Winning Bitcoin Trade

(upbeat music)
– G’day everybody out there.
I just wanted to touch base,
talk you through a couple of things.
Market’s moving.
It’s done pretty much
what I was hoping for it to do, really,
what I suggested it might do,
so I’m pretty on the money
at the minute, which is good.
Makes trading a heck of a lot easier
when you’re feeling that flow,
and certainly feeling it at the moment.
I’ll try that one out in the community,
and on the market view.
This little cradle back
here was actually on the XBT
’cause the Bitfinex contract was shut.
This little puppy here,
obviously, one to one,
fairly easy, fairly quickly,
before the old resistance,
and now looking really, really tasty.
Indeed I’m very happy with that.
I am looking for other opportunities
’cause I do like to layer positions.
Layering positions means I’ll scale out
and let the thing run.
If I can get five or six,
seven, eight, nine, 10 or more,
and we do get a really, really good run,
then that’s when you
make, not just some money,
but a lot of money.
And what I’m seeing here is,
as I said earlier in the week,
we’re sort of hangin’ out
and we’re losing momentum of the sellers.
Now what we’ve got is we’ve
got the buyers coming back
over the last three days’ shorts.
Slowed down a little bit today,
but they’re still there.
We’re still seeing those
buyers ever present, all right.
Now they could certainly pull back,
and a pull back to 10,000 would
be certainly on the cards.
It could pull back
further, let’s be honest,
low or high, low or high.
This could just be another low or high.
But now that we’re outside
of that cradle zone,
I do see the higher probability
for further upside for the time being,
and of course that means
that I will be looking for opportunities.
Now we’ve still got the
entire weekend to go
before we see this candle close,
which will be at 10
a.m. on Monday morning.
And I’ll be in the air.
I’ll be flying up the coast.
So for me, I’ll have to
check it when I get up there.
But there’s definite potential there.
Again, coming to the four hour,
let’s have a look at that.
There is a bullish candle
in the cradle zone.
I’m not too keen on that one just yet.
Just a little bit big.
I’m well-positioned already,
and I’m happy to wait.
For the rest of the top 10,
well let’s have a quick look and see.
Well we’ve got Ethereum back
into this old level here,
not a major level, not really
the most supported level,
but it’s certainly back into them.
But am I interested?
The answer is no.
The trend’s not good enough for me.
(mumbles) Before I say the
trend’s not good enough,
let me just take you, I
didn’t really notice that.
That’s the low there.
Okay, that changes things.
I missed that spike down.
I just saw this as the low.
This is the low down here,
and it is just at 61.0 percent pullback.
So yeah, look the trend
is there, I should say,
not is not, it is there.
It’s just, there’s nothing there
on the two hour for me to trade.
The four hour right here as I see it.
Look it’s not the smallest candle.
It’s not the biggest either.
It’s definitely worthwhile consideration,
but I’m happy to just sit back
and just wait for a little bit then.
EOS is obviously down though.
Interestingly enough,
the rest of the top 10
other than Bitcoin has
still been suffering
as we see again on the Stellar Lumens.
There’s not a great deal
going on outside of Bitcoin.
Very, very little
activity, that’s for sure.
334, still resistance
there on Bitcoin Cash.
Now here’s something that I can tell you.
If this plays out, I will
be very interested in it.
Look at 334 back through here.
Resistance, it’s been tested,
it’s found resistance again twice there.
Now look, we broke above there.
We’ll have a higher low and a higher high,
especially if we get
through this level here.
A pullback in at 334 may
present opportunities
on the way back.
That’s something that I’m
keeping a close eye on
because it could present some
really nice opportunities.
Again, Binance having a hard day.
It’s not looking very good.
It’s back in the daily
there, in the cradle zone,
and it looks quite bearish on that daily.
TRON continues to ground
lower with support there.
I’m not interested.
And finally Cardano,
again, a very
sideways-looking chart there.
So again, guys, it’s really Bitcoin
that’s been giving the
opportunity for me realistically.
And I got stopped out of XRP Bitcoin,
which I took last Friday.
It was a profitable trade.
So too was Bitcoin trade here.
Sorry, so too was the Bitcoin trade here.
The Zcoin trade I took earlier
last week, not a profit.
At the end of the day, I
had another profitable week.
Feeling good about this weekend,
waiting for more opportunities.
Now, if you’re not
already booked in, guys,
this time next weekend in Brisbane,
I’ll be presenting in the
live course environment,
and I look forward to seeing you there.
If you haven’t got your ticket,
then make sure you get it now
because we are filling
up very, very quick.
We just got to print out all the booklets
that we take to give
to you to work through.
So we want to get numbers
sooner rather than later.
Have a fantastic weekend guys.
Trade safe, bye for now.


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