Tua Tagovailoa Builds his All Time Chiefs and 49ers Lineup With $15 Dollars | Build Your Squad

– I’m Tua Tagovailoa, and this is Build Your squad. I have $15 right here. I won’t count ’em all. They’re all in ones. Um, and I’m going to choose from the 49ers uh, and the, and the Chiefs all-time Super Bowl team. I’m gonna have to go with, uh, Pat. I’m gonna put Pat as my quarterback. So that’s $3. With Pat Mahomes I mean, I, I kind of know Pat
a little more personal than, than, you know a lot of guys here. Actually, I know T.O. pretty
well too, so, so that’s $7. That’s $12. Ronnie Lott’s the man. Uhhh. Wooo! I ain’t got no running back. Go with Jamaal Charles, and I ain’t got—What else I don’t got? I don’t got a linebacker, huh? – [Producer:] How much money you got left? – Oooohh. I’m going broke, man. You know what, I’ll go
Richard Sherman. I got to use up all my money, man. And I only got five selections. I kind of know Pat Mahomes, you know, on
a personal level. I know T.O. on a personal level. Ronnie Lott. I mean, I got to see him, you know,
documentaries of him, growing up. Jamaal Charles, I mean, he’s fast. He, he got good relations to, um,
uh, Pat Mahomes, and Richard Sherman, I mean, you see this guy playing, playing football, like, since since you were
like, little, I mean. He’d been with the Seahawks, so someone you admire I guess. So I’m Tua Tagovailoa, this is my squad and I’m here on behalf of Auto Trader. Um, you know, they’ve made car shopping
easier for me and my family, as well as Kelly Blue Book, you know, and the prices
were just right for, for me and my family, um, with us deciding on
what car we wanted to get. Um, you know, and based off of that,
I got my ca—my first college car. It was a Jeep, so.


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