Vase DIY (Dollar Tree Items)

welcome back to my channel creative dolls and if this is your first time visiting welcome. I have another project that I’m
gonna do for you guys, this is a vase that I’ve gotten some years back there’s
white sand in here that I’ve gotten from the Dollar Tree left over from a
previous project and of course these dried up roses I really love the way
flowers look when they dry out I’m going to use my glue gun some e6000 this
candlestick that I got from the Dollar Tree and also the scented oil that I got
from the Dollar Tree. So I want you guys to continue to watch if you want to see
how this turns out and remember don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe
turn on your post notifications and we’ll see how this turns out in the end. Okay the first thing I’m gonna do is clean this vase off with some glass cleaner and I also forgot to say that I found these rhinestones from the dollar tree and I’m gonna use some of these flowers that I had on the bottom of this vase.
So let’s just see how it turns out. And now five rolls of diamond wrap to the bottom of this vase. I like to skip a few rolls of the
diamond wrap and put the glue on every few rows of the glue just comes right
through and sometimes it shows. Here’s where I add to e6000, mine is a
little dried up so the top won’t open anymore but it’s alright it helps it to
dry a little quicker. so I’m going to put it all around the top of this
candlestick and I’m also going to use my glue gun to help it stay in place. These are the rhinestones I was telling
you about earlier, I found them by the picture frames in the Dollar Tree
they are self sticking so you don’t need glue unless you want to cause sometimes they tend to lose the stick-ness of it after awhile. Here’s the end result, it turned out
pretty nice I like to finish the look. I wish I could see more of the jewels that
I put at the bottom, but feel free to try this out yourself. Thanks for watching
everyone don’t forget to Like, comment and subscribe
turn on your post notifications and I will see you in the next video.

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