Top 5 Bitcoin Billionaires in 2018

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A lot of people wish that they could be billionaires.
In cryptocurrency, the risky highly-volatile
makes it more stressful to reach this
But alas, some people managed to invest and
profit and in turn become crypto-billionaires.
Forbes magazine released their first-ever
list of the richest people in cryptocurrency
where most of the people on the list are founders and CEOs.
In this video, let’s meet some of the world’s
richest bitcoin billionaires:
Matthew Mellon
Born in New York City, he was an American
businessman of the New York Republican State Committee.
He was heir to the Mellon banking fortune
and invested early in Ripple’s XRP
spending some 2 million dollars acquiring coins.
His XRP now is worth around 1 billion dollars. Unfortunately, last April 16, 2018 he died
in Cancun, Mexico where he was about to check
himself to a drug rehabilitation facility.
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss
These twin brothers famously won a settlement
lawsuit against Facebook in 2011.
The said money was used to purchase $11 million
worth of bitcoin back in 2013.
The twins filed to register a bitcoin-based
exchange-traded fund called Winklevoss Bitcoin
Trust in 2013 but it was denied in March 2017.
They also built the cryptocurrency exchange
Gemini in 2015 where investors can buy and
sell digital currencies.
Changpeng Zhao
He is the CEO of Binance, the world’s largest
cryptocurrency exchange.
Born in China, his parents were both educators.
He sold his house in 2014, doesn’t own any
cars and only indulges in mobile phones.
From flipping burgers at McDonald’s and working overnight shifts as a teenager,
CZ came a long way.
Now he has 1.1 billion to 2 billion worth in crypto
Many are amazed with CZ’s work since a couple
of months ago Binance didn’t exist.
Joseph Lubin
The 53-year-old Canadian entrepreneur is the
founder of Ethereum.
Some believe that he may be the single-largest
holder of Ether
with value as high as 10 billion dollars.
He was also involved in the creation of the
Ethereum Foundation, a Toronto-based non-profit
In 2015, he founded ConsenSys, a Brooklyn-based
software-production studio.
This builds, consults, and launches decentralized
applications using Ethereum.
Chris Larsen
An entrepreneur, he co-founded the online
mortgage lender e-Loan, and eight years later,
Prosper, the peer-to-peer lender that has
been valued at more than 1 billion dollars.
The 57-year-old is the richest man in crypto
(other than Satoshi Nakamoto).
His fortune is primarily in 5.2 billion in
XRP, the token launched by Ripple.
Ripple facilitates international payments
for banks using the blockchain technology.
There are a lot more Bitcoin billionaires.
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