We are Bitcoin miners! Go to mine the Bitcoin | Animated Short Films

Bitcoin is a kind of digital crypto currency without intermediaries
Bitcoin was created in 2008
A person or group of people named “Satoshi Nakamoto”
He or them create the Bitcoin
Bitcoin uses the technology called “block chain”
The Bitcoins are recorded in every block (inter-node)
A bitcoin is defined by a sequence of digits signed transactions
Every bitcoins own a security protocol
And the “Miner” have to “MINE” it
Ofcorse using the CPU to transfer it
Bitcoin has many problems
Including use in illegal transactions
High electricity usage, price volatility
Essentially Bitcoin belong a kind of speculative bubble
It has high risk characteristic
The first commercial transaction using bitcoin
Is the programmer Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for ₿10, 000
Maybe finally the bitcoin will be back to the pizza again

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