What Is Cryptocurrency? | How to Make Money with Bitcoin [2018]

[Music] so a lot of people ask me what is Bitcoin what is cryptocurrency how do you trade it for me I like trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related stocks I’ve been trading stocks for two decades I’m gonna stick with what I’m good at I like reputable brokers the problem with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is that you need to create some crazy accounts with some crazy companies and it’s all very questionable I like trading with a trade I like trading my stocks that still move up and down based on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices the past few weeks the past few months have been insane for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related stocks they follow the same exact patterns that I’ve been trading for the past two decades and now been teaching for the past decade again if you want to learn all of these patterns click the link just below this video go apply to be my next millionaire student also leave a comment if you’re going to be dedicated because the key to treating Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related stocks and really any hot sector is being dedicated looking at this as a marathon not a sprint and understanding that while Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are the hot thing right now it’s not gonna last I know some of you who think this time is different this time is different that’s what medical marijuana stock people said that’s what we’ve stock people said that’s what oil stock people said that’s what gold stock people said that’s what police equipment stock people said that’s what every single boom in the past few years has said this time is different and it never is so you really have to get used to understanding that there are going to be manias there are going to be bubbles Bitcoin and cryptocurrency good job you guys are a fantastic bubble keep you know spewing all that idealistic about how you’re changing the world and the government’s and really no one in mainstream society even knows who the you are or cares but the good news is that your prices have gone up so much and you’ve enriched the lives of so many drug dealers everywhere so thank you for your hard work almost every single sketchy person that I know deals with Bitcoin they deal with cryptocurrency because there’s a whole questionable you know there’s there’s many questions dealing with the taxation of it the future of it you know how fast has gone up and how many different crypto currencies there are I don’t want to deal with any of that no offense to you guys I like paying taxes I like dealing with normal stuff but your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related stocks follow the exact same patterns that I teach all the time I’m also going to include a link just below this video for my 35 hour how to make millions guide that teaches the very patterns that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is now displaying to a tee it’s actually kind of scary like these patterns repeat so everybody who asked me what do you think about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is this the future is it a scam I don’t care I’m not here to try to make these pie-in-the-sky predictions or play your normal guessing games I’m not a politician I don’t have to be on TV and some power suit and pretend to know the future when the odds of being right or less than 40% as your bald-headed eagle commentator on CNBC will always say guess what he’s right about 35% of the time it shouldn’t be bye bye bye if you look at his win ratio it’s so I don’t want to have a 35% winning ratio I like my 70% winning ratio and that’s because I stick with predictable patterns I stick to what I know so I’m not going to open an account at some crazy offshore you know digital wallet kind of thing I’m sorry I’m old school that’s who I am will I miss the boat on this mania yes I’m fine with that I know what I’m good at and just like Warren Buffett is glad to miss stuff that he doesn’t understand I’m glad to miss stuff that I don’t understand and mind you I am still profiting hugely hugely off Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with the stuff that I know the stock patterns that I know they come to me I don’t have to go out to anybody else I have more than enough money I have more than enough plays almost every single day I’m actually kind of overwhelmed so some people will say Tim go expand your business get into this I don’t want to I’m already rich enough I’m already busy the cool thing is once you’re rich you get to choose what you want to do with your life I’m in a good position where I can choose what students to work with I don’t want to work with you if you’re a drug dealer if you only want to pay me in Bitcoin guess what that’s kind of sketchy dude deal with dollars deal with normal money that the mainstream society is using that’s fine if you want to be all sketchy and new-age it’s just not gonna work for me so when you ask me what do you think about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin I’ll tell you what I think in terms of stock trading and in terms of what I do know because that’s what I’m an expert in that’s where I’ve made my money that’s where I’ll continue making my money more times than not I’m not always right a hundred percent of the time like I said I’m right about 70 75 percent of the time but that is double what ball-headed people on TV do and that’s imminently more than what people who don’t even deal in dollars do because guess what they might have no money in a few years if regulation and governments come down on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency like it’s expected so I say to all you Bitcoin and cryptocurrency lovers thank you god bless stay out of trouble you know try to get more mainstream you know there was a great movie called The Godfather where you know he thought that he was going to be legitimate in five years he actually said this he’s like in five years the Corleone family is going to be completely legitimate never held true to it and guess what if you’ve seen Godfather 2 and Godfather 3 it’s in an end to well so if you are in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency I say enjoy the profits but also don’t be afraid to take some off the table and try to go legitimate okay you want to have a bright future you don’t want to do on sketchy industries forever leave a comment let me know your thoughts this should be interesting hey Tim Seitz millionaire mentoring trader thank you for watching my videos I hope that they help you I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years you can check out more videos right over there and also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student [Music]


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