WakeupData Currency Conversion for Product Feeds

Hi and welcome to WakeupData. In this
short video we will show you how to easily convert the currency of your
product prices. From this you can gain the benefit of easily converting your
prices and start selling your products in different markets in no time. With
WakeupData you can convert into 50 different currencies. Here is how you do
it: in your import overview press ‘edit import’, scroll down and here you will see
the steps that are currently available for your import. From here select ‘add
additional step’, now choose currency from the options you have. Here you have to
select the base currency you wish to convert from, for instance if you convert
from Danish Kroners write DKK, press fetch data and make sure you receive a message saying the currency DKK is an known currency, press continue and you will be able to map the currencies you wish to convert to. In this example we will
map euros so we choose module currency from the drop-down menu of the field
type and euro from the field and press ‘add
map’. When you’re done press finish in the top right corner the data will be
available after the next run of your import. Alternatively, if urgent you can
rerun the import after adding currency conversion. Please only use this
possibility only if it’s really necessary. We recommend just waiting for the next scheduled run. Please check out our other
videos on how to adjust the prices in the expression engine using the currency

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