Zendaya | House Tour 2020 | Her $1.4 Million Northridge Mansion

I noticed that quite a few of you have been
sending me requests for a Zendaya house tour, and the young star does have a pretty impressive
Northridge mansion she purchased all by herself with her hard earned money. So here it is! Zendaya’s 1.4 Million Dollar home is her
first real estate purchase ever, but it checks all of her boxes and according to the star
she’s always dreamed of owning a house like this. It’s a gorgeous two storey home that actually
has stairs – something she never had growing up. But we’ll give you all the details of her
starter home in this vid. Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, who goes just
by her first name, is an actress and singer who began her career as a child star which
you probably know. At the time of this recording she’s only
23 years old but has already accomplished so much. Zendaya began her career as a child model
and backup dancer before she landed her starring role on Disney’s Shake It Up, alongside
Bella Thorne. After that the rest was history. Since her Disney Channel days, Zendaya scored
some film roles in movies like The Greatest Showman and the latest Spiderman films in
2017 and 2019. Not to mention she’s been working on a music
career too. Zendaya began recording songs independently
and releasing a few singles before singing with Hollywood Records in 2012. Her self titled debut album made it to the
Billboard 200 chart too. With Zendaya’s growing success she’s built
up an estimated net worth of 5 million already and she’s only in her early 20s. That being said, she gifted herself her very
own house in Cali just North of LA a few years back which set her back over a Mill. Hey guys, it’s Kara and today we’re doing
another House Tour here on Famous Entertainment. You guys have been requesting one on Zendaya
SO that’s exactly what I’m doing today. We’re gonna take a look at her beautiful
million-dollar starter home in Northridge and all the things she loves about it. If you like these videos, make sure you’re
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because I love connecting with you guys. I’ve also been reading all your comments
and I’m going to be responding to some at the end of this. I need you to let me know who to do next in
the comments down below, and who’s home you’d like to see. Now let’s get into this video. Let’s get a little bit of background before
we see Zendaya’s house. Although we don’t know what her childhood
home or homes looked like, we do know she never lived in a big house. According to the star, her upbringing was
very humble to say the least. Zendaya was born and grew up in Oakland California,
which is a West Coast port city and the largest city in the East Bay region of the San Francisco
Bay Area. It’s a different vibe from Los Angeles and
Hollywood, but she’s always been a California girl. Zendaya is the only child to her parents,
mother Claire and father Kazembe, but her dad had kids from his previous marriage. Her mother worked as a House manager at the
California Shakespeare Theatre and that helped Zendaya realize she wanted to be a performer. She moved on to Oakland School for the Arts
and starred in a handful productions too. Although Zendaya’s parents are divorced
now she’s still close with both of them. She was able to follow her dreams from a very
young age which I’m sure her mom and dad encouraged, and look where she’s at now. Zendaya’s current home is a serious upgrade
from where she used to live, but she has no complaints. When Zendaya spoke with Allure Magazine, she
said the neighborhood she grew up in in Oakland was “not so amazing”. She explained:
“I’m from Oakland, humble beginnings. I have two parents as teachers, so I’ve
never lived in a two-story house or a house with air-conditioning or a house with a pool,
so this is crazy. I have a staircase; it’s like the Cinderella
spiral staircase. I actually have one.” Zendaya mostly grew up in apartments as she’s
talked about living with her dad in one back in the day, and clearly she said she’s never
lived in a house with more than one floor. Once you see her current million dollar home
in Northridge, you’ll understand why she’s so impressed. We are too! Despite Zendaya’s success she doesn’t
forget where she came from. In fact she still goes back to Oakland to
visit – like when she visited Fruitvale Elementary School, where her mom, Claire, worked for
20 years. Zendaya went for Project Lead the Way which
is a non profit that brings hands on learning experiences to the class. I’m sure all the students were super excited
to meet her too. Zendaya said:“It’s awesome. This is my home. I was born and raised here so it’s always
fun to come here.” At the young age of 20, Zendaya bought her
first home, and it’s pretty damn gorgeous for a “Starter home”. Let’s take a look at her mansion. This
Mediterranean style home is newly rebuilt and located in Northridge California. Northridge is considered the north of LA,
so Zendaya is away from some of the Hollywood craziness. It’s a neighbourhood in the San Fernando
Valley and home of the California State University. However, there’s still a lot to do and it’s
an ideal safe and central location. Zendaya bought this place for 1.4 million
and gave fans a peek on her app, where she did a walk through house tour, describing
her favourite parts of her home. Not to worry, if you didn’t catch the tour
on her app we’re going to show you all of it now. Zendaya’s starter mansion is 4155 square
feet of living space and has 5 beds and 5 baths. A perfect amount – one for each guest! The entry way of her home is detailed with
custom iron doors , a grand entry way, and vaulted ceilings. Zendaya says her fave part is the impressive
peninsula stairway – which like I mentioned before she refers to as a “Cinderella spiral
staircase”. I can understand why she likes this feature
so much considering it’s the first house she lived in with stairs. As you probably know, the star also has her
own clothing line – Daya by Zendaya so she needed plenty of room in her new home for
her clothes. Not to worry, because the master bedroom has
a huge walk in closet with plenty of space, as well as a fireplace, vanity and powder
room and large walk out balcony. That doesn’t include the ensuite bathroom
either! In Zendaya’s master bath it’s all marble,
and there’s an enormous standing tub which definitely is the centre piece of the room. Her whole master suite looks ideal for some
relaxation time when she’s not busy filming and working. Throughout her home, there’s ambient lighting
making it perfect for photo ops and selfies. We also know Zendaya has been hosting her
family, friends, and holiday parties at her Northridge pad so the lighting sets the mood. Zendaya’s mansion has a gourmet chef kitchen
with marble backsplash, and built in appliances. There’s a centre island with space to cook
and snack – that is, if the star likes to cook. There’s separate dining, living and family
rooms throughout the home too of course. On the main level of the home, French doors
lead out to the expansive yard and patio. Aside from the grassy lawn there’s also
a built in barbecue with a tiled bar as well as a beautiful blue pool and spa. Shortly after she bought the home, Zendaya
said she filled the pool with floats like a doughnut and big white swan. She told Allure magazine: “It’s the ghetto
off-brand swan, not the fancy one that was all over Snapchat and Instagram. I don’t have the Rihanna swan—but I’m
getting there!” Since she got settled, Zendaya has put even
more work into her home and it’s noticeable even in the yard. When you walk in the backyard the gate is
lined in red flowers, and she seems to have lemon trees out there too. There are other fruit and blossom trees all
over as well as an additional seating area in the garden. It seems like Zendaya loves being a homeowner
and has definitely gotten comfortable living in her Northridge house. What did you guys like best about her place? I love the classic look as well as her backyard
and garden. So, we’ve looked at Zendaya’s million-dollar-plus
home in Northridge and got to know the reasons why she loves her property so much. Since this house is Zendaya’s first one
ever, we don’t have any past houses to compare it to. She has rented out some gorgeous places when
she was abroad though, so I’m sure the star already developed a taste for the finer things. At least a little bit. For example, when Zendaya was in Brazil she
stayed in a 4 bed and 4 and a half bathroom mansion that spans 10,000 square feet. This AirBnb property is a villa worth a massive
18 mill, and is called Casa Do Luz. The getaway home is mostly made of glass,
has a light design, and sits right on the mountainside in a tropical jungle. It sounds like a dream to me, not to mention
it has 40,000 square feet of land! Although it’ll cost ya 3Grand a night to
stay here, Zendaya was hosted by Air Bnb. But, she didn’t take the offer all to herself
and invited her family to come along and enjoy the perks with her. It seems that although Zendaya is super successful,
she’s still humble and loves sharing her fortune with her loved ones. Not only does she bring them along on vacations,
but you can see from her social media that she has her family over at her mansion a lot
whether it’s a holiday or just to hang out. I’m sure Zendaya’s million dollar home
would get lonely if it was just her all the time – I too love having company in the
house. And dogs. Or it’s just too quiet. Zendaya is still young and I’m sure she’ll
invest in some more real estate soon enough, but she’s happy where she’s at. Do you guys think her Northridge home suits
her? Ok guys now I’ll read out some comments
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because celebrities get trash talked every day out there. That being said I hope you do stay watching! Aright guys, all I could find on Zendaya’s
first home purchase in Northridge. What did you guys think about her place? Did you like it or no? Let me know in the comments as well as what
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