Webull App Tutorial 2019 ( FULL WALKTHROUGH + Webull review )

Do you like free things?
How about some free commission trades.
If that answer is yes, then you’ll like
Webull, who is also sponsoring todays video.
Webull a $0 commission trading app, with live
Besides the free commission and live data,
the app also offers extensive analysis tools,
indicators, paper trading, and allows you
to trade premarket, afterhours, and short
sell stocks.
Move along Robinhood.
So as a day trader who is very active in the
US markets every day, today I’ll be walking
you through some of the coolest features on
both mobile app, as well as desktop platform.
So if that sounds good to you.
Make sure to smash like button, don’t worry,
it’s completely free to do.
Alright so let’s jump into my webull app.
For those people who want to skip this part
and go the desktop demo, go to this timestamp
right here.
So on the home page you can see my watchlist.
So you can see im watching SKX, ACB, APPLE,
Next tab is markets.
Here you can see the overall market condition.
Dow jones, s&P 500, nasdaq.
Now lets go see some sexy stock charts.
I’m going to go back to tesla here.
So once you are in the stock you can see the
basic stock summary.
The open price and previous days close.
Tesla market cap etc etc.
You can zoom in to the stock chart with your
fingers, and click through different time
frames on 1min, 5min, 15, hrly.
Or click here for daily, weekly, monthly charts.
Scrolling down here you can see some additional
information on tesla stock such as analyst
ratings, stock predictions, financial information
on the company and the upcoming earnings date
Now lets go ahead and customize this chart.if
you click this line chart icon, that switches
between candlestick chart and line chart,
or mountain like the ones you see in other
apps like robinhood.
If you’re actively trading, i suggest to
stick with candlestick charts you get much
more information that way.
So good job Webull for incorporating that.
And if you click this hexagon shape here.
That takes us to chart settings.
This is where you can come in and set your
chart indicators.
So as you can see, I have the 13 and the 50
ema set already.
But you can add more ema’s if you want to.
Or you can add more indicators here.
So as you can see tons of options.
Lets just go ahead and put RSI.
So once you have them enabled you can go back
to the main charts here.
So you see my ema’s.
The lines are so thin, man i really don’t
know how trade on apps.
You can enlarge the chart by clicking this
icon near bottom right and rotate it horizontal
if you want.
And select this drop down menu for indicator.
This is where you can toggle between all the
different indicators you enabled.
So ema’s.
Ma’s. and ichimoku.
What kind of witchcraft is this.
Besides indicators Webull gives you a lot
of extra settings.
So if you click more.
This is where you can set your alert, compare
and put 2 or 3 stocks together side by side,
and this “replay”.
Special thanks to a fellow subscriber who
showed me this.
You can click replay the stock’s price action
from a specific date.
So right now its show july 19, but i can go
select a date on the calendar in the past
and replay the price action that way too.
And you can adjust the playback speed.
And i guess on the right is time and sales.
Now webull.
If you’re watching this.
Please consider putting a level 2 beside this
times and sales.
That would make this replay function so so
And replace this line chart with candlestick
pattern please.
This tool would become a day trader’s dream.
Like i would just cancel my netflix and just
watch this instead.
Why would i want to watch stranger things
or Game of Thrones when i can be watching
a replay of a stock’s price action.
all this is all free.
While netflix is costing me $12 canadian/
Just kidding I only like free things.
I don’t pay for netflix i use my friends.
But seriously though, this is how you learn
to read the tape.
From watching replays .
One of the most attractive features on webull
is the fact that they allow you to short sell
Now keep in mind you need at least $2000 deposited
to short on Webull.
And this is how you find out whether a stock
is available to short.
So let’s get back to my watchlist.
Let’s say I want to short $Amd stock.
And if you click the top right square icons
Here it shows that the stock quote is real
time, its trading on the nasdaq, and you can
use margin up to 4x leverage to long this
And it also shows that this stock is shortable
with up to 3x times leverage.
But not every stock is shortable.
I was looking at $CAPR earlier on webull.
And if you click the same icons again.
It doesn’t show the shortable icon, just real
time, long margin leverage.
So that means Webull doesn’t have short locates
for this stock.
So now that we’ve gone through the interface,
let’s actually place a trade on webullSo
lets say I want to buy a share of $TSLA stock.
Tesla stock is trading around 257.81 at the
Ok I want to go down to click trade so that
pulls up the order execution window
Ok I want to buy tesla stock.
Quantity i’m going to put 1.
Order type you can do limit, market, stop
or stop limit.
For this demo i’m gonna use limit.
Price, there’s no level 2 here so I can’t
see the bid and ask.
So let’s just scroll up to the charts and
see where its trading at.
So this is really cool that Webull supports
bracket orders.
So i can attach this stop loss and take profit
order along with this buy order on tesla stock.
So I put lets say if i’m in 258 right now
I want to be stopped if $TSLA stock falls
to 257.
And if the stock goes up as I had planned.
Then i want to
take profit at 260.
Ok so if you guys used my referral link you
could claim up to 2 free stocks.
I just got my free stock after getting the
account funded.
So let’s do something fun and see which
stock I got.
Please webull god give me something good like
and not shitty ones from robinhood like zynga.
Alright let’s see.
Oh nice $7.
I mean it’s no apple stock, but hey free is
And you guys know what i’m doing this free
Im selling it to put into my lamborghini fund.
Like I said before Webull, as a $0 commission
trading app, really goes above and beyond
with all the tools and resources and tons
of different settings.
Honestly it could be a bit overwhelming at
first but I after playing around with it for
an hour or so I got the hang of it.
There are some extra features on the app that’s
worth checking out for yourself, the screener
here where you can create and save different
settings when finding stocks to trade.
Also top gainers top losers, This is where
you’ll usually find the hot penny stocks
on the day for the traders who like to play
Alright for those people who are not used
to trading on the phones, thats me btw, Webull
has a really sleek looking desktop application
available on both Mac and PC, and let me show
you around right now.
So let’s start on the watchlist which is
the first icon on the top here.
The watchlist is synced with my mobile app.
So all the stocks I put on my watch on the
phone shows up here.
So let’s go ahead and select tesla.
Webull does support premarket and after hours
trading, and you can toggle the display for
extended hours down here.
So now you see the after hours.
To adjust the height of the chart just drag
the Y axis here on the right.
As for the width you can just zoom in and
out with your mouse
Here on the right side you can see some basic
fundamentals on Tesla stock $TSLA.
Tesla is releasing earnings on July 24th so
that’s very information i need to know if
im trading tesla stock.
Here you can set alerts on this stock.
Now here is the order execution window like
the one you guys saw me placing on the mobile
I can buy sell, and Webull also supports advanced
orders on their desktop.
Which is really cool.
So i can enter my stop loss, or take profit
order attached with my buy order on tesla
On the right side you have some more useful
tools such as the latest news on $TSLA stock.
The financials on the company.
You can see whether tesla is making or losing
And you can click analysis tab to see any
upgrades and the analysts price targets for
So there’s lots of resources on webull desktop
just like their mobile app.
Alright next lets go see some charts.
So here you can rearrange the grid for the
So you can have two charts side by side.
Or you can choose to stack the charts vertically
as well.
And you can detach each stock chart window
That’s pretty cool then you really customize
the layout you want on webull.
And on the top of the charts here.
This is where you can draw lines and add your
indicators like MACD, RSI, Bollinger band
So i’m gonna add VWAP and volume down in my
Here you can change time frame to hourly and
lets just add some EMA’s’s too, and you can
adjust the settings on the EMA’s here
If you want an overview of the global markets
as well as crypto, you can click markets here
on the left.
This is where you can see the overall market
condition for US.
Top gainers and top losers.
You’ll probably see some penny stocks here.
And for those why are trading cryptocurrency,
you can look at how bitcoin, litecoin, etherreum
are doing today as well here
A few more noteworthy features that’s also
worth checking out is the screener that offers
you basic volume and percentage gain scan.
And there’s also the trade window for you
to place orders on multiple stocks.
And of course paper trading as well.
This is where i paper trade penny stocks and
pretend to make millions of dollars of lamborghini
As a $0 commission trading app, Webull honestly
really impressed me with the amount of tools
they provide to their traders.
It’s almost an entire desktop broker like
think or swim and interactive brokers, all
in one small screen.
Except for the fact that they don’t level
2 yet.
So pros and cons of Webull, definitely $0
commission, Extended hour trading, advanced
order types like stop loss, live charting,
ability to short sell certain stocks, extensive
fundamental and technical analysis tools all
in one place very easy to access.
Cons, not all stocks are shortable, and the
fact the level 1 bid and ask quote is extra
paid service.
They don’t have level 2 and options trading
yet, but according to the reps I talked to
it’s coming in a couple of months
Now please keep in mind that even though the
commissions are free, you’d still be charged
a margin interest if you hold positions overnight
with margin.
So keep that in mind.
And if you open an account with Webull using
my affiliate link down below, you could receive
up to 2 free stocks.
First one if you complete your application
in 24 hours, and a second one if you deposit
just $100 dollars.
If you guys think I missed anything on Webull,
please let me know in the comments, as well
as your opinions on the trading app and whether
you’ll be using this app yourself.


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