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we’re gonna start hitting the bullish
run how much I think the market can grow
in 2018 and which coins do I think are
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group of people now guys before we look
at the overall market you guys I’ve
wanted you guys to check this out so
Arizona Senate passes bill to allow tax
payments in Bitcoin now if that’s not
some adoption right here if that’s not a
sign of people recognizing Bitcoin that
I don’t really know what is because if
you can pay taxes in Bitcoin
I wouldn’t recommend doing it because
you might have paid way too much for
your taxes and like by the end of 2018
when the value of bitcoins through the
roof but right now I’m seeing a lot of
people I know sell apartments for
Bitcoin sell cars for Bitcoin sell you
know pay their taxes in Bitcoin and as
cool as that sounds that we are seeing
um you know massive dogs were seeing
people treat it as a currency which is
what it is currently I don’t know if
that is the best thing to do
simply because the price of Bitcoin I
think is relatively low to where it
could be in the coming years so that’s
kind of a tear between what
cryptocurrency should be and how to make
the most money sort of a divide in the
middle there because if you buy you know
a million dollar house in Bitcoin right
now and
I am 2018 and bitcoins worth four times
the amount of money you technically just
paid four million dollars for that house
so keep that in mind
but yes still I think it’s super cool to
see that people are allowing that you
know de Arizona Senate has passed a bill
to allow tax payments in cryptocurrency
that is really really cool now guys
let’s take a look at the market give it
a refresh four hundred and ten billion
dollar market cap we’re still holding
above four hundred billion so I do like
that are we in for a little bit of a
pullback well day the day is pretty red
today we’re seeing a lot of coins in the
red very very few in the green we’re
gonna talk about you cashier in just a
second but a lot of coins in the red
meaning we are having that’s not too
much red I mean like percent wise it’s
not too big of a change so we are I am
considering it kind of a sideways
movement day you can see from the chart
we’ve been having on the past few days
we’ve been having pretty sideways
movement on most of these coins except
for you know maybe ripple who went up a
significant amount but Bitcoin you guys
to see has held a fairly average point
right here at the eight to nine thousand
dollar range I think it’s a comfortable
spot for a right now I think it’s a spot
we’re gonna see for some time leading
into the future which brings me to say
when do I think the markets are going to
enter bullish market there’s a few dates
I am looking for so one the end of the
Lunar New Year we talked about this in
previous video like a month ago it was
like if that video actually did really
great I didn’t know what was gonna do
that well it did pretty well but we were
talking about the Lunar New Year and why
the markets are going down so I think
hitting at the end of the Lunar New Year
I think we’re gonna see more investors
come in and I do think the the
cryptocurrency market will start moving
upwards after that I think tax returns
are a big day to look for tax returns in
the US and all over the world I don’t
know when all over the world is but I
think tax returns are a big you know
point to look at because once people
start getting more money they’re gonna
be able to invest it they’re gonna want
to invest in things that they think are
going to bring them more money and
believe it or not cryptocurrency is up
on that list people saw the run we had
in December and they think
cryptocurrency is the easiest way to
make a lot of money now that might be
true that might not be true I don’t know
if I
agree with the thought process but I’m
not gonna complain if they come in and
you know shoot the price of Bitcoin up
so that’s definitely a good thing for us
and then third thing that I’m looking
for a third thing I’m looking for is
cryptocurrency regulation government
regulations now we don’t know when this
is gonna happen obviously this is just
in talks right now but I think the
moment that happens I think we are going
to see a huge huge run-up in
cryptocurrency that people aren’t
thinking about guys
companies like Google companies like
Facebook cannot touch cryptocurrency
right now you know we talked about Mark
Zuckerberg going into learning about
cryptocurrency wants to learn about the
blockchain technology in 2018 but
Facebook and Google will not touch
cryptocurrency until there’s regulations
until there’s like you know and they
discover how taxes are gonna work how
everything is going to work because a
company that big cannot risk going into
something that then you know something
bad happens and I’m not saying
cryptocurrency super risky but it’s too
much of a risk for one of the biggest
companies in the world so as soon as we
get regulations rusty institutional
investors are going to see a large
companies all implement the technology
because the technology is there so it’s
a great technology so once big companies
and big investors are allowed to touch
that I think we’re definitely gonna see
a huge run-up in the price which leads
me to say as well I think the market cap
conservatively I think the market cap
will pass one trillion dollars and I
think we’re gonna see at least a one and
a half trillion dollar market cap by the
end of the year I think were going to
see something very similar that happened
last year it’s basically the cycle of
cryptocurrency how the markets cycling
right now the beginning of the years you
know a hard harder time December slatton
November / December we usually have a
huge run-up in that huge run-up I think
is when we’re gonna see Bitcoin hit four
times it’s evaluation I think a $35,000
a Bitcoin we’ve talked about it is very
very doable
I do think also once more people start
coming we’re gonna see a Bitcoin
dominance go up a little bit which is
why I think the market cap at one point
five billion dollars Bitcoin well
technically the dominance would be
pretty much the same
point us at the Vic was at 35 mm $35,000
market cap would be a little over 1.5
trillion dollars I think is totally
doable if everything stays the same
right now
so again if you’re a long-term investor
you believe in the technology you
believe in holding your coins for the
long term I’m not buying and selling
coins every day because that’s not my
strategy I want to gather as many coins
as I can and just hold them and watch my
portfolio grow and grow and grow so
again coins like Bitcoin right now guys
if you’re waiting for it to hit $7,000
sure maybe a will but secure your
position in picking up some coins right
now and you guys can do that in places
like coin base you can buy Bitcoin
aetherium stuff like that and web sites
like finance exchanges like finance you
can go and pick up your other all coin
so I’m gonna make it super easy for you
guys and I’m gonna leave a link down
below in the description for you guys to
go check that out and pick up all of
your favorite coins coins like Bitcoin
coins like neo
I think our markets looking very stable
right now at the lower 400,000 the
markets looking very stable the prices
are starting to look pretty comfortable
I know at first eight thousand dollars
seemed to ridiculous but you know
starting to look pretty good right now
and pretty you know the fact that the
last week we’ve basically been moving
sideways we’re preparing for a large
run-up and I think we’re gonna see that
coming towards the end of February early
March right and then heading on into
April things going to continue but in
August you know September October then
November and then like early December I
think that’s when we’re gonna see the
peak all-time highs for these coins
similarly to what we did last year now
guys don’t forget none of this is
financial advice this is just for
informational purposes this is my
opinion on what’s going on but I think
coins such as neo are a great pick up
right now if you guys missed down the
opportunity to buy it at $68 you know
100 hundred dollars is not bad and my
favorite right now one that I think has
a ton of potential right now obviously
you guys know the usual I think Bitcoin
ton of potential aetherium I think has a
ton of potassium is gonna pick up more
dominance in the market as Bitcoin might
keep it same dominance I think aetherium
might pick up some more so just because
a lot of a lot of new
coins are using aetherium as a platform
so that’s one of the reasons and coins
are like light coin I think light coin
right now is getting undervalued I think
there’s a ton there’s a ton of potential
for like one to run up especially
because it’s there’s so many more uses
for it right they’ve come out with like
pay they come out with their partnering
with more people and a lot of people
aren’t talking about that but that’s
going to you know make more people use
the coin which is gonna run up the price
and I think like coin will recover into
one of the top five crypto currencies in
know top five market cap crypto
currencies in the coming months
hopefully by the end of the year I
definitely think as it totally has the
potential to be in the top five it’s
just a matter of what happens in the
coming months but guys like point out
$150 looks like a pretty solid pick up I
might increase my position in litecoin
and of course going down the list
there’s a ton of coins that are awesome
and that a lot of you guys really like
on this channel and a lot of the ones
that I really like on this channel – you
know I like Manero
I like stellar I like me I like light
coin I like card Domino I like Bitcoin I
like aetherium not to be a fan of Ripple
not too big a fan of Bitcoin cash what I
also went out too big a fan of not too
big a fan of tether if we’re gonna throw
that in there why not but Shawna’s well
a riskier play a much longer term play
but also a very good coin so guys let me
know what you guys think in the comments
down below what are we going to see in
the coming months do you agree with my
predictions for the market in the days
we’re going to start seeing and the
important highlighted days we have going
forward in 2018 let me know what you
guys think down below and also don’t
forget you guys might you might win some
Bitcoin if you leave a comment now one
thing I want to show you guys before we
head out is a 454 s was in the thousand
percent increase guys this coin hit a
billion dollar market cap doing five
hundred thousand dollars in volume so
this is what we call a pump group this
is most probably most probably organized
by a pump and dump group it’s you know
they coordinate buying and selling the
coin all at one time so it was over here
and they were just like all right you
know what pump right now this is the one
we’re doing it everyone buy in right now
we have a target price of all the way up
here which is was a 12 cent so everyone
bought in at 2 cents and everyone
basically 6x their money pretty fast and
the thing was up so much it was up like
I said in the thousands of percent in a
500 thousand volume literally changed I
brought the market cap from like a
hundred million all the way up to or
even last 100 million even with the
market cap was that right here was it
yeah 100 million all the way up to 1
billion dollars so that’s crazy do not
fall for this and do not buy these coins
idiot don’t buy these coins first of all
the buying of the green is already one
thing it’s great to buy on dips but
behind coins when they’re up eight
hundred percent is a terrible idea that
we I don’t even know what this project
is I don’t even want to know what this
project is it is not a good idea now
guys let’s just go ahead and move my
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