What Trump Pulling Out Of Iran Deal Shows Us, Eric Schneiderman, Cop Caught on Video, & More

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hope even a
fantastic Tuesday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let’s just jump into it the first thing we’re going to talk about today is
Our D bag of the day Trevor King Trevor is a now retired police officer
and and this story actually
Starts late 2014 and King at that time was working with the Atlanta Police Department
And at the same time was working loss prevention with Walmart in the whole crazy situation were about to jump into
Starts with confusion about a tomato this tomato incident if you will took place at Walmart while Kane was working his loss prevention job here’s
What happened King and another loss prevention?
Associates see a man on a camera way at tomato
Put it in his bag and stuff the bag in a satchel that man
then proceeds to walk to the back of the Walmart around the store and then towards the door that guy is a man by the
Name of Tyrone Carnegie turns out what actually happened was Tyrone was in the Walmart because he thought he was overcharged for tomatoes
He had already purchased any return to weigh them and then speak to customer service
So he wasn’t actually stealing you was double checking what King and the other laws prevention associate
they don’t know this they assume that he’s stealing so they go to cut the man off and ask him about the tomato hurting a
Claims he asking what’s up chief when he was stopped at the door King allegedly asked where he was going Carnegie says I’m going home
King claims the man was asked repeatedly to head to the loss prevention
office Carnegie refuses to comply and in a disputed piece of testimony King claims the Carnegie said do what you’ve got to do to the
officer and then things
escalate and there’s video of this you see King using his baton to beat the leg of Carnegie to get him on the ground and
Then he does so afterwards there’s only around 7 seconds between
Approaching Carnegie and him beating him as far as why he’s the baton instead of let’s say like a pepper
Spray said he didn’t want to harm bystanders
And as far as the beating during that beating King broke Carnegie’s Lake there bones sticking out of the skin
And he ruptured an artery now
Here’s where it goes from bad to worse King fishes the receipt for the tomato is out of Carnegie’s pocket
But still has him arrested and while he was at the hospital for his injuries
He was chained to the hospital bed and then sent to jail for three days so after all of this happens the charges end up
Being dropped soon King is forced into retirement and after that criminal charges were filed against him in addition to a civil suit and during
King’s trial in 2017 there was a mistrial
But it was actually a good mistre during the trial he admitted to telling two different stories
And police incident reports reportedly prosecutors did this to add more charges against King specifically falsifying a police report which fun fact
It was revealed that King had a history of forging documents in testimony once in 2001 then in 2012
And now and in December of 2017 he was found guilty on two felony
Counts willfully using unreasonable force and falsifying a police report and after all of that King yesterday was finally sentenced to five years
In prison and will say it is good to see some justice also The Situation’s not over Carnegie is suing King the Atlanta PD
And now is planning on filing a civil suit against Walmart
We’ll have to wait to see what happens there
But the main point of this story is trevor king is our douche bag of the day
Then and quickly apparently it wasn’t enough news. Let’s talk about Equifax. They have now revealed new information
Around that massive breach remember the one Equifax when we’re around one hundred forty six point six million Americans personal information including their social security
Numbers were just vulnerable exposed
Well apparently in addition to that
fifty six thousand driver’s
licenses passports and other IDs were stolen to Equifax giving this table to Congress to show how people were affected and Wow
Also for those of you that just you can’t wait with this story for people to be held accountable
Sorry because the other update to this story is that last week Equifax had a vote and Equifax shareholders voted to reelect three people who?
Served on the company’s Technology Committee at the time of the breach there was that but from that
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Then let’s talk about now former
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman the reason we’re talking about Schneiderman is last night The New Yorker release
accusations from four women
against him of the four accusers Michele Manning barish and Tanya Selva rotten and went on the record while the two others did not and
A big part of why these women said they came out that they were speaking against
Schneiderman is they saw him out there speaking out against the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world
They saw him becoming an advocate for women
But they say they know a completely different side of him manning barish saying you cannot be a champion of women when you were hitting
Them and choking them in bed and saying to them you’re a fucking whores overawe tanam saying this is a man who has staked his
Entire career his personal narrative on being a champion for women publicly
But he abuses them privately he needs he called out Manning bearish saying that about a month after they became physically involved
He started to get abusive she describes one situation where they had been drinking that he called her a whore slapped her in the face
Singh when she tried to fight back Schneider Ben held her down
Using his body weight and began to choke her she ended up freeing herself. She was crying
She says he accused her of scratching him and told her you know hitting an officer of the law is a felony in a big
No the Manning bears really hits on here
And she said this was under no
Circumstances a sex game gone wrong this did not happen while we were having sex
I was fully dressed and remained that way it was completely unexpected and shocking I did not consent to physical assault
She says she tells her friends about this situation The New Yorker confirmed that with her friends
But still she ends up going back tries to make the relationship work. It’s on and off during this relationship
She says Sneiderman does continue to slap her during sex also saying that he would constantly try and get at a drink that he would
Also, try and get drugs from her he’d constantly criticize
How she looks what she ate she ended up losing 30 pounds during their
Relationship or calling a time where she says he grabbed her face and said if you ever left me
I’d kill you we also see similar accusations with silver
And I’m saying he had said he would have to kill me if we broke up on multiple occasions
He also told me he could have me followed and could tap my phone
He also claims that Schneiderman slapped her saying it was at first as if he were testing me
And I got stronger and harder. It wasn’t consensual. This wasn’t sexual play-acting this is abusive demeaning threatening behavior
Saying he would choke her spit on her also saying he would insist she call him master and referred to her on multiple
Occasions as his Brown slave that he would repeat that she was his property for the sake of time
I’m talking about the accusations from the two main phases of this story, but a link down below
So you can see the entirety of the story main point all these accusations
Come out in the New Yorker and just three hours later Eric Schneiderman announces his resignation saying in a statement
It’s been my great honor and privilege to serve as Attorney General for the people of the state of New York in the last several
hours serious allegations
which I strongly contested made against me while these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the
Operations of the office they will effectively prevent me from leading the offices work at this critical time
I therefore resign my office effective at the close of business on May 8th
2018 and a separate statement on Twitter saying in the privacy of intimate relationships
I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. I have not assaulted anyone
I have never engaged in non-consensual sex which is a line
I would not cross we also had Jennifer Cunningham Schneider ex-wife was worked as as political consultant saying in a statement
I’ve known Eric for nearly 35 years as a husband father and friend these allegations are completely inconsistent with the man
I know who has always been someone of the highest character outstanding values and a loving father
I find it impossible to believe these allegations are true
After Schneiderman’s resignation the Manhattan district attorney’s office said that they were opening an investigation into the allegations
Against him and as far as reactions on Twitter
Unsurprisingly conservative Twitter was having a field day
Leon Conway Quilt tweeting and Eric Schneiderman tweet in the past night Ehrman said no one is above the law
And I’ll continue to remind President Trump and his administration of that fact every day which Kellyanne tweeted gotcha from jr.
Quote tweeting a Schneiderman tweet from the past should not have been said without the reporting of the New York Times in The New Yorker
And the brave women and men who spoke up about the sexual harassment
They endured at the hands of powerful men there would not be the critical national reckoning underway a well deserved honor from jr.
Say self-awareness level zero or substantially less than that and Dana lash quote tweeting another Schneiderman tweet
Which nederman said sexual assault survivors would happen to you is unconscionable you have your back and we are fighting for you
Which Dana said literally fighting women is not the same as fighting for women people also dug up an old Trump tweet
It’s from back in 2013 where Trump tweeted Weiner is gone Spitzer has gone next will be lightweight AG Eric Schneiderman
Is he a crook wait and see worse than Spitzer or Weiner this had a lot of people questioning did Trump know specifically about this?
Is that what he was referencing there was this kind of a New York?
Secret one of the things of note in this story are the specific
Allegations about choke Welsh Donovan was working as a New York State Senator
He actually passed legislation that gave harsher sentencing to choking of all types the bail made life threatening strangulation a grave crime and criminalize less
Serious cases involving quote an intent to impede breathing as misdemeanors punishable by up to a year in prison and at that time
He said I’m just sorry it took us so long in New York State to do this and that’s interesting to me because it does
Seem like a common thread with with
Abusers and hypocrites that we’ve seen in the public before seems like a common thread and stories like this by being the the greatest
Champion the loudest voice on a topic that’s that’s the perfect cover for example Tim Murphy pro-life
politician pressuring his mistress to get an abortion or I mean you know it’s another story that we’ve talked about multiple times where you have
The the pro-family of very very against gay rights and gay people
Politician and it turns out they’re just on the down low so the question I want to pass off to you
Here is do you have that same mindset when you see someone
Very very outspoken on a topic does it doesn’t make you question them or no is that is that far too cynical?
Also, what do you think about it when a public figure resigns or backs away from something, and they’re maintaining their innocence
But they’re like it’s too much of a distraction
You know like we’re seeing here with Schneiderman as we saw with Ronnie Jackson a few weeks ago
you see that as a legitimate or a BS response and the last thing I want to talk about today is the Iran deal and
To start things off let’s try to answer the question of what is the Iran nuclear deal?
Which is actually important because according to new surveys that have come out a lot of people don’t know much about it so kind of
The TLDR of this deal is it as an international agreement signed by six world powers and Iran and it’s steeply limits Iran’s nuclear enrichment
and research in exchange for the removal of harsh, economic
Sanctions against Iran the deal was signed in 2015 went into effect in 2016 has a 10-year life and requires verification by a third party
International Atomic Energy Agency and also what I say Steve limitations
I mean Steve
limitation for example for 15 years one facility in Iran can enrich uranium up to three point six seven percent and for comparison’s sake
Weapons-grade enriched uranium is around 90 percent Iran was also prohibited from having more than 660 pounds of enriched uranium
Which was a 97 percent decrease prior to the deal Iran at around 20,000 centrifuges at these facilities with the deal Iran could only have
5060 of these centrifuges and there were older less efficient models
And it looked like at least publicly that Iran was complying the rest of the countries with their sanctions they were complying
But then on April 30th in walks an Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives this presentation in English rather than Hebrew
He opens the presentation showing Iranian leaders saying they do not and did not have a nuclear weapons program
even says Iran lives
Do you Ron like that has this dramatic unveiling of what he said amounted to?
55,000 pages of documents
183 CDs alleging that Iran hidden atomic archive of documents on its nuclear program the files reportedly detailing a program known as Project
Ahmad which was an operation between 1999 and 2003 Netanyahu believing that the program continued in secret
But a big thing of note here
Is that Netanyahu provided no evidence that Iran had actually violated the nuclear accord
Which went to effect in 2016?
Experts and diplomats saying if the information presented provided some further detail on Iran’s nuclear program
But provided no evidence of a breach on the agreement
And that’s why I was widely considered by the international community as intelligence theater and that Netanyahu’s true audience was trumped
Ryo would be aimed at Trump he had a self-imposed deadline of May 12th to make a decision on whether or not the US would
Be pulling out of the Iran deal following Netanyahu’s
presentation the International Atomic Energy Agency released a statement on the past that Netanyahu talked about they said although some activities took place after
2003 they were not part of a coordinated effort the agency also assessed that these activities did not advance beyond
feasibility and scientific studies in the acquisition of certain relevant technical competences and capabilities
And then adding the same report stated that the agency had no credible indications of activities in Iran relevant to the development of a nuclear
explosive device after 2009 we also had the EU foreign policy chief saying the
IAEA has published ten reports certifying that Iran has fully complied with its commitments and then all of that brings us to President Trump
Who hasn’t had the fact that he is not a fan of the Iran dede certified the deal in?
October and although in January he did grant sanction relief to Iran that was quote only in order to secure our European allies his agreement
To fix the terrible flaws of the Iran nuclear deal and an important note here because once again there are been a lot of people
Talking about Netanyahu whether Iran is actually complying or not I’ve had several problems with a deal that don’t have to do with Iran complying
Or now he’s a problem with some of the terms of the deal expiring in 10 and 15 years
He believes it allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon anyway
He believes it fails to address Iran the ballistic missile program
And he believes that it fails to address Iran’s regional influence and sponsorship of militant groups
And there is also kind of this general mindset that they are getting a lot more
Than we are getting out of it and today President Drum finally officially announced his decision. I am announcing today that the United States
Will withdraw?
from the Iran nuclear deal
In a few moments, I will sign a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating u.s.
nuclear sanctions on the Iranian
We will be instituting the highest level of
economic sanction any nation that helps Iran in its quest for nuclear weapons
Could also be strongly sanctioned by the United States and during this announcement. He also hits on a few other notes
He mentions Netanyahu’s presentation last week Israel published intelligence documents long concealed by Iran
conclusively showing the Iranians regime and its history of
pursuing nuclear weapons once again
I think it is incredibly important to point out that they’re talking about something from 15 years ago on it should be noted that Iran
Reportedly moved the atomic program documents in 2017 well
We’re talking about the Iran nuclear deal once again signed in 2015 went into effect in 2016
That said he still hits on the note that it doesn’t even matter if Iran is complying the agreement was so poorly
negotiated that even if Iran fully complies
The regime can still be on the verge of a nuclear breakout in just a short
Period of time you also that mention the monitoring mechanisms that he feels are inadequate the deals inspection provisions lack adequate
mechanisms to prevent detect and
punish cheating and
Don’t even have the unqualified right to inspect many important locations
including military
Facilities unless know the president is kind of right and wrong
There are some limitations on what can be inspected for?
Non-nuclear military facilities as far as the nuclear sites and other
facilities that there’s full and unrestricted access the following all of this the president then signed a memorandum to
Reinstate sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program now as far as when the sanctions will go into effect what the sanctions will be
That we will learn soon there could be a delay of five or six months before
Sanctions went into place and even though Trump made this announcement just as we were finishing today’s show obviously there have been a ton of
Reaction so I’m like Netanyahu and Lindsey Graham praising the president for this move others including our European allies
criticizing the move one of the most meaningful
Responses especially since the question right now is okay
What happens next came from Iran’s president who according to the APS that if negotiations fail?
Islamic Republic will enrich uranium more than before in next week’s and personally for me in my response to this is I’m torn
I’m not a fan of Iran’s government and kind of what the deal in general did was it it pushed the threat down the road
It could also be kind of viewed as a sort of nuclear blackmail
But also on the other hand as far as public information goes it looked like it wasn’t something that we were having to address
Right now and with the president pulling out in this manner
it does raise the question of how can our allies or anyone else that we could potentially make a deal with trust us and if
At any time, there’s a change of administration or what-have-you that the America might just pull out for me personally
I need to think on it more and also see what happen things are ramping up
And we will have to see what happens next
But of course with this being the Philip DeFranco show that’s the story and now we want to hear from you
What are your thoughts about the move presidents from maids a day?
What do you think will happen next I’d love to know your thoughts in those comments down below
That’s where I’m going to end today’s show remember if you like the video you like what I try and do on this channel hit
That like button if you’re new here hit that subscribe button ring that bell makes your notifications are on
If you missed yesterday’s philip defranco show you want to catch up click or tap right there to watch that or if you want something
A little bit lighter you can watch it behind the scenes vlog, but so that’s it of course as always my name’s philip defranco
You’ve just been phill’d in. I love yo faces, and i’ll see you tomorrow


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