What Price I Will LONG Bitcoin?! $15Million BTC Purchase! (Cryptocurrency News + Trading Analysis)

what’s going on guys Patrick here bring
you a brand new video – gonna kill video for you guys full of information today
I’m gonna be share with you guys where exactly I’m going to be looking to enter
a long and buy more Bitcoin in Washington locally has some very
expensive crypto real estate as well as tons of other news that went on in the
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right to that now let’s dive into some technical analysis guys I’ve missed you
guys I feel it feels like forever since I made a video I just didn’t upload on
Wednesday I uploaded on Monday but I missed you guys so we’re back and I want
to share with you guys my thoughts were you looking at the CMA futures and where
exactly I want to be buying Bitcoin as well now what we can see on the daily
timeframe is this huge red candle now two things that actually so far has
found a little bit of support at a very crucial level that I’ll talk about in
just a little bit but personally and this again it’s important to admit your
mistakes is important to learn from them so that we can be more profitable and
better in the future I personally thought we were going to see a bounce
over here right at the EMA ribbon I thought we were going to test the
support here and see a bounce from there at least a short bounce before we
continue our way down that was not the case actually we just had one huge red
candle like I said on the daily timeframe currently finding some support
hadley roughly 8700 next support is going to be roughly 8500 maybe
thousand four hundred then eight thousand and we can actually look at
growing even further because if we look at these CM e futures right now right we
filled in the gap we filled in the gap once with this huge wick that came down
now a lot of people said even during that time that this week was not a good
indication of filling the gap because of the fact that it was only a wick and
what we saw happen is the full candle came in and now we have a full candle as
of right now closing with the gap field I wasn’t much on board with the hole the
wick doesn’t count because previously we have seen wicks count and therefore if
we’re just gonna play it that way I usually just look for the gap to get
filled either way we were correct on that if you did enter a long here like
we previously talked about and you had a wide enough stop loss like we talked
about then you were actually able to secure good profits on its way back up
if you were able to take your profits at this level you would have made some good
money so congratulations to any of you guys who did I broke down some of this
trade in a previous video so again if you guys want to see more of that you
guys want stay up to date with that make sure you are subscribed to the channel
but if we look at the chart right now and where exactly I’m looking to pick up
more Bitcoin currently the levels I am looking to pick up Bitcoin this is more
of a longer-term play if we get to this point is the seven thousand nine hundred
to eight thousand dollar range this would be a low leverage with a very very
big gap from the stop loss around seven thousand maybe seven thousand four
hundred seven thousand three hundred entering at 7,900 to eight thousand I
think would be a perfect opportunity for us to see a bounce from this level over
here there’s a lot of volume that came in during this time we can also see that
this acted previously as support again helping build up the volume and if you
were to open the V PVR which we use to indicate volume and where we could find
some support you will notice that this isn’t important though but again if you
guys are interested in doing that there are two links down below in the
description where for buy bit and bit mix to leverage exchanges that I use in
order to enter a leverage a long position here like I said if you were to
enter a long at roughly seven thousand nine hundred to eight thousand again
this is not an official trade but it is one that I’m keeping my eye out on I
would enter with a leverage anywhere between five to ten X 20 X if you’re
very very confident but again five to 10 X two
you some room and to be able to place that stop-loss a little bit lower so
that we can let let Bitcoin do its thing in this area and we would set our
stop-loss somewhere over here but even then a bounce from here if we were able
to catch that balance they were to go right on up to where bitcoin is at even
right now a 17% move at 10x leverage a 10% move at 10x leverage that is a
hundred percent profit or a hundred seventy percent profit so definitely one
that keeping my eye on because of how profitable it could be but until that
time I’m gonna update you guys more as we go if you want to see my exact trades
you can join the trade alert group as well there’s a huge coupon code for the
first month if you’re interested in trying that out go ahead and check that
out but that’s the exact level right now in the trade setup
so I’m looking when it comes to actually picking up more Bitcoin for those of you
who want to buy or for those of you who want along the exact levels that I’m
looking at to catch a longer-term trade this does not count the daily scalps
that we go in between where we trade daily by itself with higher leverage
this is more of a longer-term play if we do reach these levels by no means is it
guarantee that we’re gonna reach this level obviously this is just what I’m
looking at as a potential level to pick up more Bitcoin I want to share this
with you guys because the most common question I get of all time probably is
when should I buy more Bitcoin that end is Bitcoin going up or down right both
of those that come most common questions that gets I figured I would help you
guys and answer that in this video right here and again we talked about the Sammy
futures gap as well keep an eye on that we have officially we did officially
fill it in the first candle but again we came down now we have a full candle body
as of the time I’m recording this video it’ll be interesting to see where we do
end the day off we do look at the overall market obviously with Bitcoin
dropping it’s dragging a lot of all coins down with a good thing that we
have not entered any all coin trade that are going down and hitting their stop
losses if we look at the change we’re down 4.5% in Bitcoin alone and again
like I said dragging everything down we’re at a 238 just or just under two
hundred thirty nine billion dollar market cap Bitcoin dominance at a 66%
66.6% again it’s a red day let’s see where
things leveled off let’s see where things kind of work Bitcoin find some
support where we start trading sideways what exactly things are looking like
then because as of right now it is not it is way too high-risk it is
not worth jumping into anything and trying to predict anything at this level
now stellar did actually do this some of the information we missed during the
week stellar did destroy half of the supply of its lumen cryptocurrency which
honestly a lot of people were fans off you were holding it it might have done
some good for the price I wasn’t a big fan because to me it looked like a
last-ditch effort to try and compete with what’s going on with X RP and all
the conferences and all the partnerships that they had been announcing it looked
like a sort of a hurried attempt to try and keep their price inflate and try to
keep their price moving so that there was some interest going around not a big
fan of that against tellers one that I’ve been keeping my eye out on I still
think if it’s trying to compete with X R P it’s not doing necessarily great I am
more bullish on XR P in that term but it is one that does have a lot of potential
as well and now just in Sun News came out and though you guys a lot of people
are fans of trying no some of you guys are investors in Tron as well now the
real reason came out for the postponement of the Warren Buffett lunch
do you guys remember what happened back then Justin Sun won a bid for charity to
have a lunch with Warren Buffett this was going to be big in the
cryptocurrency space everyone’s gonna be talking about it everyone wanted to know
what exactly was going on and the reason why he postponed it apparently it was
because he felt sick and had kidney stones now the real reason apparently or
a source is claiming that the real reason is actually because of the trade
war going on between the US and China so that’s something that apparently has
influenced this maybe we’ll see it happen in the future hopefully just so
you know crypto can get in the news that be actually pretty cool and it be cure
I’d be curious to see what actually comes of that lunch of the lunch that he
can actually bring people to as well so it would be more than just an Sun I
think that’d be really cool now this is something really fun before we dive into
the giveaway to share with you guys now apparently Bitcoin has been used to buy
a New York apartment where I’m at right now currently somewhere on the upper
side of the city I believe it was on the upper east side here you go a retail
condo has been sold and it was carried out by bitpay and startup that’s what
the both parties used in order to complete the sale they did actually say
good things about it how when seamlessly it was no problems it was super easy
more efficient than everything so that’s a very bullish sign for crypto overall
as well and that believes it was something like
15 million 15 point 3 million dollars was used in order to purchase this
property and I was actually looking up a little bit more looking more information
of other properties that are used for crypto and if we go in and look there’s
this property right here which is a 13 million dollar property in New York as
well on the Upper West Side I believe this is because they’re able to see
exactly where it is up over here not bad now unfortunately I’m going to end the
video with a very very sad story guys I was looking at something that showed
that one of the properties but one of the first properties purchased with
Bitcoin was for two thousand seven hundred and something I don’t know the
exact number two thousand seven hundred Bitcoin now I’m using my calculator
right now so we can see exactly how much the property or the how much that
Bitcoin would be worth right now back when Bitcoin was worth five hundred and
eighty dollars that was a 1.5 million dollar purchase well fast forward just a
little bit where we are right now let’s just put Bitcoin at $9,000 for
calculations sake that’s now worth twenty four point three million dollars
worth of Bitcoin was used to buy a 1.5 million dollar property right at the
all-time high if we just go ahead and do that which I always love to do all-time
high calculations just to see at the peak that’s a fifty four million dollar
bit of Bitcoin value right now all that bit quiz now we’re fifth would it be
worth at the all-time high fifty four million dollars a little bit less than
half of that if you’re looking at today’s price and back then bitcoin was
only worth five hundred eighty dollar so it was a 1.5 million dollar purchase for
of realtor before in an apartment I believe it was or a house whatever it
was one point five million dollars in the year 2014 so if you think the pizza
story is bad this might be a little bit so this might be up there as well this
might be pretty bad as well let me know your guys thoughts on that what would
you do if you bought an apartment with Bitcoin and later found out that the
all-time high that would be worth fifty four million dollars right and you paid
one point five million that would probably hurt not gonna lie that would
probably hurt but enough about that let’s jump into the crypto giveaway
let’s see who wins I’m gonna fast for all right guys and the winner for this a
crypto giveaway for this week is a Katherine Robson I like the layout for
bit Mex better and by bit I personally am more familiar
with bit mechs since I’ve been using it for longer but I do know that by bit has
its perks as well so what I do is I use both but I know what you mean I know if
you’re used to something like bit mechs is a lot harder to transition this is
from the video where I talked about the bit mechs email leaked and I know a lot
of people were moving away from big mechs because of that I still hold an
account on both of those for different reasons one to scalp once a longer term
trade right like I was talking about the 7900 entry that’d be something I would
put on one account while the other one I’m using a high leverage or a cross
leverage right a high 425 X maybe even fifty after a cross leverage in order to
trade on the account in order to scalp on the account right but hopefully you
guys did enjoy that video Katherine all you have to do to claim your giveaway
sent me a message there’s a link to my telegram down below you can send me a
direct message and I’ll be able to get that crypto sent straight to you and if
you guys want to enter future giveaways make sure you are leaving a thumbs up on
every video comments down below on every video and you are subscribed and you
watch the videos on Friday so that you can see if you do win the next crypto
giveaway guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys next week for
another video


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