We Won Money With Bitcoin!!

BUCK: I’m Buck, with your TV report of the evening in Seattle. After years of being ignored, Bitcoin is finally getting the recognition it deserves!
BUCK: Bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies, are going through the roof right now! Bitcoin alone has just hit over $20,000! And it looks like it’ll continue to grow!
GIZZY: Pfft. Who wanted to invest in Bitcoin anyways. It’s just a bubble that will burst.
GIZZY: You guys are probably watching in rage when I say this, or you have no idea what Bitcoin is because you’re so young.
GIZZY: But just… do a lot of research when it comes to Bitcoin, okay? It doesn’t look as easy as it seems. Not everybody can just get rich from it.
GIZZY: Hey! Did you win the lottery?!
FRED: Nope. Even better! It turns out I bought Bitcoin a few years ago when I was drunk. I just checked and I made over a million dollars!
GIZZY: What?! From Bitcoin?! I mean, congrats! But… really?! Bitcoin made you THAT much money? Hmm… maybe it isn’t a bubble after all.
FRED: A bubble?! Cryptocurrency is the new way of life! How to make money fast!
GIZZY: Just please don’t post your 1 million earnings on Facebook.
FRED: Don’t worry, I’m not a square filled with ego. Showing how much money you made from Bitcoin on social media —
FRED: — is equivalent to cruising in your new Lamborghini around the same block for three hours just to show off. Nobody likes you.
GIZZY: That’s fair to say. So Bitcoin — maybe I’ll go buy some!
FRED: Just make sure you Google about it first – it takes some learning and-
GIZZY: I bought a thousand dollars worth! We’ll be rich in no time!
FRED:*sigh* Okay. I just hope you didn’t jinx it and it just goes down.
GIZZY: Fun Controller Fred! It’s going down! It’s now at 19,000! I’m losing money!
FRED: Don’t worry, that happens all the time. It’ll bounce back up soon.
*One hour later.*
FRED: It’s now at 11,000?! And still dropping?! Gizzy! You jinxed it! How did you do that?!
GIZZY: It’s not my fault! I don’t know what I did to fluctuate it. I’ve lost over $600 now because of Bitcoin!
FRED: Gizzy. I’ve lost over $700,000.
GIZZY: You — you seem really calm about that- Oh, and you’re leaving.
GIZZY: Fun Controller Fred! Hiding in a tree won’t change what happened.
GIZZY: It says it’s now at $9,000. We need to fix this! How do we make Bitcoin go back up?! Are you crying?
FRED: No, I… I just have something in my eye, that’s all.
GIZZY: You never even had a million to begin with! You bought Bitcoin years ago when it was nothing! You still made money!
FRED: dsfsjdfwjerjh.
GIZZY: I can’t hear you when you are crying.
FRED: Dksjfjdhrej.
GIZZY: What?! Blow your nose, then speak!
GIZZY: He does this all the time. Every time he gets upset, he runs into the tree and cries. Like the time he binge watched Doctor Who. Or he stood on a snail accidentally. He was in the tree for 12 hours.
*Fred blows his nose.*
FRED: Okay, but I should have cashed out when I could have.
GIZZY: Nobody knows about this stuff! Heck, Bitcoin might go back up again soon! Or… we can just force it to go back up!
FRED: What do you mean?
GIZZY: Isn’t it all related to the stock market? Why don’t we go to the stock market and try to persuade people to invest into Bitcoin again?
FRED: Gizzy, you’re an idiot. But if you’re right, we need access. And I might know someone who will get us into the stock market!
GIZZY: Buck! Aren’t you the TV guy?
BUCK: I sure am! Name’s Buck!
GIZZY: I… I know… I just said that…. Listen, we need to make Bitcoin go back up! We’re losing thousands!
FRED: Gizzy you’re losing hundreds.
GIZZY: It’s a team effort! Buck, teach us about the stock market!
BUCK: Watch this….
GIZZY: Do we follow him, or…?
GUY 1: I’LL PUT $300,000 ON APPLE!
GUY 2: $20,000!
BUCK: You see. Easy! You just lie to convince people to invest! The stock will go back up and hey, presto! We just need to persuade a few people to invest in Bitcoin again.
FRED: And we’ll make the money back!
GIZZY: Uhhhm. Fred… where’s Danny? I haven’t seen her all day.
FRED: She’s busy.
PRESENTER: Welcome back to Touch the truck! Lambo style! Where the last person who has their hand on the car, wins the Lamborghini! Our final two contestants. Starker and Danny!
STARKER: Nothing personal Dan Dan the not-man lamb. I just need this car so I can compensate for something else. You know what I’m saying? Body parts. Y’know.
DANNY: First of all, my name is Danny. Second, that is gross. And third, NO WAY! I need this car! My dad is counting on me on getting it and I can’t let him down!
STARKER: Sorry Daniel.
DANNY: Danny.
STARKER: But I’m not going anywhere. This Lambo is mine, homie.
DANNY: No, it’s mine!
PRESENTER: I’m very surprised to see these two still going at it! Even though they are both way too young to drive a car.
DANNY: Actually, the legal age of driving is 16. And I’m 16.
STARKER: Oh, I’m 16 and 3/4, and two days, presenter sir. Ma’am sir ma’am.
PRESENTER: Eh, why do I care. I’m just here to give away the Lambo and get my face on TV! And push that no good “BUCK” off the ratings! I mean – TOUCH THE TRUCK! YEAH! We’re not live right? …. Good. Cut that bit out.
GUY 1: I’ll invest $10 in bitcoin!
GIZZY: Only $10?! Why I oughta-
BUCK: You have to lie, Gizzy!
GIZZY: I don’t feel good about lying.
BUCK: Then try and bend the truth a little. It’s rumored a big company is investing in cryptocurrency as we speak. If we find out what it is we can make thousands!
GIZZY: But Buck, our money is in Bitcoin. We need Bitcoin to go back up so we can cash out.
FRED: Let me try something…. *clears throat* SNAPCHAT JUST INVESTED IN BITCOIN!
GUY 3: $50,000!
GUY 1: No, $100,000!
GIZZY: Wow, how did you know that they would go crazy about Snapchat? I thought that was only popular in 2016. Especially with their latest update. Seems like Snapchat’s dead now.
FRED: I guess Snapchat because they always seem to jump on everything these days. Who knows… they could be the ones investing in crypto right now.
BUCK: Hmmm… interesting. I’ll definitely need to find out more. But look! You guys did it! Bitcoin is going back up and it’s all thanks to you!
BUCK: Although, I’m pretty sure this isn’t how bitcoin works, but who cares! Anyways, I’m gonna go hit the gym. Gotta work on my good looks to keep those TV ratings high! Bye!
FRED: What a nice guy. I hope we see him again.
GIZZY: I think Fun Controller Fred is foreshadowing future cartoons. So we’ll probably see Buck again soon…
FRED: We should get back home and cash out our money.
FRED: Okay, let’s check our money and- Wait. It’s gone!
GIZZY: What?!
FRED: Bitcoin is back down to $2000! It’s over! The bubble burst!
GIZZY: I lost a thousand dollars because of Bitcoin.
FRED: Well, I guess you were right on one thing. I never lost any money in the first place. Just would have been nice to have a million dollars for once.
GIZZY: And I’m still down $1000! Never investing in anything again…. Let’s check the news and see if they say anything on why Bitcoin went down.
BUCK: After a shocking downfall of Bitcoin, it turns out a rumor was spread about Snapchat investing in cryptocurrency. They came out with a statement revealing it was true but it was NOT Bitcoin.
BUCK: They invested in Ripple! And I’m so glad I checked before everybody else found out. I just made a million dollars! I’m rich! I’m rich! I’m rich! Haha, I tell ya, I’m rich!
BUCK: Rich, rich, rich, I’m rich. Mm-mm-mm.
GIZZY: What?! Buck! Buck sabotaged us! He found out what Snapchat were ACTUALLY investing in and jumped the gun without telling us!
FRED: I can’t believe it! Well, I’m done with cryptocurrency anyways.
GIZZY: Yeah, ha…. me too… hehe… I’ll be right back. I just gotta… go in the other room.
DANNY: I’m home!
FRED: Danny! My beautiful baby girl! Tell me some good news! Did we win?!
DANNY: Sorry Dad, Starker won. I tried my best, but Snapchat had an update I just needed to add – and I took my hand off the car.
FRED: For a snapchat update?!
DANNY: And it wasn’t even worth it! Snapchat is terrible now! I’m not even sure why they did that update, and they keep talking about ripple and cryptocurrency now. Ugh… and Starker has a Lambo now! This day sucks
FRED: Tell me about it.
GIZZY: Okay, I just bought $1000 worth of Ripple! Time to make millions!
FRED: Gizzy, have you not learnt anything?!
STARKER: Wassup, Ladies! Wassup! Check out my new whip! It’s so big and expensive, y’know! So long and hard. Time to drive around the block for three hours like a cool guy and not what a square would do!
STARKER: Totally not compensating for anything else! I’m so cool! Hip! Yeah, man, wassup, man.
LADY: Oh my goshhhh you must have a tiny-
STARKER: OKAY, fine! Yes, you caught me! I am compensating for something. My stupid tiny little-
LADY: Eww, we get it
STARKER: -HANDS! My hands are so tiny! Why are my hands so tiny?!
GIZZY: Thank you so much for watching this cartoon about cryptocurrency! And, yes, Starker now somehow has a Lamborghini. I’m sure he’s going to rub it in our faces everyday.
GIZZY: Oh and guys, obviously it’s all not correct about cryptocurrency, this is just a script and a sketch, and it’s a comedy. So just keep that in mind.
GIZZY: Be sure to leave a like, though, if you did enjoy, and subscribe if you enjoyed and want more in the future!
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GIZZY: Did you lose thousands too, like me? It’s gross. Yeah, never touching it again.
GIZZY: If not, just tell me something nice about my cartoons. COOL.
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