What Is Cross Leverage? Bybit Adds Cross Margin! (Bitmex/Cryptocurrency Beginner Bitcoin Trading)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we
got another killer video for you guys
full of information today I’ll be
showing you guys by the adding cross
leverage what exactly is cross leverage
and how you can use it in order to make
money on these exchanges but before we
actually dive into that guys I do want
to say if you do not have a buy bit
account or a bit mexicali I’m going to
leave a link to those down below and if
you’ve been following the channel for a
while you know that I’ve been partnering
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another big thing that I like to
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all-stars trading group is that I would
you recommend using to two different
accounts on an exchange right so if you
have a buy bit account I recommend to
buy bit accounts if you have a bit
I recommend two bit mix account so even
though this might sound a little bit
crazy the reason behind it is simply
because one of them I use for short term
trades one of them I use for long term
trades some people even have a bit
mexican’t for short term trades because
it allows cross leverage and then a buy
bit account for their longer term trades
the lower leverage trades because
obviously there is no cross leverage on
that but that is about a change so if
you do want to sign up for another
account and again there are bonuses if
you sign up to a Bible account or to a
bit Mexicali BMX you save fees by bay if
you deposit a certain amount which I’m
going to show you down below in the
description you will get some free money
so you might as well sign up to that
if you haven’t already now let’s jump
right into what the exact press release
was for by but they actually said this
to me and I’m sure a lot of you guys
might have done this as well in your
email you might have been a little
confused as to what exactly they were
talking about so it said dear buy bait
users as part of the continuing efforts
to improve your trading experience in by
bit we are replacing auto margin
replenishment with cross margin which is
going to be effective on November 20 19
now although margin replenishment
something a lot of people actually had
been asking me about and how it worked
because they started to read about it
and they weren’t too sure and they were
a little worried well it looks like we
don’t need to talk about even though I
was planning on making a video on this
looks like we don’t need to talk about
it much because we are going to be where
they’re going to be replacing it with
cross margin now what is cross margin
margin uses all of the users account
available balance to prevent liquidation
the largest contract size when using
cross margin is determined by the
maximum leverage allowed for the trading
pair the system will calculate the
required maintenance margin amount based
on the maintenance margin required by
the risk limit of the position when the
equity is lower than the maintenance
margin the position will be liquidated
you can click here to see the exact
formula date that they use but unlike
isolated margin cross margin does not
isolate the required initial margin from
the actual account balance in the event
of liquidation the trader will lose all
of the remaining balance
therefore please use cross margin
carefully not do want to share with you
guys a little bit about cross margin my
experience with cross margin how exactly
I use cross margin in order to make
money but not play with too much risk
now cross margin in easier terms you’re
going to see on bid mix they have it
already and it looks like this all the
way to the left it says cross you can do
one next leverage you can use 10x
leverage and you can use cross now
obviously I’m going to blank out some
things on here this is a completely
dummy account so keep that in mind I
make that make these accounts one for
Betamax one for by–but simply to show
you guys what exactly they how exactly
this works if I don’t sign in you don’t
get to see the full platform so that’s
what’s most important so basically not
only do I have two accounts on th I
actually have a dummy account for future
videos and I can enter trades on some of
them so that you can see exactly how
they work but that’s pretty much this
right here right cross leverage you can
put it on here and you can enter a trade
cross leverage if you do it is a 100x
leverage trade however you are not going
to have the tight liquidation that you
would have if you just use 100x so if
you know if you use bit mix and you put
on 100x leverage you have a very very
tight window between it might be like
$40.00 between the price bitcoins that
right now and where it can go in the
opposite direction of your trade before
you get completely liquidated and that’s
because it’s only using the amount
that’s in your trade so if you’re
trading with $100 it’s only using that
$100 cross leverage however uses your
whole account balance let’s say you
enter a trade with $100 that’s not all
that’s going to be available during this
trade if you get closer to your
liquidation the you’re gonna have bit
Mex and now by bit as well starting
throw in money from your actual account
balance that was
initially in the trade in order to keep
you from hating liquidation and all this
means is that you have a bigger room to
the downside of being wrong before you
actually get liquid in how I would go
about using this and I’m gonna share
with you guys a screenshot up right now
of a tray that was posted in the trade
alert group where this is how we set up
our trades our high leverage scalp so
cross margin 100 X even but cross
leverage is very very good when it comes
to scalping and scalping is doing short
movements Bitcoin trying to catch a
potential 50 to $60 swing and then again
continue from that once you move your
stop loss after that you can continue to
ride the wave but catching those smaller
moves that allow you to again enter a
100x trade so 1% move is a 100% profit
trade and be able to successfully use
that the main thing you want to take
away from that is to always use a stop
loss because you do not want to hit
liquidation so if you have a thousand
dollars in your account then you use
$100 for your trade but you’re on cross
leverage and it goes the complete
opposite direction and you don’t have a
stop loss you are going to lose the full
$1000 in your balance and that’s what’s
like that’s what’s most important about
it I absolutely love cross leverage when
it comes to scouting and if you know how
to use it it’s a very interesting tool
usually the way I break things down
again I’m gonna share with you guys a
screenshot of a trade that right was
entered in myself there’s a trade I
posted for the trade alert group and how
exactly this works so I usually enter
with a scalp either 25 X for beginners
but if you want to use cross like I use
use 5 to 7% of your actual account
bounce now that allows you have long a
bit a big enough room before you were to
hit liquidation but we are not going to
wait till liquidation hits as you can
tell there is a stop-loss set the
stop-loss is going to be so that once it
hits you’re obviously going to lose a
large amount of the initial investment
that you put in it might even be a
hundred percent one hundred thirty
percent of the 100 dollars that you put
in right vs. the $1,000 account balance
you might even lose more than just a
hundred dollars but you don’t want to
lose the full 1000 dollars because that
would obviously wipe out your whole
account but and the good news is if you
go to the right say if you know what
you’re doing and you hit the right
direction and your trade is going in the
right direction
you can easily make one the one that
100% 200% 300% and so on and so on I
don’t want to say these results are
typical or guaranteed for anybody that’s
going out to do
do this by themselves it is very very
risky but that’s pretty much how cross
leverage works guys what exactly cross
leverage is I get a lot of questions
about this and I want to share with you
guys my thoughts because obviously it’s
a very scary thing if you don’t know
what you’re doing it’s very important to
set up if you know what you’re doing and
if you do want to follow my trades in
and my scales both my long-term trades
which I make available in the trailer
group and my scalps which I make
available in the trailer group as well
as the long-term trades were obviously
going for 30 40 % of a profit with a
bigger amount of our portfolio while
scalping we’re using like five to seven
percent of the account balance but going
for a 100 200 300 percent profit if you
guys are interested in that make sure to
check out the cryptocurrency trade alert
group guys first link in the description
and the first thing in the comments for
those of you who are interested in
following my exact trades and therefore
make it less risk for you and less work
for you we have all commute rates we
have leverage trades we have the number
one crypto community in the
cryptocurrency space full of people
writing and able to answer your
questions 24/7 no matter what the
question is we’re trying to break the
barrier between making money in crypto
because a lot of people don’t make money
and a lot of people should be making
money because this is the most
profitable thing that you could be this
is the most profitable market that you
can be in right now if you know what
you’re doing this space is absolutely
phenomenal it’s been rewarding a lot of
people who have put in the time who have
invested in themselves it’s been
rewarding them and I want you guys to do
the exact same so make sure you check
that out and there is a limited-time
coupon if you use the link down below
for you guys to just get started but to
give you an idea on the actual trading
view chart of what I look for when it
comes to a scalp how exactly what size
of the move we are looking for I want to
break down a potential trade for you
guys I wanna break down a trade that we
were already in that we did before and I
want to break down a potential trade for
you guys in the futures well and
identify these key ranges so one trade
that I was in was roughly around right
here twelve something doesn’t know the
26th of October was when I posted and we
were able to catch a short that pretty
much secured some profit I think the
last target we hit was over here before
moving our stop loss and we hit the stop
loss at break even or at take profit one
right depending on how exactly use that
but that was a 2.5 5% trade a 2.5 5%
with cross leverage if you use 25x
leverage obvious tell us maybe like 50
to 60 to 70% lift all profit if you do
the math but 2.5 5% is easier to do the
math with 100x it was two hundred and
fifty five percent profit which is
absolutely insane guys and if you look
at the opportunities that we have right
now we’ve actually been able to identify
a support and a resistance in this
channel that bitcoins trading very
similar to the channel that we traded in
back here where you see that we
identified our support down here we
identified our resistance up here at
this range right this little it was a
little bit less clear back then because
we obviously had some moves to the oh
that were a little bit higher but for
the most part we were trading within a
channel that could have been very
profitable if you were involved in those
trades now again something very similar
forming over here we already had the
bounce here we look like we might be
having the bounce form over here which
means that we could catch the move on to
the upside now for a move like this if
you’re going to use cross leverage I
would use a very very tight stop-loss
probably below this wick over here that
we have that would be the roughly the
area where I would set a stop loss if I
were to enter this trade with cross
leverage and aim again to secure profits
along the way somewhere here somewhere
here and somewhere here usually like I
said the first take profit across
leverage move for me it’s usually like
$60 $70 above the price that I entered
and then take profit too would be a
hundred two hundred dollars or 100 to
150 dollars above the take profit one
and so on and so on securing profits
along the way this can be it very very
profitable just to give you guys an idea
if this does play out and it goes all
the way up to the top that’s an eight
percent move for Bitcoin eight guys
eight percent with 25 X leverage you can
do the math that’s 200% so imagine with
cross leverage 100 X 100 X that’s an
eight hundred percent trade but again I
want to make it super clear for you guys
that this is a very very high risk cross
leverage is not something that beginners
should be messing around with but it is
something very very proper I give you
guys my important risk management skills
which is make sure you have your
stop-loss set make sure you use five to
seven percent of your trading portfolio
for a cross leverage trade that’s what I
use that’s what I would recommend using
and again make sure you have a tight
stop-loss make sure you secure your
profits make sure you move your
once you hear your first
profit move your stop-loss to break-even
so that if it does come back down you
are not going to lose all the profits
that you had made in the first place
that’s basically all that comes down to
it right now if you guys are interested
learning more like I said make sure you
subscribe make sure you have your
notifications turned on because I do
post more videos about trading and these
exchanges and I will be doing that more
and more in the near future but guys
thank you so much for watching make sure
you tune in on Friday for the crypto
giveaway that we’re gonna do but I’ll
see you guys on Friday for another video


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