Top 10 Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels in 2019 – 2020 (unbiased/ community survey)

Dear crypto community and blockchain
buddies across the globe welcome back to Cryptonites, the no BS blockchain
channel built with the community for the community and speaking of which thank
you so much for filling out our survey this is helping us start on the right
foot. So why is this information so critical? Well number one you get access
to quality content and save time so without further due… Welcome to the
community’s top 10 crypto youtubers in 2019 so here we go the top 10 crypto youtube channels
in random order… Number one Ivanontech , this dedicated developer can take
extremely complicated technology and craft it into simple ideas for us to
digest thanks to a digital notepad and great due diligence. Crypto youtuber
number two Datadash – aka Nicolas Merten. Now do not judge a book by it’s cover
this kid is young but he’s a genius and a mastermind when it comes to giving
fundamental and technical analysis by talking about correlation to global
equity markets real estate emerging markets really give you the information
to become a quality investor. the third channel is “themoon” I found only what you
were quite some time basically provides tutorials on trading also provides
technical analysis of the cryptocurrency market and also looks at the current
state of cryptocurrencies in the era now crypto youtuber number 4: the cryptolark not only he’s a cool and nice guy but extremely open-minded and really
good at curating content for daily weekly crypto news crypto youtuber number 5 “the modern
investor” not only he’s extremely energetic but great pacing fun and
simple news for all crypto youtuber number 6 sunny decree
not only he’s really good at technical analysis but he’s also good at doing his
own proprietary research so that we get access to facts and figures that are not
necessarily always in the news therefore youtuber number seven cryptodaily if you’re tired of intense and information heavy news check him out he
is hilarious fun and super digest now this was an equal vote when it comes to
the community and we had two people chicocrypto and cryptobobby what’s
good about these guys obviously they’re very well researched but they’re really
smart and they’re not afraid to play the devil’s advocate once in a while crypto youtubers number 9 again we
have a tie on one side we have Alessio Rastani and on the otherhand we
have boxmining if you guys like technical analysis for price movements
and fluctuations in the markets Alessio finds really original ideas it’s
very interesting and then when you look at boxmining a presenter called
Michael GU will take very complicated technological concepts and make them
super easy for everyone and at number ten at the top of our list is Andreas
Antonopoulos the man the myth the legend a man who needs no introduction in the
crypto and blockchain a man whose podcasts, YouTube videos and talks of
influence the whole sphere so that’s why I recommend to all you watching it all
right guys we’re done that was our list of top crypto youtubers definitely check
them out they were voted by the community so if you have any other
channels that we haven’t mentioned obviously please please please put them
in the comments below so that we can really curate our content get access to
quality content and be educated thanks again don’t forget to Like
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