WIN $10 to $10,000 per hour with this QUIZ GAME!

Hello and welcome back to my newest video.
This is Aiza Mercado
Today, i will share 1 application
where we will just answer trivias and questions.
We can win and earn $10 up to $10,000 every hour.
So watch the entire video because
i will give you the app name and how to use it.
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Let me introduce this
application called “Play and WIn”.
I believe you can download this in Appstore and Playstore as well.
Basically, you will just answer trivias and questions.
For every hour, you need to answer 50 trivia questions.
Here is your level,
Game points, Top Score,
Top winner, achievements,
Invite and Leaderboards.
Here in your achievement, you can unlocked this tasks
and use this points to level up your account.
Our today’s prize is $10
and I only have 54 minutes left to finish this quiz.
So lets strat and how this app works.
Click this PLAY button, and i will resume my game.
Estimate game time, 8 minutes.
So, I will now answer.
Who sang the “Unfaithful”. – Rihanna
Okay then play
There are some difficult questions here
You need to guess some answers hehehe
Alright, im done answering 50 questions
and I got
35 corrects and 14 mistakes.
Regarding to TIME LEFT,
you need to wait for that to finish then you will know who wins that ROUND.
I have won $5
the first time i tried it
and lets check how much is the minimum payout
The minimum payout is $100
I can assure you that you can easily win here
and for every hour we can play this game.
For now, we have to finish the countdown so we can play again the next round.
So basically, you need to wait for the remaining time left
so we can start playing again.
Thats how easy to use this Play and Win
and ofcourse this app so very informative.
Thank you for watching!
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This is Aiza Mercado again, and have a great day!


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