TRIATHLON NEWS October 23 2018: Paid with BITCOIN, IRONMAN Hall of Fame & Super League Giveaway

– What’s up Trainiacs!
Welcome to this week’s
Triathlon Newsday Tuesday!
Today, 22 of the first finishers in a race
got DQ’d (blows raspberry) Out!
Athletes are getting paid in bitcoin,
and the results are in!
Which companies dominated
the Kona shoe count
and the Kona bike count?
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So, welcome triathletes to this week’s
Triathlon Newsday Tuesday,
where every single Tuesday,
as long as we’re not training or in Kona,
we go over the news that’s
happening in the triathlon
world from the previous week, as always,
full links to everything
we talk about will be
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Stick around to the end
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And, as always, we will share a story
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So, starting off, Major League Triathlon,
the new shorter course
race series that’s come out
and travels all around
North America with different
teams and triathletes
comprising these teams,
kinda like pro sports teams,
they have inked a deal
to pay their athletes in Bitcoin!
Now, being a former investment advisor,
certified financial planner,
why don’t you just pay
them in coffee mugs?
And that, folks, is how
you get the comment section
of the YouTube channel to blow right up!
Comment below with how much
you love or hate Bitcoin!
Now the Sprint Asian Triathlon Cup,
the first 22 finishers
across the finish line
ended up getting disqualified
after taking a wrong turn
on the run course.
Hong Kong triathlete Socar
Coggins was in the lead
at the time, and he ended
up taking a turn that made
the run course shorter by about 250 meters
for all 22 athletes that were in the pack
that was following him.
Now he ended up finishing
a little bit back off the
podium, but he was obviously
talked about, about how
this ended up happening,
and he was very not subtle
about blaming it on the race,
saying that there was at most one pylon,
even in the vicinity of
where they went off course,
and this is to blame
the race course director
for not marking things well.
Having been somebody
who has ran off a course
because it wasn’t marked well, previously,
I was not too happy with that.
In his case, where this
is a matter of moving on,
accumulating points for
potentially his living,
I feel for ya, Coggins! It’s gotta suck!
But, race course directors will always say
that it is up to you to know the course.
It’s not up to them to have
it manned with volunteers
and have zillions and
zillions of pylons, so,
I see both angles.
While we were in Kona,
there was a new class
of inductees to the Ironman Hall of Fame,
one of the recipients was
Erin Baker, a two-time
Kona champion, a one-time
1989 ITU champion,
and a four-time runner up in Kona.
Scott Molina, one of the
big four, the big dogs that
raced in the 80s very
famously got inducted,
as did Ken Baggs who is
responsible for holding
the Ironman Australia
and Ironman Cannes races
as well as Rocky
Campbell, who is a 30 year
volunteer veteran at Ironman Kona.
Congratulations to everyone,
thank you for all of
your races, your inspiration,
and your hard work
over the years.
Barely been alive as long
as you’ve been volunteering,
Rocky! Wow!
Oh as they always do every single year,
Kona collects a ton of
data on the athletes
to help with the companies
that need to market
their services. They do a bike shoe count,
they do a tri bike count,
they do a helmet count,
they do a gear and components count,
they do a power meter count.
The two big ones that all
companies are going after
are the running shoe
count and the bike count.
The running shoe count for
the second year in a row
was dominated by Hoka One One
with 17.7% of the vote,
just slightly up from the year before.
However, the big mover, this is huge!
But the big mover from
2017 where they had 5.9%
of the running shoe count up to 14.7%
of the running shoe count was Nike!
Them coming out with their 4%s
with their Pegasus lineup,
I saw so many people
wearing Nike that I did not
see four or five years ago,
and they are making huge waves.
On the bike count, Cervelo
is still the big dog,
winning the count with
roughly a little less than
a quarter of the field riding Cervelo,
but it’s taken quite the
hit from the year before.
I think this has to do
with them unceremoniously
dropping some of their pros and
not giving as much love
to the triathlon industry
as they have in previous years.
The big movers however, unexpectedly,
Canyon, which is one of
the most popular bikes
that everyone wants to get their hands on,
however it’s very hard to
get their hands on one,
and it’s much harder just
to get replacement parts,
and our pals over at
Ventum make sense because
they are the official Ironman
bike supplier out there
and it’s not very hard to get their parts.
I like you Ventum!
We all like ya!
Now, in results land it
was a fairly quiet week,
not a lot of pros racing out there,
but we had Ironman Shanghai,
which was a half Ironman,
and this was won by Filipe
Azevedo and Caroline Steffen.
Fresh off his placing
in Kona, Andy Potts won
Half Ironman Coquimbo, as did Lauren Goss
on the womens’ side, and that was about it
in the pro race ranks.
Quick update on the
podcast, we literally just
seconds before coming in
here, NTK and I did our
annual Kona wrap up, talking
about some of the things
that aren’t really talked about commonly
in just general media out
there, but they’re things
that we picked up on and heard
about throughout the week
and in the week following
Kona, so go check that out!
And this coming week we
are going to be recording
actually some podcasts with some of the
the age groupers, the
final finishers in Kona.
Marcus Cook, who lost,
what was it, he was 500 lbs now he’s 240!
And I think Elle Goodall is her name,
and we are going to be talking to her.
She lost 200 lbs
going from 405 down to,
very good lookin, I wanna
say under 200 thereabouts!
But these are very interesting
and inspiring people
that were Ironman ambassadors
who we met in Kona,
and we’re going to have
them on the podcast.
Now, don’t forget!
Just a bit we’re gonna
tell you about a giveaway
but for now let’s get
into the Trainiac story,
which starts off with “Hey
Taren, my name is Heather
“and two years ago, the
carelessness of one driver
“changed the trajectory of my life.
“Fortunately, I was able to
walk away from the accident,
“however, my injuries quickly transformed
“my active lifestyle to a very painful,
“non-active one, and I gained over 25 lbs
“due to my inactivity.
“I’ve been a swimmer for most of my life,
“so I started my rehabilitation
slowly in the pool,
“last summer. Then I bought
a bike and eventually
“added some light running.
“I didn’t have a clue what
I was doing. I had only
competed in one triathlon
ever, and that was 14 years ago
“in 2014 on an old ten-speed
with clip on aerobars.
“This spring, I bought
a proper triathlon bike.
“My first sprint tri was in June.
“My only goal was to finish,
“and to do the whole run without walking.
“I accomplished that
goal and then immediately
“picked apart my race trying
to find ways to improve.
“I competed in three more
sprints, a few open water
“swim events, and some fun running races.
“At the age of 49, I found my new calling.
“One thing I’ve discovered
amongst triathletes
“is the camaraderie.
Triathletes cheer for their
“competitors during a race!
What other sport does that?
“The adrenaline rush of
completing a triathlon
“is addicting, but, in my
humble opinion, nothing compares
“to the feeling that that
camaraderie gives you.
“I became known in local
triathlons this year as
“Pink Shoes! Because of my
hot pink tri bike shoes.
“During races, fellow athletes
cheered, go Pink Shoes!”
– I love that, Pink Shoes!
– “In every race there’s
been a smile on my face
“at the beginning and at the end.
“The middle of the races are full of pain
“and determination, but while
my pain from the accident
“still exists, and is
nearly unbearable at times,
“the words of encouragement
from my friends, family,
“and fellow triathletes keep me going.
“I have a long way to
go and plenty of room
“for improvement. I’ve registered
for 2019’s Half Ironman
“Traverse City as a relay
with my daughter and brother,
“with the hope that I
can encourage them both
“to become triathletes.
Thank you from the bottom
“of my heart, Heather.”
– Thank you Heather! This
was so nice! I love that!
Go Pink Shoes!
All right, as promised,
without further delay,
we have a giveaway that we are running
with Super League Triathlon.
There are three prizes
totalling just under
$2000! The grand prize
is a ticket to race in
Super League Penticton,
A $500 WestJet travel voucher
to get you to Penticton,
and a signed jersey from your choice of
Jonathan Brownlee, Richard
Murray, or Katie Zaferes.
Second place is an entry
into Super League Penticton
and your choice of a jersey from
Jonathan Brownlee, Richard
Murray, or Katie Zaferes.
And, whichever one was not
selected by the first place
prize and the third place
winner will get their choice
of the remaining jersey.
They’re gonna only have
one left to choose from.
But, that is what’s going
on with Super League.
I’ll be racing Super League
Singapore, in February,
and then Super League
Penticton with the lucky winner
at the end of August so there is a link
in the description below
to where you can enter that giveaway!
Thanks to Super League
for donating all of that
to the Trainiacs and
hopefully one of you win,
and we can race side by side together
in one of the hardest races
that there is out there.
(Sighs) You’re gonna
taste those copper pennies
in the back of your throat (hums)
There we have it Trainiacs!
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If you are subscribed or
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whatever it is, make sure you
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Later, Trainiacs!


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