What is savedroids vision? – CRYPTOCURRENCIES FOR EVERYONE

[Music] safe droid democratizes cryptocurrencies we provide easy access for average mass-market users to cryptocurrencies without any technological adoption berries hence safe product Abel’s crypto inclusion for everyone see the situation today is that of course cryptocurrencies are awesome they are decentralized they are saved so I like the concept a lot however there is a huge problem in user adoption and the huge problem is that there is a highly complex adoption barrier at least if it comes to average mass-market users and this problem is across the entire user journey if you look at the very starting point when you wanna buy a crypto you need to select a crypto exchange you need to register there then you need to deal with the significant bit of spread and this is really a mess and then secondly you need to decide which wallet to use if you need to rip to this to set up the wallet and here again shall it be a hardware wallet shouldn’t be a software while the desktop wallet a mobile wallet whatsoever then you have incompatibilities with different types of tokens and so on and so on again a huge mess and then finally it comes about storing and handling all the private keys and this again is a highly complex and very technical process so overall not mass market capital now very honestly and I’ve tried it for myself the user experience along and across the entire user journey completely sucks it’s a pain in the ass I’ve experienced it for myself I see that people who are interested in joining the community are experiencing this and I perceived that many of these people are actually discouraged by these pain points and they will finally not join the community because of those so and on top of these pain points you have a very cumbersome process also regarding the technological complexity behind adopting cryptocurrencies which makes it close to impossible for an average mass-market user to truly understand what’s going on there so the pain is real and it’s a huge adoption barrier which we are currently facing so guys please don’t get me wrong I think cryptocurrencies are awesome I think there are very cool companies providing cool use cases out there but still however we have the issue that what we are currently seeing in terms of user experience is definitely not not comfortable for the mass-market users so to cut a long story short as a consequence cryptocurrencies as we see them today are still a very niche market so here comes our solution we are convinced that a groundbreaking simplification is required to provide average mass market users with easy access to cryptocurrencies and thereby grow proper currencies to the next big thing in our economy this is exactly safe droids vision we eliminate adoption barriers and finally make cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone safe droids will conveniently Auto convert our users savings from fiat to Bitcoin and ethereal we will then securely store them in the wallet and we will make cryptocurrencies easily spendable by an integrated virtual credit card absolutely no separate trip to exchange no personal wallets and no private Lee handling will be required in our solution this is really simplification to the max dedicated to the goal to significantly grow the crypt of community and drive user adoption far beyond the existing user base him safe droids for the first time ever provides average mass market user with easy access to cryptocurrencies without any technological adoption dairy [Music] given the youth level of the cumbersome processes combined with the technological complexities cryptocurrencies today are still a very niche market we are convinced that with our massive user experience simplification safe droid will significantly contribute to and drive the growth of the crypto community through providing easy access for average mass-market users like our existing user base we are able real cryptocurrency inclusion by democratizing access to cryptocurrencies for everyone we do believe that cryptocurrencies will have a very bright future as we see a continuously growing number of real life use cases combined with the fundamentally simplified user experience this will lay the grounds for a mass-market adoption and make cryptocurrencies the next big thing [Music]

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