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bjbj Hi everyone, this is Milly, and welcome
to Octoparse web scraping case tutorial. We
will introduce how to keep your eyes on the
cryptocurrency market with a simple and easy
method — web scraping. I will show you how
to extract market data with NO Tech Skills
required. You can save scraped data to your
database for analysis access. In This tutorial
I will scrape bitcoin as an example. And you
can use this method to scrape as many coins
as you can. Before we get started, let s have
a glance at the result of the scraped data
with octoparse. If you want to obtain the
web data and save it into a structured format,
please keep watching. That s
Dive Right INTO IT Step One: Set up a new
Task To set up a new task, we need to get
the URL of the target website. Open Coinmarketcap.com
with a web browser. Navigate to Botcoin page.
Then set up a 12 month Time range from historical
data. Then copy this URL. We will use it to
build a web crawler. A. Open Octoparse, choose
Advance Mode, and enter the URL we just prepared
into the box. Click Save URL on the left corner.
This will bring you to the Bitcoin historical
data page with Octoparse built-in browser.
Step Two: Create extraction list As one can
inspect [Octoparse s interface is divided
into three parts: The workflow box is on the
left, the setting area on the right, and the
interactive view of the websites on the bottom.]
s turn off the workflow to inspect the structure
of the website. It s is a simple webpage with
data presented in the form of listings. The
goal here is to scrape all table rows and
save to structured format. Let s turn the
workflow back on to continue. To scrape all
listings, we need to create a loop list, so
Octoparse can go through each listing and
extract the information. To do so, click the
date from the table. Octoparse will find similar
elements with the same attributes. The selected
item is highlighted in green color. Octoparse
should be able to find other similar elements
and put them in red color. As you>e’Y>f:y]
guide, choose
Select all sub-elements. Now the first row
has been selected successfully. Now Octoparse
will work on its magic and highlight all other
similar rows in red. It assumes that we may
want to extract all table rows. In this case,
confirm its selection by clicking the Select-ALL
Command. As one can inspect, all data has
been select successfully, and you can cross
out undesired fields from the action panel.
In this case, choose Extract Data in the Loop.
Click Save to Save the step Now you can see
that the action has been added to the workflow
box. We have a loop list with 365 listings
in the loop list. Octoparse will click through
each listing and specific selected data fields.
Step Three, Name the extraction Field Now
we need to Edit the Fields Name accordingly
from the Setting Area. You can choose a name
from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, type
and rename the fields. After that, go ahead
and click Save. Step Four, run the task and
get data After finishing setting up the rules,
we can run the task by clicking start extraction.
Then the Select Local extraction to run the
task. Thanks for watching. Please leave us
comments down below if you have any questions!
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