we all owe the dollar store an apology

*noise* Listen here. Okay, just just sit down listen. Just listen. I’m disappointed in everybody as the human race Why? you may ask. As a society I feel that we’re neglecting something. Like I feel like there’s something that we just don’t give enough credit Everybody just looks past this place, and just doesn’t even like give it the time of day. No one goes in there Do you know what I mean? That place is the dollar store you know you’ve probably been in there like once or twice for something like I don’t even know what would you even go into the Dollar Store for like tissues decorations for your seventh birthday party I don’t know the last time that I was in a dollar store was like seven years ago And do you know what I’m disappointed in myself I just completely looked past this beautiful store for seven years and just never went in again Why? I don’t know. it’s so great like I just like the stuff that I got you’re going to be un- you’re going to be Your mind is going to be blown I got like something like 12 things guess how much money I paid $12 because like each thing is a dollar you know makes sense right? I went in there had the time of my life customer service was impeccable I’m just not going to talk anymore I’m just going to show you and hopefully this will inspire you to take a trip to the dollar store So that you can change your own life and really give it the credit it deserves So let’s get into this. So, the first thing I got was like one of the first things I saw when I walked in so I got this ninja hero set and you might be like Emma you know why would you purchase that? Do you really want to know why purchased this? Are you still confused? if you’re still confused as to why I bought this why are you here? This is the coolest thing I’ve ever bought in my life How much do they pay for this one dollar I don’t even know what else to say like honestly this is enough If you’re not already in the car driving to the dollar store after seeing this I dunno I’m confused and I’m disappointed just in case you’re still here And you’re not convinced yet that the dollar store is the best thing in the entire universe I guess I will continue. So the next thing I got is basically a household necessity What’s one of the best things that you keep in your bathroom? I don’t know about you, but I’d say q-tips now This is a handy thing look at all these freaking q-tips all for one dollar that’s great and all. No, it gets better. This is frozen q-tips Are you kidding me what more could you ask for in a product like? Wait a minute the Frozen part is removable, so Don’t do that at home to keep it on speed as the frozen part is what makes it good Everybody loves frozen I’ve never even watched the movie, but… so I’m kind of a fake fan But we’ll continue on. We’ll just act like that never happened because I you know I never Never even seen the movie. I don’t know okay the next thing I got is a completely crucial item that I just really needed and it was a light bulb Okay, this isn’t a part of this I just needed a light bulb so after shopping in there for you know a solid hour and a half I got a little bit hungry, so I decided I’d get myself a snack and what better food than dollar store food, okay? these candies Are you kidding hard candy assorted fruit flavors. Look at these! These are like the funnest candies I think I’ve ever seen you know like Skittles, Starbursts, Jolly ranchers. They’re they’re fine They’re good. But this, this looks good. The brand is Coastal Bay confections I’ve never heard of it, but I don’t care. The options are endless. Oh, God. Oh! mMm Oh, yeah, that is so good. That one is cherry flavored, and it did not at all taste like medicine. That was really good Dollar Store candy thumbs up from me. Huh the next thing I got is bringing me back every sort of memory I could ever even imagine A freaking recorder. If you didn’t play these in elementary school. I’m so sorry your elementary school must have been horrible. Oh, that sounds good That was so beautiful. Oh my God. I’m tearing up Some things never change. I am still really good at this The next thing might just have to be the best thing I got keep in mind. This was $1.00 Unbelievable Fashion scarf okay, but you haven’t even seen the best of it, okay Are you freaking ready for this? As you can see it’s this beautiful fashion scarf have some nice colors You know you see the blue you see the green It’s great as you can see there’s some little plants on it But what you can’t see is the fact that it says herbed names under each plant for example This one says basil underneath this one says lavender underneath this one this rosemary underneath this one says Parsley underneath this one this sage underneath yeah I learned more about herbs from this scarf than I ever have in my entire life Which is what you think it couldn’t get any better. It’s freaking cute, coachella, whoo I will literally wear this to everything for the rest of my life. It could be a scarf on a cold day You could hang this up somewhere as a decoration. You know maybe in your garden. I don’t know suit yourself You know I mean You know a lot of people sometimes they have gardening books that like kind of describes each like plant and like what it looks like Ya know throw them all in the trash because this this can provide you with all the information you need about every herb ever you’re Welcome. I don’t even know what else to say about this. This is just perfect this has no flaws I’m absolutely in love with it, and you should be too next I got something that I think is Extremely relevant to the times right now a lot of people have been getting hair extensions and stuff like that And I think it’s really cool. You know like sometimes they can be like different colors and stuff like that Yeah, but they’re really expensive if you know anything about hair extensions They’re really expensive I went to the dollar store, and they hook me up you think that they don’t have it all they have it all Hello, I mean. Yes what the heck people are spending all this money on freaking hair extensions when they can literally go to the dollar store and get to this thing it has a Built-in Braid on the top that is so cute and you know it. God. I’m living for this wow Tell me you’re not living for this like try to tell me that you don’t think this looks good You can’t could you’d be lying I never felt so good my God just never felt better in my life like this is perfect. This is just too great a Few logs ago I
Kind of did a little back-to-school rant about how baptist school videos shouldn’t exist and that they’re just completely rude and disrespectful to everybody I Don’t want to think about the fact that I have to go back to school especially in july But while I was there I did find something that I am going to be using for back-to-school So I guess I’ll show to you this may look like I don’t know something that you would see at a rave It’s so much more look at this let me just take it out of its packaging so that you can see it in its full Glory yes, my friend. It’s a fluffy pen when I was in Middle school I would have literally done anything to have this high you know I didn’t really go into the dollar store at the time So I obviously didn’t have access to cool things like this, and if they have them at Target, they’re usually like seven bucks and I’m not willing to do that, so This is awesome. Let’s say you’re trying to impress your crush at school There is no better way to do that than to whip out this bad boy and just start writing This will be your secret weapon as well as here This could be your lucky pen I bet I bet but if I took a test with this I would ace it every time because I’ve been so happy about this that there’s no way that I wouldn’t succeed Every time I use this pen thank you dollar store the next thing. I got is just a cute accessory It was speaking to me. I just had to get it Anybody who knows anything about me knows that I love sunglasses. I love all that kind of stuff They’re a little bit small for my head. They might be for kids debatable I’m not sure but they were a dollar so who even cared that they’re for kids. I’m a kid and these look awesome I don’t think they’d be that good at keeping the sun out of your eyes But I don’t even care that’s not even the point sunglasses completely for accessorizing only the next thing I got was a little wine glass thing But obviously I don’t drink wine so I don’t know what I’m gonna use this for yet I might even put iced coffee in it I mean, it’s a little bit small, but we’ll see so here’s the nice little wine glass I got this could be perfect for any occasion Bridesmaids gift birthday party handouts birthday get anything on it It says promoted to cougar. I think that basically just means that you’re really cool. Yeah, she’s cool as a cougar Yeah, no I don’t really know so I love this because it should have a really inspirational Meaning just saying like you know you’re promoted to you know you’re just you’re cool now because before you are cool but now you’re Being promoted to a cougar and that is so inspirational to me and beautiful if you receive this don’t even try to tell me that You wouldn’t be honored the glass quality on this is absolutely Spotless and perfect the graphics on this don’t feel like they’re going to peel off any minute I mean they had a bunch of other nice little graphics glasses that you could purchase if you wanted But that one just really really hit home for me. Just really felt like that is a great mug That is a great glass. I’ll probably just be keeping that for me Just because I think it will just remind me everyday to just keep working hard so that I can be promoted. You know The last thing I got with this 48 piece puzzle usually I only like to do 4 piece puzzles You know just like four pieces. It’ll take me about an hour maybe 45 minutes if my brain is really working on the move but 48 pieces well this will probably take me at least a week to complete it by the brand Lisa Frank if you never have Lisa Frank products when you were like seven I don’t know. I’m sorry because she was the shit and everything that she ever had was so cool colorful It’s like you’re freaking on acid when you look at this stuff I’m now I’ve never been on acid, but I mean like this is just frickin vibe I just need to tear into this puzzle right now. I can’t even waste any time It’s ages 6 and up, so I’m old enough by like 10 years so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Oh That was my video today I Really really genuinely hope that you take a trip to the dollar store now because honestly I don’t think it’s possible to see that I Bought all of that for 12 dollars and not want to go out to the store and do that as well I mean like if that isn’t the most quality haul you’ve ever seen then you’re lying to yourself and Hop in the car Hop on the nearest plane and just find one because I can guarantee you won’t regret it I appreciate every single last one of you and Like this video if you enjoyed it subscribe to my channel comment down below anything you want. I’ll see you next time peace out If you’re still confused, and you’re still acting why? Yeah, I guess this is like too funny for me to film like I can’t even be serious okay, okay? That was actually really intense

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