Wie is de Mol (The Mole) S20E01 with English subtitles

You heard a sort of drum beat Bam bam bam bam bam. Tum tu-tum. You don’t know what’s in store I walked up the stairs, step by step And I saw the image My heartbeat fastened
My heart was in my throat I was impressed
I wanted to stop and look around But I thought, no, you have to walk And then the drums stopped… And I thought:
Yes, now it’s going to start Hai. Welcome to China We’re in front of the Hangu Pass. The first gate ever built in China This is the start of the Chinese civilization It’s not only a historic, but also a sacret place According to the survivors the philosopher Lao Tse wrote… his masterpiece on Taoism. The famous Eastern religious and philosophical stream. Wie is de mol… is a game of lies and truth To reach the finale you have to be tactical and you have to make hard decisions Do you play the game alone? Or do you trust someone? Do you tell the truth? or not? How you play the game is up to you But maybe you can use this advice from Lao Tse. Tina… Friendliness in words brings trust You have to make a choice between a gate that might leave to wisdom or a gate that leads to happiness What you get out of the choice you can keep to yourself Ok Think about your strategy And remember Knowledge is power You can choose And once you go through the gates You will get another choice I wish you a lot of wisdom or happiness I’ll go for wisdom
Wisdom will lead to happiness Bye Oooo. I pick this one And I’m off Welcome to China We’re in front of the Hangu Pass. The first gate ever built in China This is the start of the Chinese civilization It’s not only a historic, but also a sacret place but also a sacret place According to the survivors the philosopher Lao Tse wrote… his masterpiece on Taoism. Maybe this advice from Lao Tse will help Buddy, you can reach anything with twisted words But by acting rightfully you can overshadow others I wish you lots of wisdom or happiness Haha! Oke. Ahhh. I’ll go for happiness Thank you Haha! We’re starting! It was such a wonderful sight All the people and the colours and the music I was nervous I was shaking.
I was overwelmed I had to contain my tears
It was so beautiful All those kids
It was wonderful I thought: How many lanterns
1000 things were going through my head Hi Hi Wauw. Welcome to China So this doesn’t make sense How you play the game is up to you But maybe this advice from Lao Tse will help Anita… React to unintelligence, intelligently I’ll go for my lucky number 2014 Happiness TINA:
I keep walking and I see a temple You will use your token, your keychain there In the temple were all these tables, with boxes on top with numbers on them 14. I started looking and looking. O, shit. There’s another one My name is Tina de Bruin.
I act and I sing And I’m going to look for the mole Well that’s a bit of a search I think the mole is someone everybody likes But in the mean time… BUDDY: I had to go look for a box with my year on it. I tried to see which other years there were I saw 2001 which wasn’t on my list So I thought that might be if you chose wisdom TINA: At some point I found the box with 2010 on it I opened the box It had a note Yeah… this… I can’t read this Oke. Oke. It had signs Chinese signs that I couldn’t make out BUDDY: These are Chinese signs I wasn’t getting wiser Folded it up, put it in my bag And left the temple with a pokerface Leonie, de wise keep a distance but in reality is up front I chose left, wisdom I went over there, walked through it and you’re in a garden And it had a table in the middle And on top were keys I knew I had to remember that 2010 was gone Ok Yes That’s not going to work TINA: I go downstairs I saw a huge, long wall with signs on it By the wall were a lot of tables with boxes It was pretty impressive O. And suddenly I saw what I had to do Oh ok. Jesus! BUDDY: What looks like this? An A with a sort of ski slope underneath Let’s see There’s the A upside down
A up, ski slope… This is terrible We had 10 minutes to find a section With the same Chines signs Maybe this is the top It was important:
We had 1 chance To just guess and open all boxes wasn’t allowed Oh no… maybe this… No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…
1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Ok Claes, those who know, don’t speak Jesus! Thosse who speak, don’t know Well I can’t read this I’m going that way I wish you happiness This isn’t it, I need a bottom This… This is… No that’s not it for sure I hope I’m doing this right It’ll be the other side Hahaha. I’m Buddy Vedder. Presenter, actor and singer I present for RTL and Avrotros
I act in mostly childrens films And I sing covers on YouTube To be a contestant here, and in an anniversary year… I can’t believe I’m part of this season It’s sick That one? And that weird shape… then that one This is it! Oooo. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I think so
I don’t know if it’s in there It’s open And what’s inside? Green exemption! LEONIE: You go down those stairs And there was a huge golden statue But for real huge! I don’t know how many meters It has to be that guy that wrote that book Amazing! So many! I don’t know how to hold it Like this? No O my God. Is it this one? Oh hold on Person, figure… That’s right, another one… I think this is
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… And then I saw 3 persons with a stick
And the other ones So that had to be the box If this isn’t it
I’ll take Chinese lessons, I promise So I opened the box And inside was… this friend… Ohhhh! It’s a black exemption A black exemption make sure
that everything that’s played is invalid So if someone plays a green exemption or a joker Look here
Sorry but too bad… Johan,
Without becoming smaller yourself you can make others grow Nathan… It’s more useful to light a candle to complain about the darkness You have to make a choice
What will it be? I’ll go for happiness ANITA:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 He. I am Anita Witzier I’m a presenter for KRO-NCRV. You might know me from
Anita is locked up and The Reunion I’m impatient Come on!
Untidy. I’m pragmatic I’m sweet. Sometimes funny. I’m loyal. Puntual. CLAES: I got there. And because of all the emotions I had walking over,
I was shaking And I told myself: Ok breath in and breath out
Breath in and breath out Fuck. O, man.
This is impossible Impossible That’s there
But that’s not right But then… and now? I’m going to look for the ring
That’s easy This one wasn’t so easy to be honest I saw 3 lines of signs
And one was a sort of ring It seemed recognizable
So I went to search for that No there it is that’s not it yeah yeah! I’ve got it
I’ve got it I’ve got it! Yes! Holy fuck. Holy fuck. Suddenly I saw the sign and the other one too I hope this is right I thought: This has to be it I didn’t check all of them But it worked. It opened My name is Nathan Rutjes
Former professional footballer What I look forward most
Are the games. Action! My strategy is to observe without letting people see you’re observing I see everything
I have a 6th sense Who is doing what?
I’ve got it all up here Jaike, the wise never strive for the greatness In that way, he can live great things Rob, avoid the difficult… by doing what’s easy Do you play alone
Or do you trust someone? Do you tell the truth?
How you play is up to you The wise knows themselves but doesn’t show themselves Ok Let’s see, line, man worms, box That’s it This is my box Horn horn… bring it. At some point I got a lot of information That you can’t filter anymore You just think:
I don’t have time So I panicked… Come on, come on, come on. I’m Jaike Belfor. I’m an actress
You might know me from Celblock H Or the season of ‘De Slimste Mens’
where I reached the semi finals My strategy is to listen, and to let others do the work And observe At some point I saw the top 2 I’ve got that one And you hope the others match as well That’s right too But you start doubting yourself Am I not sure of myself? Is it right?
I checked 1000 times It’s a scary feeling
You put in the key You don’t want to have the wrong box And it opens My first assignment
My first box And I get a black one But well Nobody else knows that Let’s see, there’s a bucket
But no ladder underneath Ok calm down, Mil… Breath… I panicked
I thought, this is too much But that’s the bucket Man This is a sort of
Shit, I lost it… Every time you look up from your note you lose it Luckily, at some point A bit from the middle I saw my box Finger, bucket
This has to be it What is in it? It’s started Wie is de Mol 2020. The 20th season A porcelain anniversary So we’re in the country of porcelain China.
In Hunan. A province with 96 million people The warm welcome by the locals is only the beginning The candidates will deal with a
completely different culture Customs
And a language they don’t know Literally and figuratively They are far from our western world They have to do tasks to earn money
for the pot But in their midst is a competitor The mole
Who will try to sabotage the tasks And to keep the profits to a minimum The eventual pot will go to the candidate that in the end, knows the answer
to this one question: Who is, the mole? ‘Shielded’ ANITA: This all looks so good This is nice Oh peanuts But guys, how was your own… It was a very tough day, Johan!
Stop whining! Johan thought it was clever to share all this information But nobody really wanted to Can I ask something else? Does anybody have money for the pot?
Is that a possibility? Well guys, enjoy I’m Johan Goossens.
Writer and comedian I go around the country with my stand up show
And I’ve written about the time that I taught at a school I thought: I’ll throw it out there And ehm…
Well enjoy guys Friends tell me I can’t lie Well I really can’t So I think I need to stay close to myself and look around
Who I don’t believe We can share wich rooms we went into That’s fun
Who chose wisdom and who happiness I went into happiness Me too
Me too Really?
Let’s see fingers ANITA:
I thought I was the only one I wasn’t the only one Nathan, Johan and Miljuschka did as well But they all came after me I think one table had the first 10 years of Wie is de Mol and the other table had the other 10 years When I got there, there was one gone And there were 2 people before me So I thought: One took this gate
And the other took the other I had the same at my table The only two that came before me wer Tina and Buddy They said they both went for wisdom So that’s not right Why would you lie about this? JOHAN: The best thing were those kids All the drums and the entrance I’ll never get that out of my head We got to the room, Johan and I And soon enough we started talking about What happened at the assignment
And what was in your box I was very happy with what I found I have an exemption Do you want to see it?
You have an exemption? no way So I had to make a choice Will I tell him about the black exemption? But I thought
I have to be clever I can tell you,
For me it was a deception I got the saying, on a piece of paper This saying. The speech? So you can hang it over your bed? So I lied And I did very well Didn’t hurt a bit We ended up at a market With all the colours, and smells that come with it There were things we didn’t recognize all around There was so much
Herbs and spices and vegetables Food It was a sort of controlled chaos Goodmorning Again, welcome to China I hope you’re sharp Because with this assignment
You can win money for the pot At this market, you will find tablets With images of half of the bank notes Left halfs, and right halfs Take pictures of them and combine those pictures in this display
until you have complete notes In 20 minutes I will count the complete notes And the total amount for that will become money for the pot Oh and we didn’t bring cameras So if you want to take pictures you will have to use the cell phones of the people in this market Good luck I love it! LEONIE: A crowded market
Full of Chinese people with cell phones Nobody speaks English Ah, good luck! Let’s go, let’s go! Let’s search
Where are the tablets I’ll go that way This way We spread out over the market We went to look for those tablets Yeah Of course there were rules We weren’t allowed to take the pictures The Chinese had to do it The second rule was that we weren’t allowed to take
more then one picture But it was a slide show of notes so that was annoying Is this left or right?
Yes! Ok we’ve got Rik Oh yeah here, we’ve got one Where?
Here, here Come come
Let’s hurry That’s not it Or a ten
That’s 10 TINA: The viewers were asked to design
the notes this year That’s fun
But it’s difficult for us because we had never seen them Ok let’s get him back You’ll get him to come with you Have fun! We all ran to a pole you were allowed to take one picture, per person And you had to go back to the board where they had 20 holders So you could make ten notes I left him there
I hope he won’t grab his phone and leave I’m Claes Iversen
And I’m a fashion designer I told him to stay with his phone So let’s hope so I think I’m fairly social I try to be friends with people Everybody’s friend. That’s what I hope No other way That’s right Right side If she wants to
Just take her LEONIE: they came along easily
Maybe I’m pursuasive Come come
Let’s take a picture Oke. Hahaha! Everything I find scary in The Netherlands
Isn’t scary here I just had to get the phones from those Chinese and then go to a board Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Do you have 100? Which one do you have?
Rik left, Rik left Buddy had positioned himself:
I’ll take care of the board Because imagine:
Those people had to give up their phones While they don’t speak English
They must have wondered what this was But anyway, I trust those
nice, tall, people The reflection is bad
But it’s impossible My name is Leonie ter Braak. I work for SBS 6 and Net 5 I present ‘Niets liever dan een kind’ Or you can know me from ‘Goodmorning Netherlands’ I presented that on NPO 1 I could be a good mole People trust me
And I can lie well People believe me What do you have
Left 100 or left 50? I thought:
I have to be in the spot where it’s decided how much money is won Eventually only Johan and I
stood by the board Not a real collaboration
Johan did nothing Yes people I was surprised
How many people helped People waited for 10 or 15 minutes Do you have to go to work? What?
I also said: Then I thought it’s mean
They don’t win anything We win something
But they won’t JAIKE: Wait, this is also 250
You have to be quick No.
Nooo! We found a tablet But the pictures went by really fast But there was a 250 And I said, go quickly
But every time it was too late She already took a picture But we won’t use it
We’ll only use 1 Wait.
No. No. Yeah. So we just took pictures of everything there And I thought:
We were allowed 1 picture right? But alright
We took a bunch of pictures We went back to the board Who has 250 right side? It had to be complete
This is complete What do we have?
Let’s see 100, 150, 250. Everything that’s double is complete
Don’t touch that So leave double Ok?
Yes So a right 250 And a left 50 NATHAN:
I saw a pole That we could make 1 note So in the stream you had left 50
and right 50 So I thought I need 2 Chinese people And have one take a left one and the other the right side And then the 3 of us I’ll deliver them to Buddy Buddy, Buddy!
We’ve got a note Do you have?
Yes complete. 50. 50 euros.
Bring them! Yes!
Thank you! You have to see the screens Let’s see the screens Let’s see the screens Almost
This one? A woman pointed at her phone And said she needed it
In Chinese I didn’t understand
But she needed to go to work Or the hairdresser or pedicure
She had to go I told her 5 more minutes
4 more minutes But she really had to leave So she took the phone from the board Okeeee. Nothing we can do about it What do we need now?
250? But the left or right side? Did you see 250?
Do we need another? That’s right
But what side? I don’t know, they said find 250 but not which side Just take the pictures
It won’t be the same What do we have?
What do we need? Another 250
Don’t know which one When the time was almost up everybody focussed on 250 Who do you bother in the final minutes to focus on 250 that we’ve proven that we didn’t find it in 15 minutes We’re looking for 250 right Take a picture Yeah Rik!
Bring it yeah yeah
This is 50 Ok Come on. Buddy, Buddy! I’ve got 100
We’re done We were fairly satisfied We thought there’s 100 and there’s 50 Candidates I don’t know if it was your effort
Or your Chinese But you did convince a bunch of people to lend you their phones
and take pictures My compliments
Well done But during this assignments, the phones
took several pictures Yeah see… That was against the rules So there’s an amount of 150 for the pot I thought, that’s weird
Someone moled 50. 100. That was a huge deception Everything we took to the board was invalid Because we took several pictures with one phone 150 euros in the first assignment
The mole is happy Who wants to be treasurer? Who doesn’t want to be it? You don’t want to?
No I don’t need to Tina, do you want to start? Then it’s us
Fight! I thought, give it to me, I’ll be treasurer Ok close your eyes 1, 2, 3… Congratulations, we’ve got a treasurer I will lose anything that’s not attached So it’s actually a bad idea But I thought it might make me suspicious I want to know something from you Rik said to chose wisdom or happiness I chose wisdom And you did too
Yes Eh. Buddy said he also chose wisdom But when I entered, one key was gone It’s weird when 2 people were inside Yeah if Buddy says I went into wisdom Yeah if my memory is correct I took 2008 I took 2010 You can know that I’ll show you Then Buddy is lying Then Buddy lied Buddy said he also went into that room He wasn’t Because Tina has 2010 and the others were still there Because you give me that
I’m shaking… Oke. Will you use it? I don’t know but I think so If Leonie is going to play the black exemption Then I can keep my black exemption
Nobody knows For a next time Seriously don’t tell anybody!
Nobody! The lunch was very interesting And I’m not talking about the food We talked about the loot I think everybody has something My fear is that since they gave so much away there’s also a black one… Shall I open, I have a joker Why do I want to talk about it
I want to play it And I’m scared someone is going to play the black one Of course nobody is going to say they
have a black exemption But I could check with people Who is honest
Who dares to say what they have Are there people with nothing? Oke. Oke. Did you not open the box
or was there nothing inside? I couldn’t open it That’s different then that there
is nothing inside Oh what a miserable game In a conversation like that
I back up Let’s zoom out, let’s see who responds in what way But whether they’re being honest whether there’s a joker
or exemption, or black exemption we have no clue But I know I’m not the only one In those trucks are the candidates locked up in duos They have to free themselves by
completing tasks Then they have to park the trucks
in a certain way That will earn them as much
money as possible for the pot If nothing goes wrong
They can earn €2100,- But before they can
they have to free themselves Oke. Oh my God. No. Huuu. I took off my blindfold Ok. Alright. And we’re in a room full of pictures These are all old contestants Yeah there are also pictures
of before Pipes and a jerrycan I think this water… Needs to go there We saw a big barrel of water and a pipe And on the bottom was a duck It probably has a key This is my favorite game! O, yes! Money, a claw crane… A childrens dream! A lock. With a number combination We need a number combination
That’s clear Huh! I take off the blindfold An empty space ‘Take away the following pictures’ Group pictures
Let’s start with that Or you get the group pictures
And I’ll get the pictures with the jokers Very good idea. Yes. Jokers, jokers, jokers. Look closely
Don’t let yourself… Here, this one is yours
A joker Oh yeah and group pictures
Let’s do both I have an idea
Press that one Using your foot or something And then that one as well Maybe if we press all buttons at the same time
Something will fall My name is Rob Dekay.
I’m a musician I make Dutch songs
Lots of banjo and mandolins And I like to play at festivals We make really cool songs The only thing I can think of is
that we have to press these buttons But we can’t reach them My character is friendly
Sloppy, funny… and very fanatical There is no logic in this Why? I will try so you can get rid
of that tic Ok But it’s impossible But that’s why there are these things here We have to build something so we can press them all at once We have to look for a key We had to find a way to get out What would those codes mean?
21-70 955-950. 987-985. Like this And then like this The longer ones need to go that way And the sort ones on the side Did you check that bag? I noticed Mil really wanted that animal I heard a crane go at some point Yes I’ve got it And she got one
A mole I was really happy with that We could check
If there was a code on the animal It seems too obvious right? Yes Pictures of the test That’s the test with questions We had to take down all group pictures All pictures with a test There is always someone alone at the test A screen or something
Here! We had to take assignments
in the water Yeah here
They’re on the beach here No that’s not on the water
I don’t think that counts Presenters This was a presenter right? Yes, Karel van de Graaf. and jokers. And when those pictures were gone
We could see a code Ah! Look something is happening Very good. So what we need when I do this We’re just missing that one So we make something I can sit on Then I can reach that with my foot
Let’s go We’ll make a chair It sounded very logical
We started hammering How many do we need? Oh I’m such an anti-man with this Haha. Two left hands Woei! And then that way Where are those other legs? That’s one I can tell you
That dude is not going to help us win the war Those numbers were useless You couldn’t read a combination No, nothing Ok let’s think differently We both didn’t have a solution We couldn’t figure out
How to get out of the truck That’s weird Ok let’s look at every row You’ll go that way
I’ll go this way I want to get out Yes. Huppa! Maybe you should
Ok… And then like that This could take a while No no This has one mole Hier zitten er
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The moles
Of course You don’t have to get them
There’s no code on them They are the code Nine And that one 9-8-9. 9-8-9. Yes yes Calm down calm down I am Miljuschka Witzenhausen,
That’s a mouth full Just call me Mil
It’s easier I’m obsessed with food So I make TV programmes about it For RTL and 24Kitchen As long as it’s about food
You’ve got me I am curious how I’ll
do in a group I’m not a very social person Oke, go. It’s just a big car How am I going to survive
And how will I get ideas from this Wait, we’ve got a number 0, 1, 2… Wait wait This is the money sign We’re the beginning of the amount I understood:
If everybody freed themselves And took the right parking spot
We could earn €21000,- Wait it has signs That says 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. And we’re… we’re euro So we have to go up front
If they’re numbers Yeah but you read it from here right So we have to Then we have to be 5 Yeah if you read it like that
Of course So if you’re standing there… Yeah right? You look at it from the other side So we read from left to right On the other side it’s left to right Very illogical to take 5 but whatever I think we’re ok I hope we’re right Here on the water
Here Angela. On the water Here, presenter Ok Claes
A presenter right I can’t see it This is not thinking straight But honey, what are you doing? Oh no… a… You’re taking a screw… It’ll be quicker if we take a screw If we screw it in That is true Leonie, is also useless And that’s putting it mildly That’s why my house isn’t finished either If we find something and I didn’t see it It’s not because I’m the mole I just can’t see it Or you’ve got the key I would take it out of my pocket and use it We looked at that escape room
Every inch by inch No key Shall I cut it off here? And then let’s walk that way Ok water! Do you have it? Yes. Nice one. Een gentleman! I wanted to go as fast as possible
Into a parking spot Jaike said to look first She started walking around the truck And I was thinking I had to drive I had never driven a truck before
It was cool I hadn’t turned the key And turned off the engine
And I saw a note With number 4 That’s when I thought
Ok we’re wrong… Let’s sit. I’m done. Ok so what did you want
The person sitting here will take a foot here And take their right hand here And with their head this one With the other hand that one Ok you do this one
You get that one I notice that my frustration is quite big I’m in a room with you and that’s scary At some point you think
This is not going to work It won’t happen I’ve got it! Ok great! Ah! Game on! Is this ok
What does the truck say? I’m going crazy
We’re out What does it say?
We’re 0. We’re 0 The moment Buddy finds the key Yeah that was just A massive… Just happiness
I was so happy Full throttle Anita! You have to tell me where
Don’t go too fast, so I can look All the way left
We’ll be 0 Where is 0?
I see a 1 Straight ahead I see a 4.
We need the beginning We’ll be 0
I see a 4 and a 1 A 2 a 3 a 4 and a 5
Right be we are 0 on the truck
But 1 on the key We’ll go to 1 Yes Oke. Watch out for poles Watch out for the poles We’re done Ok let’s cash in What could this be? That’s an E That’s a dash and then this I think we have to take something out The time was ticking
And we had to fill something in Say something Claes
We have to guess Two?
A 2? Two two One is next
What’s next? Yeah but who is this? Is this a presenter?
I guess so Or I don’t see what it is
What’s this? An 8? Yeah it’s I’ll do 9 Yeah I’ll do 9 No… see… It’s my first red screen… Then it was over for us It happened quite fast Putting in numbers that were wrong I thought it was noticable You’re sure this is right? I think I’ll have to risk it Oh and then I won’t…
This has to go higher Hahaha! O, god. Haha! No no Johan, Jaike, Anita, Buddy… Miljuschka and Nathan. You managed to park your trucks And to get out Congratulations A nice achievement And the others
Thank you for your effort But too bad You could have won €2100,- A nice amount for the pot But look It has an amount Of 20 euros Let’s see where it was Here Johan. Yes!
New treasurer Watch it carefully
We don’t want to lose those 20 euros All the bits count You have one night to find out who the mole is I’ll see you tomorrow At the test and execution It’ll be a fun night
Man someone molled Someone molled a lot! Where you take the first assignment
all cosy in the bus together this is the moment you realize… ok wait, we’ve really started It’s time for the test 20 questions about the identity
and actions of the mole Whoever has the most questions wrong
has to leave the game Except for the mole Who never goes home The first test, the first execution You don’t want to be the first It’s Russian roulette for everybody The first test Nobody has a clue I have to use my gut feeling And stay calm And keep thinking Not everybody is a suspect
But some are Tina, Anita, Johan and Buddy. Those are my 4 suspects Leonie is my mole
She seems to be trying too hard And I don’t buy it
She’s a smart woman I can’t imagine you don’t know
how to put in a screw I don’t buy it I feel like some people think they know
what’s what It has to be someone in the group that’s not going to spread I won’t It gives me a good feeling My green exemption will be played What if you don’t play it and you go home
You’ll be sick At this point I’m thinking about Miljuschka. about Tina. And Rob. There are a few people I don’t suspect Nathan, who’s a really sweet guy But he’s not it Jaike is not a mole It’s not a mole I don’t see any foul play with her Johan on the other hand… could… be a mole
But he’s very chaotic It could be
But whether it’s true… I doubt it I clearly feel Anita is the mole It’s a sort of gut feeling it’s not because of what she does or say That makes me think: She’s the mole It’s clear I have an idea about who the mole is But I have to spread
I suspect Buddy I suspect Mil And I suspect Anita I honestly don’t know if I should
play the black exemption or not It’s a dilemma
Should I play it or not I don’t know My gutfeeling says Nathan. Can I explain it? I can’t really Because he’s very helpful and nice and he keeps his distance But he won’t write anything down I’m in a women’s corner And someone that stands out is Tina Tina seems perfect And she doesn’t seem to be able
to sabotage a game But then I think Nathan
Look at her background, she’s an actress Let’s focus Tina is on my list for sure It is because of the assignment we did together I think she was just too fast In filling something in on the tablet Something wasn’t right Wisdom or happiness That was the choice you had to make Since then, some of you were wiser Some are happy You also found loot and they were played at this test Amongst them, a black exemption It means all other items
Are invalid So whoever did the test the worst will go home today Who wants to be first? Nathan. A brave volunteer Congratulations More brave volunteers? Leonie. Buddy? Whaaa! Tina. Oh! Yes. Yes. Congratulations. Yes Anita. Yes. You raised your hand? Oh! You can say goodbye Yeah innocent Sorry Anita
That I was pushing you Sorry. Yeah I had a really good time We’ll miss you I really doubted about the black exemption It didn’t feel right to play it
But I talked to Tina She assured me she had nothing So I thought, if she has nothing and Buddy has nothing
So it’s not fair Equal chances So I played it Bye Nathan, so nice to meet you
Anita is such a good person You could go to Anita if you wanted to chat She talked to everybody I felt like she kept the group together We’ll miss you as a group I was in that tunnel vision On Anita That I thought it was embarrassing
How obvious it was That Anita was the mole
Was so obvious to me And then that red screen
Thank you all It was so fun to be part of And I want you all to get further in the game Thank you
Bye! Bye Bye
Bye sweet Anita Bye Anita, have a safe trip home How do you feel? Very double It’s really too bad But I meant what I said It would be worse for the others
to go first So that makes me feel good For them I saw that at our first meeting You were emotional
Totally It was so beautiful And fanatical. We saw that on the market Yeah I am fanatical when it comes to games I had to get over some fears
To just take people with me I didn’t have that gene It’s fun to find out Ok ok let’s see what’s on the trucks
I’m going mad! Have a safe flight back to Holland Sleep tight. Rest
We’ll see each other in Holland Have fun and good luck Bye. See you Total panic
A technical assignment It’s Chinese, nice… Oh no I tangled up stuff Stop? I got you.
No no no no no! Say that. Say that. Just say that Oeoeoeoe! Ok that’s them
We see you now Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yes yes I see you, don’t wanna be you! We can see a piece!

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