Tron Wallet Me User’s Guide | Best Mobile Wallet for TRX Tutorial / Dapp Review | Bitcoin Lifestyles

Hello there friends and fellow Tron fanatics.
Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
Club and today, I’m going to give you an overview
of the features and functions of the easiest
to use and most secure mobile based Tron Wallet,
that is available for Android and IOS.
I carefully did my research to find the best
and most trustworthy wallet option to switch
to, since recently the last wallet I was recommending
to use; TronWatch, has become deprecated.
This basically means the developers have dropped
support for updating the TronWatch wallet,
as you can see on their Github listing here
for TronWatch, where it says that the TronWatch
desktop wallet is now deprecated.
So their basically dropping support and aren’t
going to update this wallet anymore in the
future, so they can shift their focus to their
new project, which is a decentralized exchange
on the Tron blockchain called TronWatch Market.
So I personally prefer to use a fully supported
wallet that will continue to be updated.
So I know I had to find the best option for
us to safely re-secure our Tron and Tron TRC10
and 20 tokens, that you earn through the daily
crypto airdrops enjoyed by Tron holders.
And what I found was that Tron Wallet Me,
has a top notch and trustworthy development
team through an associate of mine who has
actually met them in person, and vouches for
their professionality and integrity.
Their development name is Getty IO and in
case you’d like to learn more about their
team, you can check their website at
And you can also check their other website:
Tron Wallet Me also has a very active Twitter
account that you can follow, and they even
communicate to their wallet holders through
the wallet app’s notifications and provide
extra promotional airdrops of cryptocurrencies
on the occasion.
This is actually my friend right here Tommy
Mustache on Twitter, who just tweeted sometime
in the past day, that he trusts the Tron Wallet
Me mobile wallet to store his Tron, more than
even a Ledger wallet, which is a cold storage
Which is usually considered to be the most
secure way to store your cryptocurrency.
This just speaks to the confidence that we
have in the Tron Wallet Me mobile wallet for
To get started you just have to go to the
App Store on your phone.
And in this example, I’m going to be using
IOS with an Iphone 7.
In the search field on your app store, on
your respective phone, whether it’s an IOS
or an Android.
Just enter the key words ‘Tron Wallet’ and
scroll to find this specific app listing with
the black Tron logo, that says Tron Wallet.
Even though it only says Tron Wallet by Getty
IO, it actually is the Tron Wallet Me app
that I’m recommending in this video.
So now I’m just going to click the little
cloud symbol here to download and install
a new installation of the Tron Wallet Me mobile
app, on my iPhone here.
When you open it for the first time after
installing it to your phone.
You’re going to want to allow it to send you
notifications to your phone by just clicking
Secondly your going to have to agree to the
Tron Wallet privacy policy, so just click
the little orange button above the continue,
to agree to the terms and conditions.
And then click the continue button.
Now you will be prompted to either create
a new wallet, import an older wallet, or restore
a wallet using your private key or 12 word
recovery seed phrase.
And of course when I first used this wallet,
I tested it to my own satisfaction before
moving all of my funds over.
By simply creating a new Tron Wallet, carefully
recording the 12 word recovery seed and sending
a minimal amount of Tron to the wallet as
a test transaction.
Then I deleted the wallet from my phone, and
tested the functionality of the wallet recovery
with the 12 word recovery seed phrase.
I was able to delete the wallet app from my
phone and then reinstall it and reload my
wallet using the recovery seed and it worked
perfectly as expected.
The cool thing about this, is that you can
essentially treat your Tron Wallet Me mobile
app as a cold storage wallet by simply deleting
it from your phone, or maybe even just using
the wallet reset option in the app to clear
your wallet data off of your phone, until
you need to access it again using the 12 word
recovery seed.
So now just to show you what the process is
like, I’m going to create a new wallet by
clicking the ‘Create Wallet’ button.
First off it’s going to prompt you to create
a 6 digit numerical pin code, that you are
going to use any time you need to log into
your wallet.
Do not use the same digit six times in a row,
this is the password to your wallet.
So make a strong number combination.
And enter it a second time to confirm your
Next it’s going to provide you with a 12 word
recovery phrase for your wallet.
You can use this crucial piece of information
to restore your wallet on another installation
of the app on any other android or IOS compatible
In case you accidentally lose your phone or
delete the app itself.
Or in case you want to use the wallet as a
cold storage option, this will also be handy.
And the 12 word recovery seed phrase is also
extremely handy in case you want to use this
wallet as a cold storage option, which you
can do by not keeping the wallet installed
on your phone all the time.
You can just delete it, store your 12 word
recovery seed very carefully and just re-download
and install the wallet app and use your recovery
seed to regain access to your wallet, whenever
you are ready to use it.
No matter your goal, I would recommend that
you copy your 12 word recovery seed very carefully
onto multiple pieces of paper, offline and
store them in some secret places.
Do not keep your private key or recovery seed
phrase on your computer, phone or the cloud,
unless you are handy with encrypting files
with password access.
And even then I would still not keep that
encrypted file on the same device as your
Once you have your 12 word recovery seed phrase
accurately written down on a piece of paper,
you can continue with the process to finish
creating your wallet and it will open up for
the first time, just by clicking the orange
button you see on the screen here that says
‘I have written it down’.
This will take you to the ‘backup wallet’
screen, within the wallet settings menu.
In case you ever need to regain access to
your 12 word recovery seed and or private
key, this is where you will be able to get
it using your PIN code access anytime you
need it later.
In this section you can also gain access to
your wallet’s private key, by clicking where
it says ‘Private Key’ in the upper right hand
corner of the screen.
This long series of alpha-numerical characters
can be used to recover your wallet in any
other official Tron wallet applications.
So it will be important to make sure you copy
this down very carefully as well, and store
it alongside your 12 word recovery phrase.
Now that I’ve shown you how to create your
Tron Wallet and backup your recovery seed
and private key, I’m going to restore my wallet
real quick for the rest of this video walkthrough
of the Tron Wallet Me mobile app.
This is the main dashboard screen of the mobile
Tron Wallet Me.
And this is my main account.
From looking at the panel at the top of the
screen, you can observe that right under where
it says main account, it displays that I have
over 9 million Tron in my wallet, between
frozen and unfrozen TRX.
Right under that you will see that I have
9623 Tron available for sending or playing
To the right of that where it says ‘Frozen’,
you can see I have 9.01 million Tron frozen
for Tron Power.
So I can use it to vote in the Delegated Proof
of Stake Super Representative Elections that
reward you with free daily crypto airdrops
for participating.
That’s right, free crypto!
And no it does not cost you any Tron to participate
in this passive income benefit.
Once you freeze your Tron, you can always
unfreeze it for trading, sending or playing
Dapps within three days.
And the last thing listed on the panel right
below that is your bandwidth.
You get bandwidth according to how much Tron
that you have frozen.
Bandwidth is good to have, because it allows
you to make transactions on the Tron network
with zero gas cost, which means basically
free transactions.
And this is great for playing with Dapps on
the Tron network as well, that usually involved
transactions of some type.
When you have bandwidth you can use all the
Dapps you want, and not worry about it costing
extra Tron beyond whatever you are gambling
or spending on intentionally for a specific
purpose, while playing dapps.
You can use the plus button on the upper right
hand corner of the app to create additional
wallet accounts as you find the need.
The bell symbol on the upper left hand corner
of the app will let you view your notifications
from the wallet developers.
They will put information about wallet updates
and other useful things in this area.
This is the first wallet I have seen where
the developers are communicating to the wallet
users in the app, in such a way.
It’s a pretty cool additional feature.
Right below the main panel at the top are
four buttons, letting you use some of the
main functions of the Tron Wallet.
Starting from the Left, you first have the
PAY button.
Which allows you to open up your phone camera
when you press it.
When you first open it, your of course going
to have to allow the app to communicate with
your phone camera and your microphone.
So once you click through those prompts you
will then be able to point your phone camera
at a QR code.
And once you have done that you will then
be able to use your phone camera as a QR code
scanner, allowing you to scan anyone’s wallet
address QR code, so you can easily send them
payment of Tron or Tron Tokens.
Next you have the SEND button.
Press this and it will bring up a screen to
enter your transaction details, to send Tron
to somebody.
The currency will be set to TRX by default.
But if you want to send a Tron based token,
you can just click the drop down menu at the
In order to select the Tron Tokens that you
want to send.
When sending Tron Tokens, you always send
them to the main Tron Wallet address, it’s
that simple.
It’s used for both Tron or TRX, and any Tron
tokens that exist on the Tron network.
In the next field, down labeled ‘To’ you put
the wallet receiving address that you desire
to send some Tron to.
You can use the clipboard icon to the right
of it, to paste in a copied address.
Or you can use the frame button to the right
of that, to open up the wallet address QR
code scanner that I just showed you a moment
You can put the amount of Tron or Tron Tokens
that you want to send in the ‘Amount’ field.
You can simply type it in, or you can press
the MAX button.
And if you want, you can make a notation about
the transaction’s purpose in the description
Before you click the send button at the bottom
to initiate the transaction.
Back on the main dashboard screen, the receive
button, is what we will be going over next.
When you press it, it opens to a screen where
you can access your wallet’s QR codes for
receiving or copy your receiving address using
your phone, so you can paste it into a message
or email and send it to anyone that you want.
The first QR code it shows by default is your
‘share’ QR code.
If you just show it to whoever wants to pay
you, they can scan your QR code with their
own wallet app QR code scanner and then send
you some coin.
Right underneath the QR code, it displays
the actual wallet address.
Which is a long string of alpha-numerical
digits that starts with a T. You can click
the buttons right underneath to share your
wallet address.
The button on the left will simply copy your
address to your phone’s clipboard so you can
paste it elsewhere, if you use the network
button to the right of it, you can then send
it in a text message, via Facebook or any
number of other apps that you use on your
phone to send messages.
Next I will show you the other QR code option
that is available in this section.
Just press the ‘Request’ button at the top
right of the app screen.
On this screen, you can select how you want
the value of your payment request to be calculated
in either USD, Euro or TRX.
I will go ahead and select TRX, and enter
1 Tron.
Of course you can add a description if you
Then when you click ‘Generate a Request’ it
will show a pre-programmed QR code on your
phone’s screen.
So that when your payer scans the code, it
will automatically fill the amount of TRX
that needs to be sent into their wallet app,
as well as your wallet receiving address.
Which can make life easier for everyone involved
in the transaction.
As you can see, right above the code, it specifies
the amount of Tron that I entered in the last
So they can look at it and confirm that is
what they are going to pay and move forward.
It’s just another easy way of going about
‘Freeze’ is the last of the four buttons on
the dashboard page here, and when you press
it, it will take us to where we can freeze
our Tron for Tron Power, bandwidth and energy.
Again, Tron Power is used for voting on the
Tron network, which rewards you with FREE
cryptocurrency tokens on a daily basis, through
the airdrops in the wallet.
Bandwidth will cover the fees of your transactions
and energy is actually for Tron Dapp developers,
so you don’t need to be concerned with that
one, unless you plan on developing Dapps for
Freezing Tron is really easy to do.
So as an example, I’m going to freeze some
Tron right now.
I’m just going to go ahead and select 75%
of my Tron, using the handy little button
available here.
As you can see, that put 7,217 Tron in the
‘freeze amount’ field.
Now we can simply press the ‘freeze’ button.
But take note that this is the same area that
you’re going to go to when you are ready to
unfreeze your Tron, so you can send it to
somebody, send it to the exchange, use it
to play some Dapps or otherwise.
You would simply just enter the amount of
Tron in the ‘Freeze Amount’ field and click
the unfreeze button.
As long as the Tron you are trying to unfreeze
has been frozen already for at least three
Then you will be able to unfreeze it successfully.
So I will just go ahead and click the freeze
And that will bring up our transaction details,
for our freeze transaction.
You can verify the details, make sure they
are correct, and then click the orange submit
transaction button at the bottom of the app
You will be prompted to enter your PIN and
then transaction success.
And then it will show us the final details
of our transaction, we are freezing 7,217
So the last feature displayed on the dashboard
screen here, shows a list of all the cryptos
in your wallet, including Tron and your airdropped
tron TRC10 and TRC20 tokens.
You can see them here as I scroll down.
TRX is listed first, and then all the Tron
tokens that I hold are below it.
You may recognize the recently launched token
that is listed four down from the top here
in Bittorrent, otherwise known as BTT, it’s
a tron token that just launched as the main
coin for use with the famous file sharing
Bittorrent website.
They are airdropping Bittorrent tokens on
the 11th of every month to Tron holders.
And that is how I got all 900,000+ of these
BTT tokens that you see here, from the first
airdrop that ever happened this past month
in February 2019.
And its really easy to participate in this
airdrop as well, all you need to do is buy
Tron from an exchange and put it into an official
Tron wallet, secure it and freeze your Tron
for voting in the super representative elections,
that net you daily crypto airdrops.
Yes that’s FREE crypto straight to your wallet
depending on who you are voting for, and the
percentages they are paying out, whether they
are paying in Tron and Tron based tokens or
one or the other, and how much Tron Power
that you have voting for them, and how many
other people are voting for them as well.
When you have that all setup and your Tron
Power is voting for a super representative,
you will be guaranteed to receive your distribution
of BTT tokens on the 11th of every month for
the next 4 years and 11 months.
So sit back, HODL and build that wealth.
And as I scroll down here, you can see that
I’ve accumulated a plethora of various Tron
tokens, since I started participating in this
unique, proof of stake, passive earning system.
Which has been quite clever and powerful.
The bottom of the app has your wallet navigational
The dashboard screen we are already on, is
represented by the wallet icon, which is highlighted
already in white and in the middle of all
the navigational buttons.
Next I’m going to show you how to vote in
the super representative elections and receive
daily airdrops of cryptocurrency for free,
by just holding Tron in your wallet and doing
this super simple process, that anyone can
participate in.
Which is also a ‘set it and forget it’ type
of thing, that won’t take much of your time
at all, and earn you a consistent passive
income of cryptocurrency.
We will just press the little megaphone icon
which is to the left of the wallet icon in
the lower navigational menu.
This will take us to the votes screen at the
top right of the app screen, you have a search
button in the form of a magnifying glass.
You can use that to search the name of any
super representative that you may have heard
of and are looking to vote for.
Right below that will show the total amount
of votes being cast at this moment.
And if you have frozen your Tron for Tron
Power, and have not voted yet, it will show
how much Tron Power or votes that you have
remaining available for voting.
And right below, that will be a list of all
the super representative candidates that are
available for you to vote for.
At the moment, I would recommend either Sesameseed,
which pays out in a currency called SEED,
which can be traded for Tron using the DEX
wallet that is right actually in the mobile
Tron Wallet Me.
And it’s also available for trading at other
decentralized exchanges outside the wallet,
like the TronScan DEX or Tronlink.
Cool thing is that SEED tokens are worth multiple
Tron tokens.
You can also invest in blockchain incubator
projects through the Seedit program as well,
instead of trading it back for Tron.
You can also vote for Intergalactic Gaming,
which you can see I’m also voting for right
Also known as IGG, which provides IGG tokens,
which seem to be gaining in value slowly on
the TronScan DEX.
IGG is a video game company that will use
the IGG token in their games and projects.
They probably already are I just haven’t checked
out any of their games yet.
When you vote for IGG, you will also be airdropped
some Tron.
If you want to keep it simple and only get
paid out Tron, you can explore some of the
other super representative options, you can
do so by going to the website,
which will show exactly what the super representatives
are paying out in terms of Tron and or Tron
There will also be links to each coin’s web
pages with more information, about what they
are doing.
So you can do your own research and make sure
your votes are being used wisely.
Not just to earn your passive income of crypto,
but that who you are voting for is also doing
good things for the Tron ecosystem.
So you can do your own research about that,
and make your own choice.
I just gave you some ideas.
Once you figure out who you want to vote for,
you can simply click their name, and it will
open up a screen where you can set the amount
of votes you want to cast.
And then press the ‘set vote’ button.
At the moment I have 36,087 Tron Power, and
you know what?
I’ve already put so much into Sesameseed,
that I’m going to go put my Tron Power votes
into Intergalactic Gaming.
I’ll just press the ALL IN button, and press
‘set vote’.
Then I just have to press the confirm votes
button at the bottom here twice.
Then it will show us the details of our votes,
and we just have to click confirm if we agree
with it.
And here’s the transaction details, and we
just have to submit our voting transaction.
We have to enter our security PIN of course
to confirm the transaction.
Transaction success, I just finished voting
some more for Intergalactic Galaxy or IGG.
And it will give us the transaction details
of our vote on this screen.
And your voting transaction will also show
up in your Transaction History.
And as you can see here, now my vote total
has increased from 10,000 where it was previously,
to 46,087 for Intergalactic Gaming.
So you can vote for multiple super representatives
if you want to diversify a bit.
You can vote for more than two, or you can
put it all into one.
Whatever you want to do.
You don’t have to use all your Tron Power
on one super representative, but sometimes
I like to vote for multiple super reps that
I think are doing a good job supporting the
Tron network because it gives me a little
diversification of different tokens.
Right now I’m putting mostly into Sesameseed,
but sometimes I do a 50/50 strategy.
I might adjust this in a week or two or whenever
I feel like, and do a 50% of my total Tron
Power in each Sesameseed and Intergalactic
Galaxy, and who knows maybe I’ll figure out
about another super representative that I’ll
want to support and do three ways.
Now I’m just going to scroll through the list
real quick, and as you can see there are quite
a few candidates to choose from.
Currently there are 160 different super representatives
you can vote for.
I believe it’s only 27 that actually get to
be elected however.
The 27 that are elected get to receive the
block rewards for confirming transactions
on the Tron network.
Which is how they fund their airdrops for
votes and their overall projects that are
supposed to support and evolve the Tron ecosystem.
If you have set your super representative
vote and you want to change it, you can always
click the ‘trash’ icon at the top left of
the app screen and that will clear your current
vote and let you put your Tron Power towards
whichever super representative that you want
without actually unfreezing your Tron.
Next we’re going to checkout the Wallet Transactions
Screen, which will be the navigational button
to the right of the wallet icon in the middle.
And it looks like two arrows, one that points
up and one that points down.
It will open up a screen titled my transactions,
this is going to show you all wallet transactions
including anything you send and receive.
Crypto airdrops from participating in the
delegated proof of stake voting process and
votes even though they don’t cost TRX are
also recorded as transactions.
So you can keep track of your voting history
very easily that way.
It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a
transactions page.
If you need to, you can use the refresh button
at the top left to refresh the transaction
I have not had to use it yet, it seems to
update well on its own thankfully.
If you click any of these transactions, it
will give you finer details involved with
I’ll open up the details for this transfer
of 653 SEED that I received yesterday.
It also gives you the ability to copy the
transaction hash using the copy icon that
is next to it.
On a ‘transfer’ entry like this, it will show
the wallet addresses involved with the transaction,
and you can click on either to get the options
that copy the address or add it to your wallet’s
address book.
I’m just going to add my address, to my address
book real quick here by pressing ‘Add to Contacts’.
And now you can see it’s been added right
underneath the contacts area.
Now back here on the ‘transactions’ screen,
you can see on the fourth and fifth transactions
that my Tron Wallet receiving address label
is going to display instead of my address,
which makes it easier to read.
So when I look at this I can quickly tell
which address was the one that was sending
it to me, so it makes it more convenient to
look at my transaction history here.
So you can do that for any of the addresses
that you receive Tron from.
So instead of seeing that address here, which
is a long string of letters and numbers, the
app replaces it with an easier to read name,
so its easier for you to track the origination
of your transaction.
The next section of the app we are going to
look at, is the Token Sale / ICO Participation
to get there we are just going to click the
navigational icon that is to the left of the
megaphone symbol, and has a solid circle around
a dollar symbol.
On this page you can purchase Tron tokens
that have not fully launched to the network
for trading yet.
So it’s very similar to an ICO token sale.
You can scroll through this list and checkout
further details about any project by clicking
the corresponding ‘Buy’ button for the coin
project you are interested in checking out.
I will go ahead and click one of the sponsored
coin entries at the top.
Take notice real quick though that each token
is only available for pre-purchase for a certain
amount of time.
This token BTFY in particular has it’s sale
ending in about a month from now.
Before it launches to the network for trading.
I’m just going to click into BTFY for further
details, just like we can for any of these
other options.
I’m going to access these details by clicking
the buy button to the right of the BTFY coin
info panel.
Your going to get to see the granular details
about BTFY on this page.
It shows how many of the coins have been issued,
and how many are in total supply.
It displays the start time and end time to
the token sale.
You can read the description for details about
the project.
There’s actually not that much details in
this description, it’s apparent they are making
a bitcoin wallet.
I’m sure you can find their website to get
more information as well.
If you want to go through with purchasing
some tokens, you can simply click the orange
buy now button at the top of the screen, and
it will bring up a similar screen like we
used for setting our votes.
You can enter the amount of coins you want
to buy and it will show how much Tron it would
take to purchase those coins, and decrease
your Tron balance that is displayed at the
top accordingly.
In order to complete your transaction, all
you have to do is use the orange ‘confirm’
button at the bottom, and then enter your
wallet PIN code in order to complete your
‘Buy’ transaction for these 200 BTFY in this
And in this example, it would cost 406.42
TRX to pick up these 200 BTFY tokens, costing
us about 10 tron per token at this time.
I personally don’t mess with ICO’s very much,
over the past few years I have only participated
in a couple.
I’m more of a fan and have had incredible
success in this market by simply doing good
market research about coins that launch fairly
without fundraising.
I’ve had some great success trading certain
ICO’s, that have launched to market for price
discovery and end up having a bear markets
that I capitalize on, by scooping up a position
of that coin while it’s low.
And that’s only if I decide that an ICO coin
has strong enough fundamentals and project
for me to want to include it in my portfolio.
However everyone is different, some people
really love ICO’s and have had incredible
success with them.
But I’ve noticed where there are some people
who do really well with ICO’s there are also
a lot of people who have also been burnt by
participating in the wrong ones, because they
did not do their research or otherwise.
This is just the approach that has worked
for me personally.
And that sums up what I have to say about
the Token Sale Participation area.
Next I’m going to show you the DEX or decentralized
exchange, that is available right in your
Tron Wallet Me wallet app.
You just need to click the navigational icon
that is all the way to the left hand side
of the menu and looks like a dollar symbol
with arrows spinning around it.
Once you click this button it will bring up
the Exchange page.
Which is a list of the Tron tokens that the
mobile Tron Wallet Me supports for trading
through their DEX.
I am going to click open the entry for SEED
trading against TRX, since I have some SEED
on hand for trading right now.
This will bring up a page with options for
buying and selling.
By default it will be on the buy options,
as you will see the word BUY at the top of
the screen with the orange line underneath
If you want to move to the selling form options,
you can just click the word SELL a little
to the right.
These buttons are how you switch between the
buying and selling forms.
Since we are on the buying screen, the next
thing down on the screen will show your TRX
balance with an arrow pointing to your currently
held SEED balance.
This just shows you that this form is about
trading TRX for SEED.
Right below that it will show your current
exchange rate.
Which as you can see, people are getting 2.614
Tron per SEED token.
As you can see, I typed in 1000 Tron and that
would get me 2694 SEED, with the current prices,
on the Tron Wallet Me DEX.
Or if you want you can also use any of the
easy percentage buttons that are right above
that area to quickly enter the 25, 50, 75
or 100% of your Tron balance for buying SEED.
Once you have everything set, you can simply
click the buy button to complete your transaction.
Of course you’ll need to confirm the transaction
with your PIN code.
And if you have any trouble getting the transaction
to go through, you can just slightly raise
the estimated cost field and then try again
until it goes through.
Sometimes its just a matter of the market
conditions, whether you will have to do that
or not.
Right underneath the buy button, you can scroll
down and see all your past transactions and
click into them for hash and wallet address
Next thing I’m going to show you is extremely
unique to Tron.
I haven’t seen any wallet for any other cryptocurrency
that has this feature.
You can play Tron Dapps using the mobile Tron
Wallet Me app.
You’ll want to have a little Tron in your
wallet to do so, as most of the games involve
some type of gambling or small fees to play.
In case you do not know what a Dapp is, it’s
time to learn.
It’s a decentralized app, that is built and
runs on the Tron blockchain.
And Tron is quickly becoming one of the most
popular platforms for developing Dapps, outpacing
all the competition.
The idea was originally developed by the developers
of Ethereum.
But it just turns out that ETH has not been
a good platform for Dapps.
Because it’s too slow of a network, and Tron
just happens to be blazing fast in comparison.
Tron is quickly outgrowing their competition
technically and it’s become the number one
preferred platform for Dapp development.
Which is a huge detail in regard to the future
success for Tron in the cryptocurrency market.
So to get to the Dapps, we’re just going to
click the icon that looks like a globe or
an earth.
It’s next to the last icon to the right of
the navigational menu.
This will bring up a list of some of the most
popular Dapps available on the Tron network.
There are all sorts of different types of
Dapps here from games to utility type of applications,
and new ones seem to be launching all the
A few of the Dapps that I’ve tried have been
TronCraft, Planet Crypto, and Tron Trade,
which is a decentralized exchange.
Tron Craft basically has a few gambling type
games in it, where you can earn Tron.
TronCraft basically has a few gambling type
of games in it where you can earn Tron and
CFT which is the TronCraft currency.
Once you open it you’ll most likely need to
change the language from Chinese to English,
using the top right menu that shows a red
circle, you can just click that and it opens
a dropdown where you can click the English
Now as you can see, we have four different
games via the four buttons at the top labeled
The dice game is very simple.
It allows you to bet some amount of Tron,
and play a high low type of guessing game.
Apparently you can use either Tron / TRX,
or the CFT currency.
It’s set to TRX by default, as you can see.
In the bet amount field, I will leave the
10 Tron entered, this is the minimal amount
that you can bet in TronCraft.
But you can adjust it as you see fit, by either
clicking into it and changing the number or
you can use the buttons to the right.
It will show the payout on the win is 20.1
So you can double your money with the default
And the next form beneath of 50.
What does the 50 mean?
Well we are supposed to a number that is going
to be higher than whatever is rolled with
the dice.
So as long as you guess higher, you win.
However, the higher you bet over 50, the lower
the payout on win becomes.
I will go ahead and give this a shot so you
can see how it works.
I will go ahead and change it to 80, to give
me a higher chance of winning.
It raises my win chance up to 79% from where
it was at 49%.
And this will only earn me 2.46 Tron over
my bet amount, as you can see it adjust in
the payout on win field to 12.46 Tron.
Then I’ll just start the game by pressing
the start button right below here.
And then we’ll just press confirm to complete
the transaction and start the game.
And then the dice will start rolling, and
displaying a bunch of numbers until it lands
on one.
And it lands on 8!
So I just won 2.46 Tron here playing this
dice game.
If you scroll down a little bit more, it will
also give you a leaderboard of the players
and your own record of results, if I click
right here where it says ‘my record’.
As you can see I have four wins here and one
It shows my bet amount in the middle of the
columns, and then it shows the actual result
of the dice that was rolled and it shows the
bonus that was earned.
And this pretty much sums up the dice game
of TronCraft.
The next game is called RACING.
It’s a simple type of board game, as you can
There is a game board in the middle of the
screen, and each square of the game board
has a different different carbrand logo.
And there is a legend right below it, which
shows the payout for each car brand logo type.
So the idea here is you can place as many
bets for these car logo types as you want,
and then you initiate the game.
The more different types of cars that you
place a bet for, the higher your odds of winning
because you will have more spots on the board
that you can win if it ends up landing on
one of your car logos when you play the game.
Now after you place your bets and you initiate
the game, it will spin around the gameboard
several times, highlighting each car logo
brand until it lands on one.
Whichever one it lands on, if you bet for
it, you will receive the corresponding reward.
And I’ll just give it a shot so you can see
how it works!
One for the lamborghini, put one here for
the Porsche, I’ll put one on Mercedes, and
one on BMW, and I’ll put one on Volkswagon.
And we’ll press Start.
We’ll confirm the transaction so we can start
the game.
And there it goes, we’ll see where it lands.
Alright, it landed on BMW, and BMW has a win
bonus that multiplies your bet 4.73.
And if we scroll down a little bit, we can
check my record and see just how much I won
right there.
Okay, 47.3 TRX bonus on that one in particular.
So basically, I actually just lost 7 Tron
on that one because I bet for 5 different
car brands which cost 10 TRX each and that
only got me 47.3 TRX.
But if I landed on the Lamborghini I would
have won $236.4 TRX.
As you can see , because that’s what happened
to me two games ago.
because the Lamborghini gives you a 23.64
The next game is called FOMO.
This is a different type of game, where you
can gamble witih buying the latest private
It’s a little confusing, but if you are the
last buyer of a key, you will win the total
amount of Tron that corresponds with that
However if you are not the last buyer, that
means someone else came and bought the key
out from you at a higher price than you, and
you get a very small return of Tron.
Because they pay a higher price to keep the
game going.
I did play once and from what I could tell,
looking down at my history I have a green
entry in my record.
Which would indicate that, someone bought
the key from me to keep the game going.
So lets take a look, My Record.
I have bought the key for a little bit less
than this price of 107 Tron.
It might have been a couple Tron less or something.
And someone else bought it from me.
The idea is that the price of the key will
keep increasing, and then whoever is the last
buyer of the key will get to keep the total
amount of Tron that the key is worth.
The last option is the Dividends button here,
at the top right.
Which actually isn’t a game, but it’s more
of a staking and earning option, using the
Tron and CFT currencies.
So here at the Dividends screen, you start
at stage 1.
Where you have to bet some TRX on these games
to earn some TronCraft or CFT currency.
And when you do earn it, you’ll see down on
the lower left hand corner of the app, where
it says CFT Unclaimed, you’ll have some amount.
It looks like I earned another 84 at this
Now I can click this withdraw button, right
underneath this CFT unclaimed and it will
add it right to my CFT available balance.
Now if I press the Stake button, it will move
my 84.27 TronCraft or however much of it over
to the CFT Staked area, over on the right
side where you see I already have 273 CFT
So I’ll just press that, and I’ll press MAX,
and I’ll press OK.
And press Confirm.
And now I have 357 of CFT staking.
And this is essentially going to earn me more
Tron, based on the overall percentage of the
stake that I have in play.
So the amount that it says for dividends at
the end of the day, right here in the middle
of the screen, is going to be different everyday,
but right now it’s 572 TRX that are available
for distribution at the end of the day, you
see this countdown clock they have here that
says dividends countdown.
So when this countdown clock runs out that’s
when it will be distributed according to all
the stake holders.
So it’s divided per day amongst the people
who have had CFT staking.
And so the amount of rewards you get will
be based on, how much CFT is staking overall
and how much Tron is available per that day.
So this is a pretty cool feature to end up
being able to earn a passive income just by
playing the game TronCraft.
And that pretty much sums up all the games
available in Tron Craft.
And own at the lower part of the Dapp browser,
there’s this little button in the middle that
shows three squares and a plus button.
If you press that it will take us right back
to the Dapp selection screen on the Tron Wallet
I have also noticed another game that is pretty
unique called Planet Crypt.
It’s a strategic planet collectible strategy
game, that allows you to buy and trade plots
of land around the world using Google Maps
throughout this app.
There has been over 300,000 Tron paid out
to players so far through the game.
The process of the game basically involves
purchasing 20 meter squares on the map, and
it turns it into a collectible token card.
So the idea is to make strategic purchases
of key places around the world, that other
people may want to come and buy up from under
you and land you in profit.
And each time someone does buy a plot of land
from you in a hostile takeover, the value
of the land token doubles.
however the more land you hold the higher
your empire score and the bigger a cut you’ll
receive through the land taxation in the game.
So this is definitely the cleverest game idea
I have seen for a Dapp yet.
So you can come here and read all about it,
and learn how to play the game.
And then start playiing the game.
Enter TRX World.
It will take you to the map.
You can read the game guide.
Then you can find somewhere around the world
to purchase and start playing this game.
You can also see the other places people have
purchased and buy it out from them.
If you want to play that part of the strategy
in this game.
I’m just going to back out to the Dapps screen.
And I have also noticed that there are Dapplications
that are not only games but more of utilities.
And just to show you a good example of that,
we’re going to take a look at TronTrade.
This is actually a decentralized exchange
for trading some Tron tokens against Tron.
Like BTT, the Bittorrent token.
Ante, which has been quite popular.
SEED and Poppyseed.
I’m sure the token selection will grow and
other DEX Dapps will also be coming soon for
sure, if there are not already others in play.
If you want Tron App Tutorials, you can click
the HELP button.
And it will provide you with Tron Wallet Tutorials
in many different languages.
If you have heard of a specific Dapp, that
is not showing on this list, the list here
only shows a few of the Dapps that are available
at this point.
And there are quite a few, and if it is not
yet been added to this list of available Dapps
in the mobile Tron Wallet Me, then you can
use the search function at the bottom to enter
the website of any Dapp that you are trying
to use.
I haven’t tried it yet myself, but from reading
into it, that does seem to be how this function
is intended to work.
Now the very last section of the wallet I’m
going to show you is the SETTINGS menu, which
is the navigational icon that looks like three
horizontal links within a circle, all the
way down the right side of the navigation
The first menu item at the top labeled MARKET
will give us some up to date information about
the Tron cryptocurrency market.
As you can see it shows the current price
of a Tron token in USD. it also shows the
global 24 volume, market cap and circulating
And it gives a sort of chart at the bottom,
that you can change up by 1 hour, 1 day, 1
week, and 1 month time frames.
And you can also see the complete price history
by pressing ALL.
Next we have the Address Book option.
This is a place where you can add and label
your Tron Wallet address you normally send
to or receive from.
This is handy, because as I mentioned earlier,
these labels show up in the wallet transaction
history, making it easier to tell what each
transaction involved.
It will also give you a list of your wallet
accounts that you have setup on the app.
If you click the account setting that is ghosted
to the right of the contacts heading.
If you click any of the address book contacts,
it will bring up convenient options, like
SEND, Transactions list, a list of the wallet
transactions that were involved with that
particular wallet address.
And the edit option will allow you to edit
the address label and actual wallet address
attached, and delete in case you want to eliminate
a transaction from your wallet app history.
It will not remove it from the blockchain
of course because that is immutable, it will
only delete it from your personal wallet app
installation display.
If you press the Add Contact button at the
bottom, it will bring up a screen where you
can type in the address label and attach a
wallet address to it, by pasting it into the
field below.
The token filter will allow you to select
which Tron Tokens you want to see in your
overall list of tokens in your wallet balance.
Some of these coins we randomly receive will
never amount to anything while some will.
If you identify any coins that are a waste
of time and you want to stop them from displaying
in your wallet so only the important stuff
You can just click the name of each currency
that you want to be hidden.
So that a check mark shows next to it.
Any of the currencies you check off like this
and hit save will not appear in your wallet
until you uncheck them from this screen.
It’s a way to tidy up your wallet in regard
to all the tokens we receive from the daily
The About button wills simply give you info
about the developers and a link to a tutorial
about the wallet.
You can click the logos of PAY and Getty IO,
whop are the developers, and it will take
you to a place with more information so you
can learn about them.
The help center is just another link where
you can get to those Tron Wallet tutorials
in all the various languages.
You can turn your wallet notifications from
developers on or off using the little slider
button here.
I prefer to stay in the know and keep it set
Signals gives you interesting information
and updates from the developer about the wallet.
You can click in here anytime to see those.
The next option is going to be important in
regard to security!
Even though we already backed up our private
key and 12 word recovery phrase, when we created
the wallet, but in case you ever needed to
access it again in the future, you can click
the backup option right here, and you will
be required to enter your PIN code or use
your thumbprint in order to gain access to
The next option of the settings menu is Restore
If you want to restore a wallet you can simply
enter your 12-word recovery seed or private
key using this option and it will load your
wallet to the app.
The next available option is to reset that
You can use this to literally wipe your wallet
clean, and then use your 12 word recovery
phrase to recover any wallet that you want
to your Tron Wallet Me wallet app.
And you could probably also use a private
with this option as well.
Next we have a couple of the most important
security features of this wallet.
And what makes me so comfortable using it
for the storage of my Tron.
You should absolutely have the Always Ask
For Pin option turned on.
You don’t want anyone to be able to access
your wallet easily, you have to keep it locked.
And so this setting will keep it locked for
And next depending on your phone type, you
can activate biometry.
Which will allow you to override the 6 digit
PIN with your thumbprint you use to unlock
your phone and secure apps.
I would highly recommend this option as it
seems to be the most secure to me personally.
So I use both of the options, just use the
little slider button so that it appears like
it does on
my screen right here in order to turn these
security settings on.
And I would recommend using both!
The last options are to select your wallet
language, of which you have a pretty nice
selection of 28 different languages.
And the last option is ‘Restore Accounts’
which I’m not exactly sure how that works
yet, but my guess is that if you create multiple
wallet accounts in your app via your private
key like I showed you how in the beginning
on the dashboard page, and then you end up
deleting the account.
You should be able to use this button to recover
any deleted wallet accounts.
So at this point I have thoroughly covered
all the features and functions available in
the mobile Tron Wallet Me.
I hope you found massive value in my Tron
Wallet Me Users’ Guide & Features Overview.
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