YANIYOR! %200 KAR! DASH ZENGİN EDECEK Mİ? KİM YÜKSELTİYOR? (Bitcoin ve Altcoin Neden Yükselebilir)

Would it make us rich if we just took Dash,
which has risen to exactly 204% in the last 14 days and kept it a bit? It’s about $ 125 now, but why would it go
up to $ 1,000? I’m not saying it’s okay, but I’m not saying
it, and I’m explaining my reasons. There are also similarities with the sharp
rise in Dash’s first wave in April 2019 and today. That would mean a second wave of ascension. If you’re just getting started or if you’ve
just discovered the Crypto Dictionary, don’t worry what Dash might say. We will briefly discuss what Dash is. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Tap the bell next to it, if you haven’t, and
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investment advice. There is also bonus information at the end
of the video. Keep watching until the end. Dash is usually 15.16 in all crypto coins. He would have been at the top of the line,
but he was in the 10th place with the most severe increases in recent days. When we look at Dash now, the lion’s share
in volume is taken from Tether’s USDT, the digital dollar, with a $ 391 million inflow
in the last 24 hours. $ 227 million from Bitcoin and $ 85 million
from the original US dollar. In addition, according to Google search trends,
Dash is looking around the world, the curiosity is increasing and see you see that the increase
in searches according to Google itself will continue. Write them aside and we’ll talk later in this
video. Do you know what a dash coin is, in general
developing countries around the world, like those of you in my country, targeting the
general user, they go out to the street for example when you want to go to a shopping
center to buy hamburger coke, they want to be a coin that can be used actively in daily
use According to the news at the time, a full payment system called cryptobuyer can be paid
with Dash coins at 40 Burger King restaurants in Venezuela. Of course not only Dash, but also Bitcoin,
Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and BNB. Dash’s goal is to be the number one in countries
like Venezuela, and you can see how recently Dash has been used in Venezuela. According to the data a few months ago, there
are 38,759 devices that have been used at least once in the last 30 days. Well Dash is such a coin, but I want to clarify
this Burger King issue. Could the Dash have raised the Burger King
deal? Yes to this question. Yes, because I think there’s only about 40,000
people active in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, BNB and Tether who are not new to Venezuela,
working with other restaurants and pharmacies from the beginning. This perception may have partially raised
Dash, or rather coins, such as Dash, that had the lion’s share of the money flowing
collectively into the crypto coins with the increased risk appetite of the world money
market in general. And in general, the risk appetite of the big
money that flows from all over the world has increased and I said that these money can
go to more risky investments, and how do we understand that? For example, the US stocks were on the rise
and yesterday the central bank cut interest rates in TL, for example, and the dollar dropped. Normally, investors would switch to dollars
due to lower interest rates in TL and lower interest rates in TL would cause the dollar
to rise. The market is now relieved, especially compared
to last year. Anyway, we analyze them abundantly in another
video if you want, as a comment in the meantime, let’s continue by saying I can get your video
requests. We will also look at Dash’s technical analysis,
whether it will rise astronomically in the short or long term, whether it will make us
rich, or if it would be $ 1000, and we will analyze this with Dash’s already long-term
agreements and expansionist policies in developing countries. I think it would be clear. They even translated the official website
into Turkish. Maybe next time they can make communication
work towards Turkey. In the meantime, don’t look at the rise today,
it rises or falls, but we’ve been talking about Dash since we’ve been talking, we’ve
been developing ideas on less than a half. Now Dash has a strong buying indicator on
the tradingview. My friends, Dash hasn’t reached the highest
of 1,000 dollars. That’s $ 1573. When? December 19, 2017. I always say. Crypto coins can revolve around a place he
sees, but if we analyze from a very general view whether Dash can rise to $ 1000, here
is the Dash’s monthly chart. I’m going to ask all of you through this. What makes the crypto money that makes these
movements 50 times in a day, 4 hours, that you will not make these movements in a month? Need more money? Don’t worry, I’m going to tell you about that
in a while, but that’s important in terms of timing. You open a 4-hour chart, for example, you
make the same move in 1 day, you open a daily chart in 5 days. What do you do monthly, you do not open it
right? Even proportionally. Anyway, my friends, if the $ 1000 ride in
Dash is possible, there will be five steps ahead. $ 350, $ 600, $ 790 and $ 978. For $ 1000, these steps must first be crossed,
and here are two scenarios. Firstly the whole crypto currency market will
either increase due to this Tether mether or Dash will be adopted much more globally. Which is actually yes Dash and general crypto
money has not been able to rise for 2 years creates a little demoralization in us, but
remember, fellas, even note, pessimism when you open and see. The stock market in the world is 68 trillion
dollars. In fact, this is the data of 2 years ago. Considering the recent easing in the world
markets, it may be a click higher, but even if it is already 68 trillion dollars, the
market value of the stocks is incredibly high compared to the crypto currencies. New friends may not know. The market value of all crypto coins including
Bitcoin is not even 1 trillion dollars. It’s only $ 258 billion right now. Even in the big rise of 2017, even in that
swollen market, all the crypto coins had only reached around $ 900 billion. In other words, we are not even one in 68
of all stocks that have been established for years. We’re too small. What does that mean? We have a long way to go. It’s a long way, but it’s too long. So let’s look at the image I just shared. Even in stocks there are solid declines. Therefore, I believe that we will see more
decreases and increases and especially the increases will attract new investors to the
market and more institutional investors will come as the crypto coins become widespread. I think this theory is gaining even more strength
when we think that one of the two global players in stock is China, which has a very important
weight in these crypto currencies. Dash is a good example of this. Therefore, let’s come to the question we raised. Dash, $ 1,000? If you do a minimal analysis without considering
monetary policies, taking into account only the crypto currency, yes, this may sound very
complicated, or even impossible. Think about it, man, it’s $ 125 right now. This is going to be $ 200 300 then 500 800
1000 ohoo you can say, but only 68 trillion dollars in the world in the old generation
stocks, and in the last 5-10 years, focusing on new technologies, how old companies to
receive money from the old company and crypto coins exactly the new generation technology,
Blockchain If you know that you represent the long-term Dash’ın 1000 dollars, 2000
dollars, you might think even 5000 dollars. But of course, these are all based on a certain
research, predictions, my friends. So don’t take it as investment advice, you
can get it as a vision, as a foresight. Well, back to these days, I would like to
draw attention to the scenarios that might be in the short term with Dash rising 204%
in the last two weeks. I said Dash gets the lion’s share of the rise
from Tether, and I supported it visually. The tether side is a complete vague point. Because they can press Tether and continue
to raise ample, or they can pull Tether down as they drain. This is something that will be evident in
Tether’s meetings behind the closed doors of the Bitfinex stock exchange. So my advice to you, don’t make plans according
to Tether, and question the source of the money that entered Dash like me. Dark coins, like Tether, are unpredictable,
but of course tomorrow, for example, I don’t know how many billions of dollars of coins,
free to print anyway, sends Bitfinex to the market. These are the events that have happened so
far dozens of times and if you like talking about Dash’s present days, let me remind you
again. By subscribing to my channel, by tapping the
bell next to it and liking my videos and writing comments, you support me and you’re the first
to watch my new videos. Now, if we analyze Dash’s 200% upward performance
today, what might happen when I analyze it, as I said at the beginning, I see similarities
with the period in April when Dash rose sharply in the first wave and then declined slightly
with the second wave. Look, as the dates show April 2, 2019, Dash
rose from $ 76-77 to $ 137. Arriving at a horse pocket. Nowadays, it’s more or less like that, Dash. But it doesn’t end here. On April 2, 2019, Dash’s RSI hits 85, which
is the 70 upper limit. Then Dash is down and hits $ 190 on June 27. There are similarities in both price and RSI
between April 2, 2019 and January 16, 2020, the first wave of rising. So since April 2, 2019, the RSI has never
been this high. I want to draw attention to these. Of course I can’t say that the second ascension
wave will do in 2020, as it did in 2019, no one can say that, but maybe I could get some
amount by waiting for some correction here. I think I can risk IP. Don’t ignore the risk aspect of this, folks. Do not take risks that you can not remove. Now let’s move on to today’s bonus information. Today’s bonus comes from one of the 10 prohibited
movies that will challenge your psychology while watching
information, my friends. There’s one movie, Cannibal Holocaust. This film was so realistic that the entire
film crew, including the actors, were arrested and asked to prove that all the actors were
alive. It’s an event, but I took a look at it. I wouldn’t recommend it, especially if you’re
an affected person, your stomach may get up. It’s from me. Yes, yes, now, in the previous video, let’s
read the following from you, let’s answer. We can even talk a little more today.


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