Why Value is Currency! How To Create Valuable Content in 2020 !

– Hey guys, my name is Tre, and welcome to my first YouTube video. So if you enjoy the content,
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about my latest video. So let me tell you why the
value you give is currency to your audience. You give that person value
in exchange for their term. And the amount of value you provide will exponentially increase your audience. So let me give you some tips
so you can provide more value to your audience. Tip number one, know who your audience is. The first step to providing
the right type of value is knowing who your audience is. You have to know who they are,
what platforms they’re on, what are the main problems they have, and why are they having those problems. If you know all these
answers to these questions, you’ll definitely know how
to solve their problems. Tip number two, solve their problem. Create content that solves
your audience’s problems. If you can provide
solutions to their problems, they will always come back to you, ’cause you’re the go-to guy
for solving their problems. And also don’t just focus on what problems they’re having now, focus on the problems that they’ll have after you solve their current one. This will be called follow-up problems, which is the problems you have after you’ve already
solved the first problem. Tip number three, work on the
way you deliver the value. No one likes to be
lectured, let’s be honest. Every time you hear somebody
just keep on rambling about information, you fall asleep. So make sure you make it entertaining as well as educational, that way you keep them tuned
in to what you’re saying, and also they learn something new. Easy way to make it entertaining is, if you’re making video content,
make sure to add blueprints at the end or in the middle, whatever, keep those little mess-ups
in, I’m probably gonna do it, I messed up at least 20 times in the first couple minutes of this video. Ah, this video is only
gonna be a few minutes, so I’ll mess up the whole video. If you’re funny, make jokes, not everybody’s gonna find it funny, but even if it’s not funny, people’ll probably still make
jokes about it in the comments and then you can just get that interaction between you and your audience, which is always a good thing. Have funny pop-ups,
like have certain things just go around your
head as you’re talking. And so aside from making it entertaining, you know everybody doesn’t
consume content the same, so what are ways you can help that out, do you do video, you
should probably do audio, you should probably do text, images. Incorporate a bunch of different
styles into your content, that way more people
could be easily digested. Tip number four, engage and get
feedback from your audience. If you listen to your audience, they will tell you exactly
what is resonating with them and you’ll get to know what type of value you’ll provide in the future
more with your content. Ask them questions,
ask them what they like about your value you’re
providing, what they don’t like, and what type of things
they’ll like you to answer in the future. So, in my next video I will be going over, wait a minute, where is my next video. So you wanna know how to
put value in the content that gets your business noticed? Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell notification
button down below, and in the next video I’ll go over that. Hey guys, my name is Tre, welcome
to my first YouTube video, so if you like the content, be
sure to subscribe down below and hit the follow button. What? (tuts) So let me tell you why the value… (mumbles in frustration) If you’re funny, make jokes,
everybody likes a good joke. Not everybody’s gonna find it funny, but, hey, maybe you’ll get
jokes out of your audience in the comments.


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