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First off, what is bitcoin.org? bitcoin.org
is a website with contributors all around the world.
It was originally owned by bitcoin’s first two developers
Satoshi Nakamoto and Martti Malmi.
Satoshi later on gave the ownership of the domain to additional people
to spread responsibility and to prevent
anyone from easily getting control over the project.
It’s one of the top websites for the latest news, updates
and articles for anything bitcoin related. It’s an independent
open source project.
Meaning, it is run by public community and simply runs
through its contributors and through donations.
On July 3, 2018 bitcoin.org announced
their new sponsorship deal with Paxful on their website
Now, when you go to their “Buy Bitcoin”page
You’ll see that the first option is to buy bitcoins through Paxful.
So how does this affect bitcoin.org’s reputation?
Well, since the announcement. The community has been divided into two sides.
The first half is against the sponsorship. Saying that Cobra one of the admins of the site.
Has not been transparent about the sponsorship and could’ve at least given the community
a heads up regarding this so that they could decide if it is something
that will benefit the website.
Furthermore, they’ve argued that this would make the website seem commercial
which goes against their mission statement
“To remain a neutral
informative resource about bitcoin.”
Now for those of you that don’t know, Paxful is a peer-to-peer
exchange wherein people can buy and sell bitcoins.
The platform currently has over 2 million customers
and offers more than 300 ways to pay with bitcoin.
Which brings us to the second half, who are defending Cobra’s
choices saying that they wouldn’t choose a sponsor that was
not credible nor would they choose something that they didn’t truly believe in.
They also said that since the website runs purely
through donations and contributors,
this sponsorship could help fund into making several positive improvements for the website.
Since then both Cobra and Paxful’s CEO
and Co-Founder, Ray Youssef have spoken about the issue.
In a Reddit thread, Ray has said the following statement;
“This deal isn’t about money for us as we are not profiting from it nor will we ROI at this rate.
This is about feedback from the people
for the purpose of better helping the people by seeing their needs better.”
For those doubting Paxful’s credibility,
Paxful’s CEO has also mentioned the importance of transparency for them,
especially in crypto where most of the owners hide behind screens.
Which is why on their platform,
Ray Youssef himself, would even work with customer support
to better understand their customers.
Cobra has also responded on a thread on github
saying that the funds would allow them to “be much more aggressive in getting good quality content
produced and translated, and funding efforts as well to
add new functionality and features to the site.”
They even stated samples of what this sponsorship could bring,
some of which are:
Getting a completely new and modern “What is Bitcoin?” video made
and narrated in different languages.
Develop a translation portal
with a built-in rewards system.
Including more live information about the Bitcoin network,
such as the current block, recommended fees, current difficulty, block version information, etc.
and rewarding existing contributors
and encouraging more activity on the project by launching more programs.
So what are you thoughts on this issue?
Was this a good move on Bitcoin.org’s part?
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