Warren Buffett Doesn’t Like Bitcoin (and why I don’t give a damn)

Hello my YouTube friends this is Richard
founder of STRU
and Airbnb super host today’s Monday
motivation is prompted by something that
I said on a YouTube video not too long
ago which then caused a lot of like
questions and interest and so on on our
Facebook group and so I want to respond
to that here in the YouTube video on
Mondays motivation which is to trust
your gut so let’s get to the story so I
said something about Bitcoin on YouTube
channel also since these insta stories
are being turned into YouTube videos for
my personal journal I’m gonna document
here that my laughably small initial
position on Bitcoin is up like 6 percent
overnight in like five six hours which
is not sustainable so I have a very
laughably small position and I got long
at two thousand six hundred and forty
dollars and I think it’s trading about
2800 this morning just five hours later
I’ve been trading it I know it’s all the
rage right now and you’re probably like
you know done with it fine doesn’t
matter it’s not about Bitcoin but the
point is in the Facebook group somebody
said well you know what Warren Buffett
doesn’t like Bitcoin and that was sort
of like the statement how can anybody
like it if Warren Buffett doesn’t really
like it now before you guys go out and
flame me and tell me that I’m no Warren
Buffett let me go on public record say
I’m not Warren Buffett and I’m no Warren
Buffett but that’s okay I still have my
opinions I still have my thoughts I know
how to value them and by the way I have
a risk approach towards investing that
allows me to take small calculated bets
whether Warren Buffett likes them or not
and whether this guy likes them or not
and I listen to all that I make a
decision and then I can take small
calculated risks and I learn and I pay
close attention and so too should you
now I want to just go on the record as
saying I’m a huge Warren Buffett fan
I’ve been to his legendary investment
conference in Omaha twice including the
50th anniversary which was amazing I
wanted to bring my kids there so I’m a
huge investor in Berkshire Hathaway and
have been for over a decade so I think
he knows the world about a lot of things
but technology investing is not really
his thing in fact he recently hired
maybe about five six years ago two
different investment managers they hire
they invested in a lot of his stock
picks right now and they were the first
people to really bring Warren to the
technology investing side he invested in
Apple after Apple was one of the world’s
largest companies and they’ve done
fabulously well it’s been a great
investment but that’s not the guy that
I’m gonna go listen to for like an
innovative disruptive technological
blockchain solution he’s just not he’s
entitled to his opinion
so as everyone else many smart people
are thinking it’s a bubble and they may
well be right but that doesn’t stop me
from thinking about it myself drawing my
own conclusions and having a careful
strategy towards like investing and
learning about it and that’s the point
of the entire video is listen to all the
Guru’s listen to all the people that you
can learn as much as you possibly can do
all your homework do all your due
diligence and then at the end of the day
know yourself be self-reliant value your
own opinion at least as much as everyone
else’s and then make a decision by the
way I’m not exempt I’m not immune so I
might be speaking to this YouTube
audience and I really appreciate your
time and energy but question me just
because I think something doesn’t mean
it’s like a given it might be a good
place to start you may want to try and
test it play with it and then modify it
for yourself or you could outright
disagree with me that’s what makes a
market two of sides to every market
buyers and sellers the same exact moment
that’s the clearing price more sellers
and buyers prices go down more buyers
and sellers prices go up just because
this guy thinks something is true
question me with that I hope you’ve
enjoyed this go ahead and like and
comment below and if you haven’t
subscribed to the YouTube channel this
guru says do it do it do it


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