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hey guys it’s Lewis are you ready to learn about the top events in the crypto world in today’s episode the price of BTC is growing but it’s still too early to sell it we will tell you when petro cryptocurrencies scams have reached the state level how to drive up over 250,000 dollars trades on an exchange and of prime importance how you can become a pop star by means of blockchain this is not a complete list the most interesting is ahead so Bitcoin isn’t going to give up and continues growing in price yesterday it almost reached seventy three hundred dollars and it lacked just a little but no worries according to status group the next year BTC will rise in price to nineteen thousand dollars so holder holder holder and in general cryptocurrency is now a long-term prospect the founder of bitinstant Charlie Shrem advises everyone to be patient and wait for five years before selling crypto coins so farewell short-term speculation you know crypto is powerful but scams blow its reputation like in Venezuela it is being destroyed by inflation people don’t even have money to buy toilet paper but President Maduro introduced the petro cryptocurrency oh thank you which would save the country however as reuters found out petrol appeared to be not more expensive than this paper the oil fields which should provide cryptocurrency haven’t been created yet and it is not accepted in stores I wonder if they react Medora for a second turn when people don’t even have money for the most basic things although soon the paper will not be needed at the elections the Japanese region of Tsukuba it’s already testing ballots on blotching and if it works out then the election process will change radically here catch this nice cat well petrol is not the only trash cryptocurrency in the world to this list we may need to add the second most famous coin ether if it doesn’t involve and this is said not by evil tongues but by the creator of eath himself Vitaly Buren while all coins are fighting for survival hundreds of promising projects appear in the world according to ICO marks just today five new ideas will start collecting money through ICO so get the popcorn and watch how some projects die while others will rise the crime chronicles of the crypto world are on air again in Thailand a finished businessman got screwed for thirty four million dollars worth of BTC the trust will Finn was persuaded to invest in ICO which doesn’t exist one of the advertisers of the ICO became the famous Thai actor Jared did CP CDs how do you say that okay look this guy’s name cannot even be pronounced and how is it possible that anybody can trust a guy with a name like that that should have been the first clue the actor denies the accusations in complaints that he was fooled and dragged into the scam well everyone earns as best as they can the bid humph customers know this very well one of the traders on this platform manipulated trades and everyday created fake trading volumes amounting to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars The Artful trader had been doing it since August 25th bid humph prohibited him from trading oh thank god and compensated the victims for all their losses we’ll know that mining is the life-giving force of cryptocurrencies this process absorbs a lot of energy along BTC mining consumes more during the year than the whole country of Austria all this energy costs a lot of money and pollutes the planet that’s why crypto enthusiasts create huge wind farms right in the heart of the largest desert in the world the Sahara the installation is to be finished by 2023 soon the main sponsor of BTC will be sand while some use blockchain to save the planet from global warming others treated with technology of the SOL Z pop dream a South Korean music man believes that blotching can alter pop music and is looking for talented singers with its help ordinary users can vote for their favorite with aetherium my baby got out last Monday and me I’m on the crypto show done oh come on guys will you go for me come on South Korea will be mine baby mmm this is it for today but tomorrow we will come back with even more interesting Krypton use and okay okay I’m not going to sink tomorrow so stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe and push the like button under this video see you then

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