Udemy for Business Testimonial: PayPal

So in a little while I’m going to
talk about Udemy and Udemy for Business. Are my Udemy friends
here? Oh they are here! So we partnered with Udemy this year
to do Udemy for Business and it’s been tremendous. And when people find
stuff that they’re interested in they will spend 300 minutes on that topic
inside the Udemy platform watching videos, but they shop around so they’ll
pick their topic and they’ll watch a guy for 5 – not less – no they’ll watch a guy
for 25 seconds be like “nope, can’t listen to this guy, don’t like this guy,” and
they’ll just bail. And they’ll go find another guy on the same topic, until they
find the right guy, and then they’ll invest and make the time. Standing up Udemy for Business has created the opportunity for us to learn way more
about what our learners want than we ever could have learned from a survey so
all of the — Oh, so if you don’t know what Udemy for
Business is, 1,900 courses and my Udemy guys will absolutely correct me. Yeah is
that right? 1900 courses, video-based, it’s — and they’re gonna hate this analogy —
so it’s a curated Youtube. You know, anyone can go out and put something
stupid on YouTube and say “hey this is how you make you souffle!” And they can
teach you wrong, because they don’t care, right, and no one checks that for
content validity or for accuracy and then you don’t get to rate it and say
“this guy doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. Terribleness”. You don’t need to do
that. Udemy has a curated set of materials. That curated set of materials
is constantly updated and refreshed, and people get to vote down things that
aren’t working. So it’s a constantly updated set of materials, and as our
learners go in and shop inside of Udemy we get fantastic back-end analytics
about what are they searching for, what are they clicking on, where are they
spending their time, what’s their jump rate, what’s not working. We learn all
about that. So it’s new to us. In the past year we
didn’t stand it up until March. It’s been staggering, the amount of traffic that
we’ve gotten from the dedicated Udemy users and what’s been most staggering is
what people are spending their time going out and learning. So it’s
really deep technology code things that I don’t understand and know nothing
about. Like hey I want to learn a node for JavaScript. So those words don’t even
mean anything to me, but now I know that that’s where folks are spending on
average five hours online, 300 minutes online, developing that skill. And that’s
super important because then that’s a real need in the organization we also
get to see who the learners are, where they are geographically, do we need to
target them differently it gives us so much information way more than I ever
could have gotten from a Survey Monkey to say “hey what do you want to learn in
the technology space?” I seriously doubt I would have gotten the level of response
that said I want to learn JavaScript, node for JavaScript, whatever I just said.
So, super valuable great tool, people love it, and it allows our learners
to learn when they want, what they want, the way they want — what
did I not say that I should have? All right, all right!

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