VIPGAME – One of The Most FAIREST Crypto Gambling Platform | Review #1

Hello everyone and welcome to my channel.
My name is Fahmi and in this video, I’m gonna
introduce you about a brand new gambling or
betting platform called VIPGames.
So yeah let’s get started.
So first thing first I’m gonna explain to
you about their Feature or Main Characteristics.
The first one is they have a multi-currency
such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Tron, and
The next one is they have a multiple games
such as Lottery, Dice, and Blackjack.
But currently Blackjack is still not available,
so it’s still coming soon for now.
Next one is VIPGame are Absolute Fairness.
They have Provably Fair, means that every
single of bet result are controlled by EOS
VIPGame uses the EOS Transaction Hash to generate
its results.
Another feature from VIPGame are they will
have an Online Chat, High Rebate, a Profit
Share such as Bankroll for investors, and
also a Low Percentage of House Edge.
Okay right now let’s go to the site and let’s
play some games.
So this is the website of VIPGame.
You can create a new account by clicking a
login button on the top corner, right here,
and then click Create New.
You can use Phone Number or Email for Register.
I’ve already create an account and also having
some balance, so for now let’s try to play
some Lottery.
So this is Lottery.
As you can see right here this is the Transaction
Hash it will doing one bet for every one minute.
So basically if this timer, right here, running
out or going to zero, it will doing one bet.
You can bet on High or Low, Odd or Even for
2 Multiplier.
Betting on this roll for 10 Multiplier, so
yeah, right now i will try to doing one bet,
maybe on Low.
Yeah let’s try for it.
So the number was 1, it means it’s Low.
Yeah, just like that.
So let’s try another game.
So this is Dice.
Basically, you just need to guess it will
be Under or Over.
It’s kinda similar with other sites, but VIPGame
uses the Transaction Hash to determine the
result of the bet.
Yeah just like that.
That’s it from me guys, thank you so much
for watching, don’t forget to leave a like
on this video, comment if you have any question
for me, yeah, see you in the next video.

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