
if it what if the community would have
accepted 2x what you never would have
if Bitcoin would have become 2x there’d
be no big point anymore everything what
exploded cryptocurrency would be dead
that’s why you know you can’t you can’t
just have a lone wolf uh you know
writing everything it’s a team effort
it’s peer-review it’s the smartest
people out there and it’s not rushing
into things don’t be impulsive pal that
like button people if you like late
night and probably figured Hawaii it’s
just the evening you’re sitting by the
beach enjoying those there are a lot of
people from Hawaii who watch this
especially at these times and I it’s
beautiful in Honolulu oh yeah I enjoyed
my time area now what was it February 20
February 2015 it was alright yes before
I went to South Africa and I will be
back in South Africa hopefully in March
and yeah I’ll be in South Korea whoops
yeah I got start talking about that
December what is it December the fifth
up being Seoul meeting up with all of
you we’ll talk about today oh how can I
eat how can I forget today at 7 p.m. in
bear Sheva I’m going to be hey that’s it
well yeah Sunday at some p.m. in Bear
Sheva I’ll be hanging out at the bar the
meet up with the Bitcoin people here in
bearish of Israel
I’ll give the name of that place because
I can’t see where I have it written down
right now no God alright okay and so
Erik Voorhees all he was he’s the guy
behind shape-shift
he sort of apologized over reddit I give
a link to a reddit that describes the
the 2x I don’t know if he apologized in
that thread or not oh well
also something that we learned yesterday
from Juan Gault about be hash he’s
familiar with visa anarchist the people
down in Mexico now I’m not down with all
those people down there especially one
guy who really is now outspoken about be
cash but one says there’s a lot of these
anarchists these libertarians who just
love they’re so used to being the
underdog and not getting their way
that they just they want to be part of
something that’s an underdog so a few of
them besides the one lunatic who got you
know his talk is pumping up B cash
there’s some other innocent bystanders
in this that just want to be behind an
underdog something they think is an
underdog but how can you call B cash an
underdog one I mean there’s there’s
billionaires behind it I mean that at
least one crypto billionaire he’s close
king of the trolls is close to being a
crypto billionaire and that’s good for
him he you know he made some good
investments in his day I’m not ripping
him you know try to be as rich as
possible but they’re not exactly under I
mean they’re clearly in altcoins if you
look at it look at it on that level I
guess they’re they’re an underdog but
they’re far from an underdog there’s
some people that would be described as
villain I mean his Rocketman woo is as
close to a Bitcoin of villain as you can
get and you know he’s doing his business
that’s his thing I’m not blaming anyone
they’re free to do anything they want to
do over in the be cash land we’ll we’ll
just carry on and the best thing we can
feel here we got to go to war with that
glove just call it be cash that’s the
best thing you can do trust me you can
say that’s your little war against them
if you want to just calling it be –
making sure everyone doesn’t under
understand what is Bitcoin what does it
all coin that’s your that’s all that’s
all you can do that’s great there’s your
little thing you did in the war if you
want to call it a war it’s not a war
yeah and you’re better things to spend
your time on and I’ve just spent too
much time on this so be cash at ease
like 0.1 seconds – it’s only a waste of
0.1 seconds or something milliseconds
okay anarchists I talk about this oh
yeah there is a guy out there and I hope
I put this in the note section below who
you should read you should retweet this
guy he’s asking the the exchanges to
list be clash otherwise known as be
classic the the he’ll never get into
that so there’s a retweet that if you
can there’s a beat clash Explorer now
step is just getting um an exchange to
list it so that’s why you want to
retweet that tweet by shark piker I hope
it’s listed below it you once once I
gets in this video I’ll make short chart
pikers tweet is below and you’ll easily
be able to retweet it that’s the best
thing you can do after you watch this
show you always learn something from
your show but their action items
sometimes after this show too so that’s
that’s a very important action item to
retweet this so we got to get this beat
clash out there the more competition the
better the more and hey we want the UH
the be cash people have their own
friendly for call so and there’s a lot
of Bitcoin people who happen to have be
cash that would like to dump their beat
clash or their be cash I don’t know so
so many so many things out there we’re
going to get to these other these other
forests that are out there these other
crypto Givet ends that are out there you
know this channel home of the criminal
dividend yeah you know this it’s funny
some people are over in twitter land or
kind of dissing up for the dividends and
then they’re then they’re people who
follow me who are like wow why what’s
free money buy hold by hold bitcoin
don’t buy the crypto dividends whoa just
uh you can hold them if you want to guys
but get you know the end of the day Val
your wealth and Bitcoin trying to get as
much Bitcoin as possible um and yeah and
don’t don’t cry if you only got 10% only
got 10% 10 10 % or your buddy is
incredible don’t if you like complain
about getting 10% other people gonna you
just you don’t understand money you
don’t understand how the how the world
works if you complain about getting 10%
on your uh free money I mean it’s
amazing it’s just amazing so you’ve got
something to learn in life if you
complain about 10% people out there
their grandmothers out there on their
savings you know they don’t know about
cryptocurrency they get 1.1 percent
every year and they have to live on that
alright and maybe some Social Security
to or whatever great grant 90 year old
women out there have back a cow’s pain
um point one so
and they would 10% they’d have a heart
attack and die again all right what do
we got here oh yeah something I wanted
to read I read this oh yeah the beat
clash Explorer is Satoshi’s true vision
comm link to below funnies funny stuff
segue QX failure will be a good test of
journalists covering Bitcoin looking at
you Laura Shin and the journalists who
presented the the s2x farce as if it
were if as it was a serious threat find
better clickbait please and thank you
yeah I mean these Laura Shin types with
their clickbait we discussed this on
this week a big one you can watch it a
little bit but are these are they gonna
learn from this situation we’re like
stop glowing these things at a
proportion and trying to make the
players legitimate I mean it was so the
people behind to you know you can see
I’m trying to be impartial but to X was
painted in a way in a light of
legitimacy by people like Laura Shen
that’s just it was just ridiculous and
Laura Shin is ridiculous it’s in
ridiculous I guess I like Sean Connery
now too much big clash on me you know
she talked she tone had him to base and
a great thing al she had this i co
article get on a ship you know just
making these ICO seems so investor
worthy and that’s not you gotta be
careful with those things man it’s crap
she just doesn’t understand it I bet she
doesn’t understand this kind of stuff I
mean I think she’s out there to San
Francisco crowd she’s got to be
politically correct gotta fit in go with
the flow type of person this is stuff
this is the old school thing we don’t
have to deal with anymore think you know
and I can say such things without you
know King worried you know you can’t you
know and if you work for a real cup of a
big company out there a real company if
you don’t work for yourself like I do
you can’t say things on YouTube that
like Laura Shen like that you know you
got to get all shit up a very smart
yes Forbes very important you know it’s
she didn’t just get her job because she
has completely no qualifications and
they want to be diversified or whatever
I mean sister no but she’s very well
qualified to cover to cover crypto she’s
business it’s 2015 or something like
that very experienced very knowledgeable
very good with money you no doubt you
know talking about I cos you know you
have to say very good things if you’ve
got a difference but me I could say that
she’s just completely put a nonsense
what nonsense or shin she’s like the
poster child she is the mickey mouse of
the mainstream media that she’s a little
character a little character laurainge
somebody draw a little cartoon and Laura
Shin pumping icos and saying Tourette’s
is the biggest thing ever to happen in
Bitcoin it could change everything
what nonsense just you know just adding
fun but I even knowing does she’s adding
typical you know her little website yeah
little freebie bows and pretty pictures
mostly alright
okay so vice actually came out with a
article also about be classic so be but
I mean I fights can be a total joke too
so it’s like that’s a liberal rag okay
yeah they can be but the point is is
that a lot of people do read it and they
come up with a thing they wrote about be
classic and it was kind of was funny and
for like the critic of dividend like
that – all of a sudden getting like a
semi mainstream a semi legitimate news
publication online a lot of people were
reading that’s interesting maybe Laura
write about it – over at Forbes no she
does she I mean I don’t think she knows
that a crypto dividend even s she
probably doesn’t doesn’t understand what
that is she she is she telling her but
she wants to tell us about her buddies i
ciose in San Francisco or whatever all
right yeah and so also go over to the B
cash shop reddit and it’s an eye-opener
over the be cash reddit
they they are really in the B cash
they’re buying they’re bonding it up
during this mini pump that we just had
and I’ll talk about the mini pump in a
but it’s it’s an eye-opening experience
and just go over there you learn you
learn I’m learning all right so my buddy
who told me about dad you know I’ve
forgot I forgot his name the guy just
emailed me about – is down in Venezuela
they just had an event in Venezuela and
I will get you exactly what he said in a
second because I wrote all this up and
it’s completely it’s not organized at
all what I’m reading off of here but
we’ll get to that in a second okay there
are sites out there that have now tried
to organize the crypt of dividends so
you can stay you know what’s the latest
encrypt of dividend news and I linked to
it before crypto mong-koo
I’m not gonna read out the whole thing
and there’s a reddit about Fitness the
Bitcoin airdrops read it even though
most crypto dividends or the forks are
not airdrops we can get into the
difference between out later a fork is
not an air drop in it well an air drop
is not a fork there you go that’s a
better way of saying it uh and i wonder
these new bitcoin crypt of dividends
what state with these new ones would in
a big be gold is delaware or these other
ones be pennsylvania you know whatever
the second and third states where I
think Pennsylvania was the second state
another our earth should we do another
comparison where they’re they’re gonna
be larger that or since they’re weirder
since they’re a little bit different
that weird is the wrong word it but the
total some of these are gonna be totally
different they’ll be like Utah that’s a
very interesting state so we’ll have to
see what these new crypto Givens what
state they are United States of Bitcoin
or if they’re if they are really
friendly Forks or not if they like but
no no ain’t no me okay I couldn’t like
I’m spoiling what I’m about to talk
about I think of one of their pages they
said oh we’re not here to hurt Bitcoin
so they would be part of the United
States a Bitcoin they like Bitcoin
alright so going back to the Venezuela –
I think it was Jaime who sent me this I
hope it was sorry dude if I’m butchering
everything I wrote this down the other
day today is a – conference in Venezuela
and they are giving
ten dollars – if you have the wallet
installed on your phone
no wonder where all the instant mining
of the early days are for marketing okay
that’s his little ledge over there
somebody said Bitcoin has a lot to learn
from – I almost threw up my blush well
thank you for sharing that but dude that
hey it pumps up the price of – their
mark you might not like marketing but
they’re good at marketing and they’re
down in Venezuela of all places they
clearly have a big marketing budget
because it’s not cheap to go down there
now you gotta be careful when you’re
down there so thank you for sharing that
pound that like button everyone these
sites are some of these new a crypt of
different sites one disturbing aspect of
them and maybe they just like how the
site they all look the same
I mean they have the same HTML HTML
format or one or whatever it is you
scroll down and then you open it up a
certain thing a certain way they really
look very similar we’re going to get to
that in a second though
all right oh yeah so the – the people at
the Bitcoin um I’ve linked to them
before he’s very a great very proactive
he tries to stay in touch with me he’s
tweeting at me they’re gonna take over
the 2x mantra the 2x mantle mantra if I
don’t know where I’m saying they’re
taking over – 2 X all right although so
they made they’re making a 2m version of
Bitcoin but it’s a friendly fork he’s in
Japan it appears this 2m guy so we’ll
keep an eye on a 2m again there is a
site now that lists all of them but they
don’t list Bitcoin diamond yet we’ll
call that B diamond for now on but we’re
going to get to that in a second so
again the beef I forgot to say about
beat classic I think I said maybe this
is the third time I’ve said it on other
shows but I want to repeat it the beat
classic is like those coin it really is
like those coin to the 10th power in
terms of being this joke meme but people
are taking very seriously and in crypto
world and the crypto world jokes can
become real crypto that could crypto
currencies real all coins look at
dogecoin look at dogecoin as an example
this is the Doge point of 20
team got keep on coming up with
marketing sayings that’s all I said I’m
just the that is what my brain is wired
for just to keep coming up with
marketing sayings I mean I don’t know
how you know look into the genetics of
the Meister’s or the other sides of my
family is how our brains got wired this
way I have I do have some siblings also
I’m not gonna say how many or you know
they have break they come they’re good
with marketing too
they got into that kind of thing also
our brains are wired I mean I don’t
knows of that and Adam is the best
marketer of the Meister’s but for
certain things I am there they’re very
smart also my siblings very smart people
and I’ve kind of I’ve got a second
cousin out there who’s a big-time you
see he anyway I’m going to say he these
people gonna try to stalk in terms of my
stress or show if you look up the name
Meister on the internet you will not
find my stress related to me there’s so
few that are actually have had the name
Meister that are related to me that I do
have a second cousin who works who I
bring this up because if you found him
he’s a big-time lawyer so if you stopped
him you would become destroyed this
guy’s the genius of our family is a huge
lawyer out there people like to hear a
little bit of personal stuff late at
night but yeah if you want to go stop
that Meister a be my guest he will sue
you to oblivion properly I would not
want to do that and again he is
definitely has he’s way smarter than I
am but he’s not even to see and this is
when you learn about how people’s brains
are wild wired I mean he has done Reese
I’m he went to Harvard Law obviously at
not obviously but look it down so no
easy to uh obviously he’s done research
shed biological research I mean all
these things I could never do that kind
of thing but other certain let you know
the he’s not in the Bitcoin he says that
he’s he’s not a marketer actually so and
maybe people are gonna say we see
bargaining’s for the simple-minded maybe
it maybe I’m just a simple-minded uh guy
oh you got a so thanks Adam for your
great videos I started out in 2015
using local bitcoins in Ireland had no
knowledge started cloud mining and lost
400 euro on cloud mining scam then I
found your videos in July 2016 set my
target for 10 Bitcoin and achieved this
in March 2017 awesome dude
now I’m strong hand and hold thanks for
all your great advice later I found out
my older brother had been an email
contact with Simon Dixon since 2014 he
is now a millionaire saying his brother
is now a millionaire yes Simon Dixon is
better advice than I do I guess I still
love the guy his brother oh say look
we’re talking about siblings and now
this guy I’m quoting some guy talking
about his sibling bitcoin forever
alright thank you thank you
umm who sometimes gonna say about my
second cousin now I totally forgot he’s
from Baltimore originally also you know
and it’s uh and yeah and that that’s the
thing just because somebody you know
someone in your family being like if
you’ve got a second cousin that’s a
genius it absolutely means nothing for
your own house more you are how or what
you can do you probably got that from
but not from the moist earth I do know
this there’s some oysters are smart
totally rambling on the mice just got
this weird creativity there you go he
thought that dude’s got some this odd
creativity that some of us have on the
Meister said I do have an odd creativity
I’ll give you guys that you know with
the hair this dude my second cousin when
he was um he had a blue mohawk when he
was in Nam
you know people think my hair’s crazy he
had a blue mohawk when he was in like
middle school high school or something
like that you know pound that leg but if
you know who I’m talking about hey
there’s no word for Baltimore that’s
watching this now
yeah you know it’s very hard what we’ve
learned from be clash what a show this
is becoming my god
first what block digest is a channel I
link to it below they had a very good
video out there why did I just skip a
bunch of things here this thing is so
not organized today my god we’ll get
back to the okay let’s get the block by
just a second I wanted to say you can
tell when a be cash unnatural you
probably can tell a be cash a natural
surge is going on this is a theory of
mine if you see it trading around 4
billion in trade volume and if it’s like
right up there with bitcoins 4 billion
and it and there’s a and there’s a big
thumb up surge all those things like and
if it’s a weekend that that’s what’s
been going on lately it just comes out
of the blue and all and then you see the
price go up the point 1/6 of a Bitcoin
which it did but they were able to
sustain it and we’ll get to why they
weren’t able to sustain this or maybe it
was natural this weekend I know I died I
died that there was way Allah fueling
some of it maybe not but it was you know
look for those Talpa those are signs
that you should you know maybe if you
still hold their a be cash today it’s
about to go up a lot if you start to see
those things having that you know or
something is about to happen and there’s
some way it’s going to even dump more
and it’ll get back to point to if you if
you really want to get your point to
instead of your point one alright so
block digest ah block I just out there
makes an interesting point and I link to
them below around the 32 minute mark
that I linked in the video that I went
to below
they mentioned what happens when you
leave something behind in this space and
it is a very awesome point talking about
the be cash people thought they left the
old chain behind and the but they did it
and you can’t abandon anything it’s it’s
if you think something’s abandoned in
the cryptocurrency space don’t think I
mean you didn’t learn your lesson from
the etherion plastic thing it’s it’s
hard to abandon something something can
pick up somebody anyone can pick up
something that you left behind so be
careful when you leave behind it’s just
like when you go at camping
it cleaner than you found it right they
didn’t do that they left something
also the 52-minute mark they talk about
tether I talked about tether you know
and they’re not you worried he’s not to
the heat that the guy ripped on the
BitFenix died at the BitFenix guy is a
bitter person who wants Bitcoin to go
down I don’t know I again I’m looking at
the tether thing and if it if it
implodes as cryptography pointed out on
the show yesterday and tone Vaes pointed
out on their show oh yes on the Bitcoin
group show on the world criminal network
which you should check out you know I’m
affiliated with the world crypto Network
check out below the link to their
podcasts that I’m on every day this is
in podcast form maybe you’re listening
it to it now also but both the crypto
Medici I said – a crypto graffiti
remember your history below and get your
while it also but Rizzo are below at a
crypto hwe wallet comm check out Andy
Hoffman critical central I’m just
plugging away at everything here
no but they pointed out that if people
in pick tether fall fails if it implodes
everyone’s gonna run into the big coin
from tether because it’ll be it’ll it’ll
be worthless and they want to trade
they’re shooting to be very worthless
tether for something that has value and
they won’t be able to get dollars for it
at that because they’ll be own exchanges
that don’t have dollars so I don’t I
know it’s not gonna bring down the whole
all a crypto currency if it implodes and
I don’t even know if it is gonna implode
or not it’s something not to worry about
now people if you’re a long term holder
at least what’s the big deal and you
know what okay so forget let’s say worst
case scenario big everything crashes
because of tether okay and that’s not
gonna happen you’re not it will come
back everything will fix itself again
the more everything will recover we’ll
learn our lesson Bitcoin will still be
Bitcoin it has nothing be cool not none
of the aspects that make Bitcoin great
none of its qualities will have changed
because of this tether thing so if
you’re a long-term older it doesn’t make
a difference so don’t worry if people
have asked me about this tether
the guys over block digest course some
smart guys by the way are not worried at
I know Ansel Linder he’s not worried at
all I’m not worried at all
tone worries about everything so what
can I say but he did bring up the point
that people will it might hurt your all
coins you know what again it’s like coin
drops like coin is still Mike point so
so maybe was pumped up some by Heather I
think it would recover to a big crash I
don’t do you know there’s so many people
so what’s on doesn’t over the counter
trend but someone’s buying Bitcoin over
the counter Isaac a million dollars
worth of Bitcoin it hasn’t it still that
has a huge effect on Bitcoin okay that
person it has nothing to do with tether
or anything like that tether only plays
a role in these quick flips on exchanges
and going between crazy all coins I mean
perhaps it may be all the fifth tier all
coins will disappear so what so what I
mean okay now I’ve talked way too much
about this I’ve talked too much about
second causes I’ve talked too much about
below blue Mohawks and Heather helmet
like button alright I talked about Laura
shin you know flourishing all right so
Satoshi soundbites is a dude who’s taken
sound bytes from some of the you know
some good videos out from my videos from
a world crypto network from the the
block digest people and he makes these
summaries of the day so instead of
hearing me ramble on about Larson and
blue blue Mohawks he gets straight to
the point of the the high points of
everybody’s videos and he puts them all
together it’s Satoshi soundbites I link
to it below I didn’t label it yet below
because I mean I rush to make this I got
so much to do I’m right so early in the
morning it’s crazy doing this stuff out
here I’m looking forward to being back
in North America for a week and do
things in a normal time
alright and yes on the Bitcoin show well
the Bitcoin group show today’s did point
at king of the troll and trolls and his
crew knew probably knew in advance that
segment 2x was not going to happen and
so they were they were able to plan an
entire plot pump around this
semi-exclusive information that you know
that the whole market did not know about
yet there were rumors of course and I
had heard different things about how
different entities were going to handle
it and I knew it wasn’t gonna be
successful I didn’t know they weren’t
going to try it I knew it wasn’t gonna
be successful I’m not gonna get into
that reason there’s no point in sharing
it now but I didn’t i didn’t have inside
information like 2x is not gonna have a
suit tone theorizes that hey they knew
it was not gonna happen and so they had
it all planned out from spamming the
Bitcoin network
it was slowing everything to selling a
Bitcoin for be cash to media appearances
he was very well planned out the current
pump is so the current pump that I just
explained beforehand that’s what pumped
it off 2.16 this weekend it has some
planned aspects to it it doesn’t have
media appearances but this the
responding of the Bitcoin network there
there’s obviously a rails selling but
there was no event to build around there
was no event that they knew about in
advance to build around so what I’m
trying to I even bring all this up again
is that eventually the guys over be cash
who are whales and they can do this if
they want to they’re gonna know about
something some event that is going to be
fun worthy for Bitcoin or they can be
twisted around and they’re gonna know
about the event before it happens so
they’ll be able to a plan again
something just as well planned out as
that and so just get you I mean be ready
be be ready for the next time I say this
just so you have a strong Bitcoin hand
the next time you see the be cash pump
up to 0.25 or whatever they’re gonna be
able to work it to next time and it’ll
be around in an event then I’ll be semi
scary for Bitcoin maybe what’s gonna
happen let’s just say
if theoretically they know tethers gonna
go down they know exactly know something
that we don’t know I’m not and I’m not
saying it but I’m just giving this as an
example and so that they’ll have it
planned out for once Heather go
the second tether goes down don’t
release everything will start self
spanning a network the start selling
their Bitcoin and they’ll be like oh
yeah Laura now’s the time to interview
us please yeah we’re gonna talk about
this so it’ll be it’ll be perfect so
just be ready you gotta be careful um
again the best thing to be is just
something like 35 year old dude who just
is a long-term who doesn’t follow any of
this doesn’t watch anything doesn’t know
what tether is doesn’t know what
anything is it just goes about his
business and his life and doesn’t check
doesn’t follow this stuff you know as
close as I do so if you’re gonna follow
things closely any of these fun to
bottle things close please you do learn
so much about the space you got and a
lot of you out there who watching this
now try to follow this very close and
like drama you shouldn’t like drama but
you should be prepared be cash pumps
that’s all nothing wrong they can pop
pump they’re all coin that’s great I
don’t like that they spam people or
spamming the Bitcoin to make the Bitcoin
network slower that’s not cool
that’s not a good thing to do to
increase transaction fee I mean that’s
not that’s not a good thing to do but
they’re gonna they’re gonna do it
they’re going to do and they and that’s
why we don’t call them by their names if
people are gonna do things that aren’t
very respectful we’re not going to
respect them and you know we uh we call
them out and we boycott their businesses
so yeah don’t buy coffee what else do we
had be very careful with okay so Wendy’s
crypto and I still haven’t gotten to the
crypt of dividends yeah well I can just
talk up a storm can I here
all right I don’t like that these shows
have become low neither man I don’t like
it either
people people do look and like the
longer I talk the more people watch this
is the middle of the night the middle of
the night back home and there’s a
hundred thirty of you watching so thank
you pound that like button and those in
Europe you’re waking up right now or
maybe you’re you know they’re not even
we get maybe a bunch of all people in
Australia watching this what’s up
Australia purse
Sydney Brisbane Melbourne all right so
you be careful when you start to mess
around with your latest crypto dividend
I recommend everyone set up an account
at BTC calm or blockchain that info or
have a paper wallet where you send one
bit one dollar – you said I dollar worth
a Bitcoin to this new account that you
create okay and you just leave that
dollar a Bitcoin there forever so then
you’ll have a recovery seed a recovery
phrase you’ll have a private key and you
can mess around with those at these
claiming sites that are recommend now I
don’t say go to any claim site okay to
get your crypto dividend I see to only
go to ones that people say work that are
approved by the people putting on the
crimp of dividend that that other people
have said are good so and then once you
think you’ve got a legitimate place to
go because others are saying it because
and I just don’t mean some random dude I
mean people you know and legitimate
sources out there again the if it’s
linked to from the page so some people
gonna say well be gold link to a wallet
provider that was bad and that is why I
bring this up now I don’t know the whole
story yet but what you would do then
with instead of giving you and again yo
there’s gotta be better ways of claiming
the best thing I can say is just be
patient be patient until you don’t have
to use your private key or your recovery
see the get your your your crypt of
dividend but if again if you if you
birdee impatient and if you want to mess
around use your one your an account that
has $1 in it to mess around with first
to eat so that use your private key
there and see what happens if your one
dollar gets stolen okay there you go so
this is like what what I’m recommend and
it’ll give you experience with private
keys and you know it is a good
experience I guess to learn you know
what the private key looks like what the
looks like how to input it somewhere and
again and then once you do that with
your one dollar then you’re on your own
what you’re going to do I would never
never you know give up by uh private you
know then what you would do okay
then you would move your big coin off of
where it originally was at your real
stature pick one you would then move off
of its original address to a new private
key to a new recovery seat and then use
that old one to to claim if you want to
do that or just wait till the trésor
makes it easy or wait I had or wait
until there is an organization out there
that makes it easy for anyone to get
their crypto dividend any crypt of
dividend we need a player like that in
this space look at the opportunity be
crypto dividend where you
give all the information about crypt of
dividends and you help people you
actually get everybody through the
recovery process or you create a device
like a treasurer that does that for
okay so that there’s an entrepreneurial
opportunity I have spoken about it
before so now finally we get to be
Dimond Bitcoin diamond they call we’re
gonna call it B diamond for now on
clearly this is out of it it might be
out of Singapore it looks like I link to
it below btcd
dot IO they say they’re kind to fork it
very soon actually what is the block
number I didn’t write it down go to
their site they tell you everything but
it’s gonna be in November they’re gonna
be free and they’re gonna give you ten
now I don’t understand how this fully
works because I thought when you fort
it’s naturally a one-to-one ratio
they make me and then and if you did an
airdrop you could do any ratio all right
but they’re saying you’re gonna get ten
ten and I’m not a technical guy here
you’re gonna get ten be diamonds for
every Bitcoin you had before whatever
date it is it’s coming up real soon if
it has a that block numbers is coming up
very soon you’re gonna get ten of theirs
for every one big
coin you have so they’re gonna end up
with 210 million there were some other
things on their on their site um one
thing that was very interesting they
link they have they list um while at
providers already our exchanges already
for there be diamond and they link to an
exchange in China it looks like it’s
it’s in a script I can’t decipher it is
not in English where they are selling
beef diamond futures right now it’s a
futures market for be dining it’s I
clicked on it it’s legitimate and
they’re selling it for around thirty
some dollars I forgot what that was in
Bitcoin but remember they’re giving it’s
a ten to one ratio so for every Bitcoin
you have here we get ten of these things
so really it’s you’re getting three for
every Bitcoin you have you get $300 in
this if this maintains now I’m not
saying I mean this could be a completely
fake site that got set up to this again
I’m not familiar with this exchange e XX
calm I don’t know maybe this just a
complete but nonsense but I’m putting it
out there be very careful with this
obviously but you got to know about it I
linked through the reddit where they
announced it I linked to their Twitter
again they say they have replay
protection so yeah I believe they are
the ones who said they want to be a
friend so they want to be in the United
States of Bitcoin there who are they
Utah or they Pennsylvania or they
Montana you tell me pound that like
button remember email me at animators or
help calm you need a crypto consultation
helps setting up your trays or you want
one help getting you through fun
situations we’ll set up a paid
consultation Adam hat trays or help calm
I really have no people but emailing me
a day behind a lot of things is I don’t
have free time to do free things you get
my attention when you send that’s how
the world works you pay you pay for
stuff this is free these videos are free
and I give up so much information here
any it is frustrating when people ask
you something that you just talked about
on the show yesterday so I mean some if
I give you a little short response like
watch the show understand you know I get
so many emails so if I’m not trying to
be mean to hear anything I’m just
telling you it’s out there already for
free and I cannot waste my time but uh
yeah so yeah you’re my attention l do
the super channel answer questions big
coin magazine
I think Aaron found weird um has the
article and here’s someone just sent a
super jet about how to claim your be
um he has an article about five dollars
ten cents for every thumbs up pound that
like button Thank You G BT Thank You G
BT where are you located right now G bTW
if you’re if you’re sending me US
dollars you’re awake late dude alright
so I forgot to say who’s been telling me
so super smart Bitcoin comm is super
Bitcoin so we’ll just call that super
BTC for now on there’s a guy in Italy
named Danielle who has sent me the
he is my source who is been sending me
who sent me the super BTC information
and the bead diamond information so
claps Thank You Danielle in Italy I
don’t know if you’re watching this right
now or not thank you so much and if
people have tips like this you know send
email me at a dimitra’s where help calm
that if you got a tip or send me a DM
there’s a guy there’s a guy who sends me
a lot of direct messages and I could be
very quick with him too because I mean I
and I’m not trying to be mean to you
dude but you send me a lot of
information which is great and it’s
great but but sometimes it’s information
I’ve already talked about where it’s
like it’s information that isn’t that
pertinent but you know whatever trying
your best
I don’t want to be rude to anyone out
there it sounds like sometimes it sounds
like I’m being rude I’m just I gotta be
quick and this is speaking about being
quick this show isn’t very quick I wish
this show was better we should show it
shorter it’s been 40 minutes it’s too
long it’s way too long
alright so super big coin that’s gonna
be in December December 17th okay what
super Bitcoin wants to be is everything
they’re gonna have they’re gonna be
privacy like Z cash they’re gonna have
smart contracts like aetherium will this
really happen or not I don’t know it’s
it’s it
those two that I just mentioned have
progressed more than again their
webpages are all set up in similar ways
it’s so funny maybe that’s not too funny
we have a long run but it’s different
than in that b plus you know b plus only
sent out some tweets that was it it was
over and by the way I see Russell Spears
in there right now and he loves this
type of sin he has the Bitcoin Hydra
thesis you go over the Russell Spears
you find him on YouTube you watch his
videos I haven’t watched his latest one
yet he understands what this some what
these cryptic dividends are about he
definitely understands it so I want to
give Russell a shout out I haven’t had
time to watch her play this video yet
but I’m telling people now to find
Russell Spears and watch his latest
videos he’s in the chat right now always
good to see him around uh and he’s got
some interesting philosophies that go
beyond Bitcoin to that kind of crossover
to some of mine also well not exactly
everyone’s a little different I’m sure
he’s not a big fan of Lorien alright
because Russell was smart all right
again so uh see ya and there’s going to
be so super smart Bitcoin or suit or
whatever super BTC they took some big
old aspects to it all so they’re trying
to be friendly Forks okay there is this
I’ve been meaning to bring this up for a
while there’s an airdrop out there that
is sort of like the big core airdrop put
it involves you having an ethereal
address at the end this is something I
wouldn’t you know and right now there
you’re gonna end up with a token that is
worth anything yet but it seems like
these guys are gonna try to build up
some value they’ve got a long term plan
it’s called by tether B y te h TM excuse
me B y te th er it’s got an unfortunate
name as it has nothing to do with tether
he’s trying to combine Bitcoin and
etherium and there I linked to some
stuff about what this person or this
thing these people are trying to do
again the claiming process was like
original airdrop 4-bit core where you
have to uh well you just check it out if
you did the original airdrop for big
core you check out this by tether and
you’ll get some tokens on your I haven’t
done it yet on your if you have a theory
you know you know give them a theory and
rest you’re going to end up with some
SEO you talk it’s true it is it you know
if you’re a long-term person or a
medium-term person this might turn into
some value for you like a 2018 worst
comes to worst it turns into nothing for
you and I’m just bringing I’ve been
meaning to bring this up for a over a
week I think I’ve known about this thing
but hey the show is going on for so long
why not add this at the end again they
they have a roadmap and I’ll say this uh
going back with a super ptc there is a
big chinese very wealthy dude behind it
so that that’s interesting and I don’t
know where I have that written down here
that I have supposed to read all right
so Chris uh burn psych or Bert whatever
his name burn ski I’m butchering his
name he has an interesting tweet out
there crypto folks spend all day lost in
that system that most people have no
clue even exist yet that is so true that
we who are in cryptocurrency are deep
down into this cryptocurrency ecosystem
and most people don’t even know it
so a but yet but people will know and
it’s show the people who are deep into
the cryptocurrency ecosystem we’ve got a
big advantage of the people who are
going to come into this thing soon
enough and uh hey man it’s great it’s
great also Ben Shapiro had a again
sometimes when I’m cooking my food I’ve
listened to some political stuff because
I don’t want like to waste my time well
usual missing the Bitcoin stuff but
sometimes I’ll turn on bench up here on
like Ben Shapiro at the 4750 mark in
what I link to and this pertains the
Bitcoin a little bit he pointed out he
reminds everyone that this country was
nothing but supposed to be at them of
democracy it is a constitutional
republic which is different the people
people are always screaming where
democracy United States is supposed to
I’m sorry from confusing people but
anyway he’s a great John Adams quote and
I actually link to that John Adams quote
to John Adams was I was a smart dude
and supposedly his son was the smartest
president of all time how they figured
that out I have no idea but John Adams
quote was his very anti democracy is he
really believed in the constitutional
republic he believed in the way America
was supposed to be which it was soon
authored but it’s like John Adams and
and Ben Shapiro they don’t they don’t
know it but they’re talking about the
it’s the 80% to enjoy democracy and
don’t grasp the beauty of the
constitutional republic and that you
cannot have a democracy that a democracy
will degrade eventually and in ease mob
rule with a suit on that is what a true
democracy is it turns into something you
don’t like where you’re where the 20%
tip like it kills that actually but it’s
so there there are some subtle 80%
illusions that john adams and ben
shapiro probably didn’t realize they
were alluding to and so i guess they
weren’t illusions but if you can you can
find to meet meaning in them i believe
so i included links to them below navel
he has a tweet out there people who live
far behind below their means enjoy a
freedom that people busy upgrading their
lifestyles can’t fathom so yes I am a
minimalist everyone knows that you know
and I’m not saying that be a poor bagman
on the street here but when you’re
building up you know earlier on in your
life try to be as minimalist as possible
so later in your life you can live a
very comfortable life but again if
you’re trying to live extravagant all
the time from day one you don’t have
freedom you don’t have a freedom that a
minimalist person has so again people
who live far below their means enjoy a
freedom that people busy upgrading their
lifestyle can’t fathom so ya live below
your means for as much as long as you
can it’s comfortable to live below your
means is trust I live I live way below
my mean
and it’s great you know you you enjoy
the little things alight man you had
freed of the time to do you can do shows
at weird hours and have to sleeps at
night literally I have to like wake up
in the middle and I go back to sleep
again they people say there is a theory
that people used to have two different
sleeps in a night there are two
different periods of time they slept
they’d wake up in the middle night they
do subside and they go back to sleep
anyway would I say ok now I’m not going
to talk about that alright I think
that’s the end of the show
I’d probably skip something here so yeah
be diamond super BTC those are the
latest Kids on the Block B Clash spread
the word about that and again I we will
see once these other Forks actually
happened if they ever happened how safe
they are don’t because eventually of it
and I pointed this out before and I will
leave on this note someone is going to
come up with the crypt of dividend there
is a hundred percent pure scam that will
only be just there to steal your
ok eventually that’s gonna happen so do
your own investigations into the ones
that I’d mentioned again I link to a
site that now links to you know what
that person has found out to be the the
latest the latest ones they’re their
latest URLs the the two M one is inter
all intriguing to me they’re only
treating to me so I’ll keep and again
it’s clear that Asia is going to be the
center of this that the B gold one was
really centered in Asia two they had
that they had people all over the world
promoting it but it was an Asian mine or
a Chinese miner then you know that they
did originate it and so now others are
seeing that he had that success with B
gold and again be patient with the
vehicle of people I mean people that
haven’t even had time to dump it all yet
if they were dumped it or even like
split it yet so be patient be patient
with these things though you’re not
rushing this something that’s going to
steal your private key or anything try
to experiment with that one dollar thing
that I said above watch everything again
if you missed part of the show it was
informative there were some Ram
but hey that’s what you’re gonna get
from Adam Meister show in the middle of
the night in Denver I’m not in Denver
but it is the middle of the night in
Denver I’m embarrassed Sheva Israel and
I could not find the name of that place
that I’m gonna be out later today I will
immediately put it in the note section
below so if you are in bearish ever
you’ll see where I’m gonna be at 7 p.m.
today for the meetup so expect more
Asian crypto dividends a Bitcoin maybe
some of other coins too i’m adam meister
upon that like 1 remember to subscribe
to this channel like this video share
this video check out the notes section
below i’ll be back hopefully with an
earlier show so they’ll be in less than
24 hours
see you later people


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